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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Thanks for the great news!

Anyone knows if there's an English version of the book? Would love to get one. "I see you as I see flowers" is a good reminder to see the best in others for me...

What a great drama "Boyfriend" is to have so much good spin-offs - more CFs, more book sales, more publicity for Cuba & Sokcho which impacts tourism revenue greatly, more fanatic fans..hehe...more acceptance from society for non-conformist love situations like divorced woman with younger passionate guys who kiss like they're on fire!      :D


It's so good to see KJH meeting CSH's dad! I could sense the admiration & respect for KJH in her dad's eyes and mannerism.

Does that mean he'll sponsor their Cuba wedding in the Garden of Love?    :wub:

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Thank you for sharing the new stills. Post Cuba KJH has a totally new vibe.


Really, really curious about WS role in the hotel now. Will he work with the PR team? I remember several pages back someone mentioned that the comedic PR team member (forgot her name) would be a good match for WS. LOL. He just might find his match after all!

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From Still pictures, it is very interesting for this coming episode when Kim Jin Hyuk will meet Cha Soo Hyun's dad because her dad is the one she really cares, not her mom.

In Episode 9, when CSH's dad mentioned he was not sure whether KJH could bear this gossip, cruel words, and that Chaebol's manupulation, it might be one of influencial factors CSH's decision to ask for a break from KJH&CSH's relationship because her dad's word meant so much to her reasoning.


What is the result of this meeting between KJH and CSH's dad in coming episode?


Park Bo Gum Meets Song Hye Kyo’s Father For 1st Time On “Encounter”




tvN’s “Encounter” has revealed an exciting sneak peek of its upcoming episode!

On January 8, the drama unveiled new stills of Kim Jin Hyuk (played by Park Bo Gum) meeting his girlfriend Cha Soo Hyun (Song Hye Kyo)’s father for the very first time.

In the newly released photos, Kim Jin Hyuk unexpectedly runs into Cha Soo Hyun’s father Cha Jong Hyun (played by Moon Sung Geun) in the lobby of the Donghwa Hotel. Although the encounter takes him by surprise, Kim Jin Hyuk appears calm and pulled-together as he offers Cha Jong Hyun a friendly handshake and a warm smile. Cha Jong Hyun responds with a small smile of his own, wearing an attentive gaze that clearly betrays his interest in his daughter’s new boyfriend.

The stills also show Nam Myung Shik (played by Go Chang Suk), who has always been an active and enthusiastic supporter of Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun’s relationship, happily looking on as the two men meet for the first time.



The next episode of “Encounter” will air on January 9 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch up on the latest episode of the drama below!




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1 hour ago, stardustvoid said:


Really, really curious about WS role in the hotel now. Will he work with the PR team? I remember several pages back someone mentioned that the comedic PR team member (forgot her name) would be a good match for WS. LOL. He just might find his match after all!


I had to go look up the character's name because I couldn't recall either.  I have thought she was on a man hunt and had JWS as a target (especially after that masquerade party):  Koo Eun Jin.  She would be a great match for him.


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7 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

So when JH met Samuel for the second time, he remembered him because KJH had told him that the love of his wife was still existent, although she had died. But when Samuel read the letter, he noticed that KJH mentioned that the playground represented memories with the woman he loved. Moreover, he knew that KJH was just a simple employee (reservation office desk) due to the magazine... he is not someone from the higher up. No normal worker would spend the night in a garden like that, even dare to trespass the property. Only someone in love would do that... and since the garden meant so much for the CEO, Samuel could imagine that KJH would do such a bold move only for her. 




Totally agreed with this assumption too.


By the way, this twitter mentioned that taxi with classic car charged 27 USD per hour.

From BTS, KJH and CSH will have dating around Havana by this taxi.





Credit tranlation by Google translate

:star:Kudo for Park Bo Gum's and Song Hye Kyo's high score by Research in December 2018:wub::heart::thumbsup:



'Boyfriend' Park Bo-gom, Song Hye-kyo, drama actor brand reputation 1st · 2nd place in December 


[Maekyung.com MK Sports Shin Yeon Kyung reporter] Park Boygum, who appeared in 'Boyfriend', won the drama actor 's first place in the brand reputation in December. Song Hye-kyo was second, followed by Hyun Bin. 

The Korea Institute of Corporate Research analyzed 252,037,010 brands of Big 100 brand actors in the drama, which was broadcasted from November 20, 2018 to December 21, 2018, and measured consumers' brand participation, media volume and traffic. In October, sales of actor brand Big Data increased 12.42% from 225,061,324.


The drama actor brand reputation analysis analyzed the brand big data by participation index, media index, communication index, community index. Brand reputation index is an index that extracts brand big data and classifies consumer behavior into reputation analysis value, participation value, communication value, media value, community value, and social value and weights it. Brand Big Data Analysis can measure positive and negative evaluations of the brand, source and interest of media, interest and traffic of consumers, diffusion of community about issues, response to content and popularity. 

0 of 0 articles for 798696 articlespicture explanationPark Bo-gum X Song Hye-kyo, drama actor brand reputation 1st place, 2nd place in December Picture = jade movie reporter

In December, 2018, the drama actor brand was ranked 30th in the rankings, including Park Bo Gum, Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin, Lee Seul, Hyo Eun, Yui Kim Yoo Jung, Min Jung, Jo Boa, Park Shin Hye, Yong Gyun Sang, Lee Jong Seok, Yoo Seung Ho, Jang Na Ra, , Shin Hyesun, Choi Jin-hyuk, Shin Sungrok, Yu-jin Kim, Young-Ok Kim, Soo Hyun, Jung Yoo Mi, 

The Park Bo Gum brand, which ranked # 1, was ranked # 3,106,675 in the media index, 4,437,048 in the communication index, 4,766,400 in the community index, and 2,596,969 in the community index, 14,837,092 in the brand reputation index. 

The second-ranked Song Hye Kyo brand was analyzed as brand participation index of 3,256,097, media index of 3,806,712, communication index of 4,032,864, community index of 2,239,280, and brand reputation index of 13,334,953. 

The third-ranked Hyun Bin brand was analyzed as the participation index 1,859,236, the media index 2,713,620, the communication index 2,225,088, the community index 1,312,283, and the brand reputation index 8,110,227. 

The 4th ranked brand was analyzed as brand participation index of 4,988,761, media index of 1,796,928, communication index of 794,592, community index of 526,678, and brand reputation index of 8,106,959. 

The 5th ranked HGO brand was analyzed as brand participation index 4,873,999 media index 1,158,360 communication index 1,149,120 community index 816,132 and brand reputation index 7,997,611. 

Koo Chang-hwan, director of the Korea Corporate Reputation Research Center, said, "Park Bo-Gum and Song Hye-Kyo, which are loved by consumers as a result of drama actor brand reputation analysis result in December 2018, are ranked first and second." "The Park Bo-Gum brand is reputed to be going straight to the girls with melodic emotions due to its mature emotional performance." 

Also, "Big data analysis of actor brand category showed 12.42% increase compared with 225,061,324 actor brand Big data in October. In the detailed analysis, brand consumption rose 26.37%, brand issues 16.97%, brand communication 7.86%, brand diffusion 11.47%, "according to actor Big Data.

"The actor Park Bo-gum, who ranked No. 1 in the drama actor brand in December 2018, ranked " young, loving, and beautiful " in the big data link analysis. In the keyword analysis, 'Boyfriend, Song Hye Kyo, and Som' came out highly. Positive positive rate was analyzed as 75.33%. " 

The Korean Corporate Reputation Research Institute analyzes the brand big data to understand the change in brand reputation. mkculture@mkculture.com [ⓒ Maeil Business & mk.co.kr, All rights reserved and redistribution prohibited] 
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7 hours ago, larrysouth said:

As we go into the last episodes of the series, I think it would be wise for CSH to take some precautionary steps to protect KJH and his family.  This is not her first rodeo with Chairwoman Kim Hwa-Jin and her dirty tricks.  Sadly, I have worked in this type of environment before, and CSH's opponents will do whatever they need to in order to remove CSH as the CEO of Dongwha Hotel, which would include hurting KJH or his family, either physically or their character.  

Whilst I disagree about the methods mentioned, I totally agree that they should have a serious conversation about this as she knows exactly what they are getting themselves into. I think it’s high time they sat down as a team and discussed a game plan but I also believe that they will work it out.




So, I tried following everyone’s example and rewatching everything. Unfortunately, I don’t have too much time so I was satisfied with just clips for now. One conversation that struck me was in episode 3 when Mr Nam and JH were coming back from Sokcho. Mr Nam told him not to worry about her as she was used to being alone and he responded by asking whether she was truly used to it or was enduring it. Honestly, if the dad had eavesdropped on that conversation, he would probably be planning their wedding now. I also think with that one sentence, JH turned Mr Nam’s ship into full blown support because JH was proving 


1) how much he already cared about her at that point to the point of being worried

2) how much he had already figured her out even though they hadn’t known each other for long

3) how invested he would be in her happiness ie, she would in good hands with him.


Couple rings


I was thinking, would it be too weird if she’s the one that buys the couple rings instead? I’m imagining a scenario where she’s having a conversation with Mi Jin about how she wants to say I love you back but doesn’t know how to reciprocate the whole Cuba hotel gesture and then getting the idea to have couple rings instead. 


That’s just my thinking or am I pushing the whole gender reversal thing too far.


Finally, cool dad and the boyfriend meet. I was wondering when it would happen but I’m happy with it this week. Now I’m just hoping for SH to finally meet his parents. If not yet, more interaction with cool tea lady please. SH did express a wish to visit more often after all. I feel like JH is good friends with Mr Nam so it’ll be quite helpful for her to be friends with someone in his world too, and HI is kinda out as she’s proven that she’s not too supportive 

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This is the person responsible for the beautiful artwork before and after each episode :heart:




IG Profile:



Hands Down

Hats off :thumbsup:




@nmgzlz @stroppyse

I predicted that they will break up but will get back together and it really happened.


For me, that time off was necessary. It will allow them to step back and reasses the situation and their feelings. Whether it’s worth the fight or not. Because let’s face it, they will be fighting tooth and nail for the relationship to work especially for KJH. His life will be turned upside down and he will have to kiss his privacy goodbye. For me, that is a very big decision to make.


Good thing our OTP decided to work it out and have a sit down. Looking forward to their professional growth as ceo-employee as well.

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Now the hand, arm and feet gesture I did notice. Because I am one of those people who expresses something better using my hands. It was so heart warming to see the growth of their intimacy by just looking at how their hands and arms are also getting closer. :heart:


Once again, thank you for that very detailed (with visuals) explanation. Push it more and I might just make a Guidebook in Perfectly Understanding the Encounter Drama by Bebebisous33 :lol:



hahaha let me rephrase what I said then. They will be at a stand still. I am happy that CSH lost that bet though because it goes to show that she is finally reclaiming and deciding on her own happiness!


I think the production team has their eyes on this thread. They seem to grant our wishes alot :ph34r: I’m not joking. We wanted a good angled kiss, they gave us that and more and all the other things that we wished that was posted by someone else. 


Our wish: A happy ending!



Thank you for posting that. Does it have full Eng Subs? Let me check...

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