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[Drama 2019] The Crowned Clown/The Man Who Became King, 광해 / 왕이 된 남자


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I am with @jongski.  Old fashioned to the core.  She married the King (YH).  She promised in sickness (yes even mental ones) and in health, till death do us part.  Unless YH dies or he divorces her, the promise stands.  She may be falling in love with the Clown (HS) but she thinks he's her husband YH.


And I remain unconvinced YH ordered the poisoning of his little brother.  There was the back of a man shown to be there as the boy ate...could he be the other Prince?  The one now scheming with the Queen Mother?  I forget his name?  I believe YH meant it when he promised his brother that he would bring him home after sending him to exile for a while.

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10 hours ago, Berou said:



Hi, welcome :)


I've watched Ruler Master of the Mask and I can confirm there is some similarity. In both dramas someone else (the pauper) takes the place of the King/ Crown Prince and acts as a stand-in due to the fact the throne is being threatened, in Ruler the king was the puppet of a powerful organization and  didn't want his son to know the same fate, so a pauper was asked to deceive the organization and pretend to be the Crown Prince; in the crowned clown the king is the subject of multiple murder attemps that drive him insane, thus they ask someone who has the same face as him to play the king . But the similarity stops there, everything else is different :)


Thank you for the explanation! I finally watch both episodes and I really love Lee Se Young's character:wub:

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Can't watch it live...TVN stream links have been a problem for me but some YT vids are out...

This scene is so cute. The Eunuch wondered how come HS is so good at archery - flashback to the time when he used to take part in archery games to make money

ooooo I love this scene...eeeeeek romance ....so our sweet queen goes to the wishing pond late at night to make a wish but her stones keep missing the pot in the middle of the lake and HS comes along and helps her ! :love: HS is falling for her ...urghhh now I have a bad feeling that she'd feel betrayed when she realises he isn't the king




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5 hours ago, triplem said:

You have a good point here . I agree that she must fall in love with the real HS. My affinity for HS has a lot to do with because he’s the underdog here - I have a thing  for championing the less advantaged & those who are repressed . I like the warmth in his personality & his love for those around him. But at the end of the day with the right sort of story development & redemption for LH , I won’t be opposed to LH - SW endgame . What concerns me is that HS’s quest for revenge may consume him. 


@jongski I would think you are the majority. LH’s characterisation is very much the typical k drama trope of “ jerk with the heart of gold “ - so loved by the audience . HS’s personality is a lot more the “second lead” who sacrifices for the girl :lol:.


Well kudos anyhow to YJG for doing such marvellous job portraying two such distinct characters. 


@circulate9oo Thanks for all the goodies you bring to this thread . I hope this drama will continue to do well.

I like Ha Seon a lot and I think he and So Woon have potential.:D And he is from the beginning a man who is very innocent and doesn't know anything about the world. He jokes about the king and the queen without thinking about the consequences or whether the things are true or not. He only say "everyone is doing it".


That's why I like that the drama, in the end, isn't painting Ha Seon as the goody good guy. He does have a idealistic view on the world but as soon as he witnesses bad things or injustice he reacts without much thought. It was both, brave and reckless, to storm to the house of the man who raped his sister. It honors him he wants to have justice for what's done but I fear he might end up losing himself in the wish for revenge.


But on the other hand it would've been too easy to make him the "better" king who will in the end replace Lee Hun. We already see that the things happening to Gye Hwa and his sister Dal Rae consume him and bring him to reality. He can't laugh away everything because the evil exists everywhere.


So I'm curious what will change him and how So Woon will find out he isn't Lee Hun. We're in for a good story I'm sure. :)

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17 minutes ago, Jillia said:

But on the other hand it would've been too easy to make him the "better" king who will in the end replace Lee Hun. We already see that the things happening to Gye Hwa and his sister Dal Rae consume him and bring him to reality. He can't laugh away everything because the evil exists everywhere.

That's true. At this point , a lot of the screen time  is dedicated to HS taking LH's place , so I suppose my emotional investment is swayed by that. It will be good to see LH's side of things. 

SW seems like someone quite intuitive, I wonder if she can already tell the difference in the way HS handles himself compared to LH.


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2 minutes ago, triplem said:

That's true. At this point , a lot of the screen time  is dedicated to HS taking LH's place , so I suppose my emotional investment is swayed by that. It will be good to see LH's side of things. 

SW seems like someone quite intuitive, I wonder if she can already tell the difference in the way HS handles himself compared to LH.


I think if they got married as children already she should know Lee Hun very well and at least be suspicious about the sudden change in behavior. :D

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"I think if they got married as children already she should know Lee Hun very well and at least be suspicious about the sudden change in behavior. "


For history knowledge.....& in no relation to the drama


Queen Munseong (1576-1623) married Gwanghaegun when she was 11 in 1587 & was confer Princess Consort Munseong. In 1592 (at the last days before the Japanese invasion or Imjin Wars) at the age of 16, she was made Crown Princess. In 1608, at the age of 32 she became Queen Consort when Gwanghaegun ascended the throne


Contrary to the drama, Queen Munseong borne Gwanghaegun a son Crown Prince Yi Jil (이지, 李祬) in 1598


Gwanghaegun died in Jeju-do in 1641 age 67, although he was initially buried in Jeju-do but in 1643,  according to his last will, he was move to the present Gwanghaegun Myo ( 남양주 광해군묘) in Namyangju Gyeonggi-do that he wish to buried at the down-right side of his mother Royal Noble Consort of Gongbin of Kim clan tomb.


Gwanghaegun is buried together with his Queen, Queen Munseong  who had died in Ganghwa Island in 1623, was initially buried in Yangju then move to join her husband at the present site in 1643. 


Gwanghaegun had a Royal Tomb (myo) befitting of his Princedom rank not King


In 2002, a Cyber Joseon Dynasty network render Gwanghaegun a temple name although it is an unofficial bestowment as the Bureau that confer temple name " The Bureau of Rites" (Yejo, 예조) or Hongmungwan (Office of Special Advisors,홍문관 弘文館) no longer exist.


Gwanghaegun with a temple name (묘호,廟號) of Hyejong (혜종,惠宗) & his posthumous official title is 혜종 경렬성평민무헌문대왕 (惠宗 景烈成平愍武獻文大王- Hyejong Gyeong Ryeol Seong Pyeong Min Mu Heon Mun Dae Wang)


For Queen Munseong of Ryu Clan, she had been bestowed as Queen Hyejang (혜장왕후,惠章) & her posthumous official title is 소온사헌혜장왕후 (昭溫思獻惠章王后 - So Eun Sa Heon Hyejang Wanghu)


The tomb had been upgrade to King's tomb with the given name Yeolneung (열릉,烈 陵).



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It's been 3 episodes and I'm still liking it! Really hope the show keeps up! Right now it looks like this show will not only be a romance but also have relevant and thought through parts about politics, which I'm grateful for. I only wished LH had more screen time! It's almost all HS now. The interaction between HS and the queen is both sweet and cringy for me, because HS seems to be falling in love with the queen, but she doesn't know his true identity and has been waiting for LH as he was before he was driven mad by his life. The whole thing is rather unfair to LH and the queen both tbh, even though HS really is very loveable.


Is it just me or has YJG altered the way he speaks a little bit? His voice is naturally deep but he can speek with a very deep rumbling voice or a slightly less deep voice, which I like better. I feel he's speaking higher in this drama.


Recap time?



Trying to be short recapping from memory.


HS came back to the palace to learn how to survive and beat down your opponents, he tells the good minister (I can't remember names for the life  of me) that his sister has been brutalized buy evil minister's son and that he wants revenge and wants the guy to suffer. Good minister threatens to kill him but HS says he knows he won't and doesn't budge.


Good minister reports to the king who seems completely mad now (or rather they made him go cold turkey). LH gets mad at first doubting that good minister and HS have conspired against him which is why they didn't kill the queen's father, then he speaks of seeing his dead brother again and crawls into a corner, asking for his opium and the evil court woman. Good minister looks close to tears. It seems that LH then ran away to find opium, only to be brought back by the monk taking care of him, he is locked inside the room. Good minister says that he (LH) is the person who buried XXX (important person?) when he died and saved the monk and demands that the monk who used to be a doctor do all he can to heal LH.


Good minister looks for HS's family, he wants to take them hostage to prevent HS from running away again, but they aren't at the brothel anymore. Nice Gisaeng doesn't want to tell him where they went and he accuses her of knowing but not telling. "Even if you know, act as if you don't, even if you don't know, act as if you do", this is what he told her so that she would survive when XXX (same person as above) died. Mentioning that death seems to sadden good minister, also it seems like it's something he shouldn't have been involved with if he doesn't want to be implicated. He reluctantly admires the gisaeng that her words are like swords and leaves the brothel.


HS goes to the queen dowager's place to make a fuss as good minister has told him to, when he arrives, the queen is also there, they enter together to greet queen dowager. When they don't immediately drink the tea that's offered, the queen dowager asks HS whether he thinks it might be poisoned. Seeing his chance he says yes and somebody should try it for poison first. The queen offers to drink her tea first and HS throws the cup across the room, then he and the queen dowager get into a fight which the queen tries to mediate, the queen dowager then proceeds to yell at her and HS throws his table across the room and leaves with her. The queen, being perfect as she is, is unhappy that he has done something so unbefitting for a king.


Meanwhile queen dowager is becoming unhappy with the guy she wants to put on the throne. The court woman who's put poison in HS's food has hanged herself, it was the queen dowager who tried to poison the king. The male relative of LH's tells her he will try to assassinate LH/HS during the royal hunt, when she asks whether the paranoid LH will even go, he answers that he will have to to prove his health. 


Which is exactly why good minister makes HS agree to join the royal hunt. The eunuch is worried since LH is very good with a bow, but it turns out that HS is even better. We see a brief flashback of him shooting at goals to win money and laughing comically, in the present he looks exaggeratedly solemn as the eunuch asks him when he became so good and says he was born with the talent lol.


The eunuch warns HS that he might be targeted at the hunt and HS thanks him, but goes anyway. At the hunt evil minister brings his son of all people to hunt with the king, another person brings hunting dogs who get rather aggressive seeing HS but since HS secretly brought a piece of a tiger's skin, which the dogs are frightened of, he manages to calm them down and assuage possible doubts about him since LH was the one who originally gifted the dogs to their now-owner.


While hunting HS almost loses his cool and shoots the evil minister's son, but changes his mind at the last second, wanting to expose his crimes and also punish those who gave him power to abuse poor girls, and shoots the arrow between his legs instead, scaring him without hurting him. Almost at the same moment an assassin shoots at HS and only narrowly misses because he moves in that exact moment. The assassin runs away quickly and good minister who has followed HS and nearly got a heart attack seeing him shooting at the evil minister's son gets very angry with him.


Later the queen hears that the king has forbidden her to greet the queen dowager in the next time (which is completely against any protocol) and wants to confront him about misbehaving again, however in that moment one of the hunting dogs breaks lose and runs at her, HS jumps in front of her and the dog bites at his arm where he hid the piece of tiger's skin. He is hurt but not too bad and diverse people try to kill the dog, but HS stops them and says "if everyone would be killed for making a mistake once, who would be alive?" 


Later again the queen and the concubine visit HS after his wounds are bandaged, the concubine acts as if she was really scared and cuddles up to HS but HS just tells her thanks and you can go now along with the evil court woman who seems to have lost her influence with the king. HS and the queen then speak about why she shouldn't visit the queen dowager, it's because the queen dowager will give her a hard time whether she goes or no, so HS doesn't want her to go. The queen originally wanted to be angry at him, but is touched after hearing this. 


Later in the queen's chambers, she looks at the hazelnuts HS gave her and sneaks out to the wishing well. She tries to throw a stone into it but fails, HS appears and offers to throw the stones for her while she makes her wishes. When he does thousands of fireflies fly up from the water and he muses that this must be what it looks like if the stars fell down on earth. The queen looks at him in amazement. After she made her wish he throws a stone for himself and tells the queen that his wish is to see her truly laugh in happiness.


One detail I forgot to mention was that the queen dowager got a kind of flower tea from somewhere, this seemed to be important for her. Later we see the queen drinking that tea. I'm guessing it's something that makes it hard to become pregnant.


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Usually I wait till a show is 6 or so episodes in if I’m gonna watch a currently airing show. But I couldn’t resist starting this since day 1 last week. With the momentum of the story right now, I love where it is going and I hope it keeps up this pace. 


When HS realized how his jokes about the queen were actually groundless rumors, I wondered how lovely it would be if he brings comedy in the palace and uses laughter to heal her loneliness. And reforms the jokes outside the palace, so that false and hurtful gossip isn’t used in their plays. 


Ahh, all I know is that I’m hoping for these two to be end game. The drama ends with HS remaining as king and queen have their happily ever after.




fellow theorists unite!!

I screenshotted this in ep 3 in the scene when the queen is given some tea to ‘help her sleep’ and it is then focused on this tea(?) box. Not sure if it’s the designs or the tea itself (like maybe it’s the same kind of drug king smokes in his pipe). Was wondering what you guys thought of this because this detail stuck out to me and I need some input!

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I always watch it live but I'm not good at recapping stuff, but dramamilk is actually doing a live recap! 


Link for Ep 3 live recap:



AND HOORAY FOR 8.0% RATINGS! And it even peaked at 9.4%! I'm so proud and happy!


@nidcha202 Actually, the queen dowager is not really his mother. Yi Heon is the son of the king's favorite concubine and she died giving birth to Yi Heon, according to the character description. But still, I love how Haseon got Yi Heon's throwing quirks down to a tee! Hehehe


@rittoo Yes, Jingoo does change his voice in this drama. It's also been noted by netizens how when Haseon got angry asking for Shin Yi Gyum's name, he even suddenly his accent to satoori. He alters his voice depending on what role he plays. He made his voice pitch higher when he played Gwanghae in Warriors of the Dawn, as the young and unsure prince. During The Royal Gambler, his voice got deeper and his aura turned darker when he became a king in the drama. I also agree... Yi Heon's screen-time got significantly lesser this episode, though I think he will get more scenes once he slowly gets through his withdrawal. 


Haseon is such a romantic and I know I'm in for a painful ride for betting on this ship and I'm here for it! T_T @philosophie I agree.. when Haseon finally got a realization how different the queen really is in real life and how groundless his performances were. Im actually happy enough even if Haseon doesn't end up in the throne. But I'd really love for him to end up with Sowoon. 


I LOVE his relationship with the eunuch! The eunuch is the only one truly concerned for him as a fake king. Their moments together are so touching and heartfelt.


I feel so sorry for Yi Heon. It's now gotten clear how his drug abuse was all perpetuated by Shin Chisoo. I hope he gets over it and recovers his sanity.


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Hi Chinguus! does anybody know the name of the classical music at te ending scene of ep 3? I feel like I heard it somewhere else, it might be an arrangement of a famous piece for the drama so if anybody knows the original one I'll be so thankful!!!!! It was so beautiful and fitted so well with the beautiful scenery and scene! I'm shooketh! 

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