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[Drama 2019] The Crowned Clown/The Man Who Became King, 광해 / 왕이 된 남자


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38 minutes ago, blademan said:

SEEING THIS MAKES ME SO MAD :rage::heartbreak:


Man, that must be confusing... once to have a man who is gentle and then the next moment he is back to his old cruel self.


I have now a different idea where this drama will go with Lee Hun and Ha Seon. Looking forward to it... even though it's going to painful.

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Lee Hun is back with a brutal habit. Not sure if he might be suspicious of his queen's attitude that changed from him. He may be jealous of her by hurting Ha Sun.:(


Pity Ha Sun hopes that his secretary and close eunuch may protect him.:tears:


It was clear that he would not lose his queen.:angry:



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1 minute ago, triplem said:

Where do you think this is heading? As you know I don't watch Sagueks  ( this is one of those rare exceptions) , so I don't know what to expect. I can take it even if is it's painful :D


I believe:


They might actually in the end go down the unredeemable road for Lee Hun aka boring road in my humble opinion. And Lee Kyu will start siding with Ha Seon. However still unsure whether Ha Seon might end up being king. I honestly see him and So Woon leave the palace and have their happily ever after.


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16 minutes ago, triplem said:

but so in the bed scene does she think it's HS or she is well aware it's YH? What do you all think?

First time posting here as I just started this drama.

She might end up pregnant by the King and then he returns as the Clown King? 

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3 hours ago, triplem said:

I know I should wait for subs...but in the preview she clearly saw YH right...but so in the bed scene does she think it's HS or she is well aware it's YH? What do you all think?



before that scene happens, the queen for sure already acknowledges the two of them. so I'm pretty sure that she aware of it, plus with having haseon as her company back then, im sure she could notice the difference of their personalities.


and for sure YH wont treat her like how haseon did to her with warm-hearted & full respect:smirk:

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OMG so the real king (still don't know who his name is :D) will be back to the palace next week and throw Ha Seon away??? Whaaaaaaatttt. He is still the same rude and cruel king. And now, because the Queen is in love with Ha Seon when he is in king position, now the real king will take advantage for that.:fearful:


I love Jin Goo and Lee Se Young chemistry so much and I love to see them share screen together but strangely, I don't want the king to go near Queen. :sweat_smile: maybe after he came back to his senses and became the man that once was nice to the Queen, maybe at that time he can make a move to the Queen. But in his mental state now, he will end up hurting her again. The power of Jin Goo acting. Even with same face and same voice, he definitely made two characters stand out in their own persona.



I wonder how Ha Seon will be back in palace once the real king is back. Or maybe the Queen herself will go out from palace to look for him later when she realized that they are two different person. OMG! Can't I get the next episode like right now?????? I wish this drama is airing everyday :yum:

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1. +159, -1 Hogeol-ie can't die already.......
2. +114, -4 The way the queen acts is so pretty. It's good that she's with the king now, they just have to get rid of Shin Chisoo
3. +30, -2 The queen is straight forward ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ 
4. +20, -0 The queen is very honest, turns out she's a brave woman~^^
5. +14, -0 Since it's fiction, I want to see the fake king that we didn't get to see in the movie
6. +13, -1 The queen looks tired but she still looks so pretty
7. +13, -2 It's fun but Lee Kyuhan is going to die already~? ㅠㅠㅠ
8. +3, -0 Why is it so sweet, I wonder how heartbreaking it's going to be later...
9. +1, -0 King~ Heart-fluttering
1. +129, -5 Eunuch Jo is so cute
2. +123, -2 Why did the King return ㅜㅜ Dalrae ah...!!!
3. +58, -2 Cu.....cute
4. +39, -0 Ah so Dalrae is a problematic character
5. +25, -0 The King returned quicker than I expected
6. +27, -9 I'm a 33 year old man, but my heart fluttered........ It's been awhile since I watched a drama ㅜ
7. +12, -1 I guess I'm still traumatized by Alhambra that I'm scared that the plot of this drama is going to go downhill too... Ah Alhambra...
8. +11, -0 Aigoo Dalrae-ya...
9. +7, -0 Now I have to wait for Monday again...
1. +537, -3 Yeo Jingoo's really good at acting...
2. +201, -5 Next week's preview is crazy for real
3. +137, -1 Jingoo's gaze in the end ㅜㅜㅜ Goosebumps
4. +55, -1 The queen dowager made Lee Hun become addicted to medicine and the tea she gives to the Queen will make her body deteriorate so they can't make a baby. I think the Queen Dowager will remove them before Shin Chisoo does. 
5. +32, -0 Yeo Jingoo's acting is seriously the best!!! Wow crazy!!!
6. +21, -0 Both Lee Seyoung and Yeo Jingoo are really good at acting
7. +17, -0 Dalrae... She's problematic
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OMG what an intense episode! many things happened in a short span and wow the phase is so fast it’s on the 5th gear already.. and and and.... what I’ve been afraid of is happening.. the return of the druggy King.. it’s gonna be a mess... and ughh we have a week to prepare our selves for the atomic bomb nerve wrecking roller coaster from  hell.... 


the preview killed me... poor Queen she must be shocked with the instant change of the King’s personality.. she’ll be hurt the most..


will re watch after viki subbed 100 percent..  I’m still trembling really.. :lol:

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Checking in... learning LH be back in the palace....:wub: And if you check prev page(s) you'll know why I like him.

@Jillia  is he  not a redeemable character? His mental state though.....


YJG is such excellent young actor! awesome acting. Can we have him and the other  impressive  Yeo Sung Ho in drama... I dunno. Cain and Abel..perhaps? #wish #waiting

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What a show! Personally nothing disappoints me so far in this Drama! Some people thought the episode 5 was a bit slow, and yet, I enjoyed seeing the romance between HS and his queen evolve.
See how HS is lucid about his feelings and hear the queen confess that she was in love with him, so ok, she thinks it's her husband (the real king) but in the end, she falls in love with HS's personality and not of the king ... After what she said, she was never in love with him (so I conclude that even when he's a nice boy, she doesn't didn't in love either?)

And this episode 6 was great! I have the impression that every time we change of plan, something new happens! In short, for me, this series is far from boring.

And the trailer for the next week ..... it had to happen ... I wonder if the king will tell the truth to the queen? ... I have the impression that no, but this trailer me also gave the impression that it will be HS who will tell her the truth ... Yes I think that many of us will suffer for a little while, but I decide to remain optimistic and I hope that whatever happens, HS and the queen will finish together!

I am officially HS / SW team, their romance is just: Addictive! :wub:

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Feel the secretary Lee Kyu served the king Want to keep the funny king beside his body Because he knew that the funny king had good intelligence Can rule the throne well The more the return of King Lee Hyun is more cruel. I'm not sure if future secretary Lee Kyu will rebel against King Lee Hyun or not?:vicx:

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19 hours ago, lightbringer06 said:

Oh no...I hope not to HS?^^....btw, do you understand Korean?


And wow, gotta say TVN has been quite generous with the clips they're releasing from YT :D


Yes, I understand a bit~ 

190122 - Ep 6 Ratings

Nationwide: 7.597%

Seoul: 7.962%

Peak Ratings: 9.0%


Not bad given that there was a soccer match last night! I've been reading that knetizens are quite worried for this and that there's another ratings challenge next week -  the Chinese New Year.. so I hope a lot of people will still tune in but the ratings game will still be difficult... Fighting!!!




I agree... Jingoo as Yi Heon is soooo frigging hot, it's crazy. But the Queen is bound to know soon she's with a different man. Do you see the hot monster that is Yi Heon in bed, and then you have Haseon resorting to hiccups after getting kissed?? "I'm... *hiccup!* alright..." 


Anyway... Yi Heoooon watchudoin bb?? I want you to get clean!! GAH! Come on now!


Haseooonnn my other bb... fighting!!! My heart is gonna be shredded into pieces next week I see.


Kim Sang Kyung (Chief Secretary Yi Kyu) said the reason he accepted this drama is because the producer told him that his character is going to do something in Ep 8. WHICH IS NEXT WEEK. SGHFJLGLDF


I think Ep 7 will be an episode where Yi Heon is back in the palace going back to his crazy, addicted habits.. and Ep 8 is where Yi Kyu intends to put Haseon in the throne for real this time.


I'm still counting on Yi Heon to have a hope to be saved. He's been let out too soon, of course he's immediately going back to his dirty habits, although I must say it's good to watch because Jingoo is doing a fantastic job in both roles and I enjoy watching it so much.

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