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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Don't forget that JWS is always filmed indoors, in suffocating rooms with no windows so that you have the impression, he is living in a prison. However, in his mind, this beautiful flower needed a protector that's why he is helping her behind her back. She is like a flower with JWS as a gardener who ensures that she doesn't get hurt. Donghwa hotel can be perceived like a greenhouse, where everyone can look at CSH and even gossip about her. He is just the gardener protecting her. By doing so, he feels that the flower sooner or later will realize what he has done to her so that she will smile beautifully to him like a flower.


This is what I wrote after only watching 4 episodes. Striking is that my interpretation how JWS views CSH as a flower was so spot on, because in the episode 10 he sent so many flowers and told her that these flowers would look like her.


That's the reason why I would like to go back to the introduction of JWS. In the episode 1 at the birthday party, he asked CSH if he sorted things out with his mother, she would be happy to see him from that moment on/ she would be nice to him. So in their first meeting, JWS knew what kind of expression CSH would have. This shows that in reality he waited for a signal from CSH asking for help. That way, he could appear as the knight in shining armor who saves the day. He never took the initiative not out of cowardice in the end but he wanted CSH to express a wish: she needed him. Imagine how wrong that is...

When you watched the episodes again knowing what will come after, you realize that certain scenes can be perceived now differently. When she asked him if he was getting married, he hoped that this was the signal, she might be interested him... he does it again in the episode 3. As you can see, his passivity is the real reason why JWS could never get CSH's love. He is so used to getting the attention from ladies that he got interested in CSH as she was different. She wouldn't fawn over him. But that's where he got it all wrong. If he wanted to get CSH's love, he needed to become active. He was caught in that pattern... a woman needs to show that she wants his attention, then he will react to it. But it never happened as CSH was expecting that as her husband, he would do something.

Then after 10 episodes, I came to the conclusion that JWS was really poor at expressing himself and finding the right words. And the birthday party reveals this aspect too which didn't catch my attention first. He told her:

"You and your endless charms. Sour-faced as ever." (subtitles from VIU)

"You're still attractive... Your cold face." (Viki)

With these words, he is actually insulting her, although this is definitely not his intention. Sour-faced/ cold face can never be viewed as an attractive attribute. CSH's reaction to his words is quite normal: she is upset but remains calm. Encounter episode 1 JWS and CSH birthday.pngShe sighs of exasperation, looks away from JWS, while he keeps smiling. 

Sorry, but the more I analyze JWS, the more I come to despise him. I mean, I was quite surprised, when he said to her before "I thought, you were an idiot, when you asked for the hotel".... sure at the end, he compliments her with her success. However did he need to say that he thought that she was an idiot? No, he could have complimented her right away. And he is still surprised that CSH is not showing any emotion other than frustration and unhappiness. When CSH reminds him that he was the one who begged for the divorce and why he is now showing interest towards her. She rejects his "deal" and tells him that he is making her uncomfortable. JWS acts as if he didn't hear anything and proposes her to eat with him. Once again, she rejects his offer and JWS criticizes her as she didn't see his offer as something coming from a friend.


To sum up, the introduction of JWS revealed much more than it met the eye:

- JWS's passivity, he waited for a signal from CSH asking for help, then he would protect her!!

- the idea that he thought that she was a woman who had no heart and could never smile (sour-faced/ cold face as ever)

- the fact that he proposed a deal to her: if he stops his mother, she has to treat him nicely.

- he doesn't listen to her. When she confides that he makes her uncomfortable, he avoids her remark by questioning her where in this house would she be comfortable. For him, the place where they are standing makes her feel unwell. He denies that he is the one responsible for not feeling comfortable.

As you can observe in this scene, the ex-husband blames either this room or his mother or CSH for the divorce. He denies any responsibility. CSH reminds him that he was the one who begged for it but he totally ignores her remark. Since he used this as a tactic and never really wanted the divorce in the first place, he is denying any responsibility.

I've never pitied JWS before but after taking a closer look, I see him as a selfish, self-centered, weak and stupid man.

The writer did a great job because the second leads usually have such obvious flaws that the viewer can not root for them: jealousy, possessiveness... They'll do anything to get what they want. JWS's flaws are not so obvious due to his passivity. Moreover he uses his mother as excuse for his passivity. He wants to get pity from CSH believing that if she shows concern for him, then he can obtain what he wants: see emotions on CSH's face other than "cold face". From this, JWS thinks, he can start becoming active in his pursue.



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4 Things We Loved & 2 Things We Hated About Episodes 9 And 10 Of “Encounter”

Jan 7, 2019


Now that “Encounter” is back on, we’re excited to see where the love between Soo Hyun and Jin Hyeok will go. Are they destined to be doomed, or will the pair be able to surpass the strains of social class and end up together? Here’s a look at four things we loved and two things we hated about this past week’s episodes.

Warning: Spoilers for Episodes 9 and 10 of “Encounter” below!

HATED: The blatantly obvious product placement

Because I’m enjoying the drama so much, I let the first few times pass, but it’s just getting ridiculous now. You can’t get through an episode without even a few blatant advertisements. These product placements sometimes take away from the fantasy world that us viewers get sucked into.




And of course, what’s a K-drama without the mention of Subway?


Subway. Is. Everywhere



HATED: The inevitable breakup

We knew it was coming. The tension building up to Jin Hyeok and Soo Hyun’s highly public relationship was bound to make Soo Hyun want to take a break from Jin Hyeok. But did we know that it would break us seeing Jin Hyeok so heartbroken?



LOVED: How happy Jin Hyeok was to see Soo Hyun by the sea

At this point in the episode, Jin Hyeok is wallowing in his misery as he continues to be on a “break” from Soo Hyun. He’s able to adjust living in Sokcho, but he still can’t help but miss her.

So when Soo Hyun shows up in Sokcho and makes a surprise visit to see Jin Hyeok, he’s obviously ecstatic. He can hardly contain himself and he runs up to her like a long lost puppy! It was seriously adorbs.



LOVED: Going back to Cuba (and the cinematography)

I loved the setting of the first episode, which took place in Cuba. The country is so beautiful and makes for an enchanting backdrop to this romantic story! So when the characters embark on a trip back to where they first met, I was totally excited. Mainly because I knew it would add to the already romantic adventure that the two are on.




Gorgeous, right?!



LOVED: The tears of happiness

When Soo Hyun is running around Cuba trying to find Jin Hyeok, she finally stumbles across the note that he left her at the cafe they were supposed to meet at back when they first met. While she reads the note and starts to miss Jin Hyeok even more, she turns around and sees him in front of her.


LOVED: The “I love you”

It finally happened – Jin Hyeok has finally professed his love for Soo Hyun, and what better way than for it to happen in Cuba.


That romantic moment which then led to the kiss.

Although the kiss scenes are hard to get by without thinking about Song Joong Ki, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Maybe it’s because Park Bo Gum is doing such a great job of carrying the series that it’s easy to get over. I can’t wait to see this romance progress in the episodes to come!


binahearts is a Soompi writer whose ultimate biases are Song Joong Ki and BIGBANG.



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19 hours ago, thistle said:


I'm really enjoying reading your analysis.  Brilliant!


By the way, not sure if I might have missed it, but did you notice the recent scene where CSH is in the boardroom?  Everyone is dressed in sombre clothes except for her.  The doors behind her have something like large brass chevron designs on them.  When she stands in front of the closed doors, the brass diagonals behind her look like wings. 



@thistle Something else caught my attention... while watching the episode 1 for a third time. And guess what? Curious... read the spoiler below! LOL!:D


@twtwb @xu_lyfe@nikir@guinearoyal@Tasia@icyphoenix @stroppyse @philosophie @thistle@Yongzura@thadora@jl08

So my interpretation was that CSH is associated to a bird, because she offered a white howl to JH in the second episode. Then we have this drawing.Encounter episode 7 drawing ending.png And you saw this: Encounter episode 10 CSH directors meeting.png in the episode 10. She definitely looks like a bird flying.

So let us go back to the first episode:


Encounter episode 1 bird.png

A bird flies to JH's table and JH finds it so cute that he wants to take a picture. He is able to do it and after that, the bird flies away. Shortly after, CSH has the car accident, where JH's camera is damaged. So the arrival of the bird and his brief encounter with JH should be perceived as the announcement of their fateful encounter. So this scene was not random at all. It becomes only obvious, after we analyzed so much!

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This page is moving too fast. I can  barely catch up. Well done everyone. Keep the spirit. And now I read it backwards :sweatingbullets:.


Enjoy watching PBGxSHK bts. They looks so comfortable and carefree with each other. PBG sooo cute. I just can't :wub:. At 0.51 when SHK is waving at him.


Love to see the selfies. Remember there a pic of PBG taking selfie during shooting ep1 with SHK in red dress. PBG surely better than KJH in collection of selfies.

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1 minute ago, stardustvoid said:

@dianss23 LOL, that could pass as a trailer for 50 shades of gray


@bebebisous33 thank you for the bird analysis! Never crossed my mind to link the two. Goes to show how rich in detail this drama is

And let me add another thing... I remembered that some viewers  complained that the pace of the first episode was rather slow. Right now, I am watching the first episode for the third time. (Well, I am still on vacation that's why I am able to do it.) And after analyzing so much, I understand much better the work of the writer and director, like for example why the scene in Morro Cabana was so long. They were actually really important to discern CSH and JH's personality and to explain why JH and CSH were attracted to each other and why it will never work with JWS.

By the way, the scene at Morro Cabana will be my next topic. 

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9 minutes ago, stardustvoid said:

@dianss23 LOL, that could pass as a trailer for 50 shades of gray


@bebebisous33 thank you for the bird analysis! Never crossed my mind to link the two. Goes to show how rich in detail this drama is

Your right, I mean look at the throat of PBG going up and down he is feeling it ahhh I’m going crazy, they have chemistry all right...

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I saw some articles saying that the drama is carried by PBG and didn’t like it. It takes so many things to produce a drama that resonates with the audience and if a male character is carrying the show alone then just shoot him alone, can’t we? *snickers* Sorry i just had to say this out loud. 


That aside, I had the opportunity to watch Ep9 and Ep10 again today and can’t help to admire the courage shown by both of our leads. 


How often in our real life we converse honestly, telling the other party how we felt and actually dare to admit the mistakes we made? 


The dialogues are brief, but straightforward. Simple but packs a punch. 


I’ll be looking forward to the writers future work. 

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May I request please dont mention anything related to their personal life or anything outside of this drama coz it really ruins the momentum of viewers like me. I am asking for consideration bec I’m still having the feel of this drama and I want it to linger some more til this drama ends. Sorry if I offended anyone. 

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5 minutes ago, shyguitar said:

May I request please dont mention anything related to their personal life or anything outside of this drama coz it really ruins the momentum of viewers like me. I am asking for consideration bec I’m still having the feel of this drama and I want it to linger some more til this drama ends. Sorry if I offended anyone. 


I second that. :thumbsup:

Let's just not talk about what they think because some people think weird things. And we can't control what they think. So lets just think positive thoughts. You get what I'm thinking? :kiss_wink:


Now... About that Morro Cabana kiss.... :P


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Spending every second of my free time viewing those yt videos. I hope it can help. I guess, not having an eng sub is causing few views. Since not all have access to eng sub, they tend to look for videos with such.


So, every intimate scene of JinSoo especially those kissing scenes are causing Jh 's red ears?!..   Well... i thought when they are in korea its because of very cold weather, but in cuba?  You're ears are still red hot Jh:wub:

or my eyes are just deceiving me?


Another big change for Sh... she is traveling alone.. no sec. Jang tagging alone. She is having business meeting, right.? She can handle it now alone, or she is having that telephatic hunch that Jh is in cuba and he can be his sec.

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48 hours to go! 



Found it so confusing that the BTS this week actually had spoilers for episode 11 but WTH, I was happy seeing JinSoo in Cuba again.


I’m really looking forward to the scene where JH sings CSH that song but part of me wonders why that song was chosen. Maybe because he is so head over heels in love? Maybe there’s a different context?


Anyway based on the BTS looks like they’ll be hitting the beach too. Looks there’s a lot in store for us on episode 11. Looks like our Jinsoo are packing all the good memories they can get (culminating in that balcony kiss) before returning to cold and unforgiving Seoul.


And wouldn’t it be funny if the balcony kiss ended because they have a flight to catch. Lol. I jest


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On 1/5/2019 at 9:13 AM, leedonghaek said:
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There were efforts from certain journalists to say something negative about Encounter. Previously I saw an article comparing PBG to another actor. Tbh I don't know what their purpose was but when a drama and its actors have managed to create a huge buzz..there'll always be someone who tries to bring them down.



I have a secret recording that shows that Chairwoman Kim Hwa-Jin (evil MIL), is creating the negative news stories about Encounter because this series is painting her in a bad light.

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