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[Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이

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It would really bite and draggy  if They spend the rest of the episodes in a love triangle and only have YB and KS get Together the last 15 min of episode 10 :/ 


I wish them to resolve this next episode or Two and then concentrate on YB’s issues 

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8 minutes ago, RobinM said:

It would really bite and draggy  if They spend the rest of the episodes in a love triangle and only have YB and KS get Together the last 15 min of episode 10 :/ 


I wish them to resolve this next episode or Two and then concentrate on YB’s issues 


Yeah I would really hate that. The pacing had been pretty good so far.

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I'm being over obsessive too so it's ok. Agreed the bed pic it looks like the same dress and I notice the brown jacket, altho the pic seems more like a sweater but you can't really tell. Seems like they are not very far ahead in shooting so I think the bed scene will be next week. But I have a feeling he won't be sleeping next to her. Maybe just letting her sleep there. Hmmm. As far as the bracelet, it seems like the same one he is wearing, but watch us be all analyzing it and then it is never mentioned in the show. Lol. I really hope the love triangle is over quickly too. I really dislike love triangles! 

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Hi guys, translated the chinese subs for Ep 5 preview.


Ep 5 Preview:

MD: I like Kang Soon. I came back this time to marry her. But suddenly I don’t know how to bring it up to her.

MS: Kang Soon ah, let’s go… on a date.

KS: Why go on a date suddenly?

MD: Let’s go out and have fun, just like before.

KS: I think that the people we treasure... should stay by each other’s side. Thank you, Oppa.

MD’s dad: MD called and said that today’s waves are too dangerous to take a boat back home. So tonight he and Kang Soon will spend the night at (some other) island, and take the boat back tomorrow.

YB (shouting): Village chief!

KS Grandma: Oh my goodness!

MD: Kang Soon ah, am I somebody you treasure?

KS: Why is my heart beating so fast (as she sits on the bed)

Other patrons in restaurant (as YB pushes the door open): Oh my goodness!

MD: Kang Soon ah, can I confess to you with confidence?

KS: Oppa!


Kang Soon's heart is beating fast??? For whom??? :astonished:

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Annyeong everyone :)


I must post something in this thread because I love Top Star Yoo Baek. I'm enjoying Kim Ji Suk and Jeon So Min's acting. I laughed at every episodes I watched. Great drama! It's good for stress reliever.


I wonder if there's any of my chingus are in here or not  @nonski @Ahpheng @evie7 @maplekist @plappi @Sarang21 @onnififi @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @moodypie

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8 hours ago, turtle0217 said:

I am really looking forward to seeing what's going to happen between all three of them. I do feel sad towards MD that he loves OKS and hopes to marry her. He did not expect someone like YB to com

Yeah, I feel bad for MD too... it's not like he is a bad guy or he did anything wrong... it's just not meant to be... that they're not fated together. But that makes it even more sad... :tears:

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I think when she goes to Seoul she will get shocked by seeing YB"s poster or something. Even though she knows he is a top star I am sure she hasn't yet grasped what it is realllllly like. Or when YB comes to Seoul to search for KS he will get crowded by the public or something. 

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Argh... why...


My heart is in pain, gripped so tight the pain leaves me breathless. The suffocation, the anguish, the upset... that hard to swallow block in my throat...




I binge watched from ep 1... and just finished the last ep... 나 망했어. :bawling::bawling::bawling:

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@alekaonu @xxpeepsxx welcome guys

@xxPeepsxx haha welcome to frustration club we all hate the fact that this drama is once a week :sweat: 

@joonminfan - thanks for the translations dear:heart:

I m sure her heart is beating fast because of yoo baek!! Because madol n her both are in different rooms,Poor madol i feel bad for him, hope there is happy ending for him too by the end of this drama. 


I just hope the twist n turns in coming episode wont be too cliche:skull: as i can't stand such dramas where everything turns too melodramatic.

Can't wait for the subs!! 

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@triplem thanks for your live recaps from Seoul. Wow! From the time you posted, I know you slept rather late. Thanks again for your loyal service. Keep warm and enjoy your trip to Jeju too.:D


Ep 4 is simply daebak and every episode is getting better and better. Watched with Chinese subs without eating otherwise I'd choke on my food. 

The acting is top knotch even by the islanders. Love the bickering and staring among our 3 main leads. :lol:


The cinematography of the island is just breathtaking and reminds me of 3 Meals A Day. After this drama ends, Daemo island (from what I gather from KJS's Problematic Men) may become a tourist resort for the locals. From watching Battle Trip, I learn that Korea has more than 3000 islands. Wando is the main island that the large ferry docks so TSYB's island is only accessible by small fishing boats. :)


 YB can later get a boat piloting license (Lee Seo Jin got one when he was filming 3 Meals A Day) to visit KS & Grandma as much as he likes when they are officially dating. And KS can always return there to visit Grandma when they get married.:blush:



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16 hours ago, joonminfan said:

And the scene where YB was teasing KS about the book, MD coming in and KS running off, embarrassed. Look at YB’s smile at the end. He thinks that she’s cute!

Ya darn cute . He already adores her. MD on the other hand was shattered to see his innocent KS getting all corrupted. Poor MD Anyhow thanks in advance for your translations :wub:


Wow I saw the wound on KJS hand . He really punched that Wall . He’s nuts . Talk about being dedicated to your craft . 


She wore the bracelet when she said my heart is beating fast ! So next week we’re looking at two confessions 



@RobinM Agreed I don’t think my heart can stand them dragging this Love triangle  out right to The end . I’m nervous. Who will she choose ? My gut & bias thinks it’s YB but who knows ....


Welcome @turtle0217 & thanks  @gladys57 . It snowed today , and coming from a tropical country , you can imagine how excited we were :joy:.  


This PD Directed one of my all time favourite dramas - Plus Nine Boys, so the cinematography is always good . The writer I’m not sure . So fingers crossed for her pacing . 


The drama & KJS trending .  Ratings steady at 2.84%

I want a bts of this 



KJS is always good at emotional scenes and  a really versatile actor #bias :lol:


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When I look at all these preview clips, I am wondering how next episode will proceed. Since KS is wearing a similar bracelet to YB’s when she went out on a date with MD, we can safely assume that YB gave it to her after the hug and before the date. But what will happen immediately after the hug? Will the date happen near the beginning of the episode or near the end? I am so curious! 


Anyway I’m a quarter through the translation. Need some nourishment before I continue. Maybe I should cook myself some scrambled eggs? And make an espresso? :joy:

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10 hours ago, alekaonu said:

Annyeong everyone :)


I must post something in this thread because I love Top Star Yoo Baek. I'm enjoying Kim Ji Suk and Jeon So Min's acting. I laughed at every  I watched. Great drama! It's good for stress reliever.


I wonder if there's any of my chingus are in here or not  @nonski @Ahpheng @evie7 @maplekist @plappi @Sarang21 @onnififi @Mau_Cherry @bebebisous33 @moodypie


 Hellocrazy-monkey-emoticon-077.gif, I'm so happy you are watching this too. I'm a bit behind since I got obsessed w/a Jdrama last weekend, I'll be back after I catch up.


@joonminfan Thank you for subbing this:heart::heart:

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Cute cartoon KS, YB and MD





Ep 4

2 hours before the Awards Show

Miss An (stylist): I brought the shirts for your tuxedo.

YB: The buttons don’t match. Out! Next one.

YB: It’s too big. Out!

YB: What kind of brand is this? Out!

YB (going through the rack of shirts): Out! Out! Out! Out! I don’t like all of these! All out!

YB: Miss Choi, we have been working together for almost a year, taking a year to know my preferences is not a short time.

Miss An: I’m sorry but there isn’t much time left. Can you just choose one randomly?

YB: Have you ever seen me pick out clothes randomly? Go and get the shirt from my car.

Miss An: Ok. By the way, I’m not Miss Choi. I’m Miss An!

YB (after changing into his tuxedo): My fashion sense is still the best.

DC: Miss An seems very busy these days. Can’t you just go easy on her? Her mum has been hospitalised due to illness. I heard she is having surgery tomorrow.

YB (immediately concerned): What did you say? Ask her to go quickly to the hospital and take care of her mum.


YB takes out his phone and looks at the date / time.

YB is at the cake shop.

Shop assistant: If it’s difficult to choose one, shall I help you? What are you celebrating?

YB: Birthday

Shop assistant: This is the most popular birthday cake. How about this one?

YB: Ok, I will take this one.

Shop assistant: Ok

YB walks out of a big house thinking back to the conversation he had with the house owner.

House owner: That person has moved away for a few years. But she left me her forwarding address.

YB removes his bowtie and throws the cake into the back seat of his car. He arrives at a building and walks up to the roof top apartment.

YB’s mum (on phone): That place? Of course I’ve worked there. Yes, Boss. I can start work tomorrow. How about the daily salary? Alright.

YB: Why are you looking for a job?

Mum: YB ah!

YB: You were taken in by a man and hurt your son in the process. At least you should enjoy the wealth and good life I provided for you! Why do you live like this? WHY?

Mum: I’m sorry.

YB: You feel sorry? What for? Do you feel guilty towards me only now? Or are you trying to make me feel sorry for you again with your tears? But what should we do? I no longer believe your tears.

Mum: Mum… was wrong.

YB: Stop saying sorry! Stop! And don’t have any expectations of me. I will not do anything for you anymore! I worked so hard to earn money, and yet you gave it away to that man with no blood relations. Next time, do that yourself. From today onwards, I will treat my mum as if she were dead.

Mum: YB ah..

YB leaves and punches the lamp post / wall until his hand is wounded. As he drives to the Awards Show, he cries.

YB is on stage after receiving his award. He obviously is still affected by what happened with his mother, and is not in a good mood even after receiving the award.

YB: Thank you very much.

Emcee: Wait a minute, YB-ssi! Let everyone take a good look at you! And please give a longer speech! It’s a happy day after all.

YB: A happy day? For me?


Back to the end of Ep 3:

KS: He’s already leaving, and yet still losing his temper! I ought to knock him again on his head before he leaves! (pulls the second sheet away and sees YB. YB stares at her and his bracelet glints in the sunlight)

YB (walking up to KS): OKS. Its you! You were the one who barged into my world.

KS: What? What do you mean?

YB: At first you seemed to have barged in successfully, but I still need to decide whether to kick you out.

KS: What do you mean your world? What do you mean by kick me out? What nonsense are you saying?

YB: Hand

KS (holds out her hand): What’s with my hand?

YB takes it and clamps it over her mouth.

YB: No more questions. You know, it’s an honour for you to have someone like me, who’s as unique as a unicorn, to stay in your house. (points at the jar of sea urchins) You said that’s a present for me right?

YB picks up his present and goes back to his room.

KS: Again! I’ve been fooled again! How dare you compare yourself to a unicorn? BS!


At MD’s house.

MD: Horrible! He said he wanted to leave the island, and asked me to get him a boat. What is this now?


At KS’s house. YB is in his room and watching KS do laundry.

YB: In terms of looks… not bad. (then sees KS snapping the waistband of her trousers) But too tacky! Too tacky.

KS (sees YB staring at her): What’s the matter? (looks away then sees YB staring at her still) Hey! Why do you keep staring at me!

YB: Don’t think so highly of yourself! I can’t see the beautiful scenery. So move away!

KS (scowls at YB): Horrible!


KS is frying some sea conches in batter, while YB looks on and swallows his saliva.

YB: This is my first time seeing fried sea conches.

KS: Oh my! Really? They are so delicious that you can forget yourself. If two people were to eat this together and one person dies, the other person wouldn’t even know! MD Oppa really loves fried sea conches. I will bring some to him. (YB looks jealous)

MD walks into the yard and he and YB glare at each other. MD sneaks up behind KS to scare her but gets surprised by her instead.

KS: Hey!

MD: You scared me! What are you doing? Frying sea conches for Oppa?

KS: You want to try one and see if it is cooked well? (Feeds MD and YB turns away in jealousy)

MD: Oh, this is delicious! Although you are not pretty, you are a good cook!

KS: Isn’t it so? (turns to YB) Do you want to eat some?

YB: Do you think I’m someone who eats just anything?

KS: Seriously. Then can I ask what this person who is like a unicorn eats?

MD: Unicorn? (looks at the goats in the shed) You look more like a goat.

KS: Haha! Yes yes! They really look alike! (KS laughs too and YB walks back angrily to his room)

MD: WAIT A MINUTE! (walks up to YB) I have something to say to you.

YB: What do you want to say?

MD: Whether it’s the arms wrestling contest or other things, you are really… something… I specially asked the boat captain to come and fetch you, and you let him come in vain. One should not break a promise. It’s not gentlemanly.

YB: Regarding this, I will thank the boat captain personally.

MD: But you said you were leaving. Why did you change your mind suddenly?

YB: I just needed to confirm something.

MD: Confirm what?

YB: Are we so close that I have to share this with you?

MD’s mum (shouting from afar): MD ah! There’s a call for you!

MD: OK!!!

KS: Oppa! You have to bring some sea conches with you. Here, you have to finish all these.

MD: Thank you! Well, this gentleman will take his leave now. Mr Unicorn I will see you later.

KS: Bye!

YB: You said the sea conches were delicious and asked me to try some, but you gave them all to someone else!

KS: Oh my! You said you didn’t want them. We can just fry some more!

YB: Forget it! I’m not eating.

KS: Seriously.

YB: You know, other people will call you a two-timer!

KS: What? I was never the owner of a fishery! (probably misinterpreted YB’s slang) Especially on our island, we don’t like farmed seafood. We only eat the fresh ones.

YB: Forget it! What can I say to dreary people like you?

KS: What? What is drea…

YB: Just like eating sweet potatoes will make someone uncomfortable.

KS: Ah! You meant the sweet potatoes that are too dry and sticky! But the ones on our island have higher water content, so you won’t have a problem swallowing! (LOL totally misinterpreting YB) Besides, sweet potatoes have a lubricating effect on your intestines, so when you go to the toilet, everything will come out real smoothly…

YB: That’s enough! Let’s just stop here! (sighs and says to himself) I should have just left!

KS: Where can you go?


At YB’s mum’s house

Mum: I only have coffee to serve you. Did YB tell you that he came by a few days ago?

CEO: Does he look like the type to share such things? I remember that your birthday is around this time. But why are you living like this? What happened to the house that YB gave you? Did that man squander it away? Is that it? Gosh! What a wonderful man! How much did that house cost? I thought you could lead an easy and comfortable life. The man just squandered away YB’s hard-earned money? Sister, why didn’t you stop him?

Mum: I didn’t know that things would turn out so badly.

CEO: Didn’t I tell you before? That man got close to you because of YB’s money. If you wanted to find a man to spend the rest of your life with, you should have found a good man! What is all this?

Mum: We broke up two years ago.

CEO: Does YB know about this?

Mum: I didn’t tell him. How can I tell him this when I’ve been living off him all these years? So from now on, I’m going to depend on myself.


In KS’s hideout

YB: Why am I still here on this island? (looks around at KS’s things and spots Taewkando V) Hey, Guardian Angel! What are you looking at? Which era is this thing from? Heros who carry weapons… I used to play with this often. (flicks a finger at the toy and knocks it down) See? See? See? I can defeat you with one finger. (plays a song on the cassette tape)


On the field, KS’s grandma and the other two grandmas are harvesting adenophora roots. (Commonly known as ladybells according to the internet, but I’ve never heard of them before. Haha!) They are happy about the good harvest when suddenly, one of the grandmas sees a leg in the field and screams. It is MD’s dad sleeping there adter getting drunk. They wake him up and ask him why he’s sleeping there. He replies that he wanted some adenophora roots with his alcohol, but accidentally fell asleep in the field. One of the grandmas told him how his wife is worried about him and asked how he can sleep in such a place. He dismissed her concerns and said anywhere that he can lie down is a bed, and the sky is his blanket. He then went on to praise the 3 grandmas about their beauty (Like father like son haha!) and the 3 of them started arguing with one another about who’s the most beautiful. Just then, KS brings over some fried sea conches and KS Grandma asks her if YB has left. KS replies to her no, he hasn’t because he wanted to confirm something. Grandma is happy to hear that because she wants to take a few more photos with him before he goes. The other grandma praises KS’s cooking, and says she can be married off soon. MD’s dad then says he will not allow KS to marry just anyone – he will make sure she has enough suitors to go around the perimeter of the island, and choose the best one for her. KS excuses herself because she has to deliver something to Doc, so she will stop by the minimart first.


In KS’s hideout

YB has fallen asleep and when he opens his eyes, he sees KS staring at him.

YB: You gave me a scare! What are you doing?

KS: What? Who is the one who came in here without the owner’s permission?

YB: Didn’t I mention this before? I’m someone who can go anywhere with just my looks and reputation.

KS: Seriously! Anyone who hears that will think it’s the President. (starts to reach out for something behind YB) Hey, move out of the way!

YB stares at her and notices the droplet of water moving slowly down KS’s neck. When KS sits back down with her Walkman…

YB: I say, why are you running around when your hair is still wet? Who are you trying to show it to?

KS: What are you talking about? What is there to show off about wet hair? And it’s not as if there wasn’t water to wash it.

YB: Seems like you don’t know much about men. (pauses and both stare at each other) Forget it.

KS: Why wouldn’t I know anything about men? Why don’t you tell me? What about men?

YB: Even if I explain, would you understand? (gets up and walks off)

KS: What? If you explain it, I would definitely understand! Am I an idiot?


MD’s house

YB walks in while MD is eating fried sea conches

MD: Top Star-ssi! I should start calling you Mr Unicorn!

YB: Do you have the right to call me that when you can’t even tell the differences between goats and horses?

MD: You didn’t tell me your name so I don’t know how to address you. Isn’t it?

YB: We are not so close that we have to tell each other our names, isn’t it? Let me use the phone for a while.

MD: We are not so close that I have to let you borrow my phone, isn’t it? (both stare at each other) Ah I was joking! Joking! I’m not so petty. Go ahead. (YB picks up the phone) This delicious sea conch is really a work of art! Our KS really takes good care of Oppa! She has been following Oppa around since she was young and has been such a great help.

YB: Yes yes, I’m about to make a call, so please give me some privacy. Be a gentleman and respect my privacy please.

MD: Go ahead. We are not so close that we have to know the intimate details of each other’s lives. And I’m a gentleman. Well, I’m just going to my room to eat this delicious food.


In Seoul

CEO talks to himself, apologising to YB for sending him to the island, without first finding out what he went through on the night of the Awards Show. He asks DC to find a boat to bring YB back. NJ immediately objects because the scandal he created for YB has not been settled yet, so if YB knows about it, he will be killed by YB, and asks CEO how he could be so irresponsible. CEO scolds him for getting into trouble and letting him be the irresponsible one. He asks if he should continue to let YB stay on the island. NJ replies that he wants CEO to arrange overseas activities for him first so that he can escape before YB comes back. NJ picks up his phone and cringes to hear that it’s YB. He stutters while talking, and YB asks why – did NJ do something bad to him? NJ denies it and YB asks for a favour – to go to YB’s house, pick up some stuff for him, and mail them to the island to him. He gave NJ the passcode to his house and NJ writes it down. It looks really long. YB warns NJ to just pick up the stuff and not do anything else in his house. After hanging up, NJ comments that YB doesn’t seem like he wants to come back to Seoul, since he asked NJ to mail his stuff to the island. He finds something strange.


Back on the island in the clinic

Doc is attending to DC’s mum with his dad looking anxiously at them. Doc keeps exclaiming about the stomach, and DC’s dad is excited, thinking that it could be Child #3. But Doc says it’s just gas and prescribes some medicine. DC’s dad is disappointed and his mum chides him for being silly as she had her menopause some years back. DC’s dad still thinks that it’s possible, since he drank that 20-year-old wine, and how he was so spectacular that night. (LOL) DC’s mum pinches him and asks him to shut up and go home. DC’s dad carries her, saying that she’s unwell, and asks her to hang on tight if she doesn’t want to get motion sickness like Top Star-ssi. After they leave, Doc says that she is envious and wonders when she will have that kind of loving relationship. KS comes in to pass Doc the shampoo that she wants and Doc thanks her for coming by specially.

KS: Doc, I have some things to ask you.

Doc: Yeah, what?

KS: That… ummm… (sits down) Do men and women think differently?

Doc: Of course, very differently. Women are more emotional whereas men are more practical and rational, something like that. (I’m sorry but this part really stumped me. It’s some philosophy stuff which I didn’t really get, so this is the best I can do. But anyway, KS doesn’t really seem to get it too! Haha!) By the way, why is our KS showing interest in this suddenly?

KS: Because someone said that I don’t know anything about men and hurt my pride. Anyway, I’m at an age to know these things already.

Doc: Whether it’s men or women, how can one really understand someone’s heart? Unless we go right into their hearts, if not it’s hard to know. That’s why I got to know about men through books.

KS: Books?

Doc: Yes (turns around to give KS a book from her drawer) I hope you can find your answer after finishing this.

KS (reading the title of the book): A Night…

Doc: Shhhh! Don’t let anyone know I lent you this. Read it in secret.

KS (nods): ok


KS is reading the book under her blanket.

KS: Oh my. (reads out phrases from the book) “The look in his eyes is like that of a hungry wolf…” “fell into the deep abyss of excitement…”

Grandma: KS ah, aren’t you going to sleep?

KS: Yes, sleeping… sleeping… (goes back to her book) Oh my goodness… this is really…


Next morning, as a song plays over the PA system, YB is out exercising. He was running then got caught up in the music and started to sing and do this really funny dance to the music. After realising what he has done, he hits his own leg and asks it to move only when he asks it to.


KS house. YB arrives out of breath.

YB: Water, give me some water.

KS: Oh, there isn’t any soup left over. Just get some water from the well.

YB: Can this really be drunk?

KS: Yeah

So YB goes to draw water from the well. KS looks at him, then starts to stare while recalling phrases from the book.

KS (while looking at YB’s back and arms): “The muscles on his back look as strong as an angry wild horse…” (cue whinnying of a horse)

KS (while staring at YB drinking water): “His sweat flowed down his prominent Adam’s apple…” (YB shakes off the water from his face)

YB (noticing KS staring at him): Why are you looking at me like that?

KS: What? No, no, I wasn’t. It’s nothing.

KS is washing some tomatoes when YB walks out after washing up. He grooms himself by spraying something on his face, and KS, once again, stares. She imagines him growling at her like a wild animal, and smiling at her. KS licks her lips. She looks at YB patting the facial spray into his face, and takes a deep sniff.

KS: “She was enticed by the devastating smell of his spray mist…” “It was as if her heart was screwed up tight…”

YB notices her weird expression and walks up to her.

YB: What are you doing?

KS wakes up from her daydream.

YB: What have you been doing since just now? You have a strange look in your eyes.

KS: What? What are you saying? Seriously… (eats the tomato she crushed)

YB: You look like you have been all stirred up.

KS: What? No way… Don’t come near me! Ahh! (runs to her room)

YB: What’s up with her?

KS runs to her room and retrieves the book from her blanket.

KS: This thing… this thing got me into trouble! Because of this thing, I’ve been having weird thoughts all day!

KS is enticed by the book again and we see its title: A Night with the Wild Wolf (LOL) She opens the book slowly, then slams it shut and slaps herself.

KS: Oh my, what am I doing? I have to return this right away. This will not do. (hides the book under her vest and runs out)

YB (stands up upon seeing her): Wait a minute. From just now…

KS: No, don’t come over. It’s nothing.

KS runs off but trips over the leg of the table and falls. YB catches her and they stare at each other for a while.

KS (as she lies in YB’s arms, she thinks of yet another phrase from the book): “His strong muscular arms… and the hungry look in his eyes… I’ve been conquered!”

The book falls out and YB picks it up.

KS: Oh my!

YB: “A Night with the Wild Wolf”? Your taste in books is quite daring! I didn’t you had this side to you!

KS: It’s not! Return it to me! Seriously!

YB (reading from the book): “Everytime he touches me, it feels as exhilarating as having one million watts of electricity passing through me” Wow!

KS: Stop reading it!

YB: Wow!

KS: Give it back to me!

YB: “The strength of his solid body is way past her imagination…” Wow! Imagination! You still pretending to be innocent!

KS: This is my first time reading it! Seriously! Give it to me! Give it to me!

YB: Let me see again… “I don’t know what to wear…”

MD snatches the book away.

KS: Oh my!

YB: What are you doing?

MD: She asked you to give it back! (to KS) Here you go... Ahh!

KS: Oh My! Seriously! (snatches the book and runs off)

YB smiles, amused, while MD looks shocked.



Doc: You finished it so quickly?

KS: I don’t know. It’s all Doc’s fault. I was so embarrassed. So embarrassed!

Doc: What’s wrong?

KS: That… that.. Anyway I won’t read that anymore! Even if I finish it, I won’t understand men! I might as well go back to knowing nothing! More comfortable that way. So embarrassing! (runs off)

Doc: KS ah! What’s up with her? Isn’t this a good book? (starts reading phrases from the book) “The veins on his biceps,,, Oh, biceps, biceps…


Doc is engrossed in her book and doesn’t notice Teacher looking at her from outside the window. Teacher thinks to himself how pure and innocent Doc is (LOL) and rolls up his sleeves and parades outside her window carrying a heavy water container, hoping to get her attention. But Doc doesn’t notice him. Instead, DM catches him and tells him that even a pig’s bladder must be inflated appropriately, because it will explode if over-inflated, just like person’s heart.


On the way home, KS bumps into MD. She turns to run off but is stopped by him.

MD (hits her): Move! Where are you escaping to? See, see... why have you become naughty? Reading strange books!

KS: What? That… I just… don’t understand men that well. I just want to learn how men think, so I read it.

MD: So what did you learn? What did the book say?

KS: Well… I don’t know… it was about the strange things men do… Are all men really like that? In the book, the woman says no, no,  and then the man says yes, yes and then does what he wants and kisses her.

MD: Why is the book all lies? Which guy in the world would treat a woman he likes in that manner? A man would become really cautious in front of the woman he likes. Because, he is afraid of rejection if he confesses.

KS: Oppa, are you like that in front of the woman you like?

MD: Let’s go!

KS: Why? Why aren’t you answering me? Do you have someone you like? Have you kissed before?

MD: Argh! So what if it’s one kiss? Or thousands of kisses? Look at your expression. Oh my.

KS: Ooooh, look at you, so mature…


NJ and DC arrive at YB’s house and both are amazed at how nice it is. NJ is surprised that DC has never seen it before and DC tells him that he always dropped YB off at the carpark, and never invited in, not even for a glass of water. NJ says how heartless YB is. He is envious and says that he wants to become a top star too. He then notices the robot cat Sunny on the table and comments on how YB trusts Sunny like a lover, more than he trusts any human being. DC is confused, and NJ comments on how prettily Sunny is dressed, just like a lover. He asks Sunny who the male lead of the drama series is, and she answers YB. NJ scolds Sunny for not updating herself with the fact that HE is now the male lead, not YB. He tells Sunny he is angry, and she replies that he should meditate. NJ comments on how annoying she is, just like her owner, and raises his hand to hit her. DC stops him, asking if he is hitting YB’s lover. NJ lowers his hand, saying how YB will kill him if he knows.


YB is in bed, thinking of what happened in the day with KS and smiling to himself. He is about to go to sleep when someone knocks on his door.

YB: Who’s that? (opens door to see KS) What are you doing?

KS: Shhhh, don’t wake Grandma up.

YB: What’s the matter?

KS: Come along with me for a while. I will let you experience something so novel that it’s beyond your imagination.

YB: What?

YB follows a small distance behind KS (is he looking a bit nervous? Haha!) and when KS turns around, he turns away from her. When he looks back at her, she gives him a come-hither look and beckons to him to follow her.

YB: What is this? Did she become like that after reading one book?

KS leads him to the small hut where the female divers change into their wet suits.

YB (grabs KS’s arm): Wait a minute! Are you serious about this?

KS: What is there to be serious about?

YB: What? So you are someone like that? Or do you really like me that much?

KS: What has this got to do with that? We can do this even if I don’t like you.

YB: Wow, wow, I didn’t know you were so proactive!

KS gives him a look and enters the hut. YB hesitates a while, surprised, then steps towards the hut, only to find KS coming out with pails and boots.

YB: What? What? What?

KS: Change into these, and strap this on your forehead. We have to catch the crabs before the tide comes in.

YB: Crabs? So the novel experience beyond my imagination is catching crabs?

KS: Yes! I want to catch some, and cook them for you.

YB (yelling): You asked me to come outside for this? In the night?

KS: These crabs are nocturnal so we can only catch them at night. Weren’t you upset that I didn’t give you any fried sea conches? Then what did you think we were going to do?

YB: What? Oh... that… Sea conches. I thought we were catching sea conches.

KS: Crabs taste better than sea conches.

YB: So, that means what you plan to cook for me is more delicious than what you made for MD?

KS: Of course. My grandma told me that my dad used to love them.

YB: Then let’s go catch some crabs.

KS: Let’s go!

YB (pulling on the boots): Let’s go together!


At the sea

KS: Look at this!

YB: So this is the crab.

KS: Just catch it like that.

YB: Over there, over there! Crab!

KS: Where where where?

YB: Crab crab crab!

KS looks.

YB: It’s not a crab, but a wild wolf!

KS: Hey stop it! Stop playing around!

YB: Got it! Wow, this is really a novel experience beyond my imagination.

KS: Isn’t it?

YB: Every time I touch this crab, I feel as exhilarated as having one million watts of electricity passing through me!

KS: Seriously! I told you to stop playing around! If not, I will knock you on your head again! Gosh, so energetic now.

YB: Ow ow ow ow ow!!!

KS: What happened? Where where?

YB: Ow ow ow! This is as exhilarating as having one million watts of electricity passing through me!

KS: You want to die? (YB laughs) DO YOU WANT TO DIE? You… seriously…

YB: Here, a crab.

KS: Put it here.

YB: Catch it catch it!

KS: Quickly quickly!

YB: It’s escaping!

KS: Aiya, move your leg a little!

YB: Aiya!

YB: You stepped on it! Leg leg leg!

KS: Aiyo, aiyo!

YB: Here, here. There you go. There are crabs everywhere.

KS: Isn’t it right?


In YB’s bathroom, the sand in the hourglass moves up a little more. NJ, who is soaking himself in YB’s bath tub, notices it and finds it strange. But he is too tired to care. DC comes in and asks him not to get into any trouble after creating the scandal using YB’s car. NJ says that he wants to stay overnight and asks DC to pick him up the next morning.


YB and KS are walking back after catching the crabs. KS looks at YB and smiles.

KS: When I asked you to go, you were still complaining. See how much you caught!

YB: What?

KS: Nothing. Do you know you are weird? Sometimes you are alright, but sometimes you lose your temper so fast. Why are you like a pancake, with your moods flipping around so fast?

YB: When did I ever? I’m an actor, so I can totally control my emotions.

KS: Then why were you like that when I made kimbap for you the last time?

YB: What?

KS: I think you must have some bad memories. Can I ask you, why do you hate kimbap so much?

YB walks away in silence.

KS: I mean, if you don’t want to tell me, it’s alright.

YB: A treat for the bear.

KS: What?

YB: The bear knows, that if its owner gives it a treat, he is trying to get its gall bladder. So would it still like that treat? To me, kimbap is that treat.

YB walks away and KS stares after him, understanding something.


MD’s dad is lying, drunk and asleep, in a field, when a mysterious man approaches him. Upon hearing voices, the man runs away.

YB: Is the crab really so delicious?

KS: Of course! Be careful. (spots MD’s dad) Ahjussi! Oh my! (both run to him) What are you doing here like that! Get up please! (helps him up)

MD’s dad: Our daughter KS is here! I thought it was the mermaid princess from Heaven!

YB: Seriously drunk!

KS: Aiyo! (to MD’s dad) Our Ahjussi had too much to drink.

MD’s dad: Oh my… Our KS… You know that I really care about you. You are my Number 1 Treasure! Number 1!

KS: If I’m Number 1, then how about MD Oppa?

MD’s dad: That boy will only care about his wife after he gets married!


MD’s house

MD’s dad: Where is this place?

MD’s mum: How come it’s you sending him back home?

KS: We were on the way back from catching crabs, and saw him asleep in the field.

MD’s mum: This is so embarrassing!

MD’s dad: I’m not drunk at all! See how sober I am!

MD’s mum: Go into the room!

MD’s dad: Where are we going?

MD: Dad’s room, dad’s room.

MD’s mum: Why did you drink so much?

MD: You caught so many crabs late at night?

KS: Top Star-ssi has never done anything like this before, so let him have the experience.

YB: Well, I was sleeping, but she woke me to go catch crabs. She insisted.

MD: It’s good enough bringing Oppa! Why bring Top Star-ssi? Why insist?

YB: She says she will cook crabs that are more delicious than fried sea conches, for me. She insisted.

MD: How can that be? Insisted? Sea conches are more delicious!

YB: Oh? Then you continue to catch sea conches and enjoy them fried! Alone. (To KS) Let’s go.

KS: Oppa, go and sleep quickly! (YB ushers KS away)

MD: That… that… I have to pull out his tongue to quench my hatred! Argh! I’m so angry!


MD’s parents room

MD’s mum: Seriously… cannot take this… What did I do in my past life to deserve this? Having to wait on an alcoholic! I can’t even sleep.

MD’s dad (talking in his sleep to KS’s dad, JP): JP ah, wait a moment. I will join you soon. JP ah…

MD’s mum looks very worried.


In YB’s apartment, NJ has made himself a cup of coffee and imagined himself to be filming a coffee commercial. He comments on how he is better at YB and tastes the coffee, before screeching that it’s bitter. He asks Sunny to play his songs, but she doesn’t understand and NJ has to keep repeating himself. Finally she plays a song, but it’s someone else’s, and NJ gets upset. He scolds Sunny and keeps hitting her until she shuts down. Then NJ gets scared and tries to coax Sunny to wake up, telling her not to die.


MD’s mum feeds him breakfast, and MD asks her where his dad is. She sighs that he went somewhere at dawn and wonders if he went drinking again. MD says he will look for him after breakfast.


DC’s parents come to KS’s house with a fish for the death anniversary offerings for KS’s parents. KS and Grandma are touched and thank them. Grandma asks DC’s dad if his hand ever sweated from holding onto his wife’s hand so tightly. DC’s dad replies that his wife is so pretty that he is afraid she will get snatched away. DC’s mum offers her help in cooking if they don’t have enough people.


Doc watches Teacher doing his exercise. She comments on how cool he is when MD’s mum pops up suddenly and scares her. She asks Doc if she has seen her husband, and Doc says no. She shouts her question at Teacher, but Teacher hasn’t seen him either.


MD and his mum runs around looking for MD’s dad, when MD bumps into YB doing his morning exercise. MD asks YB if he has seen his dad, but YB cuts him short, says no and runs off. MD gets upset and runs after him, and both of them compete against each other until they both get to KS’s house.


KS: Are you two doing a relay?

YB: Just some… morning exercise.

MD greets the three grandmas who are cooking, and YB is surprised to see so much food, not knowing it’s for the death anniversary. He starts to comment on how there are parties and banquets almost everyday but is stopped by MD. MD asks Grandma where the things for the death anniversary ceremony are, and YB is shocked.

KS: It’s my parents’ death anniversary today.

YB: Oh. Is that so? Can I help?

KS: No it’s ok. Didn’t you already help to catch a lot of these crabs? They are my dad’s favourite. Quickly go wash up and rest.

YB: Oh

KS Grandma: Thanks to everyone, we will be done soon. Thank you.

Grandma #1: You say that every year. We are one family. Don’t say such things.

Grandma #2: I thought MD’s parents are coming? Why aren’t they here yet?


MD’s mum is still looking for her husband. She runs to this place that is out of bounds and debates whether to go in or not. She decides not to, then recalls how he says he will join JP soon. She thinks of the worst, then runs off. Behind the “Out of Bounds” sign, the mysterious man is digging in the ground with a shovel.


The sun has set and the food is finally ready. MD and KS are in her room cleaning the bowls and plates.

 KS: Do I look like my dad or mum?

MD: I can see very clearly. From your nose up, you look like Ahjumma. From the nose down, you look like JP Ahjussi. Look at this yourself. You have your mum’s forehead.

KS: Is that so?

MD: You were Ahjumma’s precious treasure. She used to carry you all the time. Anyone who tries to put you down will be stopped by her.

KS: Was I that precious? It would be good if I could remember all these.

MD: How could you remember things that happened when you were 2? Let Oppa tell you. What do you want to know? Once, JP Ahjussi brought you out on the boat, and it has already travelled for such a long time, when he started saying that KS is missing and kept shouting for you.


YB looks at them from outside and scowls. MD’s mum comes running and tells everyone that MD’s dad said he wants to go look for his friend in the sea. Everyone goes out looking for him, frantic and anxious. MD’s mum yells that she is sure that he has jumped into the sea to look for his friend JP. KS Grandma comforts her. Finally they find him on a boat where he is crying. MD helps him up and MD’s dad tells KS’s Grandma that he didn’t manage to find JP then, and today, he still couldn’t find him. He says that he dreamt about JP and JP’s wife. They were smiling at him happily and their clothes were not wet, so he thought that he would be able to find their bodies today. MD’s mum cries that she thought something happened to him, and KS Grandma commands him to follow her. YB notices KS crying.


KS House

Grandma: Who asked you to go and search for their bodies? This happened over 20 years ago. Where do you think you can find their bodies?

MD Dad: It is my lifetime regret for not being able to find their bodies then.

Grandma: How about me? Thinking of my own son and daughter-in-law buried at sea? Even if their bodies are found, I would scatter their ashes at sea. Why are you so adamant about this?

MD Dad: I’m a sinner. Mother, I’m really sorry for being the only one to come back alive.

Grandma: It’s still a blessing that you managed to come back.

MD Dad: I can’t face KS. JP doted on his daughter so much. If he were still alive, he would be constantly thinking of her welfare and doting on her.

Grandma: KS still has me. You and your wife also dote on KS. Besides, MD is here too. Why are you like this? Even if you can’t bear it, this is their life. What can we do?

MD Dad: Mother

Grandma: Child. You are my child too. Which mother would want to see her own child suffering? So, don’t do such things anymore. I will scold you if you do that again.

MD Dad: Mother, I’m so sorry.

Grandma: Ok. And you must think about your health and stop drinking so much. You must live long enough to help JP live the years that he didn’t manage to.

MD Dad: Yes I will

Grandma: Ok


YB watches the prayer ceremony.

Grandma: JP ah, and my daughter-in-law, you must eat a lot.


MD and family return home. After his parents retire for the night, MD thinks about something that happened when he was younger.

MD Dad: JP ah, are you listening? It’s your favourite song.

MD: Why do JP Ahjussi and KS’s mum stay in the sea?

MD Dad: Maybe they like it there. No matter how hard I look, they seem to have hidden very well. I can’t find them at all. MD ah, we must treat KS well from now on. Don’t let her feel lonely, and don’t let her cry. Understand?

MD: Yes

MD walks out of his house to look for KS.


YB comes out of the bathroom to see KS going out alone and wonders where she’s going so late at night. He follows her, and MD just misses them. YB watches KS swimming in the sea, and recalls what she said about the sea feeling warm and comfortable, just like her parents’ hugs. YB then recalls something of his own.

When he was younger and still training as an idol, NJ invites him to go to a club after dance practice. YB declines and says that he wants to go home because it’s his father’s death anniversary. He arrives at his mother’s house and she is surprised to see him.

Mum: YB ah, why did you come before informing me?

YB: I came immediately after my training so I didn’t have time to call. It’s raining. (starts to go into the house)

Mum (stops him): Wait a moment. YB ah..

YB: What’s the matter?

Mum: I have a guest over.

YB: Guest? How come? (sees the stepfather in pyjamas)

Stepdad: Who’s that to see you so late? Ah, so you are YB!

YB: Don’t you know what day it is today?

Mum: What?

YB: Who is that person?

Mum: YB… that… can we talk about this later?

YB: I’m leaving now.

Mum: YB…


YB walks in the rain and cries. He suddenly sees Adult KS standing in front of him.

Scene cuts to Adult YB looking at Adult KS, who has finished swimming and is now standing on the rocks in front of him.

Adult YB walks to Adult KS and hugs her. KS is surprised. Adult YB starts crying and nestles his head against KS’s face. KS doesn’t push him away and YB hugs her tighter.

KS walks to Young YB and hugs him and comforts him.


End of Ep 4


Ep 5 Preview:

MD: I like Kang Soon. I came back this time to marry her. But suddenly I don’t know how to bring it up to her.

MS: Kang Soon ah, let’s go… on a date.

KS: Why go on a date suddenly?

MD: Let’s go out and have fun, just like before.

KS: I think that the people we treasure... should stay by each other’s side. Thank you, Oppa.

MD’s dad: MD called and said that today’s waves are too dangerous to take a boat back home. So tonight he and Kang Soon will spend the night at (some other) island, and take the boat back tomorrow.

YB (shouting): Village chief!

KS Grandma: Oh my goodness!

MD: Kang Soon ah, am I somebody you treasure?

KS: Why is my heart beating so fast (as she sits on the bed)

Other patrons in restaurant (as YB pushes the door open): Oh my goodness!

MD: Kang Soon ah, can I confess to you with confidence?

KS: Oppa!


Just wanted to say that both YB and KS needed that hug. From each other. :wub:

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Agree @joonminfan the hug is needed by both of them. But I think the one really need it is YB. He doesn’t have anyone by his side.. he basically became an adult without his mother.. only with his fans and manager. I can imagine him surrounded by women that dressed up, well maintained, full of makeup. Now he‘s meeting KS who is totally the opposite, but very cheerful, helpful, and warm. No wonder KS can enter his life :) 

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That’s why the love triangle is a waste of time... let’s see her and Island folks help him heal and be able to eat the Delicious KimBap she makes for him :wub:

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