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[Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이


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1 hour ago, joonminfan said:

I guess that’s to stop any rumours and shipping wars and what-not on the internet. Sometimes these things can get out of hand. But I wouldn’t mind watching them in another drama together again!


Totally! Also love how they are both handling it, in a savage way. Hahahahaha. Love these two cuties. 



Posted by KJS agency. Looks like the drama will air in japan?! It says the photoshoot is for japanese promotion. 

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On 2/2/2019 at 3:15 AM, ktcjdrama said:

My dear islander chingus.... Due to some stuff in RL, I've only had the chance to catch up and finish the drama today. And I love it!

I'm glad they keep the funnies till the very last minute.

I laughed so hard during the toilet scene of doc and teach. And then I literally got goosebumps when our OTP finally kissed in OKS's attic room after they have to hold back because of her principle to take it slow, lol.... That kiss was full of passion, but not the lustful kind, but the gentle passionate kind.... *goosebumps* :D

I'm glad that MaDol oppa met his girl also.

I kinda like the fast forward by month thing. So glad it's not that kind of time jump to one year later, but we get to see whatever each of them were doing during those days.

I haven't had the chance to back read on the posts here, so I know for sure I'm missing a lot of giggles and laughs with you all.... Will just have to catch up asap.... I'm just so glad we get to watch such a fun drama!

I cried when she didn't know how to flush the toilet at his house. I am still laughing at this to this day as you mentioned it. I'm so glad that Madol let Kang soon go, because it was the right choice to make. This drama was so fun, I reckon I'll come back to it to rewatch and read these threads to remind myself of these nice memories!

8 hours ago, heyyoooo said:

I love how they are officially friendzoning each other immediately after the drama ended. Lol. 

I think it's kind of necessary sometimes because people get really out of hand with shipping. Despite their great chemistry in the drama, I think it's only right to do so.

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That article about this actor-- is quite similar to the reference from TOP STAR YOOBAEK. It is very interesting way for us to see how we see the situation, and finally the actor explained his situation few days after getting bad rap on his behaviour during the press conference. It is very interesting to look at. A lot of netizens are really hard and judgmental on everyone's outer image.TIME is actually a good drama but it pays the price to be part of it, and act it well. It is thriller romance.


AND also to add, Somin was offered the role for main lead in TIME as this actor's love interest. She turned it down then eventually accepted Top Star Yoobaek offer. Somin would have gotten more popularity from TIME for MBC but she opts for TVN's Yoobaek. I think she made the right choice even though Yoobaek suffered from low ratings. It needs time to get everyone's attention. Top Star Yoobaek is also very aesthetic drama. It could be better if the drama is longer more than 11 episodes. We went through so much with angst, pain, and sadness. We wanted to see more of the healing part, the reconciliation, and how a man like yoobaek treats a strong woman like Kangsoon. It teaches us to be stronger, kinder, less judgemental, and more lovely. It has way to warm the hearts of the audience/viewers. The is the beauty part of the drama. They could be unlucky, but it is one of the most moving drama I've watched. I love their chemistry too much. =) 




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Another interview from the director. Kind of long so I've added it in the spoiler:



Top star You-back replied ... # White Ending # Kim Jiseok = Jeon So-min # 2 # Reverse (general) [Oh! A cup of coffee o select a language to tran

Yoo Hak-chan, a producer of " Top actor Yoo Bak-yi, " received critical acclaim for the " Well-made healing drama, " and wrote a variety of stories ranging from his speech to filming episodes. 

The latest romance TV drama " Top Star " (directed by Lee So-jeong, Lee Si-eun, and Yoo Hak-chan) is known to be a female star who was exiled to an isolated island. 

Lee So-jeong, the writer of High Kick through the Roof, Lee Si-eun, and Yoo Hak-chan, the producer of " Reply 1988 " and " My Ears, " agreed. 

And top star Yubak, who took off her veil, gave her a good impression that she was happy and moved to tears through her leisurely life in Yeo-do and Yubak-sun's romance. 

Therefore, OSEN recently met with Yoo Hak-chan at a cafe in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul and asked about the " top star Yoo Baek. " 

_ " Thinking White Ending ... " The staff members had a hard time. " 

Q. How do you feel after finishing your work? 

" The staff had too much trouble. In fact, when we hired staff, we had a kind of romance, " Let's rest there for a month. " " It's not easy. " The actors said, " I wish I could do it while healing, " but since I'm used to living in the city, I found it hard to live on the island. There was actually no convenience store on the island, so I stayed at the residents ' house. I used to be an entertainment producer, so it was okay, but I think it must have been hard for other staff, especially women. But I'm glad it ended well. " 

Q. It ended with a ' white end with no exits ' 

" Yes, I wanted to tell you a warm and funny story from the beginning so I found the script and it ended as I thought. I wanted to cover stories of other characters besides the main character if it was longer, but I think the distribution went well in the 11th inning. " 

Q. How did you find an island? 

" The filming took place in Daemo Island, Wando County, South Jeolla Province. I looked for two months. There were many beautiful places, but it was hard to find a place that was cut off from civilization to match the drama's setting. Then we arrived at Daemo Island, and we thought we could get the picture. By the way, I can't eat because we missed the boat on Daemo Island, and the villagers took care of the meal. I was so moved that I made a decision. Spring, summer and fall are beautiful islands. " 

_ T.O.P. Kim Ji-seok is a scary perfectionist. " 

Q. Who was the first to be cast? 

" Jeon So-min came up first. " Actually, if our drama is an actress, it is hard to choose. I have to go to an island, make up my face, and do a comedy like a headbutt with a woman diver. It was so difficult that I could only think of Jeon So-min. I used to share candy with Jeon So-min in my ear. " 

" Thankfully, Jeon So-min accepted our offer in about a week. The role itself was interesting, but she said she was worried about it because of the dialect. After making a decision, I practiced with my dialect teacher a few months ago, and I almost wanted to give him an A. It's really improved. " 

Q. I wonder how Kim Ji-seok was on the set. 

" He was a scary guy. " I thought it was really scary when I was reading the script, but I changed my acting skills in the first shooting. While filming the movie on the island, I used the meal as a rice cart, but Kim Ji-seok didn't eat it alone to build up his body. I have to get rid of carbohydrates. He's a terrible perfectionist. It is said that Top star Yoo-back has worked hard with the determination that " You-Back " will be his film, but the viewers seem to have understood the effort. So is ' problematic man ', and Kim Ji-seok gave up a lot for our drama. " 

Q. How did you invite such special cameos as Kim Dae-joo, Baek Il-seop, Im Soo-hyang and Nam Bo-ra? 

" Actually, I had no special relationship with you, Lim Soo-hyang, or Nam Bo-ra. And yet he was willing to accept it. Kim Dae-joo, the writer of " Kim Dae-joo, " used to be close friends, but he hired Mr. Baek Il-sup. The writer enjoys acting so much. I gained confidence with my appearance. I paid for the appearance fee. " 

_ Top star Yu-back? I'm thinking about season two. " 

Q. How about PD? 

" I felt like I was slow to deploy. There's a lot of stories that viewers are curious about, and they have to wait. This is a company effort. The Epishord type is perfect for the format once a week, but dramas like the mini series seem to be more enervated by the second time a week. " 

Q. How do you like the modifier ' Well-made healing drama '? 

" Of course. I'm glad the point we intended worked.He sent me a lot of compliments, and I like the phrase " lovely drama " the most. Our story had a small, warm charm rather than a great improvement, but I think the expression " lovely " is the highest praise. " 

Q. Kim Ji-seok said that he will work hard on " Yoo-back, " but is there any chance that the second season will be produced with this member? 

" I'm actually trying to figure things out with the writers. If we are confident that we can create a story by capturing the healing and warmth that our viewers loved. Nothing is set yet. " 

Q : Lastly, I would like to ask you to comment to viewers who loved " Top star Yoo-back. " 

" It sounds like my wish, but I hope more people will watch ' Top star Yoo-back ' reverse. There are quite a few famous scenes that actors have created.For example, in the fourth episode, Jeon So-min was obsessed with an obscene demon, which was created by pure Jeon So-min. Jeon So-min, comic acting has rarely entered my own Directions. And I always had a sense of how much fun I'd be working on. I hope you enjoy " Top star Yoo Baek " again during the Lunar New Year holidays. And I really appreciate the viewers who loved and cheered for our show. Happy New Year. " / nahee@osen.co.kr 


So JSM contributed to the idea of the wild wolf scenes? LOL why am I not surprised. I loved those scenes, she was great in them! Interesting that she was cast first. Director did well in his casting. I adored all the actors and I love how involved our leads were with their ideas, thoughts etc. 


Tbh I have mixed feelings about a Season 2. If they have a solid script and the cast willing to reprise their roles then great, otherwise I'll be satisfied with what we have now. Seems like the Director is on the same page, so if we do get a Season 2 I reckon it'll be good. If we don't get a Season 2 then I'd love for JSM and KJS to meet again in another drama, they have so much chemistry and I just want to see them grace my screen and create something beautiful together again. 

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7 hours ago, tibba said:

f we don't get a Season 2 then I'd love for JSM and KJS to meet again in another drama, they have so much chemistry and I just want to see them grace my screen and create something beautiful together again

Agree!! Chemistry is insane! I hope we get to meet these two again in another romcom. They suit this genre the most, probably cause they are both natural comedians. A melo would be nice too, their acting spectrum is wide, nontheless, they can do any genre. 


It is such a waste the drama only got 2% in ratings. But i never came across a bad review, acting hole controversy, even knets dubbed this as a perfect healing and lovely drama. 

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Did you guys get to read director's extended interview about how he chose Somin as his first choice for an actress to portray as Kangsoon? Also how he mention Jiseok's perfectionism?


What he said about Jiseok got to my theory about his method acting. He is more of method actor who acts on realism. He had to immerse himself into the world of narcissism and trauma in attempt to understand and bring out the feelings out of it. Off screen, he seems to be scary according to director. If he said Jiseok is scary, it is what Jiseok is trying to garner that particular image. He is putting two things in Yoobaek. Yoobaek's charm is his looks and cool mannerism. However, he entered into world of narcissism and trauma, it had taken toll on his private world, his inner self. It slowly destroying him every step of the way until to its boiling point.


Jiseok was too immersed in his role off screen when the director mentioned his eating habits and how hard working he had to maintain his body he embarrassingly said had to give "flower" image. He became quite scary. I think it is what Jiseok had to achieve in doing for his role. The thing is that, narcissistic Yoobaek is human like all of us. But because of his circumstance happened in his private world, he had nowhere to find comfort. It hides behind his sadness. Sadness became anger, then anger became rudeness. The city/public was his world. It defined him. It judged him. However when he went to island, the island/public gives different perspectives. It changed him. Jiseok did so well to bring us to his journey to understand him better. It teaches us to look into ones soul not outer image. 


This kind of acting-- if they chose very difficult role, it will take toll on them off screen too. Jared Leto said when he prepared for the role as Joker, he had to do something crazy or lock himself up to understand the mind and mannerism of how Joker became that kind of particular person. Joker was also like all of us, a human. Heath Ledger did similar. He is well known method actor. It affects a lot off screen too. It takes time to overcome it. Each of us are human but circumstances can change us; good or bad.


Jiseok portrayed Yoobaek who was pure heart from beginning, was raised and defined by the public as idol. He started at the very young age. There was no one near his heart to protect him. His painful past had created a wall between the public and himself. The director said Jiseok really worked very hard to build this role. I saw latest post from his stylist or his team that Jiseok was quite sick or getting stressed out from the weather or diet in middle of shooting. Looking at from what he wore, it was after his first confession, and brought Kangsoon to Seoul to get to know more about him. He was not feeling too well. It was amazing that he and his casts maintain their attitude throughout.


I think Somin is more of  working very hard physically. Emotionally- Kangsoon is very similar to her minus country accent. It was okay for her. She had to work extra hard to learn something new to maintain the authenticity of satoori accent. But she had to go through long distance due to running man shooting (she even went to HK for 2 days for running man), shedding image, and severe weather condition. However, I think Jiseok suffered and gave up more than anyone combined. He had to suffer psychologically, mentally, and physically. Jiseok immersion into his Yoobaek role takes a lot of physical toll- diet, image, mannerism, anger, pain, and severe weather conditions. He took hiatus from Problematic Man for that. Even though he took hiatus but he really gave up a lot for the role. He shed tears at the end feeling that he failed everyone because of the low ratings. I wanted to hug him and tell him that he did far more amazing job. He touched my heart through his realism acting as yoobaek before and even after when kangsoon made him such sweetest and most gentle soul. Yoobaek also teaches us how we could respect woman. The way he treated and love kangsoon is so pure and heartfelt. Jiseok nailed it so well. 


Gosh, I was so touched with his tremendous dedication. The director explained how he had gone through. His team posted of him tired and getting massage from his staff to look for his health. He is such an amazing and hardest working actor. A fine and high quality actor. So really lets try really hard to continue to make best comments to get them to get awards for their hard work and quality acting they deserves soo much. Recommend to friends and don't give up. DVD survey won't be successful because of the timing, not because of the quality of the drama. It takes time. Their competition was so severe. Continue to post and spread the words about the drama. It is amazing and good quality. I can't stop saying that! =)


And I would like to see somin and jiseok in melodrama with no restrictions with kissing scenes. Maybe add some comedic chops. But lots of love between them. Somin is very caring and jiseok is very sweet. It makes their chemistry very pure and heartfelt. 

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Surprised that there is no interview from JSM's side. I remember waiting for JEC's interview after Guest was finished.

DO you have the video cut off the wild wolf scene the director mentioned in his interview? I don't want to rewatch the whole ep.

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@heyyoooo I just saw this. I hope it's meeting for season 2 discussion! I google translated the caption to this. So they may just be meeting for fun, but one can hope. 

Google translate caption: 

Our drama is over, Our meeting began. # Top star milkshirts # Beauty girls # Earl Yomi bosses # Boss Min # I miss you! Everybody!



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9 hours ago, triplem said:

Wahhhh ..this gives us hope ! Why am I so excited @turtlegirl11 @heyyoooo @joonminfan @tibba ? If anything at least we know they are still in touch . :blush:


#Iamnotgettingmyhopesup #Idontwanttobedisappointed #whyaretheysocutetogether








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8 hours ago, joonminfan said:

#Iamnotgettingmyhopesup #Idontwanttobedisappointed #whyaretheysocutetogether







I love your hashtagssss!!!!! Hahaha. Yah, they still owe us hot kisses after all those back view, zoomed out kisses director gave us.

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OMOOOOO Kim Ji Seok in Running Man. And the episode concept is about dating. It’ll be flooded by Kang Soon and Yoo Baek feels again :heart::heart:


I definitely need to put reminder to watch next week’s Running Man :lol:


And yayy! Top Star Yoo Baek will be aired in Japan. It definitely deserves more recognitions. For a good drama like this, it was so underrated in South Korea with quite low rating.

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On 4/1/2019 at 12:41 AM, annie1234 said:

And yayy! Top Star Yoo Baek will be aired in Japan. It definitely deserves more recognitions. For a good drama like this, it was so underrated in South Korea with quite low rating.


Its really unfortunate because Sky Castle was showing at the same time.. If it was another time slot I bet they would get at least 6%


On 4/1/2019 at 7:03 AM, joonminfan said:

I really cannot! I thought I had let them go, but they had to appear together again on RM, with that photo that @triplem posted of the window frame... I have to keep telling myself IT'S NOT REAL IT'S NOT REAL IT'S NOT REAL. Oh my shipper heart...


Did you see what Jongkook commented? :)He said "Ha" I'm wondering if Somin was just hinting everyone she might be in a rs or she just wanted to promote RM or the show..


I ship them so hard!! So min was totally into him because she kept pushing her hair behind her ears (what she does when shes interested in a guy) and Ji Suk kept leaning towards her while eating too. They're both AB and i read that AB are very compatible with one another :wub: also when they took the picture, their head touched while hers and seok jin did not. There's a clear boundary there :D


On 4/1/2019 at 11:07 AM, nikki7 said:

Awww... that RM trailer looked so effing cute. KJS was offered a role in a new fantasy drama but I read that he rejected it. Maybe because he's considering TSYB S2? Lol, I wish :D


Heard a lot of people rejected that drama. Maybe its not what he's looking for? We will see him in 'When Camellia Blooms'! I'm still hoping for TSYB2 but that would take more than a year even if its possible.. 



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