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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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Just now, gigivillaceran said:

My god i want to take a sleepings so i can sleep not thinking anything and wake up tom night if the episode 14 start airing, i dont want to think anymore and i dont want to repeat the scenario again when i was watching AIMH 

Could you tell me what is AIMH?:D

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31 minutes ago, sugarbunnee said:

I'm absolutely gutted after this episode.

Poor SH! SHK was incredible in that scene with JH's mom. I was crying along with her. 

I get that JH's mom had what she thought was his best interest in mind with what she did but the way she went about contacting SH before talking to JH or even her husband was shady AH! It totally justifies why JH was so hesitant to tell her about the relationship in the first place and unlike his dad, she does not trust in him or his judgement.

The one glimmer of hope I get from the preview is seeing SH confiding in Mrs. Lee. At least she is not trying to face this alone and is hopefully seeking advice. I actually wouldn't even mind seeing Mrs.Lee intervene on their behalf at this point. As long it doesn't go down the typical K-drama route of noble idiocy with her breaking up with him for his own good. However it gets resolved, it needs to happen quickly. We only have 3 more episodes and a long separation would just be too much to bear.



It is great that KJH knows Mr. Nam and CSH knows Teacher Lee because

- Mr.Nam can explore more information about KJH for CSH's dad; and

- Teacher Lee can explore more information about CSH for KJH's dad and also can signal to KJH directly.


Encounter has been written with reasonable story and script, I can not complain about that.


- KJH's mom is reasonable to be like today's epidode from KJH's mom's character that audiences has watched for 13 episodes. 

- CSH is reasonable to be like today's and tomorrow's episode.


- We could hope for KJH to be as he has been for 13 episodes about love for CSH in coming episodes too, right Writer Nim?:star::kiss_wink:


29 minutes ago, rosiepeonie188 said:


In ep 14 preview, we saw this scene, didn't they shoot this scene just yesterday? They're really in tight schedule.. with Bo Gum going to host music bank in HK on Sunday, i guess they suppose to wrap all the final material within this week?



@rosiepeonie188 Music Bank in HK has been scheduled when the ending of Encounter used to be tomorrow. Park Bo Gum, Fighto for Tons of Encounter's script and long Music Bank's script.


Anyway, please come back from HK to film the happy ending in a certain way for audiences then. :love::heart:



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Sound like todays episode was a sad one where JH mom got in the "driver seat"...  I pray there is some twist to what normally happens true the end of a drama where there is separation. Anyway I do hope JH and his mon have a long adult talk about their relationship. she need to trust her adult son to know what he is doing as we know him. Even if it is sad, I belive this gonna be a catalyst for some growth for JH and his family. I guess there need to be some conflict and fraction for people to grow, but I hope there is a happy ending for our OTP!

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3 minutes ago, gigivillaceran said:

(lolly84) the first drama of Song Hye Kyo that is her first lead roll, and her co star is Song Seung Hoon and Won Bin if you really want to know about that drama you can google it dear 

Thanks a lot chingu!^^

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@leedonghaek more please!

@gumtaek his dongsaeng is way up on my list of favorite people, he’s going to swing some fists if people criticize JinSoo.Jin Myung is such a sweetheart during the dinner! Though after P.O’s several interviews about his reaction to meeting SHK, I’m not sure if I was watching Jin Myung or P.O during that dinner. :D


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9 minutes ago, ahdrianaa said:


“Just stay like this, not even a little change. A time/place without SH, isn’t my time/place for me”

( his mom might burst a vein if she hears this, he is going to give up any place where SH is not accepted!)


THIS THIS THIS,omma please listen your son words..his not spoiled brat,that wants everything..he just want SH beside him..

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41 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

Since JH is seen on the other side of the lake, this means that CSH is first on her own but JH still remains by her side, as he keeps following her but in the other world. This could mean that JH and CSH have to deal with this issue on their own. JH needs to deal with his own mother, I hope, she gets aware of the consequence of her intervention. 


Adding to bebebisous33’s comments:

I think the pool/lake reflecting JH instead of JH walking next to SH implies SH and JH now share the same stance. Much like how a mirror reflects an image. It seems like SH is reflected as JH in the lake and vice versa. 


I read that to mean that SH and JH are now reflections of each other. Perhaps this means that SH is as determined and brave (like JH) to protect the relationship in the face of opposition. They are now really in unison. 

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13 minutes ago, ahdrianaa said:

How many times has JH gone down on his knee now? Three times?


I kind of understand CSH's actions but I cant accept it :tears:

How many times did KJH bend the knee? 

So according to his statement, does that mean he'll give up his family if CSH wont be accepted?

Oh boy... It kind of reminds me of my dad when he wanted to marry my mom. 

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We can safely assume a happy ending for our Jinsoo since they gave the sad episode now... typical kdrama.. my only concern is this may contribute trow.. maybe trows episode will end with JH finding out what his mom did.. am sure JH wil not give up but it will be frustrating for him since he will not be able to find out the real reason from CSH.


 Wont be surprised with a time jump!!

Jinsoo fighting!

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1 hour ago, yonaomi123 said:

This is why SooHyun and JinHyuk really need to work out their communication issues.  They never really talk about the bad stuff, they just hint around it, and find solutions to problems on their own.  Which I get-- you and your life partner should be whole people, not dependent on each other for every little thing.  But problems should be shared with your partner!  You're not supposed to suffer in silence and keep your pain to yourself.  


@yonaomi123 I agree with you.  I see a lot of anger being shown toward the mothers, but a lot of the responsibility falls on CSH and KJH.  They are the ones in the relationship, and it is up to them to communicate well with each other to avoid misunderstandings and confront challenges.  Frankly, I am disappointed in KJH for not being persistent in having a thorough conversation about his relationship with CSH, their history together and where he foresees their relationship going.  That might have avoided KJH's request for CSH to break up with KJH.


I feel sorry that our OTP is going through this fierce struggle.  However, all couples face challenges.  It is not the challenges that are nearly as important as how a couple faces them.  I am also disappointed in CSH.  Once she had the conversation with KJH's mom, she should have had a serious heart to heart conversation with KJH about her fears and concerns.  They could have discussed all the issues and developed some possible solutions.


After 35 years of marriage, the one thing I have discovered is that our most serious arguments have come from my wife and I not discussing things together and working together as a team.  Both KJH and CSH make decisions based upon what they feel is best for the other as opposed to going to the trouble of speaking with each other to find out what would be best.


Final thought is that our OTP will work through this bump in the road toward eventual happiness.

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