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[Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이

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Thank you @stroppyse

The written preview has me feeling real bad for KS. I didn't realize the whole village was just going to assume she accepted. But will she actually say yes? Or will she just not say anything and wear the ring and pretend to be OK with the wedding to please everyone? Otoke. I hope MD will not take it to a ceremony situation if KS never actually says Yes I will marry you. He should know better. I also hope she will have the courage to stand up for herself. C'mon KS, you can do it. Your happiness is what matters most. 

If NJ is there for a wedding ceremony, I do kind of wonder why. He's not really close to anyone on the island from what we know. Maybe YB sends NJ in his place? To spy? I dunno. 

All I know is time is moving very slowly since Friday.


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They've released another short preview.



I think Yoobaek tells Kangsoon he likes her? I hope they don't drag the angst longer than is necessary, I want to see them be cute, and returning to Seoul to resolve his mummy issues and all. 



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Ep 7


Filming location

NJ: DC ah, why is that it seems like compared to me, the main lead, the palace guard has more scenes than me?

DC: Can I be honest? The drama has changed from “Mr Grand Prince” to “Mr Palace Guard”.

NJ: But why?

DC: Kim Joon has become more popular these days. Last week, the scene of him being shot by an arrow while saving the Queen has set the highest ratings for that minute. So the writer has added more scenes of him.

NJ: Last week the arrows were raining down on him, why didn’t one kill him instead? Is he immortal? This won’t do. I have to get the writer to add more of my kiss scenes – my main strength.

DC: Can I be honest? Hyung, your kiss scenes are not really effective. Because a lot of reviews said that they felt dirty and disgusting. So those that were originally planned were deleted.

NJ: What? My kiss scenes are dirty and disgusting? Gosh, I’m speechless. Do you think so too?

DC: Can I be honest?

NJ: Stop. Don’t be honest. Don’t. Don’t do anything. You don’t treat YB like that, do you? Are you looking down on me now?

DC phone rings and he answers.

NJ: Hang up the phone!

DC: Hello? Oh my, MD Hyung? What’s the matter?

MD: You brat! Why can’t I ever get in contact with you? Where is KS now?

DC: Hmmm? KS Noona?



YB: OKS, are you ready to give me an answer?

KS: Well… (YB’s phone rings) Oh, there’s a call for you.

YB: Oh, DC ah.

DC: Hyung, are you with KS Noona?

YB: Yes, why?

DC: MD Hyung just contacted me. He said that Grandma fainted, and is at the hospital now.

YB: What? Grandma?



Reporter: YB, who is the other party? Is it someone you are dating?

Reporter: YB, are you dating someone again?

Reporter: Please say something.

YB watches as KS runs out of the building to go to Grandma.

Reporter: Please answer us.

Reporter: The audience is waiting.

Reporter: Please say something?

Reporter: Was that lady your girlfriend?

YB ignores their questions and starts walking towards the doors, but the reporters are relentless. CEO arrives at a run, and attempt to ward off the reporters.

CEO: I will explain to everyone soon. Please go back for today.

CEO tries to usher the reporters away.

Reporter Han: YB! Are you going to evade again this time?

YB (removes his sunglasses): No. Let me just clarify something adequately today. Are you all ready to write your news article?

CEO: What nonsense are you going to say again?

YB: Number 1: The woman just now was not the intended recipient of the cake. It’s because she helped me before, so I repaid her by treating her to a meal. Number 2: I’m not dating right now. Number 3: Whatever happened on the Awards Show day did not involve driving, drugs, breaking of the law or violence. It was just something personal, so I can’t say anything about it. I hope everyone understands. Lastly, I have disappointed everyone in the country with my attitude and actions, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to everyone. (bows in apology, and CEO bows as well)


MD is watching YB’s interview on TV in the hospital.

Lady 1: YB is involved in a scandal again? Wasn’t he not wearing a shirt in his car on the Awards Show day? I wonder if it’s because he was with a woman, so he tried to escape the sobriety roadblock.

Lady 2: Everyone is saying that YB will never be with a woman for more than 100 days, so he has a nickname “Yoo Baek Il”. (“Baek Il” means “100 days)

MD looks upset and crushes his canned drink.

MD: What a rascal.


In the car, KS is crying.



CEO: Please make way. Please. Thank you thank you. (ushers YB out. The reporters are still hounding YB to say more)


Hospital. KS and DC have arrived.

MD: KS ah. DC is here too.

KS: Where’s my Grandma? Oh my, My grandma. What to do? Grandma.

MD: It will be alright. She will wake up very soon.

KS: Oppa, I think I must be crazy. Why did I go to Seoul? Am I crazy? (sobs and MD hugs her)

MD: It’s not your fault. Aren’t you here right now? It’s alright that you’re here now.

KS (sobbing): Grandma.


In CEO’s car, YB recalls how hard KS was crying over Grandma and sighs.

CEO: I thought you were going to say nonsense again. My heart almost exploded. But then, do you have to go to the hospital at Mokpo? (looks at YB) You should go. I will drive there quickly.


Hospital lobby

MD: Ya, is Top star someone who will date any woman?

DC: Well, women will always stick to him like octopus. But YB hyung will always handle his personal life very discreetly, so I’m not very sure.

MD: You’re nuts. Why would you send someone you don’t know well to the island?

DC: What’s with you? Do you have any issues with YB hyung?

MD: It’s nothing. Since you’re here, eat something before you go. Let’s go, let’s go.

DC: Yes.


YB and CEO rush into the hospital, with CEO carrying a large gift basket.

CEO: Gosh, my stomach. I’ve been holding it in for too long. I’m going to the washroom.

DC: CEO! Hyung, you are here too!

YB: DC ah, you have worked hard. Please help me give this to Grandma.


MD stops YB from going to see Grandma.

MD: Wait a moment. Where do you think this is? You just came here like that, Mr Unicorn.

YB: I don’t think this is a place that I cannot come to, Mr Gentleman.

MD: Don’t address me as a gentleman anymore, because I will not act like a gentleman in front of you.

YB: That’s good, Mr No-Gentleman.

MD: And, Mr Unicorn, do not show your face in front of our KS anymore. Our KS is not someone who will be led astray by a despicable wolf like you.

YB: Mr No-Gentleman, I don’t think this is something for you to judge. You are not OKS-ssi’s lover, nor her family. And, as compared to someone who pretends to be her real Oppa and hovers around her looking for chances, I think I’m much better.

MD: What did you just say? Do you know how much time KS and I spent together? You think a person like you can win me?

YB: Love cannot be measured by time. In Seoul, we spent an intense and memorable 24 hours together.

MD: You rascal! (punches YB)

DC: Oh my goodness! What are you doing? Oh my, what should I do?

YB punches MD back and they start fighting and pulling each other’s hair and ear.

MD: Despicable Unicorn!

YB: Despicable No-Gentleman!

What should be a manly fight turns into a joke with ear-pulling and eye-poking. MD then pushes YB on the floor and pulls his hair. YB fights back by rolling on top of MD and grabbing him by his collar.

YB: This fellow! You’re a man, and you pull my hair? (punches MD and grabs his collar again) I’ve tolerated you for very long!

KS comes running out with DC and CEO.

KS: Are you crazy? (pushes YB away till he falls backwards onto the floor)


KS helps MD up and YB looks flabbergasted.

KS: Oppa, are you alright?

MD: I’m alright, alright.

KS (to YB): What’s the matter with you? Why are you hitting MD Oppa?

YB: That fellow provoked me first! He made me upset! Wait a moment, don’t you see how I look? That fellow made the amazing Top Star’s face like this?

KS: So I’m asking you, why did you come here?

YB: Why am I here? I was worried about you and Grandma!

KS: Leave quickly. (starts to remove the bracelet)

YB: OKS, what is this you are doing?

KS pushes the bracelet into YB’s hand, and YB looks utterly devastated.

KS: I asked you to leave. Looking at you now, I feel very upset. And, don’t come to our island ever again.

KS turns and walks away.

MD (to YB): Go off now. KS ah!

YB: Ya, DC, you wait here for Grandma to wake up, let me know when she wakes up.

DC: Yes, Hyung.

YB: Let’s go.

CEO: Now? After driving for five hours, and making a trip to the washroom?

DC: Please take care.


CEO’s car.

YB looks at the bracelet sadly, then puts it on.

CEO: YB ah, if you’re tired, let’s go to a rest stop. (looks at YB who does not answer him) Let’s not stop and continue on.


YB’s house. YB stares out of his window and looks at the bracelet again.


Hospital, Grandma’s room. Grandma looks as if she just woke up, and KS is holding her hand. KS looks over at MD who seems to be sleeping, then turns back to talk to Grandma.

KS: Grandma, the doctor said you must watch your diet, and not to carry heavy things. She said that your blood vessels may burst. Thank goodness MD Oppa found you early this time, and you didn’t need surgery. You must be careful from now on, understand?

Grandma: Yes. But I’m ok now, when can I go home?

KS: You need some medication to open up your blood vessels, if all goes well, then you only need to hospitalised for 3 or 4 days. Ahjussi went back home just now to bring over some necessities.

Grandma: Everyone had a hard time because of me. Ask MD to go home. (sees the gift basket from YB) Oh my, what is that huge basket? Who bought it?

KS: Top Star Young Man brought it, he hopes that you will recover soon.

Grandma: Why did you spend so much? Where is Top Star Young Man now?

KS: He went to Seoul to see to some urgent matters. He won’t be coming to our island anymore.

Grandma: What a pity, I didn’t get to bid farewell.

KS: Grandma, thank you so much for waking up. I will never leave again and stick by your side.

Grandma: Don’t do that. I will not collapse again. You have to go to Seoul, and other nice places, and travel.

KS: I don’t need to. I went to Seoul, and realised what a noisy and disturbing place it is. (goes to hug Grandma) So, don’t fall sick ever again.

Grandma: Yes

MD is not actually sleeping, and has heard the whole conversation.



NJ is drinking alone when YB walks in.

YB: What is it? Why did you as me to come to a place like this?

NJ (singing): It started raining, so I thought of you

YB scoffs and downs a drink.

NJ (singing): If you feel lonely, who will comfort you?

YB: I think I’d better go.

NJ: Just drink, rascal. Ya, I heard from CEO. You got dumped by Miss Oh-Meh? I also got dumped by Yarang, so don’t be embarrassed. I understand.

YB: What dumped? Who got dumped? It was because Grandma hadn’t woken up, and she was upset, so she lost her temper at me.

 NJ: This is the first stage of breakup – Denial. You were dumped, rascal.

YB: Alright, let’s say I was dumped. So what? We can say it’s a good thing. I’m not going to the island and making a living out of fishing, so should I date a woman from the island? It’s impossible!

NJ: The second stage of breakup – Compromise.

YB: It’s not like that! I’m really ok. I’m the Top Star who can control my emotions perfectly, YB. YB! Alright? Is this enough? Or do you want some more alcohol? And food. Where’s the bell? There’s no bell? Why isn’t there a bell here? Waiter! Waiter!

NJ: The third stage – Rage. YB ah, drink up. I will sing a song.

While NJ sings, YB drinks and thinks of KS.

KS: Sea urchins have a lot of spikes on the outside, just like you, so I want to give them to you as a present.

KS: You are actually a good person.


YB squats in front of a tank of sea urchins in the snow.

NJ: Hey! What are you doing! I’ve been looking all over for you! Get up now! Go home.

YB: NJ, NJ, OKS says I’m like these sea urchins. These spikes are meant to hide the soft and tender inside, just like me. OKS says I’m a good person. Isn’t that funny?

NJ: Yes, funny, funny. Let’s go home.

YB: Let go of me! Since I’m a good person, why does she dislike me? I got dumped by OKS twice, and my heart is really hurting. My heart… here… it’s so painful. OKS is the first woman I confessed to. OKS is so bad! You’re so bad, OKS!

NJ: The fourth stage of breakup – Negative impact. Hey hey hey! Get up, let’s go home!

YB: Poor sea urchins!

NJ: Why?

YB: Let’s go home with me! (opens the tank cover and attempts to grab the sea urchins)

YB: Poor sea urchins!

NJ: Stop it stop it!

YB: I have to save the sea urchins!

NJ: What save them? Sit down sit down! (takes out his ringing phone) Hello? Is this the designated driver? This place is… wait a moment… (to YB) Be good and wait here. I’ll be back. (to driver) Yes, this place is… (runs off)

YB: OKS, you really cannot treat me this way.

Lady with umbrella: Excuse me, don’t you have an umbrella?



Dr Noh: Her condition is good. The treatment has gone well too. There shouldn’t be a problem with getting discharged tomorrow.

KS: Really? Oh my, that’s good. Thank you very much.

Dr Noh: By the way, did you attend Taejuk Middle School before?

KS: What? Yes, I did.

Dr Noh: You’re OKS right? Don’t you remember me? I’m Year 2 Class 1’s class monitor Noh Yee Won.

KS: Oh, it’s you? That’s right, it’s you! Oh my, I’m really sorry, I didn’t remember you.

Dr Noh: It’s alright. It’s understandable. You used to go straight home after classes, and you didn’t have a handphone, so you didn’t get to play with your friends.

KS: That’s right, but you have become so capable now, and you don’t speak dialect anymore.

Dr Noh: Ah well, my job involves meeting a lot of people.

MD: Ah, Doctor.

Dr Noh: President of Soosang High School Student Council, CMD Oppa?

MD: Oh, you are…

KS: How did you know my Oppa?

Dr Noh: Of course I know him. He was my first love.

KS: What?

MD: What are you saying?

Dr Noh: Because I was so hurt by Oppa dumping me, I studied really hard.

KS: Oh my, really?

MD: What are you talking about?

Dr Noh: Could it be that both of you are married?

KS: What? No. MD Oppa is like a real brother to me.

Dr Noh: Oppa, you rejected me so thoroughly last time, why didn’t you get married yet?

MD: What nonsense are you saying again? Aren’t you busy? Go off quickly.

Dr Noh: Oppa, let’s have tea when you are free. We must keep in contact.

MD: Go, go.

Dr Noh: OK, Oppa?

KS: I say, it’s the quiet cat that gets onto the stove first. Oppa, did you date Hee Won before? Gosh, it seems like Oppa dated someone behind my back.

MD: It’s not like that.

KS: Now I feel so wronged. Because of the rumours that Oppa is my boyfriend, I have not dated anyone. I never even received chocolates on White Valentine’s day.

MD: You have the wrong idea. It’s because you are ugly.

KS: What? Seriously.

MD recalls what happened when they were in school.

MD (to a few boys carrying flowers and gifts): If you dare to approach KS, you know the consequences. KS is my wife. I’m confiscating all your flowers and chocolates. Come.

Dr Noh: Hello Oppa, I’m KS’s class monitor, Noh Hee Won.

MD: Oh, is it? I think I’ve heard of you before.

Dr Noh: Really? Ah, KS is on class duty today. She will come once she finishes.

MD: Ah, is that so? (holds out the flowers to Dr Noh) Here, for you.

Dr Noh: Oh my, this is… (takes the flowers and chocolates from MD and smiles happily)

Dr Noh: Oppa, my mum said I can date if it doesn’t interfere with my studies. So, let’s date.

MD: What? Why would I date you?

Dr Noh: Didn’t you give me flowers and chocolates earlier?

MD: Ah, about that. What should I do? I’m sorry to let you misunderstand. Actually I got those for free. I thought it would be a pity to throw them away, so I gave them to you.

Dr Noh: Oh

MD: I’m sorry. I like KS. In the future I will become her husband.

Dr Noh: What?

MD: Keep this a secret from KS.

MD smiles while recalling these memories and KS sees it.

KS: Oh my, this this this… this is strange. Oppa, was Hee Won your first love too?

MD: I don’t know, you horrible girl.

KS: What? You want a fight?


YB’s house

YB is in bed and a female-looking hand is touching his bare chest. YB wakes up in shock and looks distressed. He flips open the blanket to see NJ sleeping beside him.

YB: Ya! Ya! (kicks NJ off the bed)

NJ: Seriously. What’s the matter?

YB: Are you crazy? Why are you sleeping half naked beside me?

NJ: Why? You’re asking why? Wah, provoking innocent women on a snowy day, and to think I treated you as a goal. You rascal! I suffered so much yesterday because of you!

YB: Wait a moment. What is this smell? Did you sleep on my bed without showering?

NJ: What? You, come with me.

YB: Ah, seriously! So dirty! What are you doing? (All the sand in the hourglass has flowed down to the bottom chamber once more)

NJ: Come with me! Get in there!

YB: Oh, this fishy smell. What is that?

NJ: What is it? You went all the way to the sea market and brought back your clone. This!

YB gets a shock at seeing his bathtub filled with sea urchins.

YB: It’s impossible for me to have done that.

NJ: YB ah, if you’re feeling so tired at heart, go back to the island and start afresh. You can go and look for Miss Oh-Meh to beg her.

YB: Are you crazy? Do I look like someone who will beg?

NJ: Are you going to continue pursuing her so aggressively and presumptuously? That’s why you got dumped. Listen to me. Women are afraid of men who pursue them relentlessly. Hey, you know, ice cream tastes better with a little salt on it. Salty, sweet, salty, sweet. Sometimes sweet, but sometimes you have to make her feel anxious. That’s the way. Dating is a technique, you rascal.

YB: Forget it. Do I look like someone who will use such techniques?

NJ: No, you are not at the level to use such techniques. (spots KS’s bra on the heater) Hey, what is that? Isn’t that a woman’s bra?

YB walks over to pick up the bra, and then recalls how both he and KS got wet under the shower, and how he gave her new underwear to put on. He starts laughing.

YB: How can I forget such a woman? (hangs the bra up and cannot stop laughing)

NJ: The fifth stage of breakup – Going Crazy. This rascal has totally gone crazy. Gosh.


Grandma has returned home from the hospital. MD’s mum and DC’s dad go to greet her.

DC dad: Gosh, I got so worried when I couldn’t get in contact with you before. Are you feeling better now?

Grandma: Much better. Why did you come out specially?

DC dad: Village Chief, should we get a handphone? It was so worrying.

MD mum: That’s right!

MD dad: We will all discuss this later.

MD mum: Everyone has worked hard. However, Top Star Young Man didn’t come back together? Where did he go?

MD: Back to Seoul. He’s too busy to come back.

MD mum: Gosh that’s really sad.

DC dad: That won’t do. He didn’t even bid us farewell. We will feel so sad.

Grandma: Oh yes, this is from Top Star Young Man, let’s share it. (The words on the gift basket – Top Star Young Man: Best wishes for you to recover soon)

DC dad: Yes yes

MD dad: Ah, are you all going to stand here till the next morning? Let’s go so that Mother can rest.


KS is cleaning up when she stops outside YB’s room. She stares at it for some time before going in. As she cleans the floor, she spots the jar of sea urchins and recalls herself telling to leave and never to go back to the island.

KS: Actually it’s not Top Star-ssi’s fault. Did I go too far? No, we won’t see each other ever again, so why should I be bothered? (seeing YB’s parcels) Eh? What’s inside this? It’s so big. Oh my. (opens the box and takes out YB’s Ninja character figurine.) Isn’t this from the Ninja Again movie? It really looks exactly the same.

YB as Ninja: Chop su! Definitely not. I gave you a confession that you’d never have gotten in your whole life, I even let you meet the person you’d never ever meet – CYR, and this is the ending you gave me? OKS, our time will revert back to one week before, from now on, we are starting afresh.

KS throws the toy back into the box in shock and runs out of the room. She turns around to see YB, and falls over in surprise, but YB manages to catch her.

KS: Oh my, am I crazy?

YB: Who’s crazy?

KS: Oh my! (Pokes YB with her finger)

YB: You still want to poke at the persimmons that you can’t have?

KS: Oh my! It’s really Top Star-ssi. You… you were saying…

YB: The fact that I’m back here is so touching that you don’t know what you’re saying?

KS: No, that’s not it. Didn’t I tell you not to come back to our island? Why are you back here?

YB: What? Are you afraid that I will tell you that I hope to revert back to one week before?

KS: What? Who would think that?

YB: There will be nothing like that so don’t worry. I came to get my luggage. Luggage.

KS: Ah, luggage. Isn’t it just some luggage, you can get someone to send it over. Why did you come here specially?

YB: There are a lot of high-end stuff inside, how to send it over? If it gets lost, are you going to be responsible? Anyway, I’ll be staying here for some time, just so you know.

KS: What? Why?

YB: Why do you think? The two of us got into a dating scandal and the reporters are outside my house. I can’t get on with my daily life.

KS: Well then, don’t stay at my house. Can’t you go and stay with a relative?

YB: No. Oh, anyway, I don’t have any more feelings for you, so don’t worry. Confession has been cancelled. So you should just forget my confession, and while I’m staying here, don’t be so uncomfortable that you feel embarrassed. So, go away.

KS: What? When did I ever consider your confession? Come to think of it, I wasn’t the one who confessed, why do I feel like I was the one who got rejected?

YB: OKS, are you Cinderella? Leaving such things in someone else’s house.

KS: What? (opens the bag and tries to hide her bra under her vest) Oh my oh my!

YB: You are not Cinderella, but Boudoirella?

KS: You are really crazy, right? Seriously. Ah what is this?


YB looks happy to be back. He leans out of the window to look at the view and breathes in the fresh air.

YB: Ah, finally I can breathe. Looks like I’m really enamoured by OKS. To think I came back here.

Grandma: Oh my, you’re here, Top Star Young Man? I thought you were too busy to come?

YB: I missed your cooking, Grandma, so I’m back.

Grandma. Yes, that’s great. I will go and make some delicious food now, wait for me.

YB: Yes


KS stuffs her clothes and bra on a shelf, and looks in the direction of YB’s room.


In the clinic, Doc is tending to a wound on her hand, which she got when Teacher pushed her to the ground. He comes and offers her an envelope, and she’s happy thinking that it’s a letter, but it’s actually 4000 won which he says is medical fees. She gets upset with him, and tries to return it to him. He declines, so she accepts it in a fit of anger. Just then, MD’s mum arrives with food, and suggests to Doc to go for match-making. Doc deliberately asks Teacher’s opinion, as a man, about the match-making partner, and he says that the man looks great. Doc agrees to the match-making, and Teacher looks a bit put out.


YB takes the Ninja character toy out from the box and puts in on the suitcase. He is unpacking when DM comes in looking for KS.

DM: Uncle Top Star, you’re here? Oh, what is this? This is my first time seeing something like that. So cool!

YB: This was from a movie I made, a Ninja character that I played. He’s really strong, and can even lift a child like you with a finger.

DM: Really? Then lift me up with one finger. OK? OK? OK?

YB: Hey, strength is not to be used for something like this. You must accumulate your strength and use it for when you really need it. See? Strength, strength here. Accumulated strength!

DM: Gosh, it’s really hard.

YB: What are you doing? Hey, what are you doing?

DM: Wow, your stomach is like a washboard, just like Bruce Lee!

YB: I got it. You, I’ll let you play with this.

DM: Really? (runs out of the room with toy)


As YB continues unpacking, MD comes into the room.

YB: What is it again? (turns to see MD) don’t you know how to knock before going into someone’s room?

MD: I say, Unicorn, why are you here again? As a man, after getting rejected, you should be a gentleman and back off.

YB: I can guarantee that you will go through what you just described.

MD: What you’re saying is guaranteed will be proven wrong. I guarantee that you will be embarrassed.

YB: You can’t compete against my confession, I guarantee that you will be embarrassed.

MD: How great was your confession? Could it be that you let flowers bloom in winter, and got stars to fall out from the skies, or were there fireworks?

YB: How did you know?

MD: Well, your confession was nothing. I guarantee that my confession will be more intense and cool.

YB: I’m looking forward to your guarantee becoming true.

Grandma: Time to eat!

YB and MD: Yes!

YB and MD fight to get out of the room first.

KS: Oh, MD Oppa is here too? What’s the matter? Were you… in the room…? (MD turns and hugs YB)

MD: I guarantee that I was just welcoming him back.

YB runs to sit beside KS, and MD tries to squeeze in between them.

Grandma: MD ah, come and sit over here.

MD: Yes

Grandma: DM ah, come and eat too.

DM: I will go home and eat later.

Grandma: Again. This boy just wants to play. (picks up a crab leg) This crab looks really delicious. To whom should the biggest piece go?

YB and MD both hold out their bowl.

YB and MD: Me!

Grandma: Gosh, then Top Star Young Man shall have it. We eat this often.

YB: Thank you.

Grandma: MD, have a piece too.

MD reaches out to pick up an egg roll, but Grandma pushes the plate nearer to YB.

Grandma: Come, eat this too. And this. (pushes the spinach to YB as MD reaches for it) The spinach that Top Star Young Man likes. Eat it. Here.

YB: Grandma, I will help myself to what I want to eat. Hahahahaha!

KS: Grandma, don’t bother about him. He will eat himself.

Grandma: It seems like Top Star Young Man’s face has slimmed down. Come, eat this. Eat more. It’s adenophora roots.

YB: Grandma, if you keep giving me food, what are other people going to eat? Hahahahaha!

Grandma: Have I been taking care of you only? MD should eat more too. Here.

Grandma: Let me go and get some rice crust soup. Oh dear, why is the towel all wrinkled? (goes to adjust the position of the laundry)

YB: Grandma is so concerned about me, how could I bear to leave this island? Hahahaha….

YB and MD try to compete against each other by stuffing food in their mouths. KS looks at them in astonishment.


When MD gets home, he sees his mum hitting some dried fish with a stick. He offers to help her, then proceeds to hit the fish into tiny pieces to vent his anger. She wonders what is wrong with him.


KS is riding on her bicycle when YB appears in front of her.

YB: Stop. If you’re going to the minimart, give me a ride. I want to buy something.

KS: Oh my, then walk over there.

YB (stopping KS from riding off): Could it be that I still make you uncomfortable? You’re not willing to just give me a ride on your bicycle.

KS: It’s nothing like that.

YB: (message) received. (gets onto the bicycle behind KS) Then let’s set off quickly.

KS: Ah, seriously. (tries to pedal) So heavy! Ah, seriously. (YB grabs hold of the handlebars, essentially giving KS a backhug) Oh my oh my! What are you doing? Take your hands away!

YB: Isn’t it because you cannot ride well? Don’t tell me your heart is fluttering because I did this?

KS: It’s nothing like that!

YB: Then there isn’t a problem. I don’t have any ulterior motive.

KS: I don’t have any either.

YB: That’s good. Set off!

KS: Oh my oh my! (YB pushes off and the bicycle moves down the slope)

YB: Pedal!

KS (thinking to herself): Don’t think too much. We don’t have any feelings for each other. But then, if he can have a change of heart so easily, why did he go to all that trouble to confess? Seriously. What a flippant person!

YB: Pedal, pedal.


At the minimart

YB is looking around and starts to put on lipbalm.

KS: What is it that you want to buy? Get it quickly and go.

YB: Where’s that thing?

KS: What’s a man doing putting stuff on his lips?

YB: Can’t a man’s lips be moist? Seriously.

KS looks at YB and is mesmerised by his lips. She is imagining things again!

YB: Why do you look so shocked?

KS: What? Oh that… What is that you want to buy?

YB: Don’t you have that thing? That… (KS again imagines YB talking about something else) sweet… makes one happy… (KS swallows hard) after just one taste, it will make one think of…

KS: We cannot boh boh (kiss).

YB: What? Kiss? (picks up a can of grape juice) Bong Bong! This, Bong Bong.

KS: Ah, Bong Bong.

YB: Could it be that you want to kiss me?

KS: What nonsense are you saying? Go away.

YB: Why did you suddenly mention kissing? Put this on my tab. (leaves with the grape juice)

KS: Ah seriously! I must be crazy! Why did I suddenly mention kissing? What is with me? What is this?


MD is sitting outside his room brooding and thinking. He empties a huge jar filled with paper cranes as he thinks about YB scoffing about his confession. He picks up the phone to call Hyun Jae to ask how he can propose. He shoots down ideas about a thousand paper cranes, and fireworks, then describes how he wants hundreds of doves flying in the sky, girls doing a fan dance, young men with metal hoops, then running towards the woman with the proposal ring. Hyun Jae calls him crazy as it seems like he wants to do an opening ceremony for the Olympic Games instead. MD clarifies that he just wants something that grand of a scale, a confession that is out of this world. Hyun Jae then suggests an air show proposal, because the Air Force is rehearsing for an air show, and if they time it right, he can write words or draw a heart in the sky. MD is happy and says that it’s better than a fireworks confession. He’s about to arrange for it when his dad comes and knocks him on his head. MD’s dad says that a confession must come from the heart, so an air show is not necessary, but MD argues that women do not think that way. MD’s dad tells him that that was what he did to win over MD’s mum. MD asks how his dad confessed, and his dad tells him that he looked at MD’s mum with a loving expression in his eyes, and said sincerely: It’s you. MD is not impressed, and says that it is tacky.


KS goes back home to find her Grandma, Grandma #1 and #2, and YB with facial masks on.

KS: Grandma, I’m back!

Grandma #2: KS is back?

KS: Oh my gosh you scared me. What are you doing now?

Grandma #1: Top Star Young Man is giving us a facial. But, isn’t this facial mask so cute?

Grandma #2: Very soft and moisturizing. It feels good. Why don’t you give KS one too?

YB: Do you want one? Your lips will become moist too.

KS: No need! Seriously.

DC dad: Auntie! (walks in with DC’s mum) Oh my oh my!

DC mum: These are pandas! Gosh, I thought we have arrived at a zoo!

Grandma #2: This is a mask. Top Star Young Man gave me one to make me prettier.

DC dad: Well, don’t give my wife one. If she gets any prettier than this, I will not be able to take it.

DC mum: Stop being so explicit!

DC dad: It’s true that I won’t be able to take it! Auntie, let’s set KS up for match-making. There is this young man, he isn’t bad.

Grandma: Match-making?

DC dad: Yes.

DC mum: He has a small building, and a boat. He looks good too, a totally good man.

DC dad: Show it to her, let her see it. (everyone gathers to look at the photo)

Grandma #2: Oh my.

Grandma: Let her take a look.

KS (looking at the photo) Oh my, square and steady like a real man. He’s my ideal type.

DC dad: That’s good! Ideal type?

DC mum: I knew it!

KS: Men should have big wide faces, and the nose… (pauses to look at YB) the nose should be bigger too. Then he’ll look more kind and honest. I really dislike picky men.

Grandma #2: A man should be good-looking! Just like our Top Star Young Man, then you won’t get sick of looking at him your whole life.

YB: You really have great taste.

Grandma: KS ah, you really want to be match-made? Can’t you find someone next to you? (I knew it! Grandma is Team MD!)

DC dad: But she said this is her ideal type. Ah, KS, let’s not waste any time. I will help you arrange a meeting.

KS: What?

DC dad: A meeting!

KS: But… (looks around, then at YB, but YB turns his head away as if unconcerned) Yes, yes yes.

DC mum: She has good taste.

YB: Congratulations! It’s difficult to meet your ideal type through match-making. Here, here’s a present for you. (gives her the panda facial masks) You have to become pretty, as you are going to meet your ideal type. Here you go.

KS: Oh yes, thank you so much!


KS is wheeling her bicycle along as she thinks about the match-making session.

KS; Ah, seriously. Why did I agree to the match-making? I feel so horrible. (hears guitar playing from her secret hideout) What is that sound? Ah, that person is in my secret hideout…


In hideout, YB is playing the guitar and singing a song.


I call out to you who is far away

Fix on white wings to my small shoulders (KS moves up the staircase, then quickly hides when she sees YB)

And fly to your side

Fly, fly, fly over there (KS sits down on the steps to listen to YB singing)

To go and look for my love

Fly, fly, fly through the night

Hug you in my arms and sleep tight

The person who keeps me awake at night

YB spots the top of KS’s head and stops playing.

YB: What is this scary feeling? It feels as if someone is peeping at me. Could it be a stray cat?

KS meows like a cat and attempts to leave.

YB: OKS, you should just come up here. Don’t peep at me like a stray cat.

Caught, KS has no choice but to go up the stairs.

KS: Gosh, who said I was peeping? And you, you are the stray cat. This is my secret hideout. And why did you play my guitar without my permission?

YB: Instruments will become rusty and turn old when unused for too long. Didn’t this guitar belong to your dad?

KS: That’s right.

YB: Do you want to try playing it? I’ll teach you.

KS: Sigh, forget it.

YB: If your dad were still alive, he would have taught you how to play the guitar. Don’t you want to play your dad’s favourite songs on the guitar? It’s easy. Come and sit here.

KS: Well, if so… I will learn a bit.

YB: Here. (KS sits down beside him) Alright, firstly, I will teach you the basic chords. This is the C chord. Like this. Come, you try it. (passes the guitar to KS)

KS: Is it like this?

YB: No, like this. (adjusts KS’s fingers) Like this. (as YB adjusts KS’s fingers, he leans very close, and KS is affected by their proximity) Loosen your fingers a little. Here, like this.

KS: Oh my, my fingers hurt. It’s difficult.

YB: Hold it properly. Here. Like this. There you go. Use this hand to strum. (KS plays the C chord successfully) Wow.

KS: Oh my, there really is a sound.

They turn to look at each other at the same time, and there comes the intense moment.

KS: I think… I won’t learn the guitar anymore. My fingers hurt. (pushes the guitar to YB and escapes)

YB (letting out his breath): So pretty. I almost couldn’t control myself.


Reporter Han and his junior are stalking YB’s mum, who is working at a restaurant. Reporter Han is happy that he is getting a scoop, and when Junior asks him how he knew YB’s mum’s birthday is on the Awards Show day, Reporter Han replies that the clue came from YB’s statement. YB may be arrogant, but he never lies. If YB says it’s personal, then it must either be a woman, or family. Junior wonders why YB’s mum is working in such a place when YB earns so much money. Reporter Han is gleeful that he is about to put on a good show.


In the clinic, Doc is putting on makeup with a determined look on her face. She goes out to look for Teacher, who is on the horizontal bar again. Teacher is thinking how Doc can finally find a good man if he stays out of the way, and tells himself to remain calm. When Doc approaches him, he hangs upside down from the bar to avoid her, but she insists on talking to him. She asks him why he has been avoiding her since she came to the island but he denies it. She tells him that he has tortured himself enough, and it’s time for him to be happy again. She says how he wouldn’t have married his wife if she (Doc) hadn’t gone away for her studies, but Teacher says that nothing would have changed. He says how he is a bad man for thinking about another woman while his wife lies dying in the hospital. He has sworn on his wife’s grave that he will be unhappy forever. Doc asks if he still has any lingering feelings for her, but he says no. Devastated, Doc says how this is the end for them, and runs off crying. Teacher is crying too.


YB runs into KS as she leaves her room.

YB: You put on makeup. It’s pretty.

KS: Seriously. Didn’t you say that only a man with unique tastes will find me attractive?

YB: The man with unique tastes, isn’t that me? (KS keeps quiet but looks at YB in surprise) But it isn’t like that now, so go on for your match-making.

KS: Did I say anything? Seriously.

Grandma: KS, aren’t you leaving yet?

KS: Yes, I’m just leaving. (greets DM) DM ah, have fun!

Grandma: Oh, DM!

YB: Wow, after the facial mask yesterday, Grandma’s skin is looking different today. Do you want to do one more?

Grandma: It’s alright, it’s too smooth already. Oh gosh, look at me. The corn is going to be burnt. (goes off to the kitchen)

As YB makes to go to his room, DM tsks loudly at him.

DM: You’re really dumb.

YB: What? Who? Me?

DM: Uncle, when I’m already so used to this pig bladder, no matter how great the soccer ball is, I still won’t like it.

YB: What are you talking about suddenly?

DM: You are really so slow. It’s no use treating Grandma so well. Grandma only has room in her heart for MD, there is no place for you.

YB: What are you talking about? Grandma likes me better than she likes CMD. Didn’t you notice it during lunch yesterday?

DM: That’s why I say. It was like that during lunch yesterday. She only takes care of Uncle MD. Couldn’t you tell?

YB: What?


Grandma: This crab looks really delicious. To whom should the biggest piece go?

YB and MD both hold out their bowl.

YB and MD: Me!

Grandma: Gosh, then Top Star Young Man shall have it.

DM: You got the crab leg, but Uncle MD got the one with lots of crab roe. And talking about the side dishes… (YB: Grandma, I will help myself to what I want to eat. Hahahahaha!) she gave you all the vegetables, and while you were enjoying those side dishes, Uncle MD was enjoying the best dish – the grouper!

YB: Grouper…

DM: And the adenophora roots too.

YB: Well, she gave me the most of that!

DM: The one that Uncle MD got was not adenophora roots, it was mountain ginseng!

YB: Mountain ginseng

DM: And when she moved the laundry, it was to shield Uncle MD from the sun. Didn’t you see that?

YB: Ah, so it was like this. Of course she likes you too, but a normal guest and a “hundred year guest” are different. (According to the Chinese subs, “hundred year guest” in Korean also means “son-in-law”) And the most important thing is, if Grandma asks KS Noona to go to the east, she will never go to the west. DO you get it? (shakes his head)

YB: Normal guest… (sighs)


MD is all dressed up in his sea captain uniform, and as he looks at his proposal ring, he recalls telling KS to meet him at the pier. He then imagines what his proposal would be like. The words “Marry Me” in the sky, KS walking past a parade of seamen holding roses, to MD holding a bouquet of roses, with a boat filled with balloons behind him. KS looks surprised and happy, and MD puts the ring on KS’s finger, then leans in to kiss her. But it’s all his imagination, and he is embarrassed and happy thinking about it. When his mum asks him why he is in his uniform, he says how today is going to be the most important day in his life. He bids his mum farewell, then picks up his cap and leaves. MD’s mum suddenly remembers that she has an announcement to make. As MD walks towards the pier, he hears the announcement to KS’s match-making partner, who is to make his way to KS’s family minimart. MD is upset, and runs off in a panic.


DC’s parents arrive at MD’s house, and they go together with MD’s mum to take a look at KS’s match-making session. MD’s dad arrives then, shocked that KS is being matchmade and he follows them, worried about MD.


Outside KS’s family minimart, the man sits on the bench, Just then, MD arrives with a dress over his captain uniform.

Man: Who are you?

MD: Nice to meet you. I’m OKS.

Man: What?

MD: I’m going to sit down.

Man: Did you say you are OKS? But I’ve seen her photo.

MD: Well, because I’m often out at sea, the wind and rain made me look like this.

Man: Are you joking with me? I can see that you’re a man! Your voice is so loud. And look at your hairy leg. Seriously.

MD: That’s really sad. If you go out to sea often, your voice will change too. Don’t you know that?

Man: Ahh!!!!

MD: What? Why did you stand up? I’m rather satisfied with you. If you are satisfied with me too, let’s arrange a wedding date today.

Man: Are you crazy? What are you doing? I’m getting goosebumps all over!

MD: Why? Aren’t you satisfied with me? If you are not satisfied with me, let’s just end it here.

Man: Help!

MD: What’s wrong?

Man: Help! Is anyone around?

MD mum: Ya, what are you doing? You rascal, you crazy rascal! (starts hitting MD)

MD: Mum, Mum!

MD mum: You rascal, what you are doing?

MD mum: Mum, it’s not what you think!

MD dad: Honey, stop it.

MD mum: You rascal. Now that you’re not out at sea, you’re feeling bored, right?

KS: Oh my, Ahjumma, what is going on?

MD: I’m sorry everyone, I’m taking my leave.

MD mum: You rascal! Come back here!

MD grabs KS and runs.

MD: KS, run, run!

MD mum: Come back here! Come back! Come back!!! (chases after MD and KS)

MD dad: Honey, it’s not what you think! Oh my goodness. (chases after the three of them) Ya! MD mum!

DC mum: What is going on?

DC dad: Hold on. The other time, KS went to ruin MD’s match-making session on Taejik Island, now MD is ruining KS’s match-making session. Oh my oh my, what to do? That’s it! That’s it!

DC mum: What’s that?

DC dad: They have feelings for each other!

DC mum: What?

Man: What?

DC dad: Oh my

DC mum: I’m really sorry.

DC dad: Woo Kyung, you poor thing.


MD and KS are running for their lives as MD mum gives chase, yelling after them. MD dad chases after MD’s mum, asking her to stop so that he can explain, and calls her Carl Lewis for running so fast. MD dad finally catches up to MD mum and pulls down her trousers to stop her. They struggle for a while, before MD dad tells her to leave them be, explaining that MD likes KS and that he is confessing today. MD mum rolls her eyes like she is going to faint, but gets slapped to her senses by MD dad.


KS: oh my, stop! Oppa, it’s really rude to treat my match-making partner like that. I’m going back.

MD: You can’t! KS ah, it’s… it’s… it’s you.

KS: What did you say?

MD (takes out the ring, goes down on one knee and holds the ring out to KS) It’s you.

KS is shocked, then starts laughing.

KS: Oppa, look at yourself now.

MD: Oh my oh my. Gosh, what was I doing?

KS: Oh gosh, this is too funny! Oh my, I laughed until I’m about to cry.

MD: KS ah, Oppa’s dream is to let you laugh happily, and create a lifetime of happy memories for our KS. Making you happy, is my dream. It looks like, all of my happy memories have you in them. (gives the ring to KS) To Oppa, you were my past, you are my present, and you are my dream. I don’t want to miss the chance to be by your side in the future. Can’t I do that?

KS (at a loss of words for a moment): Oppa, this is too sudden. I don’t know what to say. Well, that…

MD: Isn’t it? I understand that you are confused and at a loss, I felt like that too when I realised my own feelings. But, KS ah, let’s just think about it this way. Didn’t I always help you to measure your height? As you grow taller, my feelings for you also grew. Think about it properly. I will wait for you. Anyway, I’m too embarrassed today. I’m leaving first.


End of Ep 7


Ep 8 preview

KS: I’m so stupid. I can’t believe I didn’t even realise Oppa’s feelings.

MD: Gosh, our silly girl is finally smiling.

MD: Since I’ve confessed to you, it’s better than being the Oppa who makes you feel comfortable.

MD dad: Mother, how about letting our MD become your grandson-in-law?

Grandma: That’s wonderful!

DC mum (???): Thanks to KS and MD, we will have noodles to eat!

YB: Everyone thinks that you and CMD like each other!

KS: Whether I get married or not, what has that got to do with you?

DC dad: It’s a happy occasion! Happy occasion! After you two have the wedding ceremony, you can move here and stay together!

MD dad: Let’s have a toast to the future of our MD and KS!

KS: To me, Oppa is a precious person.

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18 minutes ago, tibba said:

I think Yoobaek tells Kangsoon he likes her?

Yes, he said I like you very much... before that I think KS is saying what does it matter to him about her marriage. The rest I cannot understand the meaning. 

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This short preview is slightly different than the one we had before, one extra line by YB. Translation under the clip.



YB: People are misunderstanding that you and Choi Ma Dol-sshi like each other.
KS: Whether I get married or not, what does that have to do with you?!
YB: Because I still like you very much!
KS: That person keeps weighing on my mind. (nb: She means that he keeps coming into her mind whether she wants it or not, and she can't help but think about him.)



So, in this preview clip, YB confesses to KS again, but this time without the flourishes, just straight from his heart. I thought this confession was more heart-fluttering than the confession event that he had done for her.




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Ep 7 Song List


Jung Soora - Joy (YB and MD fighting in hospital)


Jung Seunghwan - It's Raining (the song NJ sang at karaoke, it kept playing when YB looked at sea urchins)
Youtube | English lyrics


OST Part 2: Ryu Jihyun - Dawn (KS reminiscing about YB, right before YB is back in the island)

Youtube | English lyrics

Lee Jiyeon - Wind, Please Stop Blowing (YB and KS riding bike)

Youtube | English lyrics


Blink - Kiss Me (lipbalm scene at minimart)



Ahn Chihwan - When I Love You (YB singing while playing guitar at KS room)



Kim Jungmin - The Reason That I Live (scene of the doctor and the teacher at night)

yeah the singer and the actor is the same person :D



Below is the lyrics of the song Yoo Baek / Kim Jiseok sang (Korean and English)


나 그대가 보고파서 
오늘도 이렇게 잠 못드는데 
창가에 머무는 부드런 바람 소린 
그대가 보내준 노래일까 


보고파서 보고파서 
저 하늘 너머 그댈 부르며 
내 작은 어깨에 하얀 날개를 달고 
그대 곁으로 날아 오르네 


훨훨 훨훨 날아가자 
내 사랑이 숨쉬는 곳으로 
훨훨 훨훨 이 밤을 날아서 
그댈 품에 안고 편히 쉬고 파 
나를 잠 못 들게 하는 사람아 

보고파서 보고파서 
저 하늘 너머 그댈 부르며 
내 작은 어깨에 하얀 날개를 달고 
그대 곁으로 날아 오르네 


훨훨 훨훨 날아가자 
내 사랑이 숨쉬는 곳으로 
훨훨 훨훨 이 밤을 날아서 
그댈 품에 안고 편히 쉬고파 


훨훨 훨훨 날아가자 
내 사랑이 숨쉬는 곳으로 
훨훨 훨훨 이 밤을 날아서 
훨훨 훨훨 
나를 잠 못 들게 하는 사람아


Because I'm missing you
I can't sleep today
The soft sound of wind that remains on the window
Is that the song you send over?


Because I'm missing you
I'm calling your name over the sky
Putting on white wings on my little shoulders
Flying toward your side


Fluttering, fluttering, let's fly away
To the place where my love breathes
Fluttering, fluttering, fly away even at night
I want to rest comfortably in your arms

You, who make me unable to sleep


Because I'm missing you
I'm calling your name over the sky
Putting on white wings on my little shoulders
Flying toward your side


Fluttering, fluttering, let's fly away
To the place where my love breathes
Fluttering, fluttering, fly away even at night
I want to rest comfortably in your arms


Fluttering, fluttering, let's fly away
To the place where my love breathes
Fluttering, fluttering, fly away even at night
Fluttering, fluttering
You, who make me unable to sleep


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@joonminfan @stroppyse Very grateful for all the translations. Cannot thank you both enough.



That latest short preview with that extra line by YB is most heart fluttering indeed . Did you see him adjusting back her sweater ? That was so kim ji suk :lol:. Thought it was such a sweet gesture .

 But pls don’t throw potatoes at me chingus ,  



with understanding I feel a little bit salty about the scene of KS getting upset with YB at the hospital . There’s a great disconnect here for me . How did she go from spending a memorable & sweet 24 hours with him ( she clearly enjoyed herself ) to suddenly getting mad at him without giving him a chance to explain himself. I’m actually annoyed . I know YB was very understanding and felt she must hv done that under stress..but still ..alright i admit I’m being protective of mr unicorn but i can’t help feeling that way as no one is on his camp. And grandma ....sigh I was duped into thinking ( maybe I misinterpreted) she was team TOP star.  -_-


This will be YB ‘s third time telling her he likes her , and if she does not reciprocate in some way, I don’t know what to say . I am trying to understand KS and I get it’s hard for her to disappoint grandma & the rest but urghh . I feel even more  pain for YB now that I hv read the subs . 




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1 hour ago, triplem said:

@joonminfan @stroppyse Very grateful for all the translations. Cannot thank you both enough.



That latest short preview with that extra line by YB is most heart fluttering indeed . Did you see him adjusting back her sweater ? That was so kim ji suk :lol:. Thought it was such a sweet gesture .

 But pls don’t throw potatoes at me chingus ,  

  Hide contents


with understanding I feel a little bit salty about the scene of KS getting upset with YB at the hospital . There’s a great disconnect here for me . How did she go from spending a memorable & sweet 24 hours with him ( she clearly enjoyed herself ) to suddenly getting mad at him without giving him a chance to explain himself. I’m actually annoyed . I know YB was very understanding and felt she must hv done that under stress..but still ..alright i admit I’m being protective of mr unicorn but i can’t help feeling that way as no one is on his camp. And grandma ....sigh I was duped into thinking ( maybe I misinterpreted) she was team TOP star.  -_-


This will be YB ‘s third time telling her he likes her , and if she does not reciprocate in some way, I don’t know what to say . I am trying to understand KS and I get it’s hard for her to disappoint grandma & the rest but urghh . I feel even more  pain for YB now that I hv read the subs . 





I would like to think that she was just reeling from the shock of Grandma in hospital and also the shock of having to run like the hunted from the paparazzi reporters. She is upset that Grandma fainted and still hadn’t woken up. She is guilty for leaving Grandma alone to go to Seoul. She is shocked and probably appalled at having to run and hide from the reporters while facing a personal calamity. She sees YB on top of MD and grabbing him by his collar so she assumed the worst, especially if she had been partially blaming YB for all the things that have happened so far. I didn’t like it, but I liked that YB remained calm and didn’t lose his temper or push back in a mean way. He accepted that she was upset and backed off. He is definitely improving. But KS felt bad too, after that.


I don’t know what to think of the upcoming “wedding” between KS and MD. I get that KS probably felt like she was cornered, by loyalty, by family ties, by gratitude, but she should say something. And I hope MD does the right thing too because so far he has behaved honourably. Did you notice that he wanted to clarify when KS assumed that YB started the fight? So his heart is in the right place. I wonder who will be the one to break it off first?


YB may be forced to return to Seoul again with the “scandal” of his mum being released. I don’t know how celebrities usually handle such things. Ignore and hide, or clarify?


@triplem I replayed the preview a few times just to see KJS do that. :wub:

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Happy New Year, everyone! 

My heart felt very sad after reading the translations (thank you again @joonminfan). I especially did not like the part where KS told YB never to return to the island. Too far, KS, too far. I think we all want to protect YB at this point because he's proving to be such a stand up guy. I really don't want to see him get hurt even more this week. I will support him to leave the island if KS does not stop this wedding ceremony. He will have tried his best, now it will be KS' turn.

OK, so I know I was kind of the one to start insisting the picture was really a KS/MD wedding photo, but I'm having second doubts again. Lol. One, is it possible for them not to film in sequence of actual events? Second, who leaked that photo anyways ? Wouldn't they get in trouble to leak a photo that suggests such a major occurrence? Maybe they were given the OK to post it to throw us all for a loop and torture us. And it will really turn out to be MD giving KS away. Oi, this is hurting my brain, all these thoughts. 

By the way, I also love the part in the new preview where YB adjusts KS' sweater. So cute :)

Hurry up, Fridayyyyy

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To be completely honest if he keeps giving it his all and trying to show his feelings and she still acts like that to him while  letting other people decide her whole future for her she deserves What she gets. But an epiphany is coming and it’s going to hit her all at once. 

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16 minutes ago, triplem said:

Happy new year all 


Greetings from our cast . They had to repeat some of their lines . kJS is the cutest 



Ah so cute!!! KJS said chopsu! :wub: I wish I knew what all of them were saying though.

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@triplem, I don't have time to do a translation of the NY's greetings that the cast said, and they were pretty standard greetings anyway. Mostly asking people to love Top Star Yoo Baek more in the new year, and wishing everyone much fortune in the New Year of the Golden Pig. However, JSM, LSY, and KSJ also seemed to be asked to say a heart thrilling sentiment from their roles. JSM and LSY managed to say sentiments, but KSJ said his and then died of cringing, saying that he couldn't do it after all. ROFLOL. It was cute.  Awww.


Later on, when I have a bit more time, I'll try to do a proper translation of the greetings.

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Posted (edited)

Fan’s translation of JSM’s new year wishes. Credits to IG owner.



Fan translated the summary of KJS’s greeting to Chinese so here’s the English translation. 


Hello everyone, I am Top Star Yoo Baek.

A very happy new year to the audience who had shown us so much care and appreciation.


in 2019, I hope that our drama will get good ratings, and I believe it’s possible.

Our drama will again be liked by everyone like it did before.


In 2019, why is that Top Star Yoo Baek will receive so much support? It’s because of all of you fans.


The Year of the Golden Pig has arrived, and Top Star Yoo Baek has received so much support from fans from all over, so I would like to pray for everyone and hope that everyone will be happy.


In the Year of the Golden Pig, I wish for you to remain in my frame. Chopsu. (laughs in embarrassment) Chopsu.


@triplem tagging you just in case you missed it.



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Posted (edited)

Thanks @joonminfan ! Chopsu :lol:. ahh he's too cute. There must be a lot of pressure for the fact that both he and JSM highlighted the need for higher ratings. Pity them . I hope the ratings will increase for their sake. The slot is tough and once a week kills momentum.

6 hours ago, howa said:

Their fight was epic. They could have had a bromance and a great friendship.


Agreed. I think there was good chemistry between KJS and LSY in all their scenes. They both have a good comedic timing and is especially good with physical comedy. This drama has me laughing like mad even though we're in the middle of angst :D 


Nice FMV using OST 2



@skyrangerzi Thanks for the list of BGM/ OST. Did you notice a new one when YB was looking at the sea urchins in the snow? This is new right?



Edited by triplem
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