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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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11 hours ago, khxy said:

Another sighting- Shk was seen shooting outside a hospital.


I just read this part.

why is she filming in a hospital ?? :unsure:



omg chingu! Who made that :joy: I dont know if I’ll laugh at the 50 shades of gray parody or be insulted. 



Aigoooo not our kyo :sweat_smile:


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I'm super late to the party, but I wanted to list my wishes for the upcoming episodes.  They're in order starting from maximum nonsense to least:

1) WooSeok to complete his take over of Donghwa and then donate all his shares too SooHyun so she becomes majority stakeholder by a landslide, for him to submit all the evidence of his mother's crimes(?) to the police, get her arrested and removed as chairwoman, and then for him to go live in the countryside as monk. 

2) SooHyun's dad give up the election, but then his party members support his nomination anyway.  Then once he wins the election, he divorces his wife so she never gets the chance to enter the Blue House. 

3) Secretary Jang to become CEO of Chan's Whelks and open franchises all over South Korea

4) SooHyun to play cupid and tell SunJoo about Manager Nam's :heart:

5) SooHyun to open an art gallery in the HongJae neighborhood, with JinHyuk as her PR manager.



I also want a special episode where they tell the artists of the paintings!  I'm not a very good internet sherlock so I haven't been able to find any of the pieces, but some of them I think I'd want to buy lol.

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Probably the reason why JH wasn’t filming with Soohyun was because the scene being shot was in Hannamdong ( SH’s neighborhood) , the person who posted the picture of the cafe was inside lilliput cafe which is a kids cafe but I can’t find the name of the cafe where SH was shooting on the other side of the road.




@gumtaek I was talking about the video you had posted of Bogum dancing in the street and I heard SHK say the word alone. Lol. Never mind if you don’t remember. 


@jl08 still have 4 episodes, maybe that video will inspire the staff who is snooping in the thread to show more shades to Jinhyuk’s personality.


@leedonghaek keep them coming! :D



Everyone, we are down to the last two weeks. Please, please don’t forget to search of Naver, tweet, Instagram!! I wish there was a way we could show the drama team our appreciation but since we can’t this will have to do.  



@beebeep is this what you wanted? Link

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Well we are down to the last two weeks of this lovely drama chingus, and I am looking forward to seeing more of our Jinsoo couple!


I can't help but to reflect on how different both of our OTP are now that we are near the conclusion.


SH, a woman who has had to live her life alone. Forced by her mother's greed to not get close to ANYONE so that her family can rise to the Blue House someday. Sold to a despicable family and a husband who is a mama's boy and had the personality of a teaspoon. The first couple of episodes, you could feel her desire, but her awkwardness to get close to people. Then, JH came along. A curious, friendly and honest introvert, who could easily talk to people, but chose to live his life behind books and pictures. Then suddenly one fateful day in the Caribbean, he comes face to face with the very woman who could bring him out from behind his camera and away from his books. A man who could easily enter SH's space that she had been trained to only have for herself. I think another element to their meet-cute was the fact that he didn't know who she was in the beginning. He didn't follow the news, the blogs or gossip columns. At best, he'd seen her picture when he decided to apply to the hotel, and now here she was squeezing her way into his heart.


I really like the calm, peaceful and slow pace of their courtship. JH never rushed her, or pressured her. He allowed her to decide what she wanted to do and often opened her world up to new and exciting things. Suddenly, she's salsa dancing, walking barefoot through Cuban streets, visiting hidden tea houses and seeing an outdoor art walk. She did these things simply because these were things she wanted to do. There was no selfish intent or hidden agenda. Such a perfect recipe for love to blossom and bloom.


@bebebisous33 You asked what we would like to see happen.


Well, I don't want SH to give up the hotel. What I would like to see is some scandal hit Taeyeoung where they are forced to break ties with Dongwha so that the stocks don't fall. If the hotel gained independence from TG, that would be ideal.

Also, I would love to see our OTP go back to Cuba, free from watchful disapproving eyes, and free to just love and be together in the place where they first met.

I would like to see JH meet and develop a relationship with her dad. 

I would like to see DC and JMJ become a more serious couple, they are so cute.

I would like our fairy godfather, Manager Nam and Director Kim get together.

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25 minutes ago, Jemrie said:


 I’m holding out for an ending where CSH and KJH live happily ever after, and I’m okey even if they live a ordinary life – a happy home, surrounded by people who love and care for them, no fame, no glory, no more hotel…because they have each other.:wub:

#Encounter releases new still cuts:


Peonies!!!! It represent romance and happy marriage!!! Awwww hoping for #JINSOOHAPPYENDING




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Hmm interesting choice of flower. A secret wedding? 


ETA: this can be misleading tho. Interestingly, the article that came with this said (in very broken English thanks to Google Translate) something about a “secret confession from JH” “JH will propose to SH” 

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Boyfriend' Park Bo-gum, Proposal to Song Hye-kyo? .. Sweet Bouquet Confession 'Sim Stop' [Oh! 

[OSEN = Park Soo-young] 'Boyfriend' Park Bo-gom to convey the bouquet of a bouquet to Song Hye-kyo is revealed to the public.

The TVN drama 'Boyfriend' (play Yoo Young-ae / director Park Shin-woo / production studio dragon, the factory) who is shooting the emotions of the audience with delicate nano directing and the emotional acting that flicks to the eyes, And two shots of Suhyun (Song Hye-kyo) and Jin Hyuk

In the open steel jinhyeok, a bouquet is in the shape of a bamboo. The image of Jin-hyeo, dressed in a beautiful suit and holding a white Racunculus bouquet, and his staring eyes gazing at Suhyun pound the heart. And finally, Jinhyuk who handed the bouquet to Suhyun. The touching and trembling that comes from the hands of Suhyun who receives it makes the viewers breathe and watch. Especially, Suhyeon's glittering eyes and widespread smile, gazing at the bouquet, make him feel happy and envy. n the past 'Boyfriend' broadcast, Suhyun was drawn to her with a courageous step toward Jinhyuk. Jinhyuk, who invited Suhyun to his home, lied about that he had canceled his appointment for Suhyun because he realized that the same day was the anniversary of the Taekyung group president. Nevertheless, the place where Suhyun was headed was Jinhyuk. The warm embrace of the two people who followed the figure of Jinhyuk who was touched by Suhyun, tears the audience. However, it is expected that the pressure of Woosuk (Jang Seung Jo) and Kim Chae-chan (Chae Hyeon Yeon) will increase pressure on the future development.

Among them, the figure of Jinhyuk, who confesses Suhyun as a bouquet, is revealed, and Jinhyuk is proposing to Suhyun, and interest in the romance of Suhyun and Jinhyuk is heightened.

TVN 'Boyfriend' leaving only four times to the end is a thrilling melodrama that begins with the accidental encounter of Suhyeon, who never lived his chosen life, and free and clear soul dedication. Today (16th) is broadcast 13 times at 9:30 in the night.


[Photo] Boyfriend....source credit @http://mosen.mt.co.kr

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50 minutes ago, stardustvoid said:

Hmm interesting choice of flower. A secret wedding? 


Maybe someone got married at the hotel and he caught the wedding bouquet? :D


12 more hours to go, and here i am, anxious :sweatingbullets:.. this waiting game is killing me.. 9.30 pali paliii..


This thread is burning again after the teaser released :D



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Naahhhhh thats definitely misleading... a woman won’t be THAT composed if the guy she fell in love with is proposing to her....


Just an after thought, KJH never gave her flowers. So it’s kind of unique that he gave her a wedding flower. :phew:

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