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[Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이


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Watch: Kim Ji Suk Is Shocked By Island Life And Jun So Min In Teaser For New Drama

by K. Lew



Oct 20, 2018
by K. Lew

Kim Ji Suk’s big city demeanor is hilariously out of place in a small island in a new teaser for his upcoming drama “Top Star Yoo Baek” (literal title).

The teaser begins with Kim Ji Suk as top star Yoo Baek on a boat in the middle of the ocean headed toward an unknown destination. In a flashback, reporters throw questions at him, saying, “Yoo Baek, did you drive under the influence? If you didn’t drive under the influence, why did you flee the scene? Did you get into a fight?” His manager urges him to lay low on the island for a few weeks until the scandal dies down.

It then shows glimpses of the slow island life that he encounters and his bewilderment at the kind of place he has to stay. This includes grandmothers, a grumpy Oh Kang Soon (played by Jun So Min), people eating with their hands, villagers staring at his pressed suit, village shindigs, and all sorts of other odd characters. Yoo Baek asks in shock, “This is where I’m staying?”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1248493wpp/watch-kim-ji-suk-shocked-island-life-jun-min-teaser-new-drama

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October 20 2018

Teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Top Star U-Back”


First teaser trailer added for upcoming tvN drama series “Top Star U-Back” starring Kim Ji-Suk and Jeon So-Min. The teaser trailer reveals that top star (Kim Ji-Suk) was involved in a drunk driving incident. The media is all over him and he decides to flee to a small rural island until things settle down.

Meanwhile, below are the first still images of Kim Ji-Suk & Jeon So-Min in the drama series. “Top Star U-Back” first airs November 16, 2018 in South Korea (takes over tvN’s Friday 11PM time slot after “Big Forest“).


MORE http://blog.asianwiki.com/korean-dramas/teaser-trailer-for-tvn-drama-series-top-star-u-back

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이 - Kim Ji Suk, Jeon So Min & Lee Sang Yeob - Premieres on November 16th

First teaser and stills from Top Star Yoo Baek

by stroopwafel



The tvN rom-com drama Top Star Yoo Baek has released its first teaser and stills of the two leads, Kim Ji-suk (20th Century Boy and Girl) and Jeon So-min (Cross) in character.

Kim Ji-suk is top star Yoo Baek, an idol-turned-A-list actor and singer. He’s the type of person who was born rude and loves to show off his muscled body. Yoo Baek’s sense of self-regard and self-love is limitless; in other words, he’s a narcissist from head to toe. But a huge scandal forces our top star to temporarily relocate to a distant island where he meets Oh Kang-soon, played by Jeon So-min.

Oh Kang-soon was born and raised on a small island that’s largely been untouched by modern life—so no internet, smartphones, or TV reception. She’s not the most fashionable woman, but she’s tough, sweet, and a hardworking, filial daughter. Kang-soon is also famous on the island for her tenacity. When she meets Yoo Baek, she decides to embark on a project to change him into a better person.

The drama is billed as a romance that is a clash of cultures. Yoo Baek will turn over a new leaf and become a better person while he falls in love with someone who is his complete opposite in almost every way.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/first-teaser-and-stills-from-top-star-yoo-baek/

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Jun So Min And Kim Ji Suk Are Not Quite Love At First Sight In Teasers For New Drama

by C. Hong


tvN’s upcoming drama “Top Star Yoo Baek” (working title) has released stills of the first meeting between Jun So Min and Kim Ji Suk’s characters.

“Top Star Yoo Baek” is an A-list celebrity who gets sent to a remote island after causing a big scandal (Kim Ji Suk). He is then forced to adapt to island life and falls in love with a woman with whom he has absolutely nothing in common (Jun So Min).

The drama is directed by Yoo Hak Chan, who had previously worked on “Reply 1988” and “My Ear’s Candy,” and written by Lee So Jung and Lee Si Eun, who worked on “High Kick Through the Roof.” Kim Ji Suk recently took a leave of absence from his longtime variety show “Problematic Men” to shoot the drama.




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Watch: Jun So Min And Kim Ji Suk Clash In Hilarious Teasers For “Top Star U-Back”

by E. Cha

tvN’s upcoming drama “Top Star U-Back” has revealed an amusing sneak peek at the chemistry between its two stars!

“Top Star U-Back” is a new romantic comedy starring Kim Ji Suk as the titular U-Back, a narcissistic A-list actor and former idol. After causing some major trouble, U-Back is forced to lie low for a while, and he ends up leaving Seoul for a temporary stay on a remote island. While struggling to adopt to his new surroundings, he eventually strikes up a romance with the unsophisticated, tough-as-nails islander Oh Kang Soon (played by Jun So Min), with whom he has almost nothing in common.

In the first of the drama’s two newly released teasers, U-Back lounges in a relaxing bath in his luxurious Seoul apartment as a voice reassuringly insists, “U-Back, this will all quiet down. So rest up for two weeks, and then you’ll make a glorious return. Got it?”

U-Back’s stylish bathroom then fades away, leaving the star looking despondent as he sits in a decidedly unluxurious rubber basin. Sounding scandalized, he asks in voice-over, “I’m supposed to stay here for two whole weeks?”

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1252837wpp/watch-jun-min-kim-ji-suk-clash-hilarious-teasers-top-star-u-back

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Character teasers for Top Star Yoo Baek

by stroopwafel



Kim Ji-suk (20th Century Boy and Girl) is working those abs and Jeon So-min (Cross) is tickling my funny bone in the newest teasers from Top Star Yoo Baek.

tvN’s rom-com drama Top Star Yoo Baek is the story of a haughty and conceited top star named Yoo Baek, played by Kim Ji-suk, who is forced to seek refuge on a distant island following a big scandal. Jeon So-min plays his love interest, Oh Kang-soon. She’s a free spirit, but she’s not afraid to work hard and get her hands dirty when necessary.

In the first teaser, we see Kim Ji-suk luxuriating in a fancy bathtub as his manager voiceovers, “Yoo Baek, this will all die down. Just relax for two weeks then you can make your comeback. Got it?” The shot cuts to an unhappy looking Kim bathing in a big plastic tub in what looks like a kitchen. We get a good look at his new, decidedly humbler, lodgings as Kim voiceovers, “You want me to live here for two whole weeks?” The video ends with Kim checking out his new rubber bath tub and saying, “Unbelievable.”

In the second teaser, we see Jeon So-min sleeping and Kim Ji-suk begins to narrate, “Her name is Oh Kang-soon. I’m–” but is suddenly cut off by Jeon screaming at him while throwing rice (or is it salt, like how salt is supposed to ward off evil spirits?). We see Jeon looking frustrated, throwing a towel at Yoo Baek, and chowing down. As the teaser finishes, we get to see her showing off some adorable dance moves with spoons and chopsticks in hand. Kim watches her dance, and we hear him say, “I have to live with her for two weeks?”

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2018/10/character-teasers-for-top-star-yoo-baek/

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Jun So Min Transforms Into Naive Village Girl For New Drama “Top Star U-Back”

by C. Hong

Upcoming tvN drama “Top Star U-Back” has released more stills of Jun So Min and Kim Ji Suk.

“Top Star U-Back” tells the story of an A-list celebrity who is sent to live quietly on a remote island after causing a big scandal. There he meets a village girl with a completely different outlook on life and they develop a romance.

To prepare for her role, Jun So Min transforms into a young woman whose fashion choices are still in the 80/90s. The role is said to be similar to Lee Ha Na‘s in “King of High School” and Park Bo Young‘s in “Oh My Ghostess.”

As part of Kim Ji Suk’s character’s culture shock, Jun So Min’s character isn’t afraid to grab a squirming octopus with her bare hands, eats like a food fighter, and is generally unpredictable but bright and optimistic.

more https://www.soompi.com/article/1255955wpp/jun-min-transforms-naive-village-girl-new-drama-top-star-u-baek
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On 10/16/2018 at 9:25 PM, larus said:

Kim Ji-seok, reveals luxury abs ... Showtime top star transformation

This is a great motivation for me to check this out :lol:. Since it’s just once a week , surely I can add this in . 

Food truck support for jSM



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I hv never seen KJS ‘s work . Only know that he’s in Problematic Men with Ha Seok Jin. He’s such a joker . This is subbed . I’m looking forward to this even more now


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Kim JiSeok is close to his character Yoo Baek

He too was a former idol member (under the name Kim BoSeok -> his real name) . He was in the group "LEO" as the main rapper. But the group  disbanded after eight months.





Anyways, I'm looking forward to this drama. It seems fun :) 


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이 - Kim Ji Suk, Jeon So Min & Lee Sang Yeob - Fridays @ 23:00 KST - Premieres on November 16th

Kim Ji Suk spotted filming Top Star Yoo Baek



November 3 2018

Teaser trailer #4 and posters for tvN drama series “Top Star Yoo-Baek”


Teaser trailer #4 added for upcoming tvN drama series “Top Star Yoo-Baek” starring Kim Ji-Suk and Jeon So-Min. Meanwhile, here’s a main poster and 3 character posters for the upcoming drama series. The character posters are Yoo-Baek (Kim Ji-Suk), Oh Kang-Soon (Jeon So-Min) and Choi Ma-Dol (“Lee Sang-Yeob“).









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KJS is my new oppa crush . I started watching 20th Century B&G, my gawd - he’s the cutest & sweetest puppy there :lol::wub:


someone translated the posters 





Sang Yeob BTS

The leads to appear in TVN’s Amazing Saturday 




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Really looking forward to this especially after his last drama , I’m expecting some good kiss scenes btwn him & JSM. In their promotions , TvN gives a throwback to his drama I need romance 2.  So for those with 2nd lead syndrome there , you get to see him here again 



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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Top Star Yoo Baek 톱스타 유백이


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