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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Episode 13 Reviews

Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Park Bo Gum to Song Hye Gyo, "Wherever you go, whatever you do, your heart is with me" 



1. [+749,-17]
Jin Hyuk's lines today were amazing. I teared up. It's not easy to convey one's feelings beautifully and honestly. 
2. [+562,-4]
When Park Bo Gum talked about his feelings and confessed directly, it was so heart fluttering and affectionate, I can feel his deep love for her. His acting is too good. I hope Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun live a happy life together.  
3. [+449,-12]
Why am I able to feel Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Gyo's emotions? Their acting is too good. 
4. [+341,-7]
Park Bo Gum ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Because of Jin Hyuk, my standard for men are going higher. How am I going to fall in love now? 
5. [+299,-6]
Park Bo Gum is really mature and reliable today. He's so cool. 
6. [+137,-2]
"All your pasts have its own meaning and reason. Wherever you are, whatever you do, your heart is with me." Jin Hyuk's lines are touching.. I teared up listening to Park Bo Gum's voice that's filled with his emotions. ㅠㅠ
7 [+133,-3]
Tearing up without saying anything... Song Hye Gyo's acting is really good. 
8. [+101,-5]
Ah, Song Hye Gyo crying broke my heart. 
9. [+96,-3]
Ah, when Song Hye Gyo lowered her head and cried, ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I cried together with her. 
10. [+89,-0]
Wow, seriously. This drama is daebak. Song Hye Gyo's gaze, wow~~ Park Bo Gum~~ Their acting skills are great.





Article: Naver 'Boyfriend' Song Hye Gyo chooses ♥Park Bo Gum.. absent from Jang Seung Jo's father's death anniversary 

1. [+705,-21]
Wow, Park Bo Gum's words are thoughtful and cool. ㅠㅠㅠ "I don't feel uncomfortable with whoever Soo Hyun-ssi meets. All your pasts have its own meaning. Wherever you go, whatever you do, in the end, you came to me." ㅠㅠㅠ  When Jin Hyuk teased Soo Hyun, it was so heart fluttering and sweet too. 
2. [+354,-16]
Dinner with Jin Hyuk and his family was so heartwarming. My heart felt warm. 
3. [+299,-17]
It was a good decision. You'll regret for the rest of your life if you drop a man like Jin Hyuk. 
4. [+212,-17]
A really beautiful drama. Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Gyo are pretty. 
5. [+194,-17]
Kim Jin Hyuk's family is so warm, and Kim Jin Hyuk is becoming more charming the more I watch. 
6. [+52,-4]
All of Park Bo Gum lines were being considerate towards the other party. I'm amazed. I really like Jin Hyuk. 
7. [+43,-3]
You have to grab hold of a man like Jin Hyuk no matter what.


Source: melohwa.blogspot.com

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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5 minutes ago, thesunset said:

That’s why in this episode I wasn’t angry at all.It’s sad but to me it was understandable and realistic.


Sorry to cut your post but I just want to highlight this part.

I have posted pages back that I am not expecting KJH's mom to accept the relationship right away. I even said 1 episode of her not accepting the relationship. But I was leaning more on her "passively" not accepting the relationship. Nevertheless, I also think this is realistic even in my country. I still do not like what she did though. She undermined JH and did not think things through, feelings is the only thing leading her to do what she did. Mothers have a way of thinking that they know best for their kids, and no matter what anyone else might tell otherwise or no matter how old their kids are, for them they will always be "kids". I don't like it, and I didn't like what she did (making such a pretty face cry like that :angry:) but it is expected.

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I haven't seen tonight's episode yet, but after reading the recaps and pictures, let's talk about how JH omma gets the "Doing Too Much Award"! :angry:


  • First, JH decided to talk to both of his parents individually after SH came to their house for dinner. A dinner that she chose over going to her ex-in-laws highly publicized <--- (I'll get back to that in a moment) death anniversary. His father, being an adult had a nice open conversation with him about it and it was fine. As soon as he parted his lips to discuss it with his mother, she got up and walked away. She decided to cut communication because she already had her mind made up.


  • Second, she sent SH a gift with the request to see her, which one might think it was a formal way of saying thank you for coming to our home for dinner. Thank you for loving my wonderful son. Nope, she shows up with an evil plan that is based entirely on societal prejudice and insecurity.


There are TWO THINGS that CSH is sensitive about. 1) Marriage - because she is divorced and had to endure such a cruel and suffocating arranged marriage. 2) Family - her family life has been lonely. Her father was always away being a public servant and her mother isolated her from everyone for her own selfish greed.


JH's mother came to CSH and threw both of these things in her face. And what makes it especially cruel is that she cried and pulled the emotional manipulation to get CSH to do what she wanted her to do. Let me first play on the fact that you are a divorced woman, which in Korea is like going around a wearing a scarlet letter. Then if that wasn't enough, she made it seem like she was ONLY doing this to protect her family. Of course CSH is going to be rattled! Of course, she is going to take a step back. She knows all to well how much she herself has sacrificed. But for his mother to do all of this behind his back is just plain wrong. Right now, CSH needs a fairy godmother/godfather. She needs someone to be on her side and guide her on what to do next. I need the tea lady or somebody to come through for her. She is already dealing with her evil ex-in-laws and her pretentious mother.


SIDENOTE: At the death anniversary, when the press was waiting outside, and that one reporter was like, "Do you think CSH is really going to attend?" Then we see her car and they all scrambled to get a picture. I got the distinct feeling that her coming was the ONLY REASON they were there in the first place. Let me find out Chairwoman is using CSH's popularity to get the press interested in their family. :smirk:

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JH’s mom is a simple minded woman who just wants her family to live quiet and happy lives so I can somewhat related where she is coming from. Not that it is the right thing to do , I hope she will come around in tomorrow’s episode and accept SH. With 3episodes left   i hope they gave us what we want and not an open-ending situation to our main couple.










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2 hours ago, NongpeeP said:

KJH is a good son in Korean Family with close bonding, parents can hope for his good life and good wife after graduation and start working. In some Asian countries, parents raise their sons/daughters with love and best support ever; therefore, sometimes expectation and a certain involvement might be understanable.  


Let KJH’s mom get more info and take some time to gradually make her mind.

She might not like CSH as her son’s girlfriend and hope for her son’s wife’s normality but she would accept her son’s choice one day from her love to the son and from her son’s love to CSH.


Even within my own culture, (which is not Asian) there is the expectation that you are supposed to value your parents opinion very highly.  Often tying to convince your parents to change their minds once they’ve made them up is like trying to force the wind to change direction.  


For our JinSoo couple, I really believe that the best decision would be to continue with their relationship without JinHyuk’s mother's approval.  Regardless of what they do (stay together or break up) everyone knows of the connection between the Kim family and the Cha family now.  The awkward interactions, cruel commentary, and people asking favors won’t stop even if JinHyuk and SooHyun separate.  They’re linked now, so his mother may as well get out of the way and let her son be happy.  That way there can be a least one benefit to come out of all of the hardship.  

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It seems this thread didn't sleep.:D





This, too, shall pass, chingus!


I wished https://melohwa.blogspot.com/ transated the netizens' reaction to this article instead.


Netizens' upvotes are more than 2K


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I'm thinking... In the last part where CSH mentioned about she learned from WooSuk...


I think... Because of what WooSuk did, she will do the same to cut ties with him and not KJH? To tell him to stop because there's no chance of him winning over CSH again.


I also agree with the other chinggus here. Ususally in a 16ep drama... This is where the conflict arises and how they will be able to resolve it. Ep13-14. Think of the other kdramas. :)


I am looking forward on how KJH and CSH will face this and hope everything would be resolved in ep14 so we can still enjoy the last 2 episodes :)



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Wow this thread is literally doesn't sleep, love it, keep on coming chingus.. and reading all of your thoughts and reviews, really put me in new perspective on why the writer decided to make such plot. I'm a happy camper here. 

Tonight i will just sit, and reading all your recaps, spoilers, thought and review before watching ep 14. After watching Soo Hyun cried, i still don't have a heart to watch live streaming.. 

300 pages and more is totally awesome, you guys are awesome!!

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So I finally caved and watched. It sure had its lovely moments but man, was it really overshadowed by JH’s mum in the end.


I know it’s probably a cultural thing, but I can’t wrap myself around the fact the SHE DID IT BEHIND HIS BACK. I reckon she doesn’t want to ruin JH’s pristine perception of her. After all, he is a mama’s boy. And she knows SH wouldn’t have the nerve to tell JH that mum went to see her to end the relationship. She may be simple minded on the outside but JH’s mum is also cunning. Also, as lovely as the OTP are their weak point is they don’t communicate as as openly as I would want. 


My dream scenario is SH would say hell to the no about breaking up with JH. Yes, I know, it will most definitely ruin his family dynamics. On the other hand, I really want to see SH FIGHT FOR HER MAN rather than JH’s stubbornness being the thing that saves the relationship.


SH gurl, I’m rooting for you! If it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for!


ETA: as sad as this episode was there were so many foreshadowings for a happy ending




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4 hours ago, thesunset said:

And to those who don’t want to watch this episode, it’s not bad at all. It has so many lovely scenes. You will enjoy it. It is a combination of some sweet, heart warming, funny, melancholy scenes.


Thanks for that.  :)


Actually, I do very much to watch it.....I just do Not want to watch it Yet.  ;)  I am aware that I don't take stress well, and I know I would feel worried so it's better for me to wait, possibly until the final episode. 
When I know what will happen, I can enjoy the show totally and with a full heart.  That's just me.    

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:


I just finished watching, and I have to agree that it wasn't as bad as I had feared. Most of the episode is actually rather warm and tender, with some very lovely couple scenes of SH and JH, and JH just being all melty and cute in his sentiments. How can he say some of those things and make them sound so moving and beautiful rather than cheesy???


So, many positives to the episode as JH and SH become ever more comfortable as a couple. And, all of those little kisses that they give each other. :wub: Plus, JH's father has decided to give them his whole-hearted support, as has SH's father.


The end with the mother was sad because she objected, however, watching it, I didn't feel as badly as I might have. JH's mother's concern isn't necessarily for herself. What she's having a hard time with is to hear her neighbors cast aspersions on her son, in effect saying that he wasn't able to get employment by his own merits, but had to use his sugar mama to get into such a prestigious company. I think it would upset any mother to hear that. However, it wasn't just hearing and thinking that her son was going to be slandered willy-nilly, it was that the rumors would follow JH around for a long, long time, if not the rest of his life if he dates such a high-profile person as SH. And, finally, the mother is concerned that the relationship isn't going to go the distance. JH's mother can't imagine that SH would actually want to marry her son, even though they are dating. So, from JH's mother's perspective, her son who is the lower/weaker person in this relationship may get his heart broken, his name muddied, and have to live with the consequences alone after having given himself over to this relationship. Overhearing that her husband was not going to object to the relationship seems to have provoked her concern even more. I guess she thinks that her husband has also fallen for the pretty face that SH has in terms of giving his consent?


So, there are definitely ways for SH/JH to tackle this without sacrificing their love. I agree with @yonaomi123 that JH and SH should stay together, despite JH's mother's disapproval and show her that their love is true and will go the distance. I do not expect that JH and SH will be completely happy until JH's mother gives her approval, but I feel that's appropriate to the culture. Of course, JH and SH could just get married. :DTalk about seriously causing a lot of talk then, however, it would neatly spike one of JH's mother objections that the relationship won't be going all the way to marriage.


I think that SH and JH can continue to date without disrespecting JH's mother; it'll just be a little harder, a little more uncomfortable. But, first things first, I think that JH needs to become aware of his mother's objection. It's not fair to him to keep him in the dark. I can see why JH's mother doesn't want to approach it with him, but as his girlfriend, SH really should tell JH.


I'm bracing myself for the possible break up scene in episode 14, though.  Despite various issues, it's been a little too lovey-dovey for our OTP. I can imagine that they're introducing angst into the penultimate week's episodes so that the finale resolution will be that much sweeter.


All in all, I'm still sure that SH and JH are going to be together.  Perhaps since they've given us so much else, they'll actually allude to a wedding between SH and JH? Even if it's just a proposal scene rather than a full on wedding, I'm fine with an ending that indicates that the two will spend every together and live like that for a long, long time to paraphrase JH's own words.




I agreed with your comments.

I have enjoyed watching Encounter ep.13 because the story and script are seamless with reasonable flows to each character.


KJH’s mom’s objection and attempt to protect her son from any looking down, presumption of no-capability-but connection-to-CEO and more threatening actions from this chaebol are understandable because this love has impacted KJH and KJH’s family.


After KJH has been in relationship with CSH,

KJH has been looked down with cruel words/gesture directly from CSH’s mom, CSH’s ex-mom-in-law, CSH’s ex-husband, Dong Hwa Hotel employees, the press (mentioned KJH as a stalker).

Ex-mom-in-law almost fired KJH when she found Ramyeon news. 

KJH’s Prompt relocation was another incident of being in relationship with CSH.

The general manager at Sokcho also mentioned why CEO likes KJH  when KJH appeared on magazine, his hard working is underrated. 

For marriage, the situation might be much more impact to CSH, KJH, and their family from the Chaebol, the press, Donghwa, neighbor, colleagues, friends.

Reality of marriage is beyond imagination. 


However, KJH has already decided to take risks by loving CSH, he have had to face many obstacles no matter

- from outsiders’ actions/words; or

- pains from his family members’ impact eg. his little brother’s quarrel, his mom’s strong objection with her worry&uncomfort. 


KJH’s mom has tried to reverse the situations from unusual to normal by requesting CSH to break up, KJH’s mom’s mind might be not uncomplicated because in fact love is mutual;therefore, break up will affect to both KJH&CSH’s feeling.

Let KJH’s mom take some time to make her mind for understanding the truth not easy to go backwards. 


When I watched Encounter ep.13, I wondered why Snail restaurant did not feel strange when KJH’s mom asked to send preserved fruit by not telling KJH and KJH’s brother and Secretary Jang did not recheck this thing before sending to CSH.




credit : Google Translate



Radi, 'boyfriend' OST scholarship .. 'fairy tale' today (17th) release


Singer songwriter Radi (Ra.D), who catches the hearts of the public with sweet R & B music, adds emotion to the drama 'Boyfriend'.

The TVN drama 'Boyfriend' (directed by Park Shin-woo, actress Yoo Young-a) said that the eighth OST of the drama 'The Fairy Tale' will be released at 6 pm today.

'Fairy Tale' is a song with heart and heart for the opponent who will stand next to you whenever you need to run. It was inserted into the ending scene of the 13th episode which was broadcasted on the last 26th, and it caught the ears of the viewers at once.

The radiant melody that pierces the chest, the breathy sound of the nagging breeze, and the delicate singing power of the song like Rady, and his sensibility that stands out are combined to create the "Radi Shaped Love Song" that makes the listeners feel their heart.

Especially, 'I do not go to my heart or my step for you', 'Just think about you when I want to see you, when you miss your body, I will stand like a fairy tale in front of you' Beautiful lyrics will bring more lyrical music.
In addition, Radi is expected to bring a warm impression to viewers who expect the emotions and colors that they make as they reunite with the drama 'The Avatar of Jealousy' OST and the director Park Shin-woo and Nam Hee Seung.

The TVN drama 'Boyfriend' (play Yoo Young-ae / director Park Shin-woo / production factory) is a thrill that starts with a casual encounter between Cha Seo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo) who has never lived his chosen life and Kim Jin- It is an emotional melodrama.

On the other hand, 'Boyfriend' is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 pm, and the 8th OST of the drama 'Ra.D' 

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