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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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SH is sleeping with her head on his lap, she tells  him how he is so dependable. JH asks her despite him being so dependable why she won’t answer his question about being by his side forever. Sh gets up and tells him that she is really good at cooking Italian food, he says she is always changing the topic. SH says she had to learn everything as a daughter in law, she is reminding him of her lpast. JH says what does that have to do with their present, good cooking is a good thing. Sh says she dreamt a dream where she was a part of his happy family, he tells her that this is fully possible. She thinks she is being too greedy, JH gets down on his knee

”I met a woman in Cuba, I knew nothing about her. Not a thing about her personality but there was one thing in my mind. Does she have a bf? I hope that she doesn’t. SH is that person for me, the one person who came into my heart. I want this one person with me forever”

SH smiles and says she would really want that to be the way. 

JH “ we will make it happen”

SH “please make it happen”


Sh gets fruit wine from JH’s mother, there is a note that tells her that she wants to meet SH. 


I got kicked off the stream but it doesn’t look good. 


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This episode is such a tearjerker!

No...why? KJH's mum, why did you ask her to break up with your son? I cried buckets tonight!!

Just waiting for our couple's sweet moments but instead, it's all about their relationship disrupting  their lives...I think KJH's mum's friend asked her to ask CSH to recommend a job for her son so his mum felt awkward and uncomfortable....need to wait for English sub....


So it's really 3 episodes down and we're tackling all the big obstacles.. Poor SH...just when she thought they're becoming more loving...the mum had to plead with her to leave JH. 


I'm really heart-broken seeing the pain that CSH has to go through not just with her evil MIL but now, with JH's mum.

I need our couple moments badly..., they did hug and both cried but I need Cuba moments!


P/S: And I thought the evil MIL is the worst obstacle! Jin Hyuk's omma, please don't break them up. They're so in love and so happy together! 

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It broke my heart seeing the preview. The bouquet was under the glas bell. It´s just like SHs dream of happiness. So beautiful but so far away, unable to touch for her! It really broke my heart :tears:


I want to unterstand their conservation badly!!!

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Yeah thats dumb  parents really never think things though on how their son/daughters would feel you going behind their back doing something like this no matter how good you think your intentions are it is wrong.

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Really disappointed with JH’s mom, if she wanted to talk about this relationship she should have talked to her son when he came to her. Instead using this sly ploy to guilt trip poor SH who already has major insecurity about being accepted into JH’s family because of her past.


She had no business off loading all that on SH, it would have made more sense for her to cry in front of her son. 


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