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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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51 minutes ago, philosophie said:

I absolutely love the actress of the female lead. I dunno if it’s just me, but I feel like she has really made the character come to life even though I haven’t seen her play a cold character like this before. She impresses me because I have noticed the subtle changes in SH since the video call. Smiling more, less serious, etc.This brings me to believe that by the end of the drama, she will have been a whole new person, happy go lucky, a breath of fresh air. Part of me wonders if she will remain a ceo or get into something else, like art. Maybe even start a normal life and get away from the public eye.


It’s definitely not just you :thumbsup:



i love how you compared it to a swiss chocolate. So accurate :wub:


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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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I am very happy for the outcome of the drama the ratings still on top for the cable channel  Encounter is talk of the town bad or good publicity still a publicity and we should focus on it  my concern is we have only 6 episode more and that is very sad how can i move on after this i am not ready to let go and my other concern is my idol they are lots of fan of her husband are bashing her and commenting malicious comment in her ig acct becoz of this kissing scene judgemental people i know Kyo will ignored this people who are bashing her and i know her husband and family of her are very supportive on her so forget about that and focus on the drama so guys let us all enjoy for the 6 remaining episodes and one more thing lots of people are enjoying and prasing this drama, have a blessed Sunday to all God Bless Us All..

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4 hours ago, leedonghaek said:



The is most closed clip for this scene.





Thank you for this article from your post, I agreed with this sentence.

"In all honesty, Encounter is for patient viewers – those who love taking time to savor the quiet and meaningful moments of the series."


By the way: 

Sunday 12 January 2019

- Drink support from Ahn Jae Hong (Jung Bong from Reply1988) to Park Bo Gum made us know that Encounter Casts&Crews are still filming non-stop. 


Sunday 12 January 2019

Encounter's production team thanks for Buffet food and gift.


Encounter's Scene at Lighthouse in Sokcho might be filmed on 27 December 2018


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12 hours ago, stroppyse said:


Not to mention that I think SHK had trained as a ballerina in her youth.  Just seeing the words "balcony kiss" makes me blush now. That was a seriously hot few seconds. :D


There must be at least 4 cameras shooting for the kissing scenes at the same time with the kissing angle (KJH eating the mouth of CSH) that the two did. Good job by the Director. :o

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1 hour ago, ahdrianaa said:

I think that I found their room :D , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct. 


CSH’s room in first episode 


Daebak! How could you search interesting info about this hotel in Cuba?!? All Encounter fans has known how significant place it is to our Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun. :thumbsup:



1 hour ago, stroppyse said:

Do I have to choose? Couldn't I just have both? :wub::wub: It's just that's he's so adorable, and apparently is so polite and caring.


@NongpeeP, that buffet spread looks so delicious. I think I'm getting hungry... This drama seems to be a plentifully supported drama with food and drink. That's nice. :) 


Kim Jin Hyuk's smile acted by Park Bo Gum with eye contact to Cha Soo Hyun acted by Song Hye Kyo...made the day bright. 


Sunday 6 January 2019_ Encounter's Production team, who have worked non-stop, got more energy:

Buffet Support and Gift from Park Bo Gum's fans in several clubs




Tons of scenes to film



Food Buffet looks yummy with fans' determined collaboration.


























How exhausted Encounter's Crews team looked from non stop filming in the freezed weather. 






Kim Jin Hyuk's baggage to Cuba







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All hardworking cast and crews of boy friend's drama had a great lunch today. All 15 parkbogum's international fan club made a arrangement ( since October) and there were lots of discussion from each country representative going on and on until we thought it can not be happen as their hectic outdoor filming schedule.   In time with all the drama out there :tears: / rating etc ,so at least we could cheer up the 200 cast and crew.  All fan club agreed only to share at 4 p.m kst but photo was leak from one of the crew earlier :). Now twitter and ig are flooded with buffet spread by bogum's fan club each country representative.   yummy buffet for cast and crew who gives us beautiful drama

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@bebebisous33 , i want to tie your post about the stars with the comments wondering why the director put the balcony scene in the episode when it clearly belongs to another episode.


12 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:


Among a multitude of stars,

One stares down at me,

Among a multitude of people,

I stare up at that one star,

Where , when and as what will the two of us,

You, one so warm, and me, one so tender, meet again? (Translation from VIU)


When I first saw that balcony scene, I was so blinded by the lights from the hotels that I almost missed the balcony magic. Firstly, I think the director is milking the poem for all its worth, and the balcony scene just fits the poem perfectly. The city lights are bright, but there are also stars in the sky, very much like the meeting of these two under a multitude of stars and HD lighting.




Secondly, now that they've teased us with the balcony scene, I bet you the coming episode will show a spike in ratings because we want MORE!! tvN for the WIN this year!! I've gotten two kissing scenes here and in Alhambra (what an improvement PSH,lol), I mean, can the year start on a better note? 


Also, as far as I'm concerned, that artwork of the girl coming down with the stars means a whole lot of stuff, but also that they will have to do the horizontal salsa in Cuba. Please PDnim, crew and cast, do not waste the opportunity to give us the horizontal rhumba. You can play some rhumba and have KJH reading yet another poem or quoting some writer, whatever, I don't have to see them to know what they're doing!! Jebal yo!!


Away from the kiss, when Driver Nam started talking about the person he couldn't approach, I started laughing because it was so obvious who it was. I felt so clever when CSH confirms it by saying she won't spill his beans to manager Kim. Lol!





Did anyone else notice the painting in CSHs window? She's like a painting hoarder at this point, girl, I'm worried!! :D I see paintings everywhere!


This drama has brought out my inner detective that I had rested after My Ahjussi. Why is the painting blocking the view of Seoul? Why would she place it there? Would it be a place she has visited or has fond memories of or wants to visit? If someone can tell us which painting it is or the place in the painting, we can solve the mystery of the painting in the window.




@ahdrianaa I'm trying to decide between Mexico and Cuba for the summer, and I think Cuba has pulled ahead thanks to your brilliant post!! 



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