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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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34 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

Since some complained that they couldn't have access... I am posting it too.

Cool. Appreciate your effort. 



34 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

her determination

I like this word determination to achieve one's dream.



Nature is leading him there. 

.... I love nature too. Looking at sunset, fullmoon, sound of waves by the seaside, snow can definitely bring peace n calmness.


And this is what presented to us as a  gift in the drama too.  :D



 In both events, we see natural phenomenons: snow and sunset. Nature is omnipresent and is a driving force for them.

..... Another beautiful analysis from @bebebisous33

Thank you and love you.:love:

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This is a new version of The significance of hands and feet (part one) posted on my blog.


 Here, this is what I changed.


In the same episode, just before they went eating, Kim Jin Hyuk stood at her hotel door and the director used two takings in order to point out that they were still in two different worlds. But at the restaurant, the situation has changed, KJH has decided to step up and be more active in his pursuit of our heroine.



episode 3





So only in the episode 5, KJH was able to take CSH’s hand again, when he proposed to have a some-relationship. It took him some time in order to come closer again… the gap between the two worlds was just so huge, however KJH was determined and persistent in his goal. Little by little, his hands got closer to hers again but it took some time:



episode 3: he repeats the same gesture, when she had to jump from the wall. Here he helps her to enter the truck.


episode 4 notice that his hands don’t touch hers yet

First, he had thought that he had succeeded after having spent the afternoon with her, nonetheless when he saw this :


Encounter JH photos moon and hands.png

episode 5

he got anxious that he might have failed. As you can observe, the picture on the right shows two hands joined together… and KJH had not been able to take her hand after his return from Cuba. That’s why he got worried… he knew that if he had touched her hand again, she wouldn’t be able to cut ties with him. 

And the break up is also reflected in the hands: In the episode 15 KJH tries to hold her hand but he fails as he can only grab two fingers.

episode 15

In a similar scene, he tries again to hold her back but this time he only grabs her wrist. He doesn’t even dare to touch her hand. He still respects her, although it is painful for him.


And this visible distance between their hands culminates to the point that his own hands are about to cut his ties with her and her world. With his hands, he wants to write the resignation letter. With his own hands, he is about to leave her world as he has the impression that his hands and love were not strong enough to keep her by his side, since she feels guilty. she could destroy his happy family.


But then he remembers, his good memories with his girlfriend and his own advice: to endure pain and hard times with good memories hence he changes his mind. He won’t give up on her… his strong will and determination are back, he won’t let her influence him.

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Kim Jin Hyuk. A man of his words.







Already following you on wordpress :wub:.. just read your new version of hands and feet.. Oh my, who's cutting onion? tearing up reading your beautiful observations of their hands gesture during their break up moment:tears:



If anyone stumble upon observation/ any comments about initial script compared to the drama, please share..

So curious is there any big changes from PD /actors improvisation/ad-lib during drama production

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12 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

hence he changes his mind. He won’t give up on her

At first round watching, i was a bit confused.

He was about to write the resign letter n what makes him stop.

Or change his mind. Now i am no longer confused. Thank you.

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Glad that the love for Boyfriend is still going strong! 



You're really awesome!! Your analyses are really interesting and thanks for taking so much time to share with us. Please continue as we're all looking forward to more analyses....You're doing such a great job with Boyfriend!



That ep 1 screening in PBG's Japan FM is awesome! Thanks for sharing....looking at the entire promotional vid, I already feel so excited for the Japanese fans to catch the drama. The visuals and gorgeous settings are enough to pump up the adrenalin and I'm sure the Japanese fans wish that the drama could be screened as soon as possible!


@stardustvoid @dukesa1122 @twtwb and many other chingus,

Thanks for staying here and why do I feel that this place feels like home and that KJH and CSH owe us some future episodes where they progress from Boyfriend to Mr and Mrs Kim? hehe.....

And when the kids come along and they bicker over the kids....it'll be PBG's wish come true to act in a bickering role with a 'same age actress'....haha...


Btw, why do people feel so elated when they read about PBG's reply that it's KJH romancing CSH and not he romancing his friend's wife? Isn't that a GIVEN from the start?  lol.... I thought that was pretty clear. Did someone got mix up with reel and real from the start? 


OK, I hope for #Season2Boyfriend and if not possible, a #Boyfriend movie with PBG and SHK would be great! Just imagine the cinematography in a movie! We already caught glimpses of that from the drama and it's so beautiful. 


So I'm wondering if a movie come true, will we be able to stay sane looking at the visuals of PBG and SHK on the super huge screen...:D


Meanwhile, PBG is busy with his FMs. Can SHK please grace some magazine cover and talk about Boyfriend? 

Now, we can be elated if a miracle happens and SHK and PBG can be seen in the same frame......promoting Boyfriend! 

And I'm still having the #Boyfriend bug....


Btw, P.O's  detailed description of meeting SHK......is daebak! I take it to be her vibes are "electrifying" and "stunning"......to make such an impact on him!

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Park Bo Gum's Best 5 scenes (Japan FM)


1. Drunk Jin Hyuk scene

2. Invite ramyeon infront of everyone

3. I came because I missed you 

4. Barefoot in Cuba

5. Putting gloves on Soo Hyun (?) Ep 6 (Not sure of the trans on this)




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Thanks again for your analysis @bebebisous33

It does not only make me read it but digest it and think:)


It made me think that Chairman Kim hated Sh because Sh became a threat to her queenship and the only one who does not recognized her queenship. Sh maybe the obedient daughter in law but her eyes tell otherwise. The more she hated Sh.

We always say that a castle cannot have 2 queens. When the husband of Chairman kim died, she crowned herself both the king and queen. I agree with you that Ws is now the king but she cannot hand it over to him fully, he still under her control, because he has a wife who should also be the queen. To her Sh is a nobody, not fit to be a princess, much more to be at her level. That's why when Sh became a queen because of the success of donghwa hotel, she wants to take the hotel  and make Sh that nobody again.


The playground...

Jh said that when he is sad, having a problem or his parents scolded him, he went to the playground. During the entire drama, we saw him first at the playground when he saw Sh. The next ones with HI but they were  talking about Sh, after learning from Jmj about Sh life and the last one , their reconciliation. Its all about Sh. I think when Sh asked him ....what will you do when the playground disappears?   It does not matter to him. He found love because of the playground, it started there and completed there. There is no reason to be there again anyway.  Sh causing him to go there is now assuring him love and to be with him till the end. 

( i hope im making sense:wacko:)


One of the mystique of the drama is that every scene is like having a collaboration with each and every other scenes. If you missed one, you cannot understand the next one  and be at lost.


P.S. you mean @Cheryl295 the script book is incomplete and only up to before their 2nd trip to Cuba?

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7 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:



The playground and Cha Soo Hyun's change of heart 

A lot of viewers perceived the parallels between the scene in the episode 16, where Cha Soo Hyun returns to her boyfriend’s side and the scene in the episode 2. The playground symbolizes the place, where their love began and was completed. 

  Nature is leading him there. And just like in the episode 1 where Cha Soo Hyun arrived on the top before Kim Jin Hyuk and sit on the wall waiting for the sunset, in the episode 16 our hero is waiting for the snow. CSH is about to rescue him from his melancholy, just like Cha Soo Hyun was saved by him

g snow). In another analysis (forum soompi), I had written that Cha Soo Hyun’s element is water. The snowflakes look a lot like stars due to their form. It was as if the stars would celebrate their reconciliation and the finalization of their love. Moreover, Kim Jin Hyuk is also attracted to go outside, when he sees the snow falling. He looks at the window

episode 16

from falling down the wall. While the sunset in Cuba touched her heart and led to her awakening, the scene in the episode 16 symbolizes a different aspect: Cha Soo Hyun’s change of heart.


In Cuba, she woke up literally and decided to change her life (enjoy life and abandon her sadness), the viewers witness the change of her mindset. However, only her mind has changed, not her heart, as she keeps controlling her heart. In the episode 16, the change of heart happened in the dark room.


Thank you so much for bringing this comparison between early episode and the last episode. I really like what you wrote with each amazing observation.


I rewatched as you mentioned and I found out that CSH read KJH's resume in ep2/KJH's letter in ep16 in CSH's CEO office.


In ep2, KJH's resume made CSH feel his sincerity when he told any stories about his life in Cuba to the stranger as CSH, all are the truth, the man who attracted her in Cuba is fascinating. 


In ep16, CSH's dad might make CSH rethink whether she can live with worry to others for the rest of her life. KJH sent CSH the high-heeled shoes in Cuba which striked her mind how they started their attraction to deep love which CSH might not be able to bear separation anymore.


In ep16, CSH did not call KJH to find him but CSH chose to go stright to the playground where KJH used to mention in the resume in ep2 that he will be at playground when he has a lot on his mind, the playground will soothe KJH, taught him to relax, and cope with pain.  


ep 2








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@NongpeeP Your observations (comparisons) were also very good. You added elements that I had missed, like the letters... this is why I enjoyed reading your analysis as well.

As for the next topic, it will be about the fairy tales in Encounter. 

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episode one


Through the introduction with the drawings, especially in the first episode, we have the impression that we are about to watch a fairy tale. First, we see a flying horse, an imagined animal. Then the main character, Cha Soo Hyun, is presented as a princess living alone in a huge castle. She is wearing a crown, however she leaves her huge palace and has to go through a huge forest full of thorns in order to be able to see the sun and the sunlight. She arrives in Cuba.





From the start, we see the reference of Cinderella. Cha Soo Hyun loses one of her shoes which KJH has to pick up



episode one

, he even buys her new ones, sandals that are far more simple and comfortable. Just like the prince, Kim Jin Huyk has no idea about her identity. He is just fascinated and attracted by her. Even Cha Soo Hyun exclaims after her return from the ball (salsa show) that she has been Cinderella. Furthermore we have other allusions about Cinderella:

  • more than one ball (the second happens at the end of the episode 8),


episode 8 and 9
  • the mask representing a pumpkin,


episode 8
  • the fact that the color of the mask is grey, the same color than ashes because she is hiding herself behind her expressionless face. Don’t forget my interpretation in another essay where I compared our heroine to a fire that had been covered with ashes. Only her eyes are revealing her true feelings and thoughts (especially after Cuba).

The other reference is the Sleeping Beauty. This is visible through the drawing (the forest full of thorns).



episode 1

Then Cha Soo Hyun describes herself as a vegetable in front of her husband. During many years, she was like the Sleeping Beauty (in the fairy tale, she sleeps for one century). This explains why she was suffering from insomnia. How could she fall asleep, if she was already in a coma?

The common denominator of these two fairy tales is the existence of the prince. The prince is the one who awakes the Sleeping Beauty with his kiss and in the second one, the prince finds Cinderella thanks to her special shoes. In my opinion, since Cha Soo Hyuk is linked to the sea and Kim Jin Hyuk is associated to the sun in the drawings, we have to imagine that the sunset in Cuba represents the kiss of the prince, the sun kisses the sea which causes Cha Soo Hyun’s awakening. So on the surface, the prince seems to be Kim Jin Huyk. However his situation doesn’t fit the description of a prince. He comes from a lower social class. He has neither powerful parents nor wealth. However, we shouldn’t forget that first in different fairy tales like The story of a Youth who Went Forth to Learn what Fear was or The King of the golden mountain (both from Grimm), sons from a lower social class (merchant, craftsman) are able to marry a princess at the end and become kings. As you can see, the origin of our hero can’t be the main objection for not considering him as a prince. However, we have a real prince in the story: Jung Woo Suk. He is rich, handsome and powerful. He represents the archetype of prince charming. He is the prince since his mother, the chairman Kim, views herself as the queen as the leader of Taegyeong Group. Striking is that we have two princes in this “fairy tale” which is quite unusual but not extraordinary as some few fairy tales contain such elements. So the existence of two princes indicates that there will be a competition. Who can earn the princess’ love?

episode 11/12 the confrontation and duel: who will get Cha Soo Hyun?

Cha Soon Hyun can never love Jung Woo Suk as he has no idea what she really likes and who she is.

But are Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty the two only fairy tales that are mentioned and exploited here in Encounter? I see two other possible references: Snow-white and Little Red Riding Hood, although there was no explicit allusion like with the other stories.

First since the stepmother is jealous of Snow-White, she abuses her and wants to get rid of her. The beholder can observe the similarity. Moreover, since CSH’s nickname is the Ice princess, it means that her “face” is white and cold like snow. And Snow-white received the same name due to the color of her skin which reminded her mother of snow. Then we saw that chairman Kim abused Cha Soo Hyun so that at the end, she left the “palace” divorcing Jung Woo Suk. Snow-White is forced to leave the palace. At some point, the queen wants to kill her, when she realizes that she is still living with the dwarfs. Here, Chairman Kim wants to take away Donghwa Hotel as CSH has been able to change the financial situation of that company. The impact is almost the same. Since CSH put all her energy into that hotel, taking it away from her would mean to kill her literally. The dwarfs are the driver Nam and the PR-manager Kim Sun Joo among others. 

The final reference is The Little Red Riding Hood. First, we see Cha Soo Hyun wearing a red dress in the first episode, the same color than the little girl in the fairy tale.

  • Spoiler



Then later, in the drawing of the episode 11, a wolf appears.


The wolf could embody Jung Woo Suk who has come back in order to claim his “ex-wife”, his first love. What people most don’t know is that in the original version, the French fairy tale written by Charles Perrault in the 17th Century, the story ends with the following moral:


Children, especially attractive,

well bred young ladies,

should never talk to strangers,

for if they should do so,

they may well provide dinner for a wolf.

I say “wolf,” but

there are various kinds of wolves.

There are also those who are charming,

quiet, polite, unassuming,

complacent, and sweet,

who pursue young women

at home and in the streets.

And unfortunately,

it is these gentle wolves

who are the most dangerous ones of all.

As you can see, the author warns the young women not to listen to seducers. I see here some parallels as CSH was also convinced by her parents to marry Jung Woo Suk. She was polite, complacent and sweet (just like in the moral) and at the end, her life was ruined. Sure, the message has been modernized and transformed. However, the message is that people should think really hard and not allow themselves to be influenced. Naivety and ignorance were the reasons why the women were easily seduced; in CSH’s case, I would say that she had been trained to listen to her parents.

Striking is that many fairy tales end with a marriage with the saying: they lived happily ever after. Since our heroine has been married once and is now divorced, this characteristic represents a contradiction to the fairy tales. In reality, the characteristics of the prince have been perverted. Due to his power, wealth and social status, CSH suffocated and suffered so much that she became a vegetable. Moreover, her husband was not even able to protect her from his jealous mother hence CSH judged him as weak and poor in the end. On paper, JWS was the perfect husband candidate, in reality he was the opposite. The elements from fairy tales happen after her divorce indicating that divorce is not the end of the world. This is also a chance to get a new start. In my opinion, the writer is in fact trying to demystify the fairy tales. Kim Jin Hyuk is just an average man and as such he is as brave and strong as any other man. A real good husband is the one who pays attention to his partner, observes her carefully and takes care of her. Money and power are not a synonym for happiness. To conclude, this drama sends the right messages for women by using elements from fairy tales:

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2 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

In my opinion, since Cha Soo Hyuk is linked to the sea and Kim Jin Hyuk is associated to the sun in the drawings, we have to imagine that the sunset in Cuba represents the kiss of the prince, the sun kisses the sea which causes Cha Soo Hyun’s awakening.

I love this comparison to nature: sunset, sun and sea.


Wow and thank you for the analysis.


2 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

 be happy with simple things and enjoy the ordinary days of your life.  

I love the messages and the conclusions too. Let us all chingus.. be happy.

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@avondale16 Fairy tales usually have simple messages and The Little Prince's main message is to find happiness by valuing the right things (friendship, love) and not becoming obsessed.

But thanks again for the compliment. 

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