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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Cr: en_junio twitter


Hi friends, 


A request for help from overseas fans has come in from the Korean campaigners.


Petition event for release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD
We have started an event to petition the production company to reconsider the release of Encounter Blu-ray/DVD. 
We are planning on collecting (handwritten) letters from Encounter drama fans and delivering them to the production company. 
We hope many of you will join us in this event.
Event : 3/3 ~ 3/10 23:59
■ Check the link below for more information.
If you click on the link for gall.dcinside, you will see the English instructions further on in the post. 
In summary
1. They would like us to download the ' purchase order form ', write our names, sign and email it back to them.
Pw for zip file - 0124
If you cannot access the zip file, use the links below to download the pdf files instead.
A) petition form 
B ) instructions
Email address to send the forms to - 
2.  The Korean fans will print out all the signed petition forms and present them to Studio Dragon.  It is NOT a real order form and does not make us obliged to buy
anything :)
3. Please also include a short message at the NOTE  section - e.g. a couple of lines of pleas / reasons / threats (lol) to petition  studio Dragon to reconsider.


Deadline is 10th March 2359hrs, Korean time. 


Please pm @thepixies or myself if you have problems with the links .


Please help our Korean friends by sending the signed forms back to them and spreading the word to all your friends on social media who would like to help. 


Thank you everyone , let's support Encounter as much as we can !! 



Cr: DC gall



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006pwoP3gy1g0psg3xrnij315o15mdv8.jpg(credit in pix, weibo)


Today, I came across a heartfelt write-up about a scene in ep 11.  And here’s a clip of that scene if you need to refresh your memory or re-savour uri Soojin’s cuteness: http://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4345440192383096


Like the author, I ended up live streaming despite the intermittent connection and lack of subs.  All because pbg’s and Kyo’s acting drew me in.  This is a small review of a small scene in the drama, but for me it highlights how Encounter is an underrated gem. 


And now to shamelessly plug @applegirl2‘s plea.  

Please support!  Gamsahamnida!



(Credit: Bogummy今天发微博了吗)

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THANK YOU, @sandra_alam on Insta for publicising the new petition! 


If you have any trouble with the other links, do try this one - 


Save the file and annotate it. But remember to add a message to Studio Dragon under the Note section too. 


Mercy buckets! Domo arigato! Many thanks! 




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Just Dropping By to Share This Article...Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum both made it to the list...Honestly, JinSoo were breatingly beautiful and handsome in the drama...truly a feast for our eyes!


Netizens Picked 9 Celebrities with the Perfect Face That Looks Good in Every Angle


They would not have any angle problem to worry about.


Not only it's important for celebrities who are always been captured on camera but normal citizens too would be cautious of their angle when they take pictures. One could slowly find their own angle before taking pictures but celebrities won't have the luxury to do that when they are captured on camera and that would lead to a bad picture in the end if it wasn't a good angle for the celebrity. 


However, these are 9 celebrities named by netizens that look good from any angle that the photographers won't have a problem capturing a good picture of them. 


4. Park Bogum






6. Song Hyekyo






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I am still repeating Encounter.... now on the stage of concentrating on the voices (didn't watch just listen to the drama) and still head over heels crazy with Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk.. 


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@gumtaek the height difference, she is on her tippy toes even with those heels and he’s spread his legs to make it easier for her to adjust to his height. 


The BTS video is bittersweet, makes me realize that the DVD was never going to happen because the production company would never have allowed PBG’s staff to shoot such a video on the set and show it in a fanmeeting. 



Was watching Princess Diaries 2 today and I realized why the scene where JH gave the ring to SH in the film canister seemed familiar. When the Duke of Kenilworth, Andrew Jacoby proposes to Princess Mia they’re under a tree and he hands her the film canister with a ring in it. Andrew is shown to be a man of integrity and loyalty, who wants to help Mia retain her throne. 


Mia ends up marrying Nicholas Devereaux  who is also a  descendant of the Royal Family and through out the story attempts to assume and steal her throne. In all this Nicholas is aided by his pushy uncle, Viscount Mabrey.


I can’t help notice the parallels and the differences, a 21 year old Princes Mia chose Nicholas Devereaux over Andrew Jacoby. I wonder if she would still make the same choice today? 


Which also makes one wonder if younger SH had met both JH and WS around the same time -  they didn’t have the age difference and she wasn’t scarred by the memory of her first marriage , who would a younger SH have chosen?


I say this because I was 10 when I watched this movie and rooted for Mia-Nicholas and now 15 years later I would have wanted  Mia to end up marrying Andrew over Nicholas. 


JH and Andrew even use the same camera! A Nikon FM2n. Once again gobsmacked by the attention to detail and Easter eggs in this drama. 







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Now, this is so funny! :D


In the latest episode of SBS's 'Mom's Diary: My Ugly Duckling, veteran actress Kim Soomi and Lee Sang Min did a parody of Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk's 'Pojangmacha 10 cm. Scene!



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If SH will base her choice on attitude and personality, she'll choose JH.

But if she will use her head and thinks what would benefit his father's political career, she may choose WS.


All the while, the book of the Little Prince is just tucked in the bookshelf of ny niece. They are required to read it in their English subject. I was able to read it. When the right time comes and my niece is at the right age, its time to introduce Boyfriend to her . Letting her know the significance of the drama and the book to each other. So i think , having  a dvd is a must.

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On 3/17/2019 at 4:47 AM, ahdrianaa said:

The BTS video is bittersweet, makes me realize that the DVD was never going to happen because the production company would never have allowed PBG’s staff to shoot such a video on the set and show it in a fanmeeting

Aww they knew all along that a DVD would never see the light of day, so sad and infuriating.


Never realized how far apart his legs were until you pointed it out @ahdrianaa. I think the Sokcho hug scene was filmed during the terrible cold in Korea, wasn’t it like minus 16? I can just imagine how much colder it was since they were next to the ocean. And I cannot for the life of me make out the position of his hands. And where is the rolling camera? 


I miss the OTP, but to be quite honest, the cancellation or non production of the DVD really left a bitter taste in my mouth. Can’t help but hate the studio now.

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