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[Drama 2018] The Beauty Inside Drama Remake, 뷰티 인사이드


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@farishta wow, what a beautiful recaps you write dear, full of blown away words.. aah, love it, keep them coming :wub:


in assistant pd ig, he reply a comment and state that wrap up party will be held tomorrow. I guess they're still busy editing.lol.. what a rush production.

But i'm glad they dont do wrap up party till tomorrow, so we dont have to see some tired faces from the actors. 

From jeong biso and yoo depyo. Do you think they're secret couple guys? :lol:


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8 minutes ago, Nanana85 said:

From jeong biso and yoo depyo. Do you think they're secret couple guys? :lol:

That will be a shocking revelation!! It will surpass all the revelations made the whole series! :lol:

But that will be sooooo awesome! Now, we can say that everyone is happy and content in their world!

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6 hours ago, kdrmalover4444 said:


I actually get a strange hunch that the last scene will be like the movie, with many Segye one by one constantly changing, walk and getting closer to Dojae... remember the teaser when Dojae walk to the constantly changing Segye and finally hug her in Segye's form? kind of like that. :joy:

Daebak :open_mouth:

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So it's like the movie, HSG's transformation will be there but i need to understand what they're talking about before commenting further.


Her secret is only known by Woo Mi, Eun Ho, King Kang, Do Jae. How about Secretary Jung and Sa Ra? Do they know?

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Is everybody still alive? Lol! I think I lost my soul on that episode! I really laugh soooo hard! 

And oh my, @kdrmalover4444, you’re right with the ending! That’s awesome!

I thought for a while that the old lady that she helped cross the street is some kind of a fairy that will cureher! But, no no no! :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:


No other better way to say goodbye to our couple! Thank you sooo much to our writer. She did a very good job!!!


 I know it will be hard for all of us to detach with SG and DJ :bawling:


hey @aSHJfan, have you noticed OHY’s OSTs in the background??? I heard 2! Lol!!!

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6 minutes ago, Yasaman Asghari said:

Guysss its done, I’m crying :bawling:


Also I loved the flashbacks you guys and so glad Sae Gye got her happy ending. 

She accepted and found her reason why she kept changing and now she is not changing as much.

there was this part that she said its time for her to start being loved and giving love. She helped others feel love, comfort and Peace. So now its her time to enjoy all that.

gahhh Im Maeri is for sure talented writer. I can’t wait for her to start writing more dramas. :wub:

I wanna congragulate you all for passing this roller coaster with me :bawling:


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@Ponyo_mokona @aSHJfan @shjfan23

The ending on the movie is like the trademark and it's indeed befitting to ending the drama like that too..indeed it's lovely... :wub:

but I can feel the rush editing towards the end ahaha :sweatingbullets:. However, it is a lovely journey and I love every bit of the drama from the start to the end..


ahhh I feel so empty desperate2-onion-head-emoticon.gif 

because there will be no Segye and Dojae again for next week.. :bawling:

5 minutes ago, justright said:

How many times our segye couple kiss already? Did you all count in total?


I wonder too, there's time when it was buffer and maybe I miss some but I swear in this last episode alone I remember seeing 3 or 4 kisses of Segi Couple? I'M NOT COMPLAINING of course,I'm thankful..for them to just give us as much as they can. I might need it for science purpose haha.

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