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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Hi everyone. This is my first time posting in Soompi thread. I just really wanted to express my appreciation of this drama (masterpiece, actually) and the people who have kept the thread alive. 


I have watched korean dramas for quite a long time. I've been a fan of Song Hye Kyo since time immemorial. I tried NOT to watch the series, initially. My heart was broken from the SongSong divorce and the rumors that it was because of this drama made me think twice (thrice, n times) before watching the drama.

It was a masterpiece. It is an aftwork. The words, the scenes, the music, the drawings/paintings. Ot was more than just a drama. It was an experience. It was like an invitation to a world where true love actually exists. It makes you believe in love, again.


After watching the drama, I can't help but ship Hye Kyo and Bo Gum. Somehow, I can see Hye Kyo in Cha Soo Hyun. It was likr a foreboding of what will happen. And somehow, it gives you hope. If Cha Soo Hyun found herself a Jin Hyuk, maybe, just maybe Hye Kyo will. I cant help but pray that Bo Gum will be there/is there while she's nursing a broken heart. Maybe not now. Maybe, in a few years. But i cant help but pray for the two of them.


The poem of Kim Gwang-Seop really encapsulates the essence of Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk's (and hopefully, Hye Kyo and Bo Gum's) love story.

Among a multitude of stars,

one stares down at me.
Among a multitude of people,
I stare up at that one star.
As the night grows deeper,
it fades into brightness
and I disappear into darkness.
Where, when,
as what will the two of us…
you, one so warm, and me, one so tender,
meet again?

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@k.tiu628 I don't ship Kyo with Bo Gum  but I really wish, Kyo would find her Jin Hyuk someday. Someone who truly loves her als her true person, who is free minded, who doesn't care about her past, her fame and all the rumors around her. Someone, who just wants to stay by her side, no matter what comes. He doesn't need to protect her. She is a very strong woman like Cha Soo Hyun. Just someone who can unterstand her, cheer her up and help her to find and accept her own happiness. Just like Jin Hyuk in Encounter.

I love this drama so much. It's really a masterpiece. It's pity that not many people treasure it. For me it's soo beautiful and unforgettable.


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12 K-Dramas Worth Watching Again And Again


Sometimes, it's hard to move on to new shows when you're still not over the ones you've watched. Here, we listed down 12 well-loved K-Dramas that are worth watching over and over again and where you can watch them!


Starring: Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Kyo
Where to watch: Viu
Why you should rewatch it: Here for the insanely adorable and hopelessly in love Bo Gummy. Also, that scene of him singing sweetly to a hungover Hye Kyo? #BoyfriendGoals


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