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[Drama 2018-2019] Empress Dignity / The Last Empress, 황후의 품격

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Now when I think of it, I am 99,999 % sure that Min Yu Ra will not come back and stay dead.


2 people who found out Woo Bin is not Woo Bin, died just before they could let other people know about that.


1. Ma Pil Joo

2. the Chief guard, who had to kill himself


and nr 3. is Min Yu Ra, because now that she found Dong Shik, she will surely soon find out about Wang Shik/Woo Bin.

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finally got to watch ep 11 and 12

end of year, i'm so busy TT_TT

and while people are freaking out over myr's supposedly death

i am more concern with the emperor, lor hahaha

what did he says

there isnt any part of sunny that can make anyone falls for her?

your highness, it didnt take you more than 2 eps to feel something for her

and one crushing scene to make you feel bad to yourself

as much as i adore bromance and lee hyuk and woobin is cute together

i need him to feel the pain of watching someone who he thinks can't or not worthy enough to be loved to be with someone else and to realised that

the one who isnt good enough to be loved by him, is actually loved by him

ok done ranting


i am on team myr is not dead yet

if she goes like that

it felt totally anti-climatic, it needs more and unless the exit is for personal reason

i think the writer has written a very big and grand gesture for her death if she died in this drama

if anything she will come back like those vids recommendation on youtube that even though you've clicked not interested thousands of time and yet they still reappear and will haunt you forever



the nanny is more cunning that it seems

she is quite scary almost on par with myr and also the queen

and what's with the milk bath?

urgh... shudder to even just think about it


my fav scene will most probably the part where sunny sleeps in the bathtub holding the baseball bat

and woo bin guarding the entrance just like a good bodyguard he is


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7 minutes ago, Matilda_Anne said:

why is that the more i see shin sung rok, the more i find him handsome?? is he still single guys? *asking for my mom* 

He’s married dear !!  Don’t wanna break your heart ...I mean your Mum’s heart. He looks dashing here 




I learnt this word from @stroppyse - he’s cruelly handsome 

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Ai want Choi Jin Hyuk n Jang Na Ra win best couple but no had nomination in SBS drama awards 2018 this year...

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Our OTP presenting at the awards 



By the way the speculation according to this IG account is that the cut on LH’s face is because he was trying to protect Sunny . Ooo I think there’s going to be a full on love triangle .




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Lee elijah just attended the ceremony. I guess she was also late because of the filming schedule. Maybe It means her character is not dead yet :rolleyes:


Anyway too bad  Princess Ari doesn't win the award for the child category. It seems the winner (which already a teenager) doesn't prepare the speech or she was too nervous. Shin Dong Yup said that Ari must have prepared the speech if she won and asked her to reveal a little bit. Ari talked so well. Shin Dong Yup asked whether she is disappointed but she answered smartly talking about how she would work harder in the next year and so on  that every one clapped their hands. Seems that even in reality, this little girl is so smart

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Top Excellence in Acting (Wed-Thurs Drama

Shin Sung Rok & Choi Jin Hyuk




Choi Jin Hyuk became emotional on stage. He said that it's an honor to receive an award for "The Last Empress" and they came to the awards show while filming. He brought up some injuries including Shin Sung Rok's, and said that it's been mentally and physically difficult while filming. He thanked various staff members for their hard work and said that he would personally go to thank people he's grateful for.

Shin Sung Rok began his speech by apologizing for not being able to receive Best Character award on-stage with his "Return" co-stars due to filming. He became emotional while thanking the directors for their support and creativity, and for giving him these memorable characters.



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