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The Lover 더 러버 2018 ???

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I watched this drama in 2015 

it was one of the best kdrama i had watched in 10 years

especially i like Takuya & Joon Jae couple, they didn't Had As Much Screen-Time as they worth

so i want to suggest to vote for new drama  only for them , do you think it's possiable ?

i know there's no  bl tv drama in korea...but maybe they need a push to to this with our help

if someone here have influence,and strong enough to lead this it could make a difference











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I have moved this thread from the k-dramas&movies section to the general discussion section. It's nice you would like to have a new drama for this drama. But the k-dramas&movies section is only meant for drama threads - upcoming dramas/movies and current dramas/movies.


Any other topics belong in the general discussion section.



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