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I just had a revelation this night!!! I listened to Taemin's singing "That I Was Once By Your Side" an i went to sleep thinking about what went through his mind while singing this.

And when I woke up I wondered why he was more relaxed and even very happy when he sang that song compared to before? That's when everything became clear in my mind. This time it's because he was singing this song to his fans and not to Naeun. From there 6 years ago he was forced and sad to have to get used to the idea that he could not freely date Naeun and that they could not be together. But now he sings this song to show his Fans that the story between him and Naeun is not over. Why would he choose to sing this song then? Maybe it's to tell the Taemints to not to get sick, to be happy, to meet someone else and that he'll never forget them. I think he is preparing the Taemints who really loves him but who doesn't like Naeun to not be disappointed and to be happy for him like him who will be happy for them.

At least that's my theory haha:lol: what do you guys think?

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New here but have been cheering on these two for some time.   I created an account to say have faith.  Time will make everything clear.  The next five years will either prove us right in our support o

I don't know whether anyone is gonna hate me for posting this, but you guys keep saying we shouldn't overreact and think every move of theirs is a hint. No one is thinking that. We're all just assumun

I've made this observation that I want to note here... it might be due to his position in SuperM and newly growing fandom, but Taemin seems to have truly re-adopted a "rookie mindset" when it comes to

5 hours ago, 얀나 Yanna Navales said:

If this is true, then wow


  Reveal hidden contents

It's about the female back-up dancer of Taemin




Her name is Yoo Jimin. 00' liner and 163cm tall HEOL

Rumored to be SM Trainee

Not sure if she really is a SM trainee.. She doesn't look like SM to me.. maybe Woolim or JYP or something lel

I'm not hating tho~


lel sorry kinda off topic



Am I the only one that feels uncomfortable when Taemin is watching her like that? She's still young. Even tho she's already legal age lel

I'm not saying this just because that girl is not Naeun xD Just saying my opinion

Lol yes i felt that same way too :sweatingbullets: but well it's proffesional he had to look at her that way even though she's really young:joy: but i think that she's a SM trainee too and they're trying to promote her before debuting a new girl group maybe?


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Another tribute to the international supporters.


Right before T plays the piano, this is the conversation between T and Y.


Y : T is practice-holic and greedy. I heard you practiced a song about 40,000 times. Trainees have their assignment songs. Which song did you practice the most?

T : I’m not lying(I am not flattering to Y, though you are the song writer) but Toy’s “once I lived by your side”. That, truly, I practiced the most. But I am not good at it. It is a really difficult song. (Audiences clapping)

Y : Did you pick the song by yourself?

T : It was so popular at that time among the trainees. Everyone tried the song.

Y : Really?

T : Really, real~ly. I thought it was made by SM. (Y laugh)

Y : Hahaha, please continue. Then, let’s turn back our time to 14 years ago.


Then he plays the song  with piano.


In 2016, Feb. T was on YhY's sketchbook as a solo. But he did not mention about this song. If he wanted, he could play the song then in front of the writer of the song. If he wanted to sing the song, it should have been in 2016 or before when he was on Sketchbook before. But he did not. After many years passed, he suddenly remembers the song he has practiced more than 40k times during his trainee period. Then, why did he pick this song now ? 


Also, during the Tumblr answer time on Feb. 11, 2019, right before YHY sketchbook recording, 


Q: Taemin!! Do you have a favorite piano piece? Please play the piano again for us someday! ;A; We love you!

T: The song I like to play on the piano recently is TOY’s Once I lived by your side.


So, the song is not from his old trainee memory. It is just what he likes to play RECENTLY.

This means, at the sketchbook, his story about the song is different from this interview.


Which one is the truth?


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I have the same thoughts as everyone here. After so many years of Taemin being uber careful, all of a sudden he is expressing himself as if to tell Taemints and Shawols to be prepared for the big news that will soon be revealed. There is just way too much evidence for it to be just a coincidence. 

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Better Naeun Day, Ending Talk


I thought it might be embarrassing. But, I am doing so smoothly today. I think I am now grown up. (Laugh) That is good,  right? I am expressing my feelings better these days, also to my fans. What do you think about it? (A : Great !) Though it will be even better... Sometimes, I have hard time. I wanted to cry in many oocasion. (Hesitating...) (Murmuring) (Hmmm...) But, every time... (just holding tears) This also I once told you, always I get strength from the fans' support. Letters and SNS messages you left for me. Then I look back about myself. I have this many fans supporting me. Then I come up to think why am I having hard time. I have this great support from my fans. (clearing some tears) (Audience shouts "Naeun, I love you") 


2:07  - 2:26

As long as you stand by me, I will be stronger and be the Son Naeun who will make you feel proud of me. (A:Waaaa) (She cries)(clearing tears and pause)



2:38 -  3:00

I am not such a great person, yet. Sometimes, I wonder why people love me ? Sometimes I think about this. Why do fans love me ? (laugh) I am so thankful that you continue to support me regardless of what.


I have given nothing to you. I want to have better relationship with you. I will try to be more expressive and you please tell me everything, good or bad. Also, please express me your hearts more. Ah, I am really sad... Why am I sad ? Today is good day, right ? Ah, I maybe strange person. Cry and then, laugh. Thanks for coming to my birthday event. I will not forget today forever. I wanted to invite more fans. I didn't think this many fans turn up. There will be more events.  How to make the closing ? Let's take a photo.



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@kara1810 yes unni i am thinking what u r thinking! Kyaa~:wub: i am also thinking of how taeun both are starting to be more open towards their fans like taemin oppa who keeps on mentioning his fans and now as well with naeun unni holding a fanmeet and expressing herself. Its as if they are slowly easing their fans for something. 


Also about that dancer with taemin oppa’s want, its been a while since we saw a girl dancing with him on stage after sunmi unni and koharu sempai :D and for me there is no chemistry at all for this dancer and oppa, just professional choreo :) maybe this is also a sign?? Letting fans see him with a girl?? To let them get used to it??? Lol! 


Aigoo my taeun couple! I wish for the day u both can show your love in the open :) 

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2 hours ago, chantaljaey said:




I'm curious why Naeun is in LA rn lel.

Is it still holiday in Korea?


I'm so excited for the ZPOP Dream concert :D Even APink is there <3



Been jamming to this song recently.. 

I like it. And the artist did a good job reviving this :D

Was not yet born when this came out xD


I'm trying to make a Taeun FMV using this song xD


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I just had to post this. Reason? The co-guest of Taemin on the show was a big fanboy of Naeun. Remember when he (Wheesung) guested in Weekly Idol back in 2013 / 2014 he was so shy being asked about Naeun as his crush. It's at 1:40.

At 2:06 Wheesung revealed how Taemin was public enemy number one in the (military) camp because lots of them liked Naeun so much.


Even in Blue Night radio broadcast, with Taemin's hyung (Jonghyun) as Host Wheesung admitted he liked Apink especially Naeun because of WGM.


Edit: I just realized I didn't put the link to the video! LoL:joy:  sorry.


Here it is. :smiley:


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I am watching key show surpring Saturday with taemin as the guest and one of the question was guessing song name. Psy’s New face came out and one of the MC guessed right then started to dance. Then TV showed MV with Naeun in it :lol: I know during filming this didn’t happen but I really want to see taemin’s face after this MC guessed right. But unfortunately he wasn’t part of the picture! 

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@chantaljaey this song is so beautiful and you can feel how sincere he is when he is singing in front of the writer. One of his fav and treasured songs. I didn’t realize the mistake was the part he did in last ep. didn’t he practice this song a lot before debut? I’m not sure if I understood this part correctly as whether he only practiced singing part or including piano. We know that he can play piano very well. Maybe he is very nervous in front of the MC who is also the writer of this song. He also said his goal this year is to collaborate with the MC. See how much he respects him and his work.  Maybe he and Naeun still talked abt this last ep moment :lol:

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If Naeun and Taemin are together and have been together for so long one of the main reasons why I think they havent been exposed is because they both somehow have such a strong relationship with Dispatch like all the time they get either group shoots or individuals shoots but like lately its been done alot now Taemin got its individual shoot by Dispatch literally 3 days ago and now we find out that Naeun also had a shoot specifically with Naeun on her fanmeeting 

 Usually the ones that have been exposed by Dispatch have never really had those kind of shoots with Dispatch as far as I know like taking example of Kai Ive never seen him having individual shoots or even group maybe with Dispatch so he has been exposed twice now by Dispatch so I’m seriously believing that because they have a strong relation with Dispatch and because Dispatch gets the benefit of having shoots with them they will not expose them? Like atleast for now maybe (if they are in fact in a relationship lol) but this can be my delulu only but that sounds pretty believable 

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The shoes and the SHINee world. :love:


The more I look at the pic it actually tells me that GET what you WANT (a TaEunian noticed this too on IG) and....


I feel like Nangnie was emphasizing the couple at the distance with that pearl aqua umbrella! Such a supporter for her Taeminnie. I love it!!! :kiss_wink: also... the pink flowers! LoL:lol: I am imagining too much now... Okay.. I'll stop. :ph34r:

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Naeun's GQ Interview, Oct/24/2018


I put this here because I think this is one of her best showing herself.


One mistake in the translation below. So, I do it for you, international supporters.


Q : What do you want other people not to expect from you?

N I am not always someone who is bright, joyful, and 'up'. I'm a bit reserved, but people might misunderstand. When members are up, I maintain my composure. Even though I'm laughing along. Umm, what should I explain?


Original :





Edited by soulofsnape
Added mistranslation part of the interview
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On 2/15/2019 at 10:33 AM, Stephanie Lim said:

Rewatched Idol Room again because it's just so hilarious. (1:50) I love how Doni couldn't stop staring at Taemin and told him "you don't look childlike anymore". I can't help but think...The look on Doni's face is the look of a proud uncle who is very happy that this kid finally grew up and is doing so well in life, have a serious and healthy relationship that is probably going to get more serious soon. Then... just as I was hoping for... Uncle Doni came thru for Taeunians!... he started telling a story and that story started with "We Got Married" and omg... Taemin's reaction! He had this look of surprise then relief because it wasn't about him! Hahahaha and his smile was so big.. I mean if someone told me a story, my normal reaction would probably to nod or look interested. But Taemin's reaction was the BIGGEST smile ever.. like he's remembering HAPPY memories! Ok I'm gonna go into the closet now and squeal until Music Bank comes on. 

Yes. I feel ya dear! Since Doni-Coni like Apink so much too we can safely say Doni knows about TaEun's relationship. 

The WGM thing got me too! ah jinjja~ :P not only he's remembering happy memories but it ain't just memories but it's actually recurring events in his life. His love life. :w00t: His only SON. And Naeun's one and only ACE. It's actually way exciting like this because if a recurring thing is happening you naturally get that very natural reaction. Like if you're happy, excited or sad it really shows. ^_^ 


On 2/15/2019 at 1:10 PM, Ali L said:

Im not able to log in again with my Facebook acct even the password was correctly entered. Anyways. The idol room was hilarious. I really enjoyed the Picasso time. He was proud of his Cinderella drawing like it’s the best ever lmao. 


Im hoping he can win a couple. This kid works hard:)


mommy son”sun” one made my day!

I am having problems too with my soompi account. :(


Until now that Cinderella drawing is really funny. The way he draw its dress! LOL :D and of course who wouldn't recognized Naeun and Cinderella. 


On 2/15/2019 at 2:16 PM, 얀나 Yanna Navales said:


  Hide contents

I feel ya~

I'm having problems logging in my account with facebook because they asked me to send an e-mail to the e-mail account that i use to login to facebook. but unfortunately, i forgot the password to my e-mail account and I can't recover it anymore because it needs a mobile number to recover it. the email has my old number and i don't have access to my old number anymore.. so i emailed soompi support

Hope I get my account back :(


Is Soompi having a site maintenance now? :huh:


On 2/16/2019 at 12:34 AM, Stephanie Lim said:

This is so true. Music is connected to our memories and emotions. Out of the songs he could have played... he chose this special song. This is the soundtrack of Taeun's lives!

  Hide contents

Notably, memories stimulated by music often come from particular times in our lives. Classic hits take us back to our teenage years and our twenties, much more than songs of later years. Psychologists have called it the ‘reminiscence bump’. It may work this way because this is an especially important and exciting time in our lives, when we are experience things for the first time and when we become independent. Everything is new and meaningful. Later, life becomes a bit of a blur. Music evokes emotion. 



I just want to share this. In my country there's this female celebrity where she found her dream man (they married last 2015 after being in an 8-year relationship with her S.O.) already. She released songs related to her and her journey of love. She's a singer (Toni G) btw. And there's this narration she had in the album, it goes like this...


"Music can move you in different ways and when you're in love it echoes the emotional chords of your heart. Once in a while you will bump into songs that speaks so much of how you feel and what you feel at that moment". 


Taemin singing it again speaks volume. He is hinting a SON after all. It echoes thru his heart so when he sang it was very soulful and memorable. 




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