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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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On 1/27/2019 at 2:08 PM, msbae81 said:

@thepixies thanks for the info.  im loving all of the background music.. wish though they included the bgm at the end of ep 15 when KJH was walking towards CSH office. Anybody knows that bgm? 


Yeah there seems to be a couple of instrumentals that have not been included on the album.


My other favourite piece does not appear to be on it either.  It can be heard in a few scenes: the first time is when KJH admits candidly to Mijin that his feelings for SH are not those of a mere dalliance, then we hear it again when SH returns home after the meal at JH’s home and she sits and contemplates almost pensively. 


There is a sort of poignancy to this piece.  I love it.



Let’s celebrate the positive (and there are so many) aspects of the drama and create happy memories for us as kjh would recommend, instead of dwelling on the nonsense of others (ie the media), or we would be letting the antis win.


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56 minutes ago, roshzanna said:

So glad both PBG and SHK are not affected by ratings. Good drama is not always synonymous with high rating. Its true everywhere in the world.


Objectively, these are very high cable TV Ratings:


"Bonus for a happy final episode rating of 8.678% making this a very successful cable drama."




"This week the actor spotlight falls on “the nation’s little brother,” Park Bo-gum. Currently starring in tvN’s Boyfriend alongside Song Hye-gyo, Park Bo-gum’s career continues on the upswing with another critical success, and an ever-growing fandom."





The interview had to do with the fact that the reporters were comparing the drama with Park Bo Gum's 2 mega-hit dramas prior to Boyfriend like Song Hye Kyo's DOTS. But objectively Boyfriend is a hit cable TV drama. If this were another actor who has not had hit dramas prior to this project, they would not ask that question. They would be even congratulating him for achieving those ratings.



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most talked actors, kdrama actors

10 Most Talked About Actors Of 4th Week Of January 

JANUARY 29, 2019

On Jan. 28, Good Data Corporation released their weekly ranking of the most talked about actors/actresses of the airing dramas for the fourth week of January.

The data are calculated with data from the analyze of netizens reactions to online news, blog, community, SNS, and videos.

1- “Encounter – Park BoGum

2- “Encounter” – Song HyeKyo

3- “SKY Castle” – Kim HyeYoon

4- “SKY Castle” – Kim SeoHyung

5- “SKY Castle” – Yum JungAh

6- “Romance is a Bonus Book” – Lee NaYoung

7- “Romance is a Bonus Book” – Lee JongSuk

8- “SKY Castle” – Kim BoRa

9- The Last Empress” – Jang NaRa

10- “The Crowned Clown“ – Yeo JinGoo

most talked actors, kdrama actors
Encounter Post-Drama Interview on the newspaper by PBG:
Day 1 on 28 Jan 2019.
There are 3 separated group of News Reporters, he intereviewed differently up to each group from 3 of the press with different clothes.

인터뷰Q] '남자친구' 박보검은 시작에 불과, '기대'가 '확신'으로 변하는 순간

[Interview Q] Park Bo Gum, Boyfriend, just in the beginning, the expectation is 'reliable'



Papago translate


Hard work and honesty. Park has won the title, "Even stars who have been showing their faces to the public for a long time can't easily have it," which was hid eighth year since her debut.


Also, it is likely that more people nod their heads as soon as they hear it, rather than 'why?'


Why did human Park Bo-gum solidify his place in the entertainment industry before he became an actor?

It is 'love Park proved himself to the secret of being able to enter the current stage by showing his love for him and affection to the people around him.


Park Bo-gum, who drew a line in the royal family tree with "Love in Moonlight," succeeded in transforming his image into a "people's boyfriend." Park also announced the birth of the next generation of melodrama through his return film "Boyfriend" in two years.


Park Bo-geom perfectly describes real love in real life, overcoming a 12-year-old gap that may have been somewhat burdensome with Song Hye Kyo.


What was the love story of Kim Jin-hyuk's "boyfriend"?


In an interview with "My boyfriend," which was held at a cafe in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of August 28,


Park said, "Did I express Kim Jin-hyuk well in the drama and did I show a performance that appeals to the audience?"


Kim Jin-hyeok, a friend of actor Park Bo-Gum, and both look similar.

Park played Kim Jin-hyuk, who is simple but takes care of everything for his love.

Thanks to his performance, the TVN's "boyfriend" ended with a high viewer rating of 10.3 percent on Wednesday.


Since the casting stage of “Boyfriend" in July last year, Park has raised expectations for his work by drawing a response that "I think I resemble my character in a bit."

"When I first read the script, I felt very fresh and excited," Park said. He said, "The ending scenes that hit my heart were also fun. Most of all, Kim Jin-hyuk was so precious in his everyday life that he could seem ordinary, that the reason why I participated in the drama.


Park Bo-gum also said, "When it comes to love, we are aggressive. He has no qualms about expressing himself to the other party. "I thought he was cool because he is a positive person but he also knows how to love, Kim Jin-hyuk," 


Then, how about the love of 'human Park Bo-gum' instead of 'boyfriend's' Kim Jin-hyuk?


Rather, Kim Jin-hyuk said he had learned a lot and made no bones about his differences.

No matter what the other person thinks, my love is like this. I tend to honestly say, 'Please accept this.'


The parts that I express freely are somewhat similar, but when I hear my confession, I first think about what I'm going to feel like and how I'm going to make them suffer. Should I say I'm careful?”


Park Bo-gum was also considerate in his love. Park Bo-gum, in particular, said, "Although loving yourself may seem selfish, I think it's only when you can love yourself that you can give to others.


"It was nice to play a person who is grateful and satisfied despite the lack of materials," Kim said in expressing his feelings for playing the role of Kim Jin-hyuk in the drama.



Park Bo-gum, Boyfriend


▪ From Song Hye-kyo and Go Chang-seok (Mr.Nam) to Moon Sung Keun (CSH’s Father) Pyo Ji-hoon (KJH’s little brither) and Kim Joo-heon(Snail restaurant), I want to see  'Fantasy Breathing'

Park Bo-gum was very busy in 'Boyfriend'.

In addition to Song Hye-kyo's sweet relationship, Ko Chang-seok(Mr.Nam) who claimed to be the Cupid of love,

Kim Hye Eun(PR Director), Jeon So-ni(HI), Pyo Ji Hoon(KJH's Little Brother), who always stood by their side, had to meet new actors in every scene and put off their emotional lines.


The most noticeable combination is Song Hye-kyo.


In particular, the fact that Song Hye-kyo, wife of Song Joong-ki, who is known for their friendship and love, also made a strong impression on viewers, drawing keen attention to the drama's flow.


"As the drama is not about romance with Hyung-soo Song Hye-kyo, I tried to concentrate on the love story between Kim Jin-hyuk and Cha Soo-hyun,"


Park said. "Song Hye-kyo portrayed the character so vividly that I could get into Kim Jin-hyuk. He acted with no qualms. "I always thanked her," he said with a witty reply, conveying how he was able to work with Song Hye Kyo.


He also said, "When I read the script, I could hear Cha Soo-hyun's voice in my ears. "She helped me when I couldn't concentrate on my character, Kim Jin-hyuk, or when I was upset," he said.


"I also received a lot of help in acting."


Park boasts a unique relationship with Ko Chang-seok, who played a big supporter in the development of Cha Soo Hyun in the drama.


Ko Chang-seok, a senior member of an agency as Park Bo-gum, recalled Park's past days of obscurity when he appeared on TVN last year, creating a warm atmosphere with praise for his character.


Park said, "I have never had any difficulties from his treating and leading me well.

Every time I saw him, the atmosphere at the set was so nice. I also regret that I wish I had more scenes with him."


In addition, he showed his affection for Moon Sung-geun, who appeared as Song Hye Kyo’s father, and Pyo Ji-hoon(P.O. As KJH’s little brother), who described the "real brothers" chemistry, and showed off his unique witty remarks.


"I felt like Moon Sung-keun was actually a "Mr. Cha." Each actor seemed to have the right role as a gift, so it was like watching TV.

Ji-hoon(KJH's little brother) even said recently that we want to play a strong role. I want to meet you again, play, movie, drama and so on."



보 27 years old Park Bo-Gum in coming year said, "I want to work on increasing my value" including musical, album release, and solo.


Park Bo-gum, a 19-year-old man who rose to Chungmuro through the 2011 film "Blind," will turn 27.

Is it because he is in his late 20s?


As Park showed interest in various fields as well as acting, he foresaw a wide range of acting activities.


Among the relationships I met through "Boyfriend," there were many musical and theater actors. Soon, Pyo Ji-hoon will start a new play. I had a lot to learn from you guys who are active.


Personally, I hope I have time to learn how to play and work out the basics of acting.


I want to challenge myself to a musical."


Park showed off his unusual tone by singing the OST of his previous drama or singing in numerous entertainment programs.


"I don't think I have the skills I can afford," Park said, adding, "If I get the chance, I will be able to share my singing skills to the public."


He also said, "I want to do a lot of work to increase my value and spend a lot of time with my loved ones.


The pleasure of learning is greatest. Traveling alone is not bad, either.

"I think it would be fun to meet Koreans in a strange place," he said, expressing his confidence despite new challenges.


"I want to get a skin scuba license on the recommendation of Kim Joo-heon(Snail Restaurant Owner in Encounter)," Park Bo-geom said. "Not the actor Park Bo-kum, but the young man in his 20s who is plain and simple."


The idiom, "Agreement Matching," is used to describe words and actions as they fit or do as they are said. These words are enough. In particular, Park even made the illusion that he must have acted somewhere or already spoken out.



It is clear that he is an actor who has no choice but to look forward to the future. He is even more confident. 


Reporter Lee Seung-hoonqseunghun@naver.com





Encounter: Post Drama Interview Day 2 (29 Jan 2019) to the Press by Park Bo Gum


An interview was held at a café in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on TV to the end of the TVN "boyfriend." 


Park Bo-gum, "Boyfriend," "Myung-ji, graduating as a top of the department.Do you want me to show my report card?" (Interview)
Actor Park Bo-gum announced that he graduated at the top of the musical department. 


"I finished school safely and finally graduated last year," he said. It was a year that I personally lived without a break. It passed really fast.

Park Bo-gum, who finished college without a break, said, It was a fun studying because it was a musical field. "The actor felt very happy," he said. "I was overqualified for the last semester." I graduated first. "I can show you my report card."


Park did his part as a college student until "Boyfriend" drama.


By the way, Park Bo Gum has Encounter’s Post Drama interview Day 2  with 5-6 clothes changed for each group of the press/news Reporter over 2 days. (Day 1: 28 Jan 2019 and Day 2: 29 Jan 2019)
Could I ask where is our Cha Soo Hyun’s actress as Song Hye Kyo for her Encounter’s Post-Drama Interview? I wanna read her view about Encounter and pairing with Kim Jin Hyuk indeed.
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Okay, since we have plenty of time seeing as we are no longer waiting for any new episodes (:tears:) I decided to research on the Santiago walking tour. I found a very informative blog about it that recommended stuff that one should bring. I can only imagine the banter and heart fluttering moments our OTP will have had they actually filmed this.


Anyway. To prepare for the walk you’ll need the following: 


—A 30-40 liter backpack

—Your credential, passport or valid ID, journal, and a pen in a waterproof bag. Bring a journal so you can add stamps and jot down notes.

—A water bottle of some kind. I like a two-liter Platypus with cap, which you can use on those days where it's a long way between water stops.

—Toiletries. No make-up, but plenty of sunscreen and soap suitable for hand-washing clothes. If you can endure it, many men and women avoid shaving on the Camino to eliminate the weight of that gear.

—A small first-aid kit, including painkillers, antiseptic cream, bandages, blister plasters and a sterile needle to drain blisters. Pharmacies are easy to find, so you don't need medical supplies for the whole way unless you rely on a particular prescription.    

—Two t-shirts, two pairs of zip-off trousers, and three pairs of underpants and socks. Wash at your stops and dry overnight.

—Whatever you need to stay warm and dry. At times you might be walking over plains in 40-degree heat; a week later snow will start falling in the mountains. I recommend merino wool thermal underwear (top and bottom), a fleece top for warmth, a wind- and water-proof outer jacket and pants, and a pack cover to protect your things from the rain.


—I favor light, comfortable walking shoes or hiking sandals over boots for most of the Caminos, with the possible exception of the Primitivo. I always bring along a pair of flip-flops to allow my feet to breathe and dry after walking.

—As few electronics as you can bear. Bring a camera and a phone, but leave the laptops and iPads at home.

—Basic eating utensils. Most refugios and albergues have kitchens, but I'd recommend carrying a spork, sharp knife, lightweight plate, bowl and cup. It's not uncommon to have someone spontaneously cook a communal meal, or pilgrims to all chip in and make something together.


Taken from: https://www.outsideonline.com/1917861/walking-camino-de-santiago-beginners-guide


Can you just imagine our Jinsoo embarking on this adventure?? And meeting other pilgrims along the way! :wub:


ETA: thanks for sharing @Jemrie the chin touching was so sweet!

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@Jemrie it looks like that chin touching its an adlib becz its so smooth :sweatingbullets:..


Don't mind me..I'm in the middle of withdrawal syndrome from JH n SH :(

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Have you heard the news about havana?


Tornado struck Havana, many are injured and few deaths.


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12 hours ago, ahdrianaa said:



 @rosiepeonie188 I hope you have time to check out his exhibition, maybe run into him and ask him questions?



Im afraid i wont be able to catch his exhibition, im in between schedules :tears:

But i managed to go to the bookstore and bought these:



The two books featured in Encounter is in Best of Best rack.






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Hi chinggus.. 


Good to see that most of us are still going strong here.. love all the analysis and all the sharing. Since I don't understand korean, lurking here been my favourite place to understand our drama.. kamsahamidah everyone.. :)


Been rewatching the drama over and over again.. and there's something I've been wondering inside my head..


In this scene and other scene - after KJH buy her a sandal.. where is CSH heels? Did she hold it or inside his bag.. 



We can spot it here at the back of KJH bag.. after the salsa dance..





Don't mind me.. I'm just curious here!! Hahaha.. :P

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5 hours ago, xu_lyfe said:

Hi, sorry to cut your post, I agree with you everything about Soo Ah and the part that she gave the painting to CSH is to wish her happy; however I don’t think CSH is afraid of marriage that she was hesitated when KJH asking her.

CSH hesitates because she is not confident in herself; she thinks she doesn’t deserve JH. 

When JH taking wedding pictures for the ads; CSH was looking at the bride and remembering the time JH and she laying on the bed: she wants to be with JH for the rest of her life ( sleeping next to each other everyday sounds nice to her!!) but it also reminded her that she was once married and the marriage/ divorce has become the unerasable scars for her. 

When JH asked her why did she keep ignoring his request; she then  told him about her concern, her insecurities and her lack of confidence, ( she thought maybe she is dreaming too much) and once JH assured her that: CSH is now still the same as CSH he first met in Cuba, the one he is interested at the first moment ( wondering  if she has boyfriend, ) then we can the couples promise to make it work till the end.


I think CSH is not a perfect character; she has flaws and her major flaws is lacking of confidence; caring too much about other than herself; worries too much about how other think and her dad have to ask her : “can you live with that thought for the rest of your life”

i think it was her dad that gives her some courage and the shoes was final trigger for her to run back to JH.


Yes, CSH is lacking self-confidence. Don't forget that she considers herself as cursed. Nonetheless that one doesn't exclude the other. I do think that she was scarred by her first marriage. That's why KJH waited for one year before proposing again, like @NongpeeP pointed out. This time, he took his time before proposing again.

@dukesa1122 Your comment made me laugh again. Sorry to disappoint you but I won't be posting about the little prince today ;) because I need to work. Honestly, for one analysis it takes me about at least 90 minutes. Right now, I am thinking about the break up. 

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@bebebisous33 I am so looking forward on your analysis on their break up. The line that struck me the most was when he asked if she thinks he loved her only because she's the CEO of Donghwa hotel, or does she think he's only interested with her because she's a daughter of a great politician. He's trying to convince her that the fact that they come from families with different status should not be the reason for their break up. You can see CSH's eyes respond like his words hit a sensitive button in her heart. Really really great acting. That's the only part I watch when i replay that scene lol



I really really really miss this drama. I want more. :( Hoping that a talented fan can make a fanfic. 

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The perfect date as a farewell

CSH has already decided to break up with KJH, nevertheless the latter is unaware of her decision. Since she knows that a bad break up can be really painful due to her husband's fake affair, she decided to leave a good memory behind believing that this would lessen the pain. And we all know that no matter how you break up, the pain will never be lessened. 

Since KJH had proposed as a date to visit a book store together where they could read books together and exchange their favorite book, CSH thought, she needed to grant his wish. She knew that this would be his favorite date, the perfect date. Our heroine chose as book Alice in Wonderland and KJH The little Prince. Yet, the perfect date ended here.

 Encounter episode 14 ending scene book store.png

I chose this taking because it perfectly fits the situation. Their future separation is illustrated in this scene. The counter serves as border, just like the decoration with the books on the ceiling. Moreover, CSH is standing far away from KJH reinforcing this impression that CSH has returned to her own world. The distance between them in this taking illustrates the inner distance CSH created. Then you can distinguish an invisible frame in this picture, it really looks like there is a glass or a window between them. And this invisible frame corresponds to the invisible change in CSH. CSH has not just started to put a boundary between herself and KJH but also put a gap between them and KJH is unaware of it. She doesn't share her thoughts and feelings any longer. She is actually hiding behind her smile that's why KJH is so happy. He said once that seeing her smile would make his day. So he thinks, CSH is happy. Striking is that CSH has adopted KJH's mannerism. The latter did the same in the past. He never wanted people around him to worry and burden them hence he smiled a lot. The illusion is perfect: she smiles, they spent a good time together so for him, everything is perfect. Yet, she is about to hurt him terribly because he is not expecting it.


Strangely, while KJH is waiting at the counter, he waves to her. Encounter episode 14 KJH perfect date waving goodbye.pngHis gesture means for him (Here I am, look at me!), however for CSH it means the opposite: waving goodbye.  Remember that she wanted to break up at the end of this perfect date but she couldn't as KJH offered her a gift: the camera case with her name on it. That's why she had to postpone it and find the right time. She came to the conclusion that the timing is as important as the way of parting. yet, she is making a huge mistake because no matter how and when, breaking up is really painful. 


Yet, there is one thing that caught my attention: she is wearing a red coat. First red is her favorite color (see the dress in Cuba) but she is showing her love for KJH by wearing such a color. She is even catching people's attention with her coat. So loving KJH has definitely changed her. She might put an invisible distance and boundary between herself and her boyfriend, yet she is not giving up on her love. She has decided to love KJH but from a distance... so her love will remain despite the break up. As you can see, KJH's words and behavior have influenced her greatly, she is a changed woman, although there is still something that KJH couldn't change: her insecurities and fears, the last wall he couldn't tear apart. 

 PS: Tomorrow, it will be about The Little Prince as wished.

@dukesa1122@stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia


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My dear @bebebisous33 thank you for the analysis. Your thoughts, as well as those of my other cyber chingus here, has sustained me as I try to get out of my post Encounter funk. 


This might be an unpopular opinion here but I think it was a bit cruel of CSH to give him the perfect date then to break up with him shortly after. As someone who has been in failed relationships before, that hit close to home and was just too cruel. I can totally relate to JH's devastation. The incessant phone calls with no answer, the begging and pleading. Good lawd, I've been there. That's why I can never rewatch episode 15. Anyway the drama is over now and we know that they're now living happily in an alternative universe called drama land. LOL


@gumtaek those are beautiful pictures of Cuba and JH (of course) but I can't help but feel sad because that's all we got to see of beautiful Havana and Cuban JH! :bawling: Thanks for sharing, as usual :wub:


still waiting for those secret Cuba clips LOOOOOOOOOL


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