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[Drama 2019] The Crowned Clown/The Man Who Became King, 광해 / 왕이 된 남자


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I agree with @tsukino7 I think it's just Haseon's dream. Haseon said something about if this is just a dream, it means he could do no wrong. There was a teaser shown before where Court Lady Kim drugs Haseon but it hasn't been shown yet. I wonder if this could be part of Haseon's hallucination


@rittoo IKR? Imagine Poor Yi Heon being scared of insects but he goes out of his way to catch one for the sake of his lonely wife. I'm truly rooting for him to recover. We already caught a glimpse of Dallae finding him, but she probably hasn't seen enough to see that it was his brother's lookalike. 


I've only watched the livestream and some bits of subbed parts here and there, and I'm liking the way Court Lady Kim is shaping up as a villain. It seems like there's more to her story and there are layers in her character that shows that there is more to her than being Shin Chisoo's underling. Queen Dowager also mentioned that the late King favored her because she's actually really smart. You can tell she's very observant. Imagine her playing double agent to our TWO separate villains. That's some next-level villaining you've got there! I hope the writers don't fail me, hahaha.

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10 minutes ago, maplinh said:

So like.... was anyone else screaming for the last 5 minutes? Cuz I was


She made the the first move too




Knetz were all saying what a modern woman she is! Hahaha We love a ♥Kween♥ who makes the first move. She's made lots and lots of medicines that could make Haseon absolutely healthy for the rest of his life just so she can have an excuse to see him. I can't :lol::lol::lol:


I'm gonna pretend not to know about the upcoming heartbreak in the future when she finds out... *stabs ear ala Yi Heon so I can pretend not to hear lalalalala*


Full ratings:

190121 - Ep 5 Ratings

Nationwide: 8.053%

Seoul: 8.939%

Peak Ratings: 9.2%


I also translated some netizen comments~



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Sorry for out of topic.. but I always imagine that Yi Heon is the same person as Grand Prince Gwanghae at Warriors of Dawn movie.. LOL... :lol: and Yi Heon should be a great king


We can't deny that Grand prince Gwanghae and Yi Heon was played by the same person... :joy:


And the queen ... OMG... she described the stories really well, how the king was really love her before :heart:

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The love story has suddenly become front and foremost for me and the Palace politics has faded into the background.  I blame it on Schubert - curse you and your Serenade. :lol::wub:  I cannot remember the last time this has occurred.  Clown or King it's all JinGoo isn't it?  Minor technicality.  


FYI In celebration of the new response emoticons, I want to clarify that I am only accepting heart kiss responses for this particular comment.  Any others are unacceptable :lol: unless you want to be seen as totally contrarian.

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Sowoon herself admits that only now has she finally fallen in love with the King. All those years of feeling so suffocated in the palace that she even dreams of living somewhere else, but once Haseon arrived, the only place she can think of staying in now is the palace. Because Haseon made it a better place for her. And here we have Haseon who has stayed in the palace for weeks at most and Sowoon immediately opens up to him and says she finally loves him.


It breaks my heart because it's Haseon she has truly fallen for but in her mind it's Yi Heon. We could tell that Yi Heon was an understanding and caring person before all the madness thanks to the stories of the people who were around him, but I think, although Sowoon appreciated him, she must've only thought of him as a friend, a partner she respected. It's just so complicated... and Haseon's mama bear, Eunuch Jo is scared because he sees what's happening.He can see his sweet puppy child falling for the Queen and ughhhh so much feels. Just so much feels. When Sowoon tells Haseon story of the time when they were newly married, and Haseon's chest felt stuffy, not from his stab wound but from Sowoon's words. 


Angst! Come on in! I'm ready! *that's what I try to tell myself* 


And Yi Heon... I hope we get to see more of him. I miss seeing him. Like, I want to actually see him awake. T_T

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The last scene of ep 5 ( it means the kissed scene hihihi) is really beautiful

the place, the costumes and the background music make it's so romantic !

This couple is beautiful too 

it makes me a headache, I can't find the issu for this love story !

it's their poor fate haizzzz !

it seems the real king will appear today right ????

Lee Hoon was good when he was the Crown Prince. 
When he became King, he had been dominated by the villains councelors !

and after the rebellions, he begins baving hallucination, cruel, tyran.....bag guy !

After using Ha Soon, he ordered assassins killing him for keeping the secret !

By the way, in korean history he isn't a good king as Sojong 

and they called him "Prince Gwanghae' not King Gwanghae !

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You know my position and who I root for. It will always be YH

12 hours ago, rittoo said:

I could only watch half the episode tonight, but it made me sad to think again what a kind person LH used to be. Despite being mortally afraid of insects (must have been before he got too afraid of being assassinated to see straight), he went and caught a cricket for his wife when he saw that she was so nervous she couldn't sleep in the first days of their marriage, because he hoped she would sleep better if she could listen to the calming sounds the cricket made. It shows us that he was not only caring, but also observant, and put the need of others before his own. It makes me sad to think what must have happened to make him lose hope, to lose sight of everything that was once important to him, to so completely fall into despair that he became the person we see now in the drama...

 I want more YH in the story. An awakening. A realization. To right the wrong.  Something to do. Someone to get back to.  A love to receive from the one who truly cared for him. Writers please!

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50 minutes ago, rocher22 said:

I would have liked if the queen knew about the plan

from the start.

I think that she wouldnt leave LH alone.

And, then some feelings towards HS would be just her choice. :)

But then the not knowing part is what makes it thrilling, right? And that would probably gonna be the reason we'll get our hearts broken..ha ha..

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that useless drug addict king needs to dissapear forever.. he is off no value even as a normal human not to mention a ruler... 

what is royal blood and what is commoner blood? the colors are red.


I like the fact that this drama doesn’t follow the movie 100 percent..

will the drama air today chingu?

because JTBC’s Clean with Passion for Now is not airing due to (again and again)  some football match.... :unsure:

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24 minutes ago, circulate9oo said:

Just finished watching Ep 6.. OMG OMG OMG


  Reveal hidden contents

Yi Heon is back... and with a vengeance.. kfjshkjdhgkjdf


Oh no...I hope not to HS?^^....btw, do you understand Korean?


And wow, gotta say TVN has been quite generous with the clips they're releasing from YT :D

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