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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Putting my two cents worth on why things did not work out with the ex and still won't.

I think that there are still many faucets that have yet to be revealed about their relationship. But based on what they have shown, I got the impression that they were just too different at heart from each other. 

If you think about it, she never really originally came from her ex's world. Her father was originally a journalist, so I am guessing that when she was very young, life was very nice and she was happy. However, as she has been pulled more and more into this other world because of her love for her father, part of her has wished or missed those times. Notice that the people she is really close to have been those who have known her since almost before her father went into politics. (Nam and the secretary) In her personal circle there is no one from the chabol or elitist world. 

For me the conversation with the husband when she first met him was telling. She was very straightforward and simple with her conversation, where he spoke in circles with her. Even towards the end when he mentioned that she was his style, he was never straightforward. The Ex was speaking the language of the world he lived in which is full of double meanings and hypocrisy... something she clearly does not like nor understand. While he was interested in her, he was never able to reach her because he would not speak the language she understood. Thus unknowingly isolated her. 

Another problem, is that he never also acknowledged that she did not feel comfortable about the situation, nor did he try to make her feel better. 


This is in contrast to JH who is very direct with her and is very honest. She was impressed to find out later that everything he had told her in Cuba was true. Also, JH is very aware of how she must feel. He focuses on her feelings and makes them a priority. When they first met he kept reassuring her the whole time and kept insisting at the end he did not want to pressure her or make her feel like he had an ulterior motive. He motivates her to talk about her feelings and to do what she wants. She is the priority.


Could have her marriage with the Ex worked if he was honest with her? On one hand, it would have made her open up to him more. But he would have still needed to step up and protect her from his mother and worked to make her feel less lonely. He was never at one point her friend, like JH is. 


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Its been a while I posted in soompi. Watch this drama for SHK and now falling for PBG too. Now I understand all his hype as a young actor. All before this I always thought it will be impossible to top SongSong couple visual in DOTS but watching this drama until Ep. 5 just make me pinched myself. PBG looks sooooo good with SHK. What can I said with SHK she is just the work wonder every male lead can ever dream. She really rock this short hair. Her acting is so on point and it just look natural. PBG is growing in his role. Can you imagine confessed like that to your CEO. You really need extra extremely craziness of courage to do that. KJH just jjang. Its make my heart fluttering but at the same time nervous for them. I have a feeling the ex will doing something, he looks really mentally unstable and broke. Not sure its bad or what but he seems really love CSH. What happen in the past and now really hurt him. Can't wait for tonight episode.

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:bawling: I really dont cry often but the part when CSH talked to Sec Jang in her car about the situation being a bad timing broke my heart :dissapointed_relieved:


When she decided to just throw everything in the wind and agreed to the pre-relationship stage, I don’t know what to say.


Mr. Nam is quite true. You cant stop the flowers from blossoming. But why do I still feel so sad :bawling:


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i think the rating last night decrease a bit but the flow of the story is interesting last night episode was so nice with the ending of pre srelationship stage and tonight episode is kind of worry because of the witch mother inlaw i hope cha sohyun and jin hyuk will fight for their relationship...

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So since I'm still a beginner Korean student can someone please tell me if my ears are right, and JinHyuk and SooHyun are already being less formal in their speech?  I can tell they're still being polite, but I just finished rewatching and I didn't hear nearly as many "cho"s as much as I heard "na" in episode 5.  It just kind of makes me even more excited to think that they're getting closer in these small, but significant ways. :wub:

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