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[japan Movie 2006]7 Gatsu 24 Nichi Toori No Christmas / 7月24日通りの&

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Starring : *Osawa Takao (Mukashi No Otoko, Crying Out Love In The Centre Of The World)

*Nakatani Miki (Densha Otoko, Manatsu No Merry Christmas)

*Sato Ryuta (Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Pride, Tokyo Friends, Rondo)

*Abe Tsuyoshi (Hana Yori Dango, Rough, Initial D)

*Ueno Juri (Swing Girls, Engine, Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi, Nodame Cantabile)

Released in Japan : November 3th, 2006

7 gatsu 24 ka dôri no Kurisumasu / Christmas on July 24th Avenue (International: English title) (2006)

Directed by

Shosuke Murakami

Writing credits

Shuichi Yoshida (novel)

Arisa Kaneko (screenplay)

Runtime: Japan:110 min

Country: Japan

Language: Japanese

Genre: Drama / Romance


Takao Osawa .... Soji Okuda

Miki Nakatani .... Sayuri Honda

Ryuta Sato .... Yoshio Moriyama

Juri Ueno .... Megumi Kamibayashi

Tsuyoshi Abe .... Koji Honda

Hitori Gekidan .... Yuta Maki

Ayako Kawahara .... Akiko Ando

Ikki Sawamura .... Jo Ando

You .... Kazuko Kaibara

Fumiyo Kohinata .... Goro Honda

Yuuta Hiraoka .... Oji

Kaori Morita

Toho's attempt to cash in on the Christmas market crashes horribly in this excruciatingly unfunny film. Quite simply, the whole thing tries too hard to be cute and heart-warming, like a tacky plastic gift dressed up in expensive wrapping paper. Nakatani as klutzy Honda is at her most convincing in this Cinderella tale when she gets to dress up and go to the ball. Before that, we are supposed to believe that she is plain simply because they stick a pair of spectacles on her and have her fall down a lot. The woman is stunning; pinning her hair up didn't make Gwynth Paltrow less beautiful in 'Possession,' and having Nakatani squint through a pair of prescription glasses doesn't work here, either. Did nobody learn from the make-up job that was done on Cameron Diaz in 'Being John Malkovich'?

Sayuri, a homely office girl in Nagasaki, yearns for a dream man to sweep her up off her and take her to July 24th Avenue in Lisbon, Portugal, her idealized paradise. Her world is turned upside down when she runs into her old high school crush, Satoshi. The talented lighting technician surprises her with newfound intimacy. After changing her appearance to please him, her anxieties prevent her from making further romantic advances: Is she making a mistake? Meanwhile, her handsome brother, Koji, comes home with his girlfriend, Megumi, whose common appearance is reminiscent of Sayuri some weeks ago. Desperate to restart his career, Satoshi misses his date with Sayuri to meet Akiko who has offered to help find him work. After being stood up, Sayuri is shocked to find that Satoshi has been with Akiko all evening. Assuming the worst, she is driven by jealousy to give up her love without knowing the truth. The wedding of Koji and Megumi is held in a chapel on Christmas Eve. Megumi hesitates as she remembers. Sayuri’s warning: Perhaps she too is making a mistake. As Christmas rushes nearer, the lovers search deep within their hearts to find what they have been looking for. Will Sayuri ever have her day on July 24th Avenue?

SOURCE : 7月24日通りのクリスマス



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