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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Seems like veteran actor Moon Sung Geun (Life, Falsify, Burning, 1987) and Shin Jung Keun (Mr. Sunshine, Pinocchio, The Pirates) will join Boyfriend too.

cr. dc gall boyfriend


- Moon Sung Geun -



- Shin Jung Keun -


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Kwak Sun Young (Dear Judge, My Palpitating Life) will join Boyfriend too. She's known as musical actress.



"Block B" P.O (Temperature of Love)



Don't know her name :(



All cr. dc gall boyfriend / as labeled / to the owner

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From this news, Boyfriend first script reading is today! :w00t:






@enigmatic_zephy I don't know whether kyo's character in here a career woman or not. I just know she's divorced woman with a child. I think only her ex husband who is a career man and I don't think she will seek out a relationship with another man soon after what happened with her marriage. Her marriage was a marriage of convenience for her politician father.

Her relationship with Bo Gum maybe will just happen naturally.

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3 hours ago, princessfiana said:

Oh so they will start film after script reading?

If this drama airs in Dec, so that means tvn will complete all film before it broadcast?

It will air in November. According to DC, filming will end in January 2019.


@roli I think I will suspend my judgment about the drama until it airs and will wish it all the best. I have read from fans that SHK that she is very careful in choosing her projects and as a Bogum fan, I know and have read from interviews that he reads the script offers thoroughly and carefully chooses his roles.. The synopsis published in articles may at first glance sound "clicheish" and the writer's track record as far as dramas are concerned make us wary but SHK and PBG may have seen something in this drama that we viewers are not privy to enough to take on the project. Let's wait and see.

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