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[Thai Drama 2018-2020] The Gifted Graduation

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Get out of the ghetto and be nice.    

We will see the value of dreams on the day we... can't dream anymore ", "EP. 7 this Sunday 23 September 22.00 pm Channel One31 | 23.00 pm Via Line TV#TheGiftedSeries#GMMTV  

Episode 3 I'm really into this show, I'm so used to BL, I keep shipping but mostly enjoying the plot and the acting ...          

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On 10/8/2020 at 7:31 PM, mellialuna said:

Yesss Truly not disappointed until now!

It has been my holiday binge watch.


Good story. Some good twists in the plot and I liked the way it played out. Nice to have a story that is plot driven without worrying about who is going to fall for whom.


One worth watching again and I think I preferred it to the first series (mind you, I had forgotten what some of their powers were) because we didn't have episodes of 'origins' stories.


I adored the warnings for some of the scenes. "Water boarding is not nice. This character is doing bad things, Don't do it at home" :)

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5 hours ago, dustinmyeye said:

One worth watching again and I think I preferred it to the first series

The plot was more mastered and elaborated than in the first season.

some things are unexplained, and except the last episode I really like the season!

But a lot of the gifted was unemployed ... 


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