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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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âEncounterâ Soars To Double-Digit Ratings In Impressive Time, âThe Last Empressâ Follows Closely

“Encounter” Soars To Double-Digit Ratings In Impressive Time, “The Last Empress” Follows Closely

Nov 30, 2018
by E. Kang

tvN’s “Encounter” has surpassed 10 percent in viewership ratings in just two episodes!

For its November 29 episode, “Encounter” recorded 10.3 percent with a peak at 11.9 percent in viewership according to Nielsen Korea. It was first in its time slot again across both cable and public broadcasting channels.

Not only did “Encounter” hit this milestone in impressive time, but its November 29 viewership is also already the eighth highest rating in tvN drama history.

Among tvN’s target audience of those in their 20s-40s, the drama marked an average viewership of 6.3 percent with a peak at 7.2 percent.

SBS’s “The Last Empress’ also saw high viewership, recording 7.6 percent and 9.3 percent during its November 29 broadcast. First among dramas airing on public broadcasting channels, it hit a peak of 12 percent. Among those in their 20s-40s, it brought in ratings of 1.8 percent and 2.8 percent.

MBC’s “Children of Nobody” followed with viewership ratings of 3.9 percent and 4.7 percent, while KBS2’s “Feel Good to Die” recorded 2.8 percent and 3.3 percent.

Check out the latest “Encounter” episode below!







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OMG ive never agreed more with knetizens before. Park Bo Gum is sooo sooo good looking that its sooo distracting whenever he smiles and OMG he keeps smiling every few minutes i hate it!! :joy: The whole 2 episodes were like CF of PBG smiling. All I could think of while watching from the lady buying apples was that oh yeah if ive ever seen a good looking guy like PBG trying to sell me apples i'd definitely buy it HAHAH orr when he was introduced to the office saying he was the most handsome guy out of new interns i was like yep yep couldnt agree more orrr when knet say why would a president go after a new intern i was like dude if an intern is THAT good looking like PBG who wouldn't?? 


But putting his look aside, i dont think hes portraying very well the character. Its just soo.. awkward - whatever the jin hyuk did from talking to his parents to friends to Song Hye Kyo. Everything the guy did is just awkward (plus normal people dont smile that much lol) except for when he got drunk that was GOLD! Since im a fan of PBG im blaming either the writer or director cause he did soo well portraying different characters in the past, while jin hyuk is supposedly an easy character. The character is not innocent but naive for giving an interview like that seriously though how can he can get a job with that?


Talking about Song Hye Kyo, shes beautiful as always! From Won Bin to Kang Dong Won to Hyun Bin to Jo In Sung to Song Joong Ki to Park Bo Gum she has worked with ALL of them but its pretty amazing how she looks good pairing with anyone. But again the writing man. Cant they put more effort effort in the conversations between JH and SH instead of having them smiling at each other and the odd music in the background? Like the scene at claw machine was so cringe, awkward and no chemistry at all. The only scene i like was when they were drunk their acting really saved the script honestly.


I feel like this drama is kind of slow and gives a vibe of Noona who buys me food, which I dropped after a few episodes. So these 2 are types of drama that people either hate or love. But with Encounter since I love PBG so much I can only hope that the drama and script and his acting as well as SHK's will get betterrrrr. Because ill defs keep watching bc of their visuals hehe.

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I think i missed the paparazzi article last night. Surprised to see this part coming. But it's make sense since CSH popular as celebrity in this drama. This paparazzi article sure be the main topic in episode 3.

The preview of 3rd episode, really make me curious. Looks like CSH's ex-husband really love CSH that's why in the preview he seem to follow CSH and KJH and he see CHS smile make him a little upset maybe or he should be happy seeing the girl he loves found her happiness??. Also in the preview CHS said she won't let her mom sell her again, looks like those two ahjumma really need to stop to pair CHS and her ex-husband. On the top of that I'm so curious about how the PR team reaction after saw the article, the guy in the article is KJH.

Have to wait for 7 days to know what will happen next. 


The 2nd episode reach two digits rating, daeebaaak. And the knetz reaction also funny, well the second episode really fun to watch no wonder everyone take it in fun way 


@twtwb i really like your review. Count me in as your fan ❤️

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Hi everyone, same like most of you, I have watched ep 2 already. 


Bo Gum with his priest-monk-like aura has unleashed his full power in ep 2! So, being adorable is his secret weapon talent huh! I've only watched a full drama of his in reply 1988 but I was on team Ryu Jun-yeol. 


Read many comments above that he doesn't drink... so he has to practice a lot for this role... if I'm the director, I would just ask him to drink some wine and then no acting is needed since he would be easily intoxicated.


Watching their ramyun scene, Bogum makes me want to slurp noodles too. He makes it look so delicious. I can't generate feelings for him but being in my 30s close to SHK's age, I kind of watch him like a kindly godmother or elderly senior, wishing that my son can smile brightly like him too. He is indeed like his name, a precious sword of Korea.


SHK's dead face in ep 1 and 2 are on purpose, she is dead inside. She hates the media attention but wants to fulfill her family's direction as a politician family. Even her marriage was a duty for her. I can understand how she can't trust anyone. Meeting Bogum must be the best thing that happened to her. He doesn't know who she is and she must appreciate that deeply. 


The saddest thing (and I may get the dreaded second lead syndrome for this) is, I read in the character summary that her ex-husband loves her so much and decided to divorce her because he was the only one who could make this decision, so that she can be happy again. I don't think there was any third party. He loves her, he married her but everyday seeing her dead face, he knows it is not the end solution. What a great man. I hope she eventually finds out about his true intentions and feelings. Maybe his mother (her mother-in-law) is evil, but he sacrificed his reputation to give her an exit. 


Lastly, I'm really curious about SHK's lipstick shades. All of them. I want to go out and give them my money right now, just to get all colours. How does she get it so correct for her face? Muted pink, bright luscious pink, gentle sweet pink... it's all a little different and yet so beautiful in each scene. I'll be looking out for articles or information on her makeup as there is bound to be.  

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38 minutes ago, 122am said:


The saddest thing (and I may get the dreaded second lead syndrome for this) is, I read in the character summary that her ex-husband loves her so much and decided to divorce her because he was the only one who could make this decision, so that she can be happy again. I don't think there was any third party. He loves her, he married her but everyday seeing her dead face, he knows it is not the end solution. What a great man. I hope she eventually finds out about his true intentions and feelings. Maybe his mother (her mother-in-law) is evil, but he sacrificed his reputation to give her an exit. 



I kinda have a soft spot for the ex-husband after reading his character description. Seems like he does love her. 

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Really appreciating all your insights on the drama! The past 2 nights have been sleepless nights for me because of livestreaming, a failed attempt at live recapping as I simply could not take my eyes off each scene in the drama and then still staying up further to check tweets, IG posts, blogs, and Naver articles to feel the pulse of the viewers. And then waking up early to check the ratings. I feel like a zombie now but a hyped up zombie because of the heart-fluttering scenes of our leads and the historic ratings. 


Boyfriend is NOT a hollow drama. It is a nuanced one (very much so...hence, I can't understand comments like the story is so-so because it is not) It needs to be chewed and digested. You need to rewatch the episodes because it is very easy to miss out on some important elements that were used to help us get to know the characters and to build up the beautiful narrative. 


I need time to put my thoughts together regarding Episodes 1 and 2 the but the first point I would like put across is the use of a deliberate "pattern" (a very good one which I don't encounter in other dramas) from the promotion to the airing of the drama:


From the teaser photos to the teaser posters and teaser videos up to the airing of the first episodes we have the following:


1ST  Introduction of Cha Soo Hyun

2ND Introduction of Kim Jin Hyuk

3RD The Fateful Encounter (which will bring about a change in the lives of each one)







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6 hours ago, ardently said:

This is a test on how great these two actors are.


I think you meant this is a test on how MATURE the audiences are?


It's clearly all in the mind about the relationship stuff in reality, isn't it? I don't see PBG acting awkward  at any point of time. He's just so natural and obviously he has taken SJK's advice to act without burden. As for SHK, she couldn't be more adorable. At some point, you could feel her laughter is so genuine. They have been in the industry for so long. I'm sure they can differentiate between reality and acting professionally. It's the audience who can't; who carry the images of wife and husband's best friend acting together. No problem for me. It's just another beautiful lead couple taking on their respective roles, earning their keeps. I hope there will be kiss scenes because for them to be professional actors, these scenes are unavoidable and realistic too.


Reiteration: It's the audience who are burdened. They can only enjoy the drama if they put down the self-imposed burden.


For me, I love their chemistry and I have no qualms about their combination. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo are acting and this doesn't constitute betrayal in any form. I'm enjoying the drama immensely.  I just love PBG's drunken scene totally! He's just too cute! And SHK is no less adorable when she's drawn into it.... :D

And I love their dancing scene too! It exudes light-hearted, giddy moments when 2 people are attracted to each other and are excited and happy being together.



As for the comments about "boring" SHK's expression- let's recap the characters again, shall we?


“Boyfriend” will tell the story of Cha Soo Hyun (played by Song Hye Kyo), a woman who has never been able to truly lead a life of her own. As the daughter of a prominent politician, she is forced into an unhappy marriage with the heir to a wealthy conglomerate at a young age, and she eventually ends up getting divorced - so I guess she should be smiling happily like an idiot under such circumstances where she is the sacrificial lamb? This happens when people don't read and are quick to judge her acting. 


Cha Soo Hyun’s life changes unexpectedly when she happens to meet Kim Jin Hyuk (played by Park Bo Gum), an ordinary, innocent young man who knows how to find happiness in the small things -  I'm happy to see her relaxing and definitely smiling when she's doing stuff with KJH. Her expression obviously is in tandem with the requirements for each plot development. 


The heart-wrenching romance between the two, who appear to have nothing in common, ends up wreaking havoc on both of their lives - 

well, I'm hoping that we'll have a good ending to wrap up this "slow-paced, heart-fluttering romance"  between two such cute and beautiful persons. The PD seems a jovial and nice guy. He can't fail us.....lol.


"Different people meet and fall in love. Everyone sacrifices something (to keep their love) and feels happy when they do so. The drama focuses on that courage" - PD.

Well, I admire PBG and SHK for their courage in doing this drama together, knowing the reservations that some people have regarding their connections to SJK. They're willing to share a beautiful romance through a chance encounter with us, with all their ups and downs, and I'm so ready to be drawn into their beautiful love story.


Thanks for all the updates, comments and sharing of drama-related news and ratings. It's a very good start, I'd say.   :)



I can't thank you enough for all your passionate contributions and staying up to update all. You're just too awesome! Your dedication is admirable.  :)







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22 hours ago, bluehibiscus said:

About the age comments, SHK does look older than PBG but isn't her character supposed to be older than PBG?

You are right.  SHK has been married and divorced and PBG is an adventurous, carefree guy.  His warm personality will melt her cold heart.

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Just watched episode 2 and was very happy on the development of the drama.  Now, they are really acting.  I can already see the growing chemistry between them.  Good actors are always trustworthy.  Sometimes, negative comments help the drama, too.  It makes the actors work more and try their best to live with the audience's expectations.  Of course, to die-hard fans like me, it doesn't matter if there are flaws in the drama.  I just want to see Park Bo Gum and that will make my day.  But this time, no more romantic fantazies like what I had with Kim Yoo Jung and him in Love in the Moonlight.  

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A lot of depth of insight! Must-read! Please comment.


Boyfriend: Episode 1

by Lollypip




One word: gorgeous. tvN’s new romance about a pair of lonely souls who find each other in an unlikely place is absolutely breathtaking, whether you’re talking about the cinematography or the wistful, dreamy feel of its story. These two already have a lot to overcome if they’re going to be together, and I predict that it will be equally lovely and painful to watch.







What a lovely drama this is looking to be. I particularly enjoy the slow burn of the story — this first episode felt unrushed and languid, as if there’s a tale to tell but no hurry to tell it. The cinematography was absolutely breathtaking, with saturated colors and soft edges combining to create a dreamlike feel, so dreamlike in fact that I nodded off once or twice while watching. I mean that in the best possible way! There’s nothing boring about Soo-hyun and Jin-hyuk’s romance, it’s just that the show has this relaxing quality to it that made me feel pleasantly comfortable. I know it’s too much to hope that things will feel the same after leaving Cuba, but I really hope the show finds a way to continue the magical aura now that our hero and heroine are back in Korea.


I really have high hopes that the director will continue to tell a lovely visual story as well as a lovely romantic one, because the way that colors and camera angles were used to create certain moods was just masterful. The scenes in Cuba were rich with warm colors and soft lighting, while the scenes of Soo-hyun’s unhappy home life were washed out and sharp. This was used to particularly dramatic effect when Soo-hyun was watching the sunset and remembered her life back home, and suddenly everything went from comfortable and cozy to stark and cold. It’s rare that a drama moves me as much from the visual artistry as the acting and story, but I think this will be one of those dramas.




That’s not to say that the story and acting aren’t great, and goodness knows that our leads make a strong contribution the visual impact of Boyfriend. Both Song Hye-gyo and Park Bo-gum are ridiculously beautiful, but more importantly, they’re experienced, nuanced actors who know how to build a scene around a feeling or a significant moment even when there’s no dialogue. In fact, Soo-hyun and Jin-hyuk seem to be the sort of people who don’t use many words unless absolutely necessary. And that gets me as excited about this show as anything else, because nothing is more lovely than watching two people who don’t need to talk to fall in love.


Aside from the beautiful look and feel of the show, I found myself drawn to the characters relatively quickly. Part of that is my admiration of Song Hye-gyo and Park Bo-gum as actors, but the characters themselves are just incredibly interesting people. Jin-hyuk is not wild and irresponsible like I was anticipating after hearing the character descriptions, but instead seems to be very wise and insightful, but a little insecure and with different priorities in life than the mainstream. Soo-hyun is quiet and reserved, always doing what’s expected of her and never rocking the boat… but that seems to be more a product of self-preservation after living her life in the spotlight (including her disastrous marriage) than her true personality. There were moments when she showed great insight, like how she knew that Jin-hyuk wouldn’t take money from her, or her mostly-hidden wicked sense of humor, such as when she threatened to fire Secretary Jang for not hanging out with her. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Soo-hyun’s true personality blossom as Jin-hyuk’s carefree and open nature begins to influence her.


I can already tell that these two are going to break my heart in all the most painful and wonderful ways. They liked each other so much on the night they spent together, but they each also showed a lot of insecurity and uncertainty, too. That first scene at the airport was awful, the way it was so obvious that they were happy to see each other but too nervous or scared to admit it. Thank goodness Jin-hyuk figured out who Soo-hyun is, and he may even be her employee soon, but I’m afraid of what the future holds once they realize what a huge social and financial chasm stretches between them. Their love story will be epic and painful, but I’m totally ready to dive right in and see where this takes them.






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Is "Do you have any money?" the new pick up line to get a boyfriend? ;)

I was enticed to watch just for the pretty lead actors alone but thankfully it also has a beautiful story and the cinematography is just :astonished:

While thinking about dramas like Boys Before Flowers, I wished there's also a drama where the girl is the rich one while the boy is the poor one. For example a love story between a princess and her knight or an ojousama and her butler lol :P  In here it's a heiress and younger man commoner.

I like CSH. I think she's very cool. I was pissed when her mom said that there's no one who will fall in love with her. When the date photo leaked, I was worried for our 2 leads but I was also happy imagining the reactions of the mother and mother in law. I was like yeah take that, CSH can have a great time too too coz she's with a person who can make her laugh.

About KJH the "future-boyfriend", I love his nice personality. It's cute that he's giddy like a fanboy whenever he's with CSH.  I love the gender role reversal. This time the boy got the stuff toy from the girl lol. Im sure his life will never be as peaceful again as she got involved with CSH but I trust that he will not avoid her but in contrary will continue to be her friend. His friend also said that he's the stubborn type.

Some complained that the drama is slow but I actually appreciate these types of dramas more. The leads' interactions are heart fluttering and I just found myself smiling watching them.:wub:

PS. It seems that this is the third noona romance drama Im watching this year. What they all have in common is the nice and sweet but persistent younger male lead. Im so blessed. :blush:

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