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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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1 hour ago, NongpeeP said:

I have just finished watching ep.3 with English Subtitle, free-spirit young man as KJH might do like that when he just feels for CSH.


From life background and all responsibility CSH has to her family, colleagues, and people around.... I truly understand what CSH should do in reality...even we are watching K-Series but it should be reasonable too.  


Two persons come from different family background and lessons learnt in life from age gap. 


Ps. In ep3: Poem in the book reflected KJH’s feeling of yearning. Let see whether CSH feel “yearning” too. 


Yes, SH and JH both have large barriers in their path of being together. But I think that the "Yearning" in the poem will be seen in the next episodes. Also, I think this is also where we are really going to see JH's stubborn side that was mentioned in the second episode. That once he likes something, he hangs on. So as JH hangs on to his love for SH, she will eventually give in. Because he will demonstrate to her that he will not crumble or allow himself to be pushed away like other most like would have been. 

Plus, the driver is clearly matchmaking with SH and JH... so I can see him continuing to create opportunities for them to see each other despite what she worried.

She clearly needs someone with her emotionally.



Though, I do have a question about the animation in the show. I feel that it is supposed to be symbolic of what is happening in the story...does anyone know what the whole deal is with the butterflies?

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Encounter/Boyfriend is keeping me guessing, I like it!:)





‘I came because I missed you, I wanted to see you’ - Jin Hyuk











SH – It is actually a little stressful for me because I am not use to these kinds of things.
JH – I think someone putting another person in their heart is a meaningful thing
SH – Honestly, I do not want to be involved with you.
SH – It is nothing.

JH – It is not like childish curiosity.
SH – Hey, Kim Jin-hyeok shi.
SH – Don’t come close to me from there anymore.




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i just realized, it would be interesting to see when SH decides she must protect JH (cindrella) from all evil..

that's the first time she will become aggressive and will emote.. and emerge as strong personality..

that would be fun.. seeing her going all out to save the boy


i hope she doesn't become the damsel in distress

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I liked the calm and simple way in which JH said what he feels.

The last two attempts were unsuccessful, but fun.

When, in the car, he said they clicked, and that that is their first day.:D

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15 minutes ago, leedonghaek said:

Someone posted the ratings on Twitter..9.25 last night. 

 Checking, too. Still no Naver Article on the Ratings


Ok....here is a tweet...went down but still high


Nationwide ratings peaked at 10.3%. Still 1st in both public broadcating stations and cable channels.

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26 minutes ago, aisling said:

Who else felt this shot was very intimate? 


I think it’s a sign that he wants to get closer to her but later CSH stepped back. This small gestures give a meaningful feeling for both of them

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks! :)
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Does anybody know the song that starts playing around 33:20? When they met on a pier? Is it an existing song or is it a part of OST?

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Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Park Bo Gum's straightforward confession towards Song Hye Gyo, "I miss you, that's why I came" 

1. [+2468,-174]
Park Bo Gum is such a straightforward person. What are they going to do with the visuals of Boyfriend? Bo Song are lovely. I'm supporting grape and peach. Tomorrow's going to be more interesting. How pretty will they be.. 

2. [+1789,-102]
Park Bo Gum's gaze at the end.. He's so good that my heart fluttered. 

3. [+1673,-63]
"I came because I miss you." It's crazy. Younger, straightforward men are the best. 

4. [+1054,-40]
Ending fairy Park Bo Gum. He creates heart flutters. ❤

5. [+867,-62]
Ah, it's so fun. My heart fluttered.

6. [+652,-192]
A drama that relies on 99% Song Hye Gyo's and Park Bo Gum's charisma. The script is too old, and it lacks details. They called it a traditional melodrama.. If not for the actors, it's not even as good as the novels on the internet. 

7. [+632,-331]
I was disappointed with the first episode, but I thought it was interesting in the 2nd. I thought I was too hasty in judging it. But the 3rd episode.. Ha.. What are you doing, scriptwriter? It's stale.. 

8. [+500,-138]
Is this the scriptwriter's fault? When did the two fall for each other? When did their feelings develop? Viewers are supposed to get immersed in their lines naturally, but...... when he said he missed her.... "Why is he suddenly like that?" That's what I thought. 

9. [+509,-149]
To be honest, if not for Park Bo Gum's face, this line is ridiculous..... Why do I feel sorry for Bo Gum......... Scriptwriter, please write it well.... 



Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Cha Hwa Yeon towards Song Hye Gyo's scandal, "Get Park Bo Gum to quit the company" 

1. [+1180,-42]
Park Bo Gum is totally a straightforward man. He could save Soo Hyun with his honesty. 

2. [+467,-6]
Today's story is sad. Don't do that to Jin Hyuk.... 

3. [+400,-23]
What's this... I didn't like it, but I was smiling.... "I miss you"

4. [+190,-21]
I really like the actors and my heart fluttered. But the story lacks details. I want to keep watching it, but I hope the writing is better than this. 

5. [+190,-21]
Add one more scriptwriter to this. Actors may begin this drama well, but from now on, it depends on the scriptwriter's abilities now. 

6. [+227,-97]
I wouldn't watch this if not for the actors.... The biggest problem of this is the script.... It's old, cliché and childish. 

7. [+132,-6]
My heart fluttered at the ending with Park Bo Gum. 

8. [+111,-3]
At the end, he said, "I miss you, that's why I came" Jin Hyuk being straightforward is so cool. My heart fluttered so much. 


The objective good news is that there are MORE positive comments with the corresponding upvotes than negative comments.
The negative comments revolve around the lack of details on the part of the scriptwriter. This is in relation to the viewers' questioning the lack of evidence of the two developing feeings for each other and although it was not explicitly said, questioning the confession of KJH at the end. I have a lot to say about this in the my next posts. This would be a good topic to discuss.
Others really have to do with genre preference as I've said several pages back.
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Song Hye Kyo’s acting captures the hearts of viewers.

Even if a storm is blowing in her life, she accepts it as if she has always been. A woman who is not accustomed to expressing feelings at all, but is accustomed to endure alone. Her appearance makes her heartache worse. 

Song Hye Kyo is an act of capturing the hearts of viewers with their deep sensitivity and delicate acting. Her expressive power, which gives a lot of talk with only one eye and one expression, focuses on the house theater and brings immersion. In the third 'Boyfriend' broadcast on December 5th, the performance of Song Hye-kyo made the hearts of the viewers shine.


Song Hye - kyo is making the drama more enriched by infusing emotions into the story of Cha Soo Hyun. A delicate act that does not miss one small thing, such as a hand that pretends to be cool, but feels anxious, a calm eye that presses emotionally, and a voice, calls for the emotions of viewers. So I could feel the loneliness of Cha Seo Hyun. Song Hye-kyo, who fills up the screen, and her acting, which reflects the emotions of her boyfriend, are making the audience cry for their hearts and see the drama.







Sorry, the trans mainly was from google:P


@aisling i thought that scene was very intimate too

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Um... so the angst has definitely arrived. And it's only ep 3!


I was kind of surprised that the opening scenes were with SH vs Team Evil Moms. I know they've been portraying SH's dad in a more sympathetic light. And it's clear that SH is really only enduring all this because she really loves her dad, not for her mom's ambition. But it makes you wonder, how "good" is her father when he must know the extremes his wife goes to use their daughter for personal advancement. I suspect that when the time does come that SH realizes her happiness also has worth and she finally stands against her parents, thus "risking" her father's political career, her father will likely be more forgiving than her mother. But still, turning a blind eye to his daughter's unhappiness when he is at the center of the reason for her current circumstance is just as bad.


I wonder about the pacing for this story. It's only ep 3 and we're already heading head first into the deep end of Angst. And the conflict is the more typical family/power drama, which usually appears in the middle of the story-arc in dramas as that FINAL hurdle to happily ever after.  And while SHG and PBG have definite star power, surviving a dragged-out evil mother-in-law plot throughout the entire series with high ratings will be tough. So fingers-crossed that the writer is playing a long-game. 


In terms of foreshadowing, I think there will likely be an incident with her sleeping pills, possibly an OD situation during some moment of extreme turmoil, or an accident, like what almost happened in ep 1 before JH caught her. Her dependency has been on display since ep 1, and was highlighted by the driver in their exchange in her room and his look of disapproval. Or maybe I've seen too many kdramas. The foreshadowing just seems so blatant, no?


I'm not sure if her ex, JWS, will turn evil or not. I could see it going both ways. I really hope he does not go bad, as it would be more refreshing that way. And instead, they end up as friends and working together to help each other to break free of their mothers' grasps and live their own lives. I feel like JWS is a rather sad character. He likely felt like he connected to SH because of their similar circumstance, and chose to let her go because of his love for her as he was powerless against his mother to do otherwise. I hope that his feelings for SH do not turn into possessiveness, like his mother. Rather, that through his feelings for SH, he is able to finally stand up to his mother in the way he should have when they were married. 


Finally, I know everyone seems to be fawning over JH's sudden confession, but honestly, I think one of my favorite moments was when he rang her doorbell and she opened the door, and he freaked out and made up a random excuse about wanting to take her to eat this soup. Such an obvious lie, and you know she could tell, because it was so absurd. But he was looking SO nervous and desperate and sincere. SH just smiles gently and plays along. One thing I noticed was that in this scene, the camera focuses on their feet, panning from his sneakers to her slippers. Then again under the table later at the restaurant. The closeness of their feet under the table after his confession just got to me, and was THE favorite moment of this episode for me. The way one foot slowly shifted in her direction, almost earnestly yet cautiously.  It was so brief, but SO intimate for some reason. What a nice, subtle touch by the director. Then in the preview for ep 4, you see on of her feet move away from his. There has been such an emphasis on the characters' feet/shoes as a reflection of their feelings since ep 1, from SH's heels, walking barefoot, to her sandals. I hope the show continues to utilize this symbolism as an ongoing thread through the show. 


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1 hour ago, aisling said:

Does anybody know the song that starts playing around 33:20? When they met on a pier? Is it an existing song or is it a part of OST?


I asked this question today, too, because it is such a great song.  It was also played in the first episode.  Hopefully someone knows!

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