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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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10 hours ago, gumtaek said:

If you have the acumen and access to Korean SNS and sites, searches about the drama would help even on non- airing days to increase buzz for Boyfriend.



If anyone can suggest on how to go about it, it would be much appreciated!


I camp both in Naver and Soompi.:D


Thanks for the exciting prediction @rosiepeonie188!


Thank you gumtaek.


I believe you posted links on some searches for Naver for encounter, pbg, shk before? Can you post it again please.


I was trying to compose replies for the discussion but I stumbled on your post and think it takes precedence. :D

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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1 hour ago, nikir said:

Even about him almost telling that a girlfriend would be uncomfortable to visit her boyfriend's parents.. cute.. this is one drama where none of the secondary characters make me cringe or skip the scenes.. no over the top scenes anywhere.. even sec and LDC is cute.. but the brother scenes are really funny n realistic


Talking about Jin Myung, he really is a mood maker. His personality is a good balance of Jin Hyuk and I think he will play a large role shortening the gap between their family and SH. 



PO has improved a lot, considering his last outing in Fluttering Warning. His scene with HI is heartwarming. He talked abour her crushing on JH all this while but what about him himself? I find it so bittersweet and he captured the feeling well. Job well done PO! And considering he’s a rapper, his singing voice is not that bad :)


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12 hours ago, stardustvoid said:

But back in Seoul, it seems like this is the first time they are lying in bed together. So boomboom town did not happen in Cuba? I know it sounds so trivial, but I need little details like these in my drama LOL


If it didn’t happen in Cuba, then why was JH sleepy the morning after in the airport?


I hope this makes sense LOL

Good point.  Yes they knocked boots in Cuba. 

I believe the "Boom-boom" did happen in Cuba. :lol:  Sometimes, we just have to use our imagination.  There is no way that those kisses were that steamy on the hotel balcony and nothing happened.  I think  that is why JH was comfortable in suggesting he spend the night.  While JH was laying next to SCH in bed,  and she told him to go, JH said something to the effect ... and I am being so good.  Which I took to mean, there was a time in the past "Cuba" that he was very bad. :D

I think SCH is more constrained  because they are back in Korea.  SCH is aware that someone could be watching her house; therefore,  she was reluctant to have him stay because she did not to risk a picture of him coming out her house on social media.  


I am wondering about her thoughts the next morning that he was more of a stimulant...just saying.  


I have to watch episode 12 again with the full subtitles, before I make too many comments. 

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9 hours ago, roshzanna said:


.....Jh's mother... she only has low self-esteem. Intimidated by something and someone not on her circle. Since her world revolves their house and market and neighborhood, anything and anyone outside of it makes her knees tremble. Give her time, and with Sh for sure they will click.....



I don't really see it as low self-esteem.  Instead, I think that JH"s person is simply very humble and she knows who she is; she understands that the chaebol bunch may be uncomfortable with those who are not rich.  That is why she may be uncomfortable herself at first with SH.   


What I'm waiting for is a meeting between SH and JH mothers--that's gonna be rough.  Seeing what SH's mother is like will be all it will take for JH's mother to be on SH's side.



7 hours ago, JuzM3 said:


I’m no Korean expert but I think he literally said “We had our mouths controlled before, and even here you’re telling me to have tea?” I’m not sure what he meant by control here... As in eating/drinking or kissing? :phew: Or was he just playing with words between  참았 (endure) and 차마실 (having tea)? Cos they kinda sound similar in Korean. Forgive me if I was wrong. :grimace:


I still like my theory that they explored intimacy in Cuba but that they did not go all the way.  SH and JH are both cautious and they are not rushing.  


The way you interpret the line makes even more sense to me in this regard if they controlled themselves in Cuba by not actually having sex.



1 hour ago, Far^away said:


Talking about Jin Myung, he really is a mood maker. His personality is a good balance of Jin Hyuk and I think he will play a large role shortening the gap between their family and SH. 


  Hide contents




JM will also be the perfect one to heal HI's broken heart.  He's a good balance for her, too.

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I can’t help but compare the 2 very different ways of expressing love; WS’s expression of love and JH’s.


Perhaps due to personality or the way they were brought up.


JH is very considerate and not seeking his own gain. He chose his actions and words carefully, taking into consideration how he can place SH’s needs before his own. Knowing that she grew up in an environment where she had no voice, could not choose and therefore no sense of security, he made every effort to support, help and protect SH. SH, in response, became more expressive and courageous in loving.


WS pales in comparison. He had no idea what SH needs. He did not protect SH from his mother’s controlling and malicious behaviour during their marriage. Even after their divorce, he did nothing to stop his mother from controlling SH. Perhaps, he was fearful of his mother’s wrath, but I argue that when JH came face to face with her malice, he wasn’t cowering with fear for himself but filled with sadness at how SH had been suffering. JH became more determined to protect her.


When WS found out about SH’s and JH’s relationship, instead of asking SH whether she is happy with JH and blessing them, he chose to tell SH he wanted her back. Again, her needs and wants are not important to him. He went as far as to intimidate JH. When WS found out about his mother’s ploy to bring SH down from being CEO of the hotel, he chose to become a co-CEO of hotel to protect her. Is that what she wants? Clearly not. 


I do feel sorry for WS because I can’t imagine living with a mother so controlling and malicious. He is clearly unhappy and quite damaged. I do want him to find his own happiness so hopefully, writer will write him a growth spurt so that he can have a real relationship with someone else.

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16 hours ago, charlieblue17 said:

I was initially kind of mad at JH too, for doing stuff behind SH's back. But then I thought more about it and got to understand it a little. His way of protecting her is lowering her burden, as much as he can. Instead of forcing her to chose, he lowered the stakes. His job is to make sure that she takes care of herself, eats and sleeps well. Beyond that, he trusts her to sort out her own issues. And that is kind of cool.


As usual, I love the reciprocity of their relationship - last episode he said I love you and made one huge step in committing to their relationship. Now she does the same. He may be working behind the scenes trying to protect her other love, but she steps center stage and choses him over everything else. No wonder the poor boy is a goner.


Really looking forward to SH + Kim family fun. Once they got past the initial awkward phase I hope they get to see how adorable she is, and how happy the two of them are together. Looks like dad is already fully on board, but mum will need some more convincing. I hope she gets to see SH - the lonely kid deprived of motherly affection, and that it proves enough to trigger her caring instincts. But for now, give the poor girl some proper homemade food! And some soju since I doubt any being in existence can resist the adorability of drunk SH.


PS:  if in ep9 it was SH who was scared to face the odds and JH was the one 100% certain of their ever after, the balance shifted this time 'round. As WS's meddling chipped at JH's confidence, she finally threw away her fears. Losing full control of the hotel did not matter quite as much as she thought it would. She is now brave enough to follow her dreams, and to redefine what those are. She set herself free all by herself. And that is awesome.


PPS: Another thing that I love: at the beginning of the episode they are both feeling uneasy after meeting their respective 'wolves'. Solution: see each other. So often, troubles pull couples apart. Here they only serve to bring them even closer together. 


PPPS: I love how JH calls her SHssi when she is in his good graces but switches back to 대표님 when he is grumpy.

PPPPS: for the first time ever, i find couple rings unexplainably sexy.



Your post written as my mind for KJH, CSH, Ex-husband.

Ex-husband prioritized only his own benefits but KJH prioritized only CSH and how to make her less pain more happy.


Over Wed - Fri, I was pretty busy but craved to join this forum, in addition to rerun Encounter.


14 hours ago, rosiepeonie188 said:

The way she decided to confess is suit her character, imo..

Jin Hyuk confessed when he realized he can be meaningful to Soo Hyun and he got confident booster by helping her with Cuba Hotel-gate.. the happy and passionate surrounding match well with his character, and he decided that it's about time to clearly confess..

While Soo Hyun confessed after she realized that this green grape boy will stand by her no matter what happen, and i guess that's why she decided to confess her love when things get rough, although it had break up kinda feel, instead of love confession.


BUT, as much as i feel that im not ready to re watch yesterday episode, i cant resist to watch it again just now. 

And since our writer love to put hints, i can't help but feel a bit of excitement watching the scene of SH and KSJ

Is it a hint that JinSoo are going to have White Day date? It's on March, 14 when boyfriend give her girlfriend present, similar to Valentine's day (if i'm not mistaken). In Encounter i guess the timeline is they are now in Feb?

Ohh i hope they're going to have romantic date to ease all the pain 


@rosiepeonie188 Your comment about the confessing time matched KJH&CSH's is very interesting and yes, they are.


White day will be 14 March 2019 in Korea, could we hope anything special?


13 hours ago, Far^away said:

I finally watched Ep12 today and boy, what a rollercoaster ride it is! :crazy:


We got a honey dripped 11th and bittersweet 12th! My heart couldn’t take it anymore ottokeeee:tears:


But two things that need clarification. 


1. What incident is the uncle referring  when he talked to JWS? 


2. And what did KJH mean when he said ‘i had to control myself before’? *i’m getting pervert thoughts here*


And thinking along the line, I think they actually went to boom boom town already... In Cuba that is.


There’s few things implied by both of them that made me think that way. But in the end I also think the opposite (where I shared in the brackets)


1. Sleepy KJH at the airport (but he was tired since he came to Cuba before SH and didn’t get a good night sleep. SH seemed fresh anyway)

2. KJH naughty eyebrow and lip biting at basement (or he just want to have some kind of skinship since they already kissed lots and lots)

3. Their natural skinship without any reservation or awkwardness or even shyness. (But she seemed to have a knack of breaking romantic mood, according to him. Lol. Poor boy)

4. When SH told JH to go since it’s harder to sleep when he’s around. (Or his presence just make her fluttered?)

5. SH wasn’t even shy or awkward lying down together on the bed. (But she did say she can’t sleep because he was bothering her and he confirmed he was being a gentlemen. 

6. She naturally pushed him off, without being red faced (but maybe she also pushed him before. Lol poor boy)

7. JH said don’t get excited and she was incredulous by his words (maybe she was shy?)




After watching Ep.10, I thought they might be as out of bracket. After watching Ep.11-12, I thought it might probable be as in your bracket. 


11 hours ago, roshzanna said:

Jh's father... i believe Sh's humbleness, nervousness when they met made him assured of Sh. Being a ceo, he expects some airiness, But not Sh. 

And when that door bell rung, his smile, made me also think that he knew its Sh. Why? Maybe, with ms. Lee's foot condition, its impossible to go near the door bell, she will just made a call or ms. Lee is someone who don't patronize door bells. Or maybe, something that Ms. Lee said.



KJH's dad looked sensing things quites fast, we could notice from his facial expressions eg. Ramyeon at rest area news or door bell in ep.12


9 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

@nikir @gumtaek @Far^away @boredahjumma I doubt that JWS created that Co-CEO seat in order to help CSH so that he plans to give her all his shares from the start. IF so, why would he visit JH and warn him to stay away from his woman? Why would he say that CSH is not someone JH should date based on his social background and his age? Yes, he was nice and well-mannered, when he visited the PR-team but there were witnesses and he had to act as a good and nice Co-CEO, especially after JH has become the face of Donghwa hotel. He is arrogant and rude in front of JH alone because he doesn't want any witness. To me, in front of our hero, JWS shows his true color. Striking is that he used the incident with the Cuba Hotel to criticize CSH as she was not able to solve the crisis herself. I doubt that he has another scheme: giving her all his shares. If he had the intention, why hasn't it happened yet? What is he waiting for? Is it to prove that JH is not after CSH's money? But if this is his reason, why did he have to hurt her that way? Why did he ask to meet her often and ask her to eat for lunch? In this scene, we witness how he uses his position as Co-Ceo to interact with her, as from the episode 10 on, she had started disobeying his "invitations" (orders). He knew, he could no longer use his past relationship and his "love" in order to meet her. CSH had showed him that she didn't care for him at all: he waited for her for three hours... He was gracious enough (in his mind) to let her know that she could take her time but he, the prince charming per se,  had been stood up... 

He has the video evidence of his mother's involvement and he didn't use it to reveal what T. Group did. He used it for his own advantage. In his mind, the shares as Co-Ceo can make him look attractive. Don't forget that he uses his money to woo CSH all the time: the dress, the flowers, the expensive wine ... now the stakes are higher, as he knows that JH is even allowed to enter her house. JWS knows very well that even CSH's mother can not even enter that house. So far, only JMJ had that right. Here, he saw a man entering CSH's house and spending some time there. So more and more he sees that he is loosing his grip on CSH hence he uses her love for the hotel to tighten up the leash around CSH's neck.


I will be even bolder to express the assumption that JWS knew all along the way his mother set up a trap to Cha's family with the loan but since he had fallen in love with her at first sight, he wanted to have her and decided to play along with the game. He let her think that this was an arranged marriage, whereas in reality he wanted to possess her. I could definitely see a pattern due to the way he reacted with the Cuba crisis.




Totally agreed with your comments.

Ex-Husband is three-faced:

With CSH, he showed his "dog in the manger" when KJH appeared. 

With KJH, he looked down and throw all faults to KJH why CSH has to face cruel situation while actually this ex-husband is the root cause of CSH's pains.

With Exhusband's mom, he pretended to sympatize CSH which made his mom act more cruel to CSH. 


7 hours ago, jl08 said:


She knew that there's no way that she could let a good man like KJH slip out of her life. She doesn't want to live in a cage again. It's now or never. It takes courage on her part too, to go against her MIL's and mum's wishes, knowing she'll need to face the full-blown wrath. KJH understood her courage, that's why he was so emotional because firstly, she showed that he's her priority and secondly, she's ready to face the possibility of losing Donghwa hotel, which is so precious to her. He's emotional because she risked everything for him.


"I'm in trouble. There's no exit now. 

I'll never be able to escape from your charms"


Profound love indeed - she is ready to give up everything for him. He's ready to love her till the end (nami island).

I'm still tearing at their emotional hug.


I don't care. I want this drama to continue forever. I want the Cuba ORIGINAL balcony scene that we were deprived. And please PD Nim - we're all mature viewers and won't be shock at what you had intended to share in Cuba.

You don't remember? The urgency of their kiss of course....hands all over....... I hope there'll be a flashback on this....   :D


Btw, I also love their conversation clarifying each other's 'imagination' about KJH's purpose in staying over during the chicken feet meal....plus KJH's pouted lips when CSH shoved him over saying he's too heavy.... lol.


I totally agreed with your comments about KJH and CSH, they are like this.


6 hours ago, mellinadear said:

LOL Jin Myung is that annoying little brother. Some of us have siblings like that that ruin moments.

And him trying to Tattle tale to his parents about his hyung singing to his GF and JH bribing him.

The funny faces he makes behind their father.

It gave me a good laugh & brought back memories of my brother & I. :)


@mellinadear KJH's little brother is caring KJH when KJH was relocated to Sokcho. When KJM is with KJH, his teasing KJH made us see KJH in lively&funny side, true brother bonding here. 


2 hours ago, rosiepeonie188 said:

@NongpeeP woohoo thank you so much.. a much needed information, a very thorough research :heart:.



Thank you for your inspiration to find timeline. 

1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:

@NongpeeP cute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532Great job with the timeline!cheerleader pink mouse


By the way, last week I had imagined that JWS might fly to Cuba in order to help CSH and I have to admit that I was wrong. However, his actions from this week proved to me that he is even worse than I had imagined.

He explains his action in the name of love... Love is his excuse. He loves CSH that's why he hurts her. This reminds me of an "abusive" spouse who beats his wife in the name of love. Sure, JWS was never violent and never hurt her physically. However, he knew that he would hurt her, when he joined the company. He knew that he would hurt her, when he faked the affair. He let CSH suffer, stigmatized as a woman who couldn't please her husband (even CSH's mother kept blaming her for that and I am sure, JWS's mother did the same thing). He has been hurting her mentally. He knew that his mother would harass his wife but he never stopped her. His behavior (bombarding her with gifts the next day) really reminds me of an abusive husband who wants to "redeem" himself with his expensive gifts. I couldn't help myself thinking of the movie with Julia Roberts (the enemy in my bed) that's why love can not be an excuse for his action. His mother might have punished CSH because she was considered as a commoner and she didn't love her son... When the mother described his son's love for CSH as pure, I almost chocked. "pure" because he had no sex with her or "pure" because he never showed his love? To me, his love was never pure because he was only thinking about himself and his needs/desire. In this drama, I have the impression that the writer wants us to see what true love is: selfless, caring about the other, willing to put his own desire behind and show respect to the partner, worrying about the other... JWS is never worried about CSH's pain. 



Thank you so much for your analysis in this forum for days and weeks, they are very interesting to read and think.

For this comment, the ex-husband could be abusive no matter body or mind. 


1 hour ago, stroppyse said:


It's not clear how WS was able to convince the Directors who are friendly to SH to accept him as a co-CEO since a CEO level appointment is made by the Board of Directors, but I hope we'll find out more at some point. Right now, since WS seems to have used the near-failure of the Cuba hotel deal as the reason why SH needs a co-CEO, I'm still mad at his character, and I hope there was more than just that in terms of getting the other Directors to agree to let WS be co-CEO. If it was the Cuba hotel incident, then I definitely want WS and his mother brought down with revelations of how Chairwoman Kim actually created that sabotage rather than through any mis-steps from SH or her people.


The uncertainty is what WS is going to do now that SH has blown him and his family off, even more so once he realizes that she blew them off to be with JH. It should become clear to everyone that as important as the Donghwa Hotel is to SH, that JH is more important.


Anyway, I also think that they made love in Cuba. I'm with you in that there is no way those steamy kisses with 2 healthy adults who are mad for each other was going to stop and just sleep holding hands. :lol: 


I think in Seoul, they are being more circumspect because of all those watching eyes that SH and JH are afraid will besmirch the other person. They are definitely in the mode where they want to protect each other. Also, they have many more people that they are answerable to, including JH's parents. While JH is an adult, he is still living at home, and his parents would be curious if he spent the night away from home.




I guessed the reasons why some directors voted for the ex-husband because this ex-husband invested with majority shares which he can change director seats upon the shareholding he held, those directors who would not like to be removed might vote yes for ex-husband.

In the board of directors, there were some objection from some directors but this group can not overcome.


For making love discussion, it stills at odds. Could we run to ask our KJH&CSH about this because they both only knew what is correct. :phew:B)




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5 hours ago, Far^away said:


  Hide contents

PO has improved a lot, considering his last outing in Fluttering Warning. His scene with HI is heartwarming. He talked abour her crushing on JH all this while but what about him himself? I find it so bittersweet and he captured the feeling well. Job well done PO! And considering he’s a rapper, his singing voice is not that bad :)




 I also enjoy watching Jin Hyuk and Jin Myung scenes. In some scenes JH has the holding power over JM but in the latest scenes JM cutely bullied JH. I really, really love the scene with Jangsoo Apa and JM when he is teasing his Oma...Such a familiar scene in our house. P.O has been a good match as a brother to JH and friend to DC and HI. They deliver heartwarming scenes and I don't escape it to watch because it is not boring. 

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9 hours ago, Far^away said:

Let me arrange my words better. I think he came to Donghwa primarily because he thought that if he gained the hotel, then SH would have no choice but to go to him, since the hotel means everything to her. I also believe he think that he is protecting her right on Donghwa by snatching the hotel himself since he did it without his mother's help. He definitely up to something, and this is implied when he doesn't say a word when his mom asked if he also had the same intention as hers for acquiring Donghwa.


He was rather offended when SooHyun said he had the backing of his mother, wasn't he.  Someone must have mommy issues.  Someone also has not graduated beyond pulling the hair of the girl he likes, in order to get her attention.  And I'm sure his mother is quite aware of how immature her son is.  The question in my mind is whether or not his mother will allow him to get away with whatever plan he's hatching.  So far, WooSeok has achieved her goal-- control of Donghwa-- without getting any negative attention from the media.  He's obtained the majority of the shares, all without any fuss.  Now the last thing on her agenda-- making SooHyun crawl--  is the hardest part.  I think his mother is letting her son do all this so he can see how futile it is (meaning making SooHyun love him) and thereby make him angry.  She hopes (imo) that he'll get angry enough to punish SooHyun and her parents himself, so she won't have to lift a finger.  And once he's vented his anger, he'll be her obedient son again and marry a woman she chooses. 


2 hours ago, thistle said:

What I'm waiting for is a meeting between SH and JH mothers--that's gonna be rough.  Seeing what SH's mother is like will be all it will take for JH's mother to be on SH's side.

In my imagination, I think JinHyuk got his thoughtfulness from his dad and his stubborness/steeliness from his mother.  I'd quite like to see SooHyun's mother trying to ride roughshod over JinHyuk (or SooHyun!) when his mother's there to hear.  I think we'd see a whole other side of Joo YeonJa, just like how we do when JinHyuk is put face to face with WooSeok or his mother. 


@ahdrianaa Maybe she just thinks the emoji looks a like a cute mini version of SooHyun?  :sweatingbullets:

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2 hours ago, stroppyse said:

I got the sense that JM has been crushing on HI for as long as HI's been crushing on JH, but because HI is older and his brother's friend and is crushing on that same brother, JM has been treating her like a sister and not letting on. He's been keeping an awfully close eye on her to know exactly how long she's been crushing on JH, not to mention him saying that he had thought that she would have gotten over it through all those years in high school, college, and while JH was away at the army.


I was really impressed with JinMyeong in this episode.  He navigates all these different roles (trustworthy little brother, burgeoning partner to DaeChan, innocent/naughty youngest child, and now dependable and insightful friend) so effortlessly.  It was nice for the drama to highlight that the Jin brothers are more similar than they are different.  The barely there hint that JinMyeong likes HyeIn was so smoothly done during the masquerade party, that I'd actually forgotten about it until this episode!  :heart: Hopefully HyeIn, now that someone has acknowledged her heart, will be able to move on and find her own happiness with someone else. 


And on that same note... Kim SunJoo what the heck?  Why'd you ignore Manager Nam like that? :joy:  Is she entering the push/pull stage already?  Is this her professionalism?  I'm very curious.  Hopefully, we'll get to see Manager Nam ask her about it in the next episode...

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