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Kim Yunmi

K-drama/movie wishlists?

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We might have a few Korean scriptwriter lurkers? Who knows. But I thought this might be a good idea to have a thread like this so they can steal from us and maybe generally talk about the trends in dramas we like, both as domestic fans and international fans.

I still want after all these years:

A drama written by the Hong Sisters starring Lee Minki and Yoon Eun Hye on SBS, so we can get her on Running Man (OK, I know she said she wouldn't do it, but I suggested a few fixes for it and as a die hard fan of X-man and Running Man, I still want it.) Imagine the level of meta the Hong Sister could pull from that??? Even if not them... just that basic idea of those two actors on there. I dream about it. I think about it often. They watch Running Man... so I know it would be one of the best dramas ever. Plus both Lee Minki and Yoon Eun Hye have changed a lot in terms of acting styles. Both of them kind of need a stronger relaunch anyway.

A fair representation of Lady Hyegyeong. The patriarchy of Korea has consistently painted her as a demon and an evil woman. But I think this is totally unfair because she is the primary source for the inner workings of court life in the Joseon dynasty and really, Crown Prince Sado, did have what was considered incestuous affairs with some of the court ladies. The symptoms sound like an extreme version of Obsessive compulsive disorder, plus the drama of her family getting killed. Isn't it time to redeem her? Why not leave it as a question, rather than a direct answer as many dramas do. There is plenty of source material to go on... and the question of defaming, and the makjang implied is plenty to make a good long drama about it.

There are other Joseon ladies that were ahead of their times and feminist by today's standards. Don't we deserve their stories told too? I'm not a fan as a Korean of Saimdang who said things like (and I do want to curse her out as a fellow Korean woman) that a woman's place is in the home, not writing, etc. And I really, really want to strangle her. Can't we have the women resisting the patriarchy even as their world was collapsing after the imjin war? What about the roles of women who committed suicide after rape and their suicides... the aftermath on the ground, rather than in the battlefield? They must have had relatives. What was it like for the widows who suddenly had land taken away from them and their daughters? A few of Sejong's daughters also helped with Hangeul, but we rarely get their stories.

A movie about Sargent Keonsu Lee? or a drama? He's a police officer, now retired who worked his whole life reuniting adoptees with their birth parents, fought to set up a DNA registry, a department, etc. He's still alive, so you could get the rights. Imagine the catharsis and the ability to show the diversity of what it means to be adopted internationally. I'm an international Korean adoptee, so it would mean a lot to me if we got to see some range of our experiences on Korean TV so domestic Koreans could understand us better. (My favorite representation of adoption so far have been My Princess, My Father and Greatest Marriage [adoption adjacent])

The Wonhwa. I don't believe the Samguk Yusa on this... so what about a story about them? We have the Hwarang story, but what about the wonhwa? What happened? (Might be an opportunity to also talk about lesbians, too--but this might relegate it to JTBC.) Can include a fair representation of Mugyo also. (무교)

And personally, I miss some of the rom com heart pounders (Greatest Love), though I love the slice of life too. Can a heart pounder be made with feminism in mind?

I have to say I'm a fan of the #metoo stuff showing up in dramas lately. The clear and present consent, making fun of the wrist grabs, and talking clearly about feminism--makes me squeal and make me like the male leads even more. Also women kissing men. I also like at least the try towards representing disability fairly, even if it's not always on mark. I know Korea is limited on representing gay relationships and trans people. But my fellow Koreans stateside are glad to see the representation. (Otherwise I have another request about the love affair that happened in Sejong's time between a court lady and her servant. It has Korean makjang all over it.)

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Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo-Jin star in a Korean in a murder mystery comedy. Also staring Ma Dong-seok. Loosely based on a novel by Georgette Heyer, Ma Dong-seok is called to investigate the murder of a wealthy and not well liked man. The prime suspect is Gong Yoo, his financially dependent nephew who has washed out of a number of careers and has the strongest motive. Gong Hyo-Jin is a mystery novelist who lives next door and keeps trying to take notes on the investigation and crime scene. But is that her real motive, or is she trying to protect her married sister who has been seen with the murdered man. 

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손 The Guest Movie.






I hope that they bring in the same cast and give me that same feel again.

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