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[Drama 2018-2019] Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격


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11 hours ago, jbeanie1709 said:

 I can’t read Korean but I read somewhere ( can’t remember now exactly where I saw it) that the only the news (audio) was translated and not the text on the screen. If some kind Chingu can translate what is written on the screen, it can give us a clue of who the corpse is. I do think it is empress so hyun but why bury her with the necklace?? And the place is not in the island which ED is trying so hard to keep in her possession. Hopefully not another person that we do not know of.

I was the one who wrote up the translation here, somewhere many pages ago. Sorry I don't know how to search for it. :sweatingbullets: but I can tell you it didn't say anything about who the corpse is. 


The time stamp was Jan 17th, so yes we're going to reach that part of the story soon. My best guess is that's the body of Empress SH. The necklace was original whereas the necklace Sunny wore is a fake. 


This drama opened with news of corpse (Jan 2019) and whatever we've been watching is from one year ago (Jan 2018). 


@gm4queen I think we can trust the writer to wrap up the story well, although I don't know how. @Lmangla can probably answer it better since she is more familiar with this writer. It's my first time watching her works. 


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Most netizens have fallen for the dorky side of the emperor. The writer has certainly succeeded in portraying the evil side of him in 1/3 of the drama that led veiwers to initially hate him and then now to sympathize/empathize with him in the 2nd part of the drama when he showed his dorkiness. I must admit that it is very easy to stand on his side and hope that he can redeem himself. BUT sorry.. I am one of the minority who cannot seem to stand on his side. Yes.. he is pitiful and but he has not shown an inch of remorse of the killings he had committed. I am not referring to the accidental death of Sunny’s mom. It is the others he had killed. The poor reporter who asked the wrong question in episode 1. He had him killed by Ma PJ.

i would agree with @lxands that he truly love Sunny and want to undo all the wrong things, he should let her go unconditionally.

right now.. I think he will fall back to his evilness and the anger that he unleashes will be worse than what we see in the 1st part of the show. He will feel betrayed by his most trusted dongsaeng and compete with him for Sunny.


as for WB/WS, The writer had written him as someone who is capable of falling into the dark side if he is not careful. He is bull headed, impulsive at the beginning and not afraid to show his emotions and through training from Byun, he has managed to control some of that fiery temper of his but has totally closed up in emotions. I guess this is why viewers can’t seem to see any chemistry between WB and Sunny. This is not a romance drama, we will not see lovey doves scenes from the main OTP ( though I am looking for at least 1 or 2 kisses from them] However in those moments with Sunny, their eyes and small interactions says it all (at least for me). Come on...:lol:Rocky bear finally smiles in front of Sunny.. it is so rare to see him smile in this drama


WB does not have many lines nor screen time in the first part of the show. It focuses on building LH character. We only see an increase in the 2nd part of the show when it fucses now on the alliance of team WB (Byun/Sunny/Yoon) to bring down the empire.. I really need to applaud Choi Jin Hyuk in taking up this role. It is not easy to portray WB/WS and he has brought out this character beautifully and his acting is always on point with his facial expressions. I have seen him in other dramas but acting WS/WB is another level. I cried buckets when he found him mom and buried her.  It is rather disappointing that most netizens do not see this.


my only wish is not for the writer to change course in her writing due to the comments from netizens and stay true to her original intent. 

It will doing injustice to the entire story and their characters be it LH/Sunny/WB.


P/S: what’s the secret with those cookie boxes???.. ED has a bakery in her dungeon??

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@ktcjdrama @gm4queen I can also answer since I've seen 5 dramas from this writer. Everything will definitely be wrapped up in 8 hrs because it's not as short of a time as we think. It's good that it's only 8 hrs left because there won't be a draggy moment right? We'll be at the edge of our seat at all times. If there's one thing I'm surprised about, it's the fact that it's only 24 episodes in total. Kim Soon Ok loves doing 50 episode dramas so what made her decide to keep TLE short? Also, extensions are always a thing with this writer so there could end up being a 1 or 2 episode extension just for the sake of the high ratings. 


But don't be surprised if Sunny ends up alone. The love lines usually get tossed to the side when we get closer to the end because this writer usually doesn't care enough to finish those. Let's hope she actually cares this time.

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Could they realistically make a LH/Sunny ending though...?


Sunny either ending up alone or with WB I think can work but storywise and character wise I am not sure how LH/Sunny would even be anyway possible, even if his character suddenly takes a turn and his apologetic, regretful, this is not an apology is enough type situation. After all his actions, everything he has done, not sure how it can end with him walking off hand in hand with Sunny...? He has to pay for his actions and crimes.



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2 hours ago, chubby^green^ said:

i seriously thought the killing just wont stop but the second i make my choice

the villains and the good guys suddenly decided they have too much blood on their hands and decided to take a rest

and instead prefer the torture method



hahahah... same here... feel like we should have made a bet for fake/close deaths instead! :sweatingbullets:


@ktcjdrama @gm4queen ~. won't even attempt to predict the ending because have been surprised each time. it is part of the fun. but it always does make sense and there is a closed ending. the bad guys lose and do get punishment. and no one escapes just because they have a great sob story. but as @sonequeen01 pointed out, the romance does often gets tossed aside as thats not the main focus.... but we will have fun watching! :)


as for ED, am starting to wonder if the apt punishment is something going horribly wrong with her anti-aging procedures. she seems obsessed with trying different things including injecting herself with something. won't be surprised if she ends up with warts and pimples and some great age lines as a result!


1 hour ago, jbeanie1709 said:

P/S: what’s the secret with those cookie boxes???.. ED has a bakery in her dungeon??

.... maybe the island is filled with some sort of plant/flower that works like opiate kind of drug? and she turns them into cookies and then sells them? ... am more curious about what drives her -- she already has power and money. is it just plain greed? plain evilness?

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As I read our chingus' comments here, now I have faith on this writer! Most viewers prefer a non-draggy plot with a believable ending... And I am sure she'll give it to us at the end.


There are a lot of comments on the net shipping Sunny & Lee Hyuk... But I want her to end up with Wang Sik. They both have same background to share with each other! They totally fit. But at the same time, I want Lee Hyuk to end up as a good guy at the finale. His feelings for Sunny seem pure & sincere in recent eps... And he also seems to be a victim of Empress Dowager's terror... That woman is tooooooooooo evil.


But however at the end, bad guys should be punished & good guys should get justice. Now that  we only have 8 hrs left, let's see what's there ahead. :sweatingbullets:

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Annyeong chingudeul.. 

It's been 2 years since my last kdrama.. And joining soompi's forum. MLSHR broke my heart to pieces and I can't find any other dramas that can rival it. In fact, I started to watch this drama because the background looked awfully similar with that drama.. n JNR's beauty in hanboks. I should declare that I'm happily hooked with LTE right now. What a roller coaster! Love it ❤️

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@jbeanie1709 yes i agree with.you with NWS character..he.doesnt have so much dialogue..most of the time the character have to deal with inner emotion..only can be done by the eye and facial expression..this obviously can be seen in the first half of the drama..before the dorkiness of LH started.


The crying scene when burying his mother such a really sad moment..followed by crying with dongshik huhu but people is blinded with dorkiness of emperor :cry:

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I say sunny doesnt end with either one. Abolish any love line. Sunny ends up happy with dad and Helro. Haha


No matter how engaging Sunny-Hyuk scenes are, no matter how riveting Hyuk is, his past deeds are too much for any relationship as of now. I still want Hyuk to be better though. He shows flashes of clarity, some sense of wrong but he snaps back to being despicable when put on edge. I agree that he never truly showed he's remorseful for anything and says wrong stuff a lot. But bad upbringing and being confined in the awful palace walls while being brainwashed by evil mum may also have turned him into the person that he currently is. I hope its not to late to help him. Just like how sunny helped Ari learn what she did with the maid was wrong. I dont need sunny to nurture Hyuk, i dont care who helps him to be better. I just want him to end up as the best version he could possibly be and atone his wrongdoings, if not all of it, some would suffice. Huhu


WB-Sunny : they could be friends. Woo bin is meh. He has no personality so far. He is unstable too and has a bullet in his head. 


On another note, this reminds me of 'I'm Sorry, I Love You' aka 'Mianhae,Saranghae (MiSa)'.

2 guys (one with a bullet in his head, another quite emotionally unstable with a heart problem) and 1 girl :ph34r::sweatingbullets:




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Ari's interest in Sunny was real or because Ari knew Sunny was rich? (real witness was the legacy of the original reading, ED and Hyuk did not know that Ari was peeping, and So Jin was drunk). Even though Ari said Sunny, then she returned (why? Is this innocence too? # Rather strange). Mama-Nim title for Seo Kang Hee. Is this a title doesn't mean something in Ari's mind? 


Lookin to her father temper it might be 

1. She is pure interest to Sunny, thats why she is crazily missing her. 

2. She adore to Sunny because only Sunny that treat her like a normal child. 

3. She is not getting mad because Sunny hit her, or show hatred behind, even she give Sunny flower that prepared well. 

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I still prefer the endgame is Sunny-Woobin because the two should have happy ending lol. Well, I wanna see love triangle Sojin-Woobin-Sunny. Sojin is as crazy as her brother. I wanna see Sunny and Sojin fight over Woobin. It will be fun to watch. Cat fight is more interesting. But of course we need to figure out all mystery because get to much on love story. 

The mummy at 1st episode seems like late empress. And if not ED, perhaps the nanny did that. 

As for Hyuk, I don't see him change in this stage. On latest episode we saw how he push Sunny to be with him and saying he won't divorce her till they died no matter what. It's not love but obsession. 

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9 hours ago, Lmangla said:

 am more curious about what drives her -- she already has power and money. is it just plain greed? plain evilness?


i dunno why but i feel like there is something more to ED that is not shown yet.. i think she has bigger motives than power and money.. she basically did everything nasty to everyone, even to her own sons.. it’s not like she can be the next in line for the throne.. i thnk the answer lies in that island..


arghh the anticipation is  killing me 

p/s mom totally abandoned this drama after the birth of her first grandchild..  :joy:

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Seo Kang Hee untouchable / unpredictable by Sunny - Woo Bin. PM more untouchable. Yoon please don't tell anything to PM. When they find out? The relationship between Kang Hee - PM. 


Nothing solve till this eps 32. Just reveal the true colour inside the palace. Mistery of GED or Queen SH and now how Chief Jo still alive?


Hel Ro , does she know Lee Yoon is the Emperor's little brother, next heir of Empire? How if she find out. Lee Yoon hide his true identity till right now. 


Min Yu Ra what will she do if she find out about Kang Ju Sung?

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2 hours ago, philosophie said:

Could it be the island is for human traficking? That’s where she gets all her milk for the baths and maybe also the ‘awful smell flowers’ is a plant from the island.p so it also has some kind of vegetation for a unique flower. 

Is that Devil Thrumpet / Angel Thrumpet? This plant known poisonous plant with large trumpet-shaped flowers. This plant also useful as an anesthetizing. In US this is one of FDA poisonus plant list. 


How if ED produce some cookies that added by this ingredient, not banned yet (just include to poisonus plant) but the effect make relaxation of your muscle if consuming the fruit or smell the leaf. It also can make you fell fly just under the flower in the night. Is this flower planting in that garden? All parts are highly toxic if ingested, in fact just smelling the flowers make you dizzy. Both Datura and Brugmansia are known as Angel’s Trumpet. It is known to result in paralysis, hallucinations and even death.


Suspicious , did the Emperor aka Lee Hyuk also consuming that? Cz his reaction (hallucination in last episode about Wang Shik a bit weird). He might be addicted with this plant because his habit also consuming alcohol. But it also can make someone calm * ED make Hyuk calm use this poisonus plant combining to alcohol? He is never heavily drunk (playing King-game with MYR). He is strong because this plant also containt scapolamint. 


 Brugmansia sp. and or Datura sp.






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TLE bring me back to Soompi Forums:blush:


Hi guys. I don't know about others but i really like LH and hoping for his last hapiness with OS. To be honest, from the start (read the synopsis), i  know OH will find her true love with WB. And i never had intention to see any different plot when i decided to watch this drama. But the problem is...SSR carried his character as LH very very very well. Yes, he was a bad guy but he become like that because of people around him. i don't think he murdered his wife, his granny or Wang Sik's mother. He being used by his mother and also Min Yu Ra. And he not even once tried to kill his OS. Its was plan by the devil mom or Min Yu Ra. He just a puppet for them...pitty him. Poor king, he thought he did it.


I hope the truth will be revealed soon so everybody and LH himself know who is actually behind this. It was so unfair if he being hated by his own blood brother, wife or his "best buddy" WB for the thing that he had never done. OS's mother died...and the blame pointed to him..gosh...


For the final, i vote for OS- LH. And for WB, i think he suitable with LH's sister, So Jin.  He always smile when he with SJ. I hope they end up together but of course, with the real Na Wang Sik ( Tea Hang Ho).  .

Oh, i think "The Last Empress" refered to the queen's ambition. She want to have full power and be the one and only empress in Korea.


Btw, this just my personal opinion. Sorry if u don't like it. :innocent:


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