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[Drama 2018-2019] Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격


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I watched the raw.

14 minutes ago, Crystal Kim said:

It’s really interesting to me that the Korean audience vastly favors the emperor x sunny ship while the western audience tends to go for cwb x sunny. I’m basing this off of Naver comments tho so don’t know how valid my observations are but still


same I find it interesting as well.

As much as I like Lee Hyuk as a character.


I feel no matter what I cant see LH and Sunny together. I feel sad for LH.

You know if the ED was a much sweeter lady, maybe LH would turn out alright. But as much as he is really just such a sad character, he is still someone who feels entitled.

The last scene where after Sunny rejected him, LH chose to handle it the way he handles everything with force and demand.


I mean, come one that isnt right... As much as he is a character that if given love would really be a wise and sweet ruler. He can't love. at least not yet.


my heart breaks for Sunny, to find out that the reason why her mother died is because the royal family overruled which led to the mother's death is sad.

LH's accident was not because of something else but more of his neglect - which i guess makes it even worse..


and I agree with you @ktcjdrama Yoon is such an underwritten character? i mean he is just using his emotions than rather his head to do everything. the fact that he didnt think that maybe just maybe the plans can go sideways. he should have expected the ED to use such underhand tactics. sigh, i hope he does reach some potential.

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It's better to let the writer finish her/his drama not because what fans want but pure because what his/her mind want. I would love to see Na Wang Sik and Sunny get together. Just a simple reason, they show what we call warm and sweet love. If people demands Emperor should get true love, well he can get it from another girl, becaise we see Sunny start to fall to Woo Bin. I saw the emperor is creepy and obsessive rather that love. Especially when he intentionally breaking up the stuff fpr Sunny or too much 'love' for Woo Bin. He thought both of them is his. I feel sorry for him but still he needs punishment. But again, I will enjoy the drama and try not care about who end up with who

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Hahaa, Knet really love SSR aka Kakao Talk Dog King character. Most of them want Sunny end up with him :D Although the Emperor did a lot of bad things, but i still find the chemistry between Sunny and him more interesting :wub:


Original Source (Star News via Naver): 'The Last Empress' Jang Nara kicks Shin Sung Rok, "Get out"





1. [+773, -19] So freaking refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He tried to kill her before.. Hit him one more time...
2. [+617, -15] Isn't the Kakaotalk Dog just a comedic character? ㅋㅋㅋ  
3. [+594, -47] I think I'm the only crazy one,, I feel bad for Lee Hyuk and I hope they end up together
4. [+490, -8] I feel like later on, Lee Hyuk is going to die instead for Ssu Ni or something else will happen.. If you think about it, when he was younger, he was a normal and nice kid but in the end, the parents ruined the child.. ㅠㅠ


Original Article: [news1 korea] 'The Last Empress' "I Like Jang Nara," Says Choi Jinhyuk To Shin Sungrok



1. +1517, -90 Lee HyukSunny, in The Last Empress their chemistry is the best out of all, I hope they can meet again in the next romcom drama
3. +838, -63 Why do I support Shin Sungrok more?? He's a bad guy though...
3. +588, -81 These days it's getting boring again
4. +193, -40 Please make her end up with the emperor... She matches with the Emperor more than with Chun Woobin ㅜㅜ
5. +112, -5 I'm starting to feel bad for Lee Hyukㅠㅠ He met the wrong mother.......... It's so obvious that he can't receive love
6. +110, -11 The plot of the drama got weird ㅜㅠㅠ Sunny suddenly becomes tiring and boring
7. +102, -31 Sun Ok-nim please ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ If you continue to do this the drama will fail, there's no chemistry at all please ㅠㅠ Make her end up with the Emperor, I feel so bad for him
8. +65, -6 Am I the only whose heart is fluttering even more because of Woobin...
9. +42, -1 Everyone's acting is amazing ㄷ ㄷ
10. +31, -4 Chun Woobin is cool ㅎ
11. +17, -1 Excuse me.... If you're being like this when are you going to get revenge? Don't make her rely on men, make her into a cool character. 


Btw, this is drama makjang so i don't really care about the triangle love lol :sweatingbullets:

Aww SSR, i want to see u in a romcom drama :D

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2 hours ago, Crystal Kim said:

It’s really interesting to me that the Korean audience vastly favors the emperor x sunny ship while the western audience tends to go for cwb x sunny. I’m basing this off of Naver comments tho so don’t know how valid my observations are but still


It is interesting, I think it has to do with the comedic element that they have added to their relationship with her kicking him to the curb and not taking his crap anymore. It could also be because they are technically still married legally.

But I do feel that WB is better for her, he has constantly been protecting her. And I do feel that SN has won his loyalty, but I am not 100% certain that he is "in love" with her at this point. Because before asking LH for SN at the end of the lastest episode, he did mention that he wanted LH to want SN again as to drive LH to insainity. And then also on the bridge, he mentioned he wanted to protect her with his life. what a better way to do that than to claim her as his own.


Lastly, with the previous head guard being YR Baby daddy. I am not sure that she ever went back to search for him. If she had ever loved him, why was she trying to get rid of her son and abandon him? She has clearly no love for the child, if she had loved the father, wouldn't she have loved the child? Her whole goal is to become the empress and have power. Who knows, maybe she had dated the head guard in the past with power in mind, but when he was gone, she changed her target to someone who was more powerful. 

All in all, I think that they all should either be in prison or a Psych ward... permanently.

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So I'm a little behind because I've only seen up to Wednesday's episode.  Going to watch Thursday's episode when I get home after work.  But, OMG about YR and who fathered DongShik.  It kind of makes sense in a way.  I bet that YR was a typical (typical in K-dramaland only) naive country girl (look at how they did her hair in the flashback) who went to Seoul and fell in love with a guy.  She didn't work in the palace at the time and suddenly, her fiance just disappears on her.  The palace probably even told her lies, maybe even implying a relationship between him and Empress SH.  So here she is, heavily pregnant and abandoned.  She returns home to the countryside completely bitter and unfortunately, she views DS as a reminder of her "stupidity" in falling for a jerk who used her and abandoned her.  This experience completely colors her attitude now.  Perhaps her original plan in studying to become a palace employee (after she returned home) was to find her old fiance.  Or, perhaps she just thought it was a way to elevate her station in life.  For whatever reason she went to work in the palace, I think once there (and with the attitude that she went in with) I think the greed and corruption of the palace got to her.  K-dramas love to redeem their characters so I can kind of see where the writer is going with this one, I think.


I can also see how the writer is trying to create some redemption path for LH.  But the DE?  No way.  She is evil now and she is evil in the flashbacks.  I hope they don't show a flashback showing how she struggled when she first became empress bc right now I don't ever want to feel sorry or sympathy for her.  The princess mentions that the DE was a chaebol's daughter.  So now the picture I have is a rich brat used to controlling people and having power.  She then married and the only people with more power than her was the emperor (her husband) and the GDE.  She couldn't control them, but she certainly knew early on that she needed to make the crown prince (LH) her puppet.

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[The Last Empress] Eps 31 & 32 spoilers, Choi Jin Hyuk x Jang Na Ra x Shin Sung Rok

Posted on Thursday, January 10, 2019

Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' "I like Jang Na Ra" Choi Jin Hyuk declares in front of Shin Sung Rok 

1. [+1633,-94]
Lee Hyuk ♥ Ssu Ni. Their chemistry is the best. It's such a waste of their chemistry. I hope they reunite in a romcom drama.

2. [+1364,-48]
Ssu Ni's mother is the problem too, they can't be together... But why do I feel that the chemistry is such a waste? 

3. [+945,-67]
Why am I supporting Shin Sung Rok even more?? He's a villain... 

4. [+1006,-347]
The drama is shifting its focus to Cheon Woo Bin, the ratings are falling and it's getting boring. I'm not sure why Ssu Ni is starting to rely on people too. 

5. [+630,-83]
These days, it's getting a little boring.

6. [+381,-45]
I really like the love line between the Empress ♥ Emperor. Can't you put Cheon Woo Bin and Princess So Jin together somehow? Soon Ok Kim. 

7. [+311,-20]
It feels as if the directing and character designing were all focused on Lee Hyuk. Today's episode too. I was immersed in Lee Hyuk's emotions that it felt weird watching Cheon Woo Bin smiling. The character Cheon Woo Bin has no charisma. ㅠㅠ

8. [+266,-20]
To be honest, whenever the romance scenes come up, it's boring... She can't have romance with Lee Hyuk. Ssu Ni should be the Empress without any romance and Wang Sik should start noticing Princess Jang. ㅠㅠㅜ Ssu Ni and Wang Sik is a no.... I can't relate to the story, it's boring. When he confessed today, no matter how powerful his confession was, I still didn't get it. If you get fired, you can't take revenge, Wang Sik-ah. 

9. [+264,-25]
When Cheon Woo Bin covered Oh Ssu Ni's eyes in the past, they had chemistry. But now that they have built up chemistry between Lee Hyuk and Ssu Ni, forcing her with Cheon Woo Bin now makes it boring. Don't throw a spanner in the works. Put Lee Hyuk and Oh Ssu Ni together by making Lee Hyuk risk his life for Ssu Ni. And put Cheon Woo Bin and Princess So Jin together. Princess So Jin saved him today. 

10. [+185,-10]
That damn red scarf. Remove it already. How many times has it been? It doesn't match her clothes. 


Article: Naver 'The Last Empress' Choi Jin Hyuk to Jang Na Ra, "I'll stay by your side" Shin Sung Rok flustered 

1. [+124,-1]
KakaoTalk Dog shouldn't have gone to Oh Ssu Ni. Going back and forth like that was so funny. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+108,-11]
Why do I like Lee Hyuk more? ㅋㅋㅋ 

3. [+30,-1]
Oh Ra Ii (Crazy people with the surname 'oh') ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
[t/n: 'Ra Ii' comes from the word 'ddoraii', which means crazy]

4. [+26,-2]
Both Choi Jin Hyuk and Shin Sung Rok are cool... 

5. [+20,-1]
Am I abnormal for getting attracted to Lee Hyuk more? He's a villain. ㅠㅠ

6. [+9,-1]
To be honest, I can't get immersed whenever the love line between Cheon Woo Bin and the Empress shows up. Logically, the love line between the Emperor and the Empress is impossible. But the love line between the Empress and Cheon Woo Bin has to be abandoned. Although I'm not sure if the problem lies with their acting or the script, but the Empress is too passive towards Cheon Woo Bin. They have to remove the love line between Cheon Woo Bin and the Empress if they want to increase the ratings further. 

7. [+8,-0]
Psychopath family. 

8. [+5,-0]
Lee Hyuk is pitiful, and there are times where my heart fluttered a little, but in Jang Na Ra's position, she'll never have heart flutters because of him.. 

9. [+5,-1]
The Emperor and the Empress match each other well.. Everyone around me + netizens think that way. 




Ugh these k-netz. But I have watched older dramas and I will admit that LH feels like the .....male lead the female lead learns to love just because he's "pitiful", while WB feels like the loving second male lead who does everything for the woman he loves but doesn't get the girl in the end. Please let WB get the girl. It's just wrong for Sunny to go back to LH. And the plot did say she would find true love and both of them will fight against the royal family. Sunny and WB really deserve each other so let them be together.

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Sometime I do feel bad for LH because of what has been done to him in his childhood. It´s really messed up and seing that he didn´t have anyone to keep him grounded it´s no surprise to me that he ended up being what he is now. Let´s take Ari for example look how she had been brought up and how Opportunistic she is...if it´s not for Sunny teaching her moral values...she would have grown up to be a ruthless person that is ready to do anything to get her way. 

The Grandmother was the only decent human being in that palace if she had found out  what was going on with LH in his childhood things could have been different.

Now with that being said I don´t excuse his behaviour and I think that he should definitely be punished for all the things that he had done. 

 There is chemistry between the actors of LH and Sunny but I don´t ship them in this drama...the character of LH is too messed up. 

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59 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Lord have mercy those naver comments :scream:


I’ve been reading the comments on Naver like:astonished: I’m not completely fluent but a lot are saying that ever since Sunny started to like Chun Woo Bin, she’s regressed to a weak character. It’s a bit harsh.. 

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4 hours ago, Crystal Kim said:

It’s really interesting to me that the Korean audience vastly favors the emperor x sunny ship while the western audience tends to go for cwb x sunny. I’m basing this off of Naver comments tho so don’t know how valid my observations are but still

I have to agree!


I guess it's not a myth that some women choose the bad guys... I mean, sure, it's really sad what happened to LH when he was a child, and yes, we should feel empathy towards him. And yes, he deserves to be happy too. But no, he isn't reformed yet and yes, he is still a chilling character with too much sadism in him. it doesn't take an Einstein to figure out that this guy is NOT husband material!

And yet there are women around the world who are willing to marry serial killers, because they think that they with their love and nurturing can heal those hardened criminals (who by the way, probably are clinical psychopaths who cannot be cured even with the best psychologists / medicines in the world). Well, in the end, I guess it reveals a lot more about the women's state of minds and psyche than the serial killers... <shrugs>


I actually enjoyed the interactions between CWB and Sunny in this week's episodes. I was actually giddy and happy to see them getting closer to each other, and I hope that they will end up having a wonderful life together. :) 

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*sighs* I'm about to go ahead and watch this weeks episodes with the subs XD *should really learn korean lol*


But I saw the ending clip of the Emperor grabbing Sunny and I swear without understanding anything; I noticed that when his voice changed, talking to Sunny, I feel he was demanding something of her, him grabbing her and dragging her off to probably her or his chambers just made me go: ANDDDD....THERE IT IS!  There's the deluded psycho I knew would resurface again!


I swear it came off as if he was determined to have his way with her and if Woo Bin hadn't been there, I feel like he would have seriously forced her to sleep with him. It's the same vibe I got from the end of last week's episode and when he actually tries to go for kissing Sunny at the beginning of ep. 15 (29, 30), I couldn't help but think, dude, seriously? Really? 


His 'love' is warped and twisted, and for all the pitiful attempts to make me like him/sympathize with him, he's still not right in the head, srsly. The whip splash of his character's extremities from going love to hate shows how unstable he is. He is doing exactly what I predicted he was going to do, delude himself into thinking Sunny is playing hard to get. *sighs*


If the writer was so gung-ho on really making him a true, competitive love interest against Wang Shik/Woo Bin for Sunny's affections, maybe she should have...I dunno STOPPED at him cheating on her??? Or not have him commit attempted MURDER....MULTIPLE TIMES?? *shrugs* At least with TIME, cheating could be forgiven if he really meant to show he was sincerely sorry. 


In an alternate universe, where LH isn't too far gone and hasn't tried to murder people because of his mom's manipulations, I do ship LH/SN...hardcore shipper (of both pairings) I really like the appeal of the chemistry between them and if this would have been a simple comedic romcom with maybe a little dash of angst, or you kept things the same without making the emperor a murderer and mentally unstable; I would be all over that in a heartbeat but this ain't that type of drama. I dunno, maybe it's a cultural thing but why oh why would you want her stuck to being married to a man who clearly had intentions of adding rape to his already messed up dossier?!


Because they're still married?! What the what?! Yea, let's just have the Emperor totally rape his wife who already hates his guts, that's really going to endear Sunny to Lee Hyuk!  (Again, I hope that is just the knet's thoughts and not reflective of everyone else watching the show).


And again, he was drinking and seeming to continue to make excuses like always to justify his reasons for whatever the heck he had planned to do with Sunny if not for Woo Bin interfering. (again, i'm only guessing, I haven't watched this with subs but i'm sure i can't be far off with at least picking up some noticeable clues in his speech pattern) Nothing he does is sincere! aughahkdjfkd! And what little sincerity he's TRYING to convey he just finds a way to self sabotage his own efforts. Nor has he really taken the TIME to sit back and reflect on what he's even done wrong. 


And now that Woo Bin has seemingly declared his intentions/interest in Sunny, I can already see the last eight episodes are about to be a trainwreck with this messed up love triangle...and I don't know if I can handle that for the next four weeks. So, I'm just going to stop here until it's over and pray one half of my OTP isn't killed off or the last two episodes aren't a bad case of a rushed ending.  *sighs*


My main annoyance if you haven't already guessed: If you're going to do a character redemption arc...do it right. Don't begin the hassle of making me sympathize or look forward to a character's redemption arc if you're just going to continue to show how un-redeemable that character is. It becomes a waste of the storytelling that could have been used for something meaningful. 


Maybe...MAYBE Writernim will surprise me, she's always has with this drama so far, but I won't hold my breath. I just don't want a rushed ending or leaving it open-ended where the audience is left to their own speculations of what happened or Woo Bin being killed off.


I want an ending in line with Jang Bo Ri....not Geum Sa Wol plz but I digress...


I was attracted to watch this drama because of Jang Na Ra x Choi Jin Hyuk and I will flip my s.h.i.t. if their characters don't end up together for the 2nd time.


Yea, still salty about Fated to Love You and no I won't let it go.


If this ends the way I fear it will...holy cow I hope there are peeps hiding in the shadows ready to write some fanfics...lots of fanfics, even if the show ends with a happy ending/bittersweet ending, i'm still going to needs fanfics. *I don't want to be the only one writing fanfics for both pairings just saying...*


okay...Imma stop ranting and go watch episodes 15 and 16 now. 


And then come back to rant some more XD


Again I write a lot...

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Awww. Hyuk is back to being cray2. I like bunny-hyuk and coffee-hyuk. Sobs :tears: 


Gif title: cray2 hyuk returns



Previously writernim made it easy to like Hyuk, now it seems writernim is reminding us he is a villain again :sweatingbullets:


Imo, Hyuk has a problem conveying his thoughts. He didnt even say he didnt knew about the blood transfusion to sunny. He lets her hit him and be angry. But his choice of words saying for who else would the blood go to if not for the emperor..was a no no. Hyuk-ahhh you need to enrol yourself in a moral and ethics class. You clearly feel entitled because of your position. I blame his way of thinking on his lousy upbringing. He had/has awful parents. And he is confined in the awful palace surroundings, he doesn't seem to have any friends at all. It makes me wonder how he even knew and eventually got married with Empress Sohyun in the first place.


Hyuk is still a man-child. I hope he will grow up in this ep and repent his wrongdoing. But he didnt yet. Why hyuk why! Whyyyyyyyy!!! I want you to be a better person on you own accord~ the hand dragging and his entitled words at the end was a super no-no too. Good thing WB was there to snap Hyuk into his place.


Still hoping Hyuk will grow up and own his wrongdoings and do something to right the wrong and get jailed or punished or even dethroned. Sunny's long rant to him might be the best way to awaken his senses. I did feel bad for him when she said 'you should have died back then' straight to his face. He helps her from the sidelines, but he is so so bad at saying the right thing at the right time and eventually it blows up in his face and he goes cray2. 


P/s: the scene where Hyuk lost his mind in his room was super creepy with the background sounds


P/p/s: woobin smiling behind Hyuk's back each time Hyuk starts to crack was creeeeepppyy too


@butterflyempress you said what i want to say about Hyuk in a more eloquent way :)

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2 hours ago, Crystal Kim said:


I’ve been reading the comments on Naver like:astonished: I’m not completely fluent but a lot are saying that ever since Sunny started to like Chun Woo Bin, she’s regressed to a weak character. It’s a bit harsh.. 

That makes no sense she is the same as ever! just because she has emotional moments does not make her weak.


WB had these moments but it seems they are both giving each other strength.

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6 hours ago, kaoriharang said:

The last scene where after Sunny rejected him, LH chose to handle it the way he handles everything with force and demand.

I guess that's the only way he knows how to handle things... It's really sad that he grew up to be such a person, and I blame it all on the ED who keeps feeding him with lies and poison for his mind.


I am very surprised though with the K-netizens comments. It is kinda fun to see CWB and Sojin, but I can't feel them. And that because of more focus on CWB, the story became boring and ratings dropping?? But I have to admit there are scenes that I dislike about CWB... he's becoming a very cold and heartless person in his path of revenge. I don't really like that...

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I think we all unanimously agree to disagree with the never comments about shipping LH and SN. Along with everything he’s done to her, there’s also the fact that he is responsible for her mother’s death and in most kdramas a dynamic like that is taboo. Not that has stopped leads in the past but these two episodes felt like SN and WB were getting closer as LH and her drifted more apart now that she knows his involvement with her mother’s death. At the same time, I think this just makes his ‘love’ (I use that loosely because it’s a debate if he’s even capable of that) stronger for her because he wants what he can’t have, especially now that his bestie is doting after her. He knows he can’t be mad at SN like he was at SH because this time it was him who pushed the man to seduce the empress. Even if knetz viewers are supporting the LH-SN ship , I don’t think writers would even have enough time to switch everything around, we are more than 2/3 past the drama and it would be absolutely absurd if SN has a sudden change of heart (not that this show has ever strayed away from the absurd :P)


who was that guy that approached YR in mental hospital??

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@katakwasabi Thanks chingu, I also love your analysis of the character as well. :D


@stroppyse I'm still in awe and concerned that viewers have such a strong influence on the writing of a drama's story even halfway through, I had read a few years back that most the time, the writers pretty much never have a fully finished script and it's one of the factors why some dramas can start halfway with a strong start but then end up being lackluster towards the end. Or a plot point that happened in episode 5 is never addressed again or suddenly brought up by episode 14, only to be dismissed...


Which is why I seldom watch a lot of dramas, I usually wait for them to be completely finished before I decide whether or not to watch it or if it's a already pre-produced drama I'll give it a chance because I know viewers cannot influence/pressure the writer into making nonsensical story points that do nothing for the overarching story. I end up watching dramas halfway and then dropping them because the stories tend to either not make sense or padded with unnecessary stuff in order to drag it on.


At first, I had thought this drama was one of those already %100 pre-produced dramas so when I found out it wasn't, my first immediate thought was; oh god, I hope the writer tells her story the way she wants and isn't pressured to change things because Knets are whining about their ship not being OTP...I don't like when writers are pressured to cater to viewer's demands when it does nothing for the story. 


If the writer wants LH/SN then by all means, she has the right to do that but if it's done on basis of what viewers want...ehh...I'll be disappointed. 


Yeah, again, I totally get where they're coming from, the appeal of LH's character is more attention grabbing, namely because of the actor playing him and he really is stealing the show at times away from WB who, unfortunately was not written to be a 'debonair'/suave type of character. If LH's character wasn't played by SSR and played by someone that just shows how utterly awful LH is or if WB's character was written to be charismatic than viewers probably wouldn't be rooting for such a character. Honestly I wasn't expecting it at all, this is the first time I've watched something with this actor in it, because as I've said I came because of seeing JNR x CJH reunite as leads. I love JNR but CJH is so hot, I've been swooning over him being allowed to smile more in recent episodes and I'm like, Emperor Lee Hyuk...Emperor Lee Hyuk who?? That man's smiles omfg....I can't! *ahem* Where was I going with this post? Oh yeah...


It reminds me of my brief time, watching the Heirs, before I dropped it, it was too ridiculous, even for me. But Choi Young-Do was more entertaining to watch, especially whenever his character interacted with Cha Eun Sang. Kim Tan just became so boring by contrast that I ended up shipping CYD x CES.


And speaking of main lead's who are totally douchesnozzles to main female leads and their overbearing mothers, Koo Jun Pyo and his mother the infamous 'Mama Kang' are like little puppies by comparison to LH and his mother!


in an alternate universe, I'll be all over LH/SN but....Lee Hyuk is still Lee Hyuk and that was clearly emphasized in episode 16 and with the subtitles to put context into what was being said? I almost lost it! I screamed at my laptop ya'll ISTG!! I WASN'T WRONG HOLY SHEET! I said I was worried that if Sunny kept pushing this crazy nut he was going to end up trying to force her to stay by his side! That ending! I seriously don't see how he can be redeemed?! He needs to go straight to the psych ward holy mother of cheese! 


And now that Woo Bin was like grant my wish, let her go, he ain't gonna do it, he doesn't want to divorce her or let her go omfg I called this! I FREAKING CALLED THIS! ;fjkajdlfak I'm freaking out right now. 


I will be surprised if he does but he ain't and i think it's this ending scene that's going to start making LH suspicious of the possibility that WB is actually WS. And now I worry that my man...is going to be killed off. *takes a deep breath*


With subtitles that ending was soooooooooooooooo much more unsettling, like I was hoping they weren't going to go there but they went there, he LITERALLY said in so little words he didn't give a good freaking darn how she felt he was ready to...oh freaking lord, this man is crazy. If it weren't for WB, he was going to in a state of drunken rage and rape her. Like, I cannot be the only one who got that right? Am I delusional OR...??? I know i can't be the only one that picked up on this right? RIGHT?! 


Death would be too good for LH's character, he needs to be sent to the psych ward for help, srsly. 


Okay so I'm dropping my speculation on birth secrets and just have come to the conclusion that Lee Hyuk, So Jin and Yoon just unfortunately had crap parents. Lee Hyuk's a monster, So Jin was ignored all her life until her mom finds her useful and Yoon feels responsible for all the crap his family has done and feels ashamed, like I see why he doesn't want Sunny's family to know he's related to them, Sunny's family is the closest thing to what an actual loving family is but honey you're gonna have to tell them at some point. 


He's also frustrating in keeping secrets for too long but I understand not wanting to say anything without proof, but my sweet, sweet summer child...WHY WOULD YOU GO RUNNING YOUR MOUTH WHEN YOU KNOW HOW YOUR MOTHER IS?! Baby, I need to learn when to sing like a canary and when to stay silent as a mouse! OMFG WHY?!


Can someone get Ari away from her mother? I do not feel sorry for Nanny Kang Hee, you raised your child that way so *shrugs* you know what kind of person Sunny is and you know what kind of place that soulless palace is...it was only natural that Ari, despite her gravitating towards Sunny because she was taught to seek connections with those that had wealth or higher status, she was going to naturally be attached to her because of her good heart. 


Sunny is the only person to show her real motherly love. So stop being so dang jealous. I know some of ya'll are annoyed with Ari and usually children that are bratty grate my nerves but I cannot be annoyed by her at all, her calling out for Sunny made my heart weak and she has a chance to be saved. You could see the influence was quickly taking effect, it probably won't happen but I wish for Sunny to take Ari with her. 


Because now I'm speculating if the body that was found at the beginning is a fake, if that body doesn't end up being either Min Yu Ra, So Hyun's or the Nanny's, I'm wondering if Sunny fakes her own death to getaway from LH because he has gone beyond the deep end? 


I hope So Jin stays the same, it'll be so unnecessary for her to suddenly turn rotten because of jealousy after ALL THIS TIME for the sake of 'drama'. *sighs*


The former head guard and Yu Ra teaming up?? Didn't see that coming! That's going to make things very interesting and messy. 


Yeah...Dowager Kang human trafficking people on that island, burying the dead...yeah...it's starting to sound more and more plausible. I can't think of a more fitting punishment for her, other than public humiliation, like having a crowd of people just throw trash and eggs at her and of course life without parole. But...I might be hoping for too much. 


Ugh, there's prob more to rant about but my mind is overloaded by the fact that I am floored...FLOORED over LH actually having the nerve to imply he'll force Sunny into submission with no regard to her cries or pleas and he probably thought like every other guard, Woo Bin was just going to stand by and allow him to drag away a woman even if its his 'wife' to obviously be raped.  


Hindsight is 20/20 it was mildly creepy when she kicked him out and he smiled saying he wanted to conquer her in ep 15...yeah...that mofo really meant that sheet!


Say what you want but Woo Bin was the real MVP at the end of ep 16 and was sexy putting that nut in his place. 


but yeah, gonna try to get back into encounter since I've been thirsting for a noona romance for a while now, it just seems to move kind of slow...but I need to break away from this drama before I go insane! I'm worried about Sunny and Woo Bin, I'm worry the writer is gonna do a 180 and be pressured into making LH/SN endgame, I'm worried she's going to throw the unexpected pregnancy trope in just to create more drama...I need a break from the Last Empress. 


okay, I'm done now XD





Ya'll already know, the rookie likes to rant and make insane theories, everything is full game until otherwise debunked. XD

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19 hours ago, dramaninja said:

Only way for LH redeem himself is to admit all his and his mother crimes and go to prison that is all other then that  nope.


Also really he said it makes him want to conquered sunny thats all he cares about it was beyond creepy.

Absolutely agree with you. 


Although I find LH interesting and I do somewhat pity his upbringing, he must pay for his crime and admit to his deed. He had committed too many crimes to get off with just a slap to his wrist.


And it's interesting that you pointed out that LH said he wanted to conquer Sunny, because I originally thought he was falling for Sunny (when he smiled at her image in the camera), but after he witnessed WB's hug with Sunny, I knew his interest was stemmed from his competitive nature. Now...guilt came into play.


There's no doubt that LH's willingness to protect Sunny stemmed from his guilt. When he confronted his mother about the bombing incident, the first thing he said was that he couldn't believe his mother would try to kill Sunny after what had Yoon told them...indicating, that reason was his primary reason. And when his mother confronted him about his own murder attempt against Sunny, echoing Sunny's rebuke, it finally hit home for him (why Sunny wasn't willing to forgive him, why Sunny was so mad at him) that he had committed the same error that he was criticizing his mother for. That's why, when he made the declaration that he was going to protect Sunny, I find that scene an interesting growth for his character. 


However, I would never agree to pair him up with Sunny. Like Sunny indicated, who's crazy enough to be on a good relationship with the person who tried to kill you? I want to see LH chastened...I want to see him learning how to say "sorry" like Ari...but I do not want to see him in a romantic relationship with Sunny. I'll flip the table if that occurred.



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I have a crazy tot that would like to share( but I think is highly unlikely:sweatingbullets:, what if dong shik is the Empress SH and emperor’s child ? She actually had a early delivery and fake pregnancy then she pass to and exchange with KJS and MYR ‘s child? That would explain why MYR don’t care for DS, hard to believe she is such a cruel mom. 


Another question is the photos ED show LH (KJS shopping with Empress SH ),looks like photoshopped ( cos the scene is same like KJS’s flashback with MYR) . 


And why is the previous guard still alive, tot he is edict to die? Does that mean the poison injection is not poisonous ? Does this have any link with the poison show to ED?  :crazy:  TLE is so unpredictable.

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