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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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4 hours ago, roshzanna said:

This may sound odd and weird. Im having 2nd thought posting this, but i need to get it out of my mind. 


I agreed to why WS behave that way... his upbringing, his education, his mother, his environment.  He is a yes mama boy. But something popped out of my mind. Does he always follows whatever his mother told him? Or he just follows what he wants to follow and does not follow what he does not want to follow? When she told him to choose among the women in the pictures to date and clearly pointed out that she does not want SH, it seems he disobeys her and continue pursuing or should i say annoying Sh. H

So, he can practice his freedom of choice if he wants to.

Does he really love her?.... i doubt. If he does he should  prevented his mother from punishing her, but it seems he enjoy watching it afar and let it be. And then bombarded Sh gifts to show he is not bad, just to maintain and show off  an image of a loving husband.

The orchestrated divorce..... he just fed up with the situation. Its not letting Sh get out from the situation, but making himself get out .

The fake mistress... he needs an accomplice. He only breaks ties with the girl when things are not going in his plan. And an accomplice for 4 yrs, for it will hurt his ego if someone sees him eating alone, not dating or interested in women,

That scene where he said his type is SH, yes sh type....dumb, passive, no self-esteem, a housewife, a woman who is not a threat to his machismo.

Sh's pic on his phone... is it really his wall photo or is it just one of the many photos in his fone that just like many of us have forgotten to delete and forgotten by time.

If he really loves sh, why wait 2, 3, 4 years. If his real intention in the divorce is to free sh from his mother, then right after the divorce he should start doing something to let his feelings be known.

Now that Sh has rise the hotel from the dead and she is capable of loving and be loved, he's making his presence known.

Insecured, a threat to his ego, a threat to his business ....that's what Sh to him now. He can't accept what was happening to Sh now. Just like the 2 momsters, he wants Sh to go back to where she used to be. Having an interest to the hotel business may prove my point, . (I based this on ep 11 prev, tho prev are misleading and that dialogue" i need u to help in the hotel business, im not sure who said this and to whom it is said) bec in the past ep he said to mr. Choi he is not interested in the hotel business.

When he said he still like Sh... even Sh didn't believe it, bec. this is new to her ears. She knows in her heart and mind that Ws does not love her to him she is just a payment to a debt.

Whenever he smiles.... i distrust that smile.

This may raise eyebrows...yes, this is my weird analysis... but sometimes even the weirdiest thing can happen.



Your analysis about JWS is not weird at all. I have always said that JWS doesn't love CSH but just her image as the nice and obedient woman she was in the past. This explains why he still keeps the one picture he has of her. Notice that this photo was taken as if she was applying for a job: the arranged marriage. This picture doesn't represent her true personality, she has to pose in order to fit the criteria. I even doubt that he knows what love is. The moment he realized that there was some competition, he started changing. Let us remember his actions and reactions:

  • After the revelation of the "ramen date", JWS calls CSH in order to meet her. At the bar, first he compliments her for the "scandal". He describes the news as entertaining indicating that there is nothing deep behind it. I noticed that in that conversation, they are actually listening to each other and even JWS pays attention to her facial expression. He notices that she is scared. He even asks for the second request/question she had in her mind. That's when she asks him why he is still single. Initially, JWS has this impression that she finally shows interest in his love life so he is quite happy. But he is totally wrong. She would like him to be married so that their mothers would stop bothering her with the idea of getting back together. He comments that she is mad. As you can see, he is not deaf and blind here. They are actually communicating. However, CSH is getting more and more upset because he acts as if he knows her. JWS is hurt by her remark and replies that he didn't even know that she was such a goofy woman. I don't perceive this remark as a compliment rather as a critic, even CSH doesn't like his comment. And this was caught my attention: CSH reminds him to  "watch his language". After watching the other episodes, I had noticed the poor expression skills of JWS. JWS needs google and his secretary in order to write a message in the cards. Therefore he might not criticize her for her bad taste but he chose the wrong words. However, his remark "a goofy woman" indicates that this doesn't correspond to the taste of someone living in his world. He only accepts her request (not the man to be fired) on one condition: JH has nothing to do with her implying that she doesn't start a relationship with him. In that scene, JWS is trying to portray himself as a good ex-husband who can listen to her but who is helpless in front of his mother. Indirectly, he is blaming his mother for the failure in his marriage.
  • Then he really intervenes by confronting his mother: first, he doesn't want her to fire JH as it could backfire on them. Besides, he refuses that his mother meddles in his love life and marriage. Here he clearly reveals that he wants to be back with CSH but he wants her to choose him. This scene illustrates that JWS is able to speak in front of his mother, he can express his own opinion and desire. It shows that he follows what he wants but acts in front of CSH as if he was powerless. In my opinion, JWS had this idea, if he reminds CSH what kind of a mother chairman Kim is (an authoritarian mother), she might "pity" him and start loving him. But why did he choose to lie to her about the "affair" and the "love of his life"? Why did he ask for the divorce? I guess, he imagined that he had not the strength to change the situation: his mother abusing his wife and dictating what CSH should say, how she should smile, what she should do. Don't forget that later she described herself as a vegetable or being in a coma. JWS must have felt it: CSH was not a wife in his marriage but a "sleeping beauty". He knew that if he had confessed to her back then, this wouldn't have changed anything. CSH wouldn't have been moved by his love confession as she had no "heart". 
  • In the same episode, JWS decides to buy CSH a dress and in the episode 4, he visits her in Sokcho. So for him, the scandal was the signal that CSH is now living again. She has a heart and she can even smile. She is back to normal. That's why he waited for so long. As long as CSH showed no interest in a man, this meant that CSH's heart was not really beating and couldn't be moved.
  • That's also the moment he starts looking into the hotel matter as well. In the episode 4, he is informed that there was a terrible comment about CSH. He asks his secretary to investigate the matter and erase the bad comments. Later, he invites director Choi and warns him. He even announces to him that he has no interest in the hotel but Downghwa Hotel is his ex-wife's work. This wouldn't be manly to take away the result of her hard work. And this shows that JWS only begged for the divorce and asked his wife to set the things into motion. On the other hand, he washed his hands off her with the divorce contract. He wasn't the one who took matter into his own hands. He let it happen and CSH had to bear the consequences: the constant meddling of her ex-mother-in-law. But JWS knows the content but showed no concern. Even after getting divorced, CSH is still "abused" due to that terrible clause. CSH knew that if she hadn't accepted this clause, the chairman Kim would have never allowed the divorce. the divorce is not just to set her free, it is about JWS who didn't take any responsibility in it. He allowed his wife to take the whole burden. Even in the episode 3, he wonders why she blames him for the divorce. In his eyes, she signed the divorce and his mother was responsible for the failure of his marriage. Now, CSH is the one who has to live with the stigma "divorced", while his "affair" is long forgotten. JWS is still considered as a good party. 
  • The more the relationship between JH and CSH progresses, the more stubborn, blind and deaf JWS becomes. Notice the contrast between the conversation in the episode 3 and in the episode 10. In the latter, JWS calls her in order to inform her that he is at the hotel waiting for her. CSH refuses to follow his demand and tells him that she won't come. JWS still thinks that she will obey and meet him that's why he waits for her for three hours. This indicates that he still believes that he can order her. At the end, he gets mad that she didn't appear. Let us not forget that he breaks up with Soo Ah, after CSH had announced that she had a some relationship with JH. So he gets aware that their relationship is deeper and represents a danger to him and his "dream". He even thought that since CSH hadn't stopped the transfer, he had some chance. That's why he visited her at her office and confessed to her so abruptly. 
  • After witnessing them kissing, he meets CSH in order to propose to her... he still believes that his status and wealth can impress her: the hotel, living abroad aso.

To conclude, JWS is superficial and lacks knowledge. Moreover, he has always been passive and has never reflected why CSH couldn't love him at all. He thought that she was not loving him because of the abuse from his mother and she had no heart as she acted like a "vegetable". That's why he never tried to woo her before... he wasn't even sure if CSH's heart could be moved. Then he just started to oppose to his mother the moment he realized that CSH might be interested in another man. AND THIS INDICATES THAT JWS HAD THE POWER AND THE STRENGTH TO CONFRONT HIS MOTHER IN THE PAST BUT CHOSE NOT TO. Like I had mentioned it before, JWS has never thought himself, he has never reflected why CSH was behaving like that... as he didn't pay attention to her own thoughts and feelings. He never talked to her, he never listened to her pain because if he did, he would have realized what kind of man he was: weak and far from admirable. He was hurt to hear that when CSH thinks about their marriage, she remembers him as weak and responsible for her suffering. He thought, she would blame more his mother. In my opinion, JWS is a coward who ran away from any burden and responsibility and let the others (CSH, his mother) deal with his problems. 

From my point of view, JWS will show more and more interest in the hotel not in order to support CSH, quite the opposite as he realizes that he has no chance to woo her any longer. By "overtaking" the hotel, he believes that once he gets it, he can propose CSH this deal: marry me and you can have the hotel!! That's my prediction.

@twtwb @Yongzura @xu_lyfe  @dukesa1122@stroppyse    @philosophie   

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

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Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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1 hour ago, stardustvoid said:

Or the ending image could also allude to the scene where JH was lying in the garden reciting that poem about the stars, and CSH could represent that one star staring down at him, coming down to the earth and giving him a kiss 


I think the ending animation is more about the star coming to him..rather than what we all want to think :D


I triple checked on the balcony kissing and its definitely the clothes that were in the stills ( of them dancing and CSH leaning on KJH) ..so it should def come up in next episode..it better be..those images shouldnt be just for poster!!


And since they have shown the full flown romance, am expecting Ep 12 to Ep 15  ( reserving Ep 11 for more Cuba scenes:wub:)to be the peak of all issues from Monster In law and Momster..legal issues and such..with little time for kisses or romance!! though am hoping thats not the case :w00t:..I guess the romance of the other characters will pbly develop in these episodes to keep up the momentum!! 

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1 hour ago, stardustvoid said:

One could interpret it that way, given how passionate the balcony kiss was. I mean they could’ve just kissed regulary, standing up but no, they had to kiss oh so passionately while swaying side to side. The body language said so much! Loved it! Anyway, yes the writer may be trying to tell us something, so I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that they did have sex that night unless we are told otherwise in the next episode. 



In my mind, there's no doubt that they had s*x. It's the ultimate language of love and desire. When you're in a beautiful place with all the freedom to express your love, it's hard to go against what your body tells you. A man and a woman in love, in one room.. my gosh.. how can you resist it? Not to mention, they're at the right age, and both sure of each other's feelings. Go for it KJH! Make us proud lol

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One evening.........


"Hello, Jin Hyuk-Ssi?"


"Have you eaten?"

Not yet. I'm still working.

"Don't skip meal, okay".

Arassoyo. Oh.. don't forget about our date tomorrow.

"Of course, not. I've already bought a new clothes for that."

Geureyo? Aahh.. I can't wait!

"Na duu. See you soon!"

Nee. Have a nice dream!





[/ spoiler]

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I also thought about the animation at the ending of the drama. At first I found it weird that they were horizontal and the girl is on top :w00t: haha! But after a couple reruns I realise that the stars were falling with the girl. So @stardustvoid, @nikir i’m more inclined to agree with the sensible and not the sensual explanation hahaha :sweat_smile:





About those negative comments. I’m not gonna lie, it is so disheartening to see the ratings dip. I was afraid this would happen if they take a break for a week. And then I realize what Kyo said in the past. If the drama is good, people will still watch it or start watching it even after the drama is aired. SHK has had blows and criticisms far greater than this so if she’s chill abou it, so should I be. 


Thos ratings are LOCAL. Frankly, and I’m sorry to say this, I really am starting to not care what local people think about this drama. If they are as shallow as what the ratings are showing, then we cant really do something about that. Maybe the timing is not right yet. 


The more I watch, the more I’m amazed about everything in it. And I’m sure you guys feel the same way too.


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Chingus, I’m caught up with ep 9 and 10 and I love the episodes. This drama is indeed very romantic. The shots, the acting, and the BGM are all perfect. 


I like reading all of your analysis as well. Originally, I was thinking that we need a time jump so that JH can be more mature and show himself to be more financially stable to provide more security to SH. However, after the last 2 episodes, I’m starting to change my mind since it seems that even with his current situation, JH is able to protect SH. Furthermore, JH’s stubbornness somehow give me some comfort that he will able to take care of SH. 


Regardless of the rating, I am proud of PBG and SHK to take on this role. I think they did a good job and this drama is Daebak. 

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20 minutes ago, tiendoank said:

Can't wait for the balcony's scenes next week

Hope we can stay alive.






cr: odetoyouth616 (Twitter)

Thanks for the HD close up gifs.. can't wait.. where are JH's hands going:tounge_xd::tounge_xd:

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5 January 2019 : 7.30pm. KST

IG Encounter's production team :

"#Boyfriend #itscold #freezing"


Replied(Google translate)
- Brothers are team A

- Cold like in ski


{Weather: -5 celcius with real feel -10 celcius, will colder in night time}


PS. @Jemrie
regfreshed and just seen your post. 




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4 hours ago, gumtaek said:
4 hours ago, gumtaek said:
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The thing is this drama has spoiled us with high ratings right at the very start. So any dip causes people to panic...It says that the drama is not able to rebound after the one-week break. What does he or she think of cable dramas averaging between 8-9%?  Why even cable dramas with a final rating of 5% were sent on a reward vacation! If only I could send this writer what I posted about the difference between terrestial and cable TV ratings! 


It says it's not getting the empathy of viewers. Why is it topping the Content Power Index then? Why is this thread moving at an exponential speed? Why are the video cuts of the drama topping the Naver Video Popularity ranking each week with thousands of likes and comments? It's because the drama resonates with the viewers....



Absolutely correct. That percentage in a cable paid channel is very high. A person needs to pay in order to watch this. It is not like the public network. Rating agency also makes some mistakes in dealing with this. Also, this drama is being televised in Viu, Viki, Iqiyi and so many channels in almost a hundred countries. If people are not interested,  companies and stations will not invest to buy this. There is already a hype about this. The syndrome is being scattered in every form of media and to every person that loves it. Even the haters that keep on giving negatives response but if you see it in a positive way, they are also touched by the drama since they are watching it and giving reviews - it is just on the bad side. Lol. Even Wikipedia saying it is one of the high rated cable channel drama (see their list). It floods the twitter, Facebook and Instagram even google and you tube. The syndrome has already taken the public. Whether they take it or not, believe it or not - we are all taken by the Encounter Spell. 

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As intense as the balcony kiss was, I'm very doubtful we'll get a continuation of what happens when they leave the balcony next episode :sweatingbullets:


I was re-watching the episode earlier that took a screenshot of CSH's ring in the preview. 

Interesting design eh? Is it a promise ring? They sure are moving fast lol


But ladies doesn't it look like an earring too? :w00t:

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Since there are only 6 episodes left. This is the ending that I want to happen:


- CSH’s dad will finally grow balls and confront his wife and keep her in check. Frankly, she’s acting like someone who grew up poor and scored an anchorman for a husband and her ambitious delusions got the better of her. She’s not making any sense. 


- Dae Chan and Sec Jang will start dating and sec jang will spend her day offs helping dae chan and they will continue to fight and bicker. Honestly, these two are just too hilarious!


- I’m guessing Su Joon’s daughter has an inkling that her ajussi is in love with her mom. And she’ll pave the way for them to be together. I dont know bout you guys but i find Su Joon really beautiful. And she will be insane not to accept Mr. Nam. 


- WS will finally accept that CSH is not for him. He will know the meaning of true love and will finally show CSH that he loves her by letting her go and stand up against his mother. He will help KJS and CSH when the lawsuit will happen. Yes, I still have hopes for JWS and I still do not think that he is a bad guy.


- I am excited to see what KJH’s parents especially his mom’s reaction about their relationship. I want a scene of all them having dinner while KJH will finally introduce CSH to them. I bet his dad will back him up and help him with his mom.


- Finally, I want CSH to keep her company and have a better life with KJH. All the minions will be caught and fired out of the company. I want them to end this series in cuba, in the garden where it all began and ended. With them wrapped around each other and kissing a sweet kiss that conveys success and relief on finally being able to have that freedom to love each other. 


....Wishing the drama Gods for some if not ALL of these to happen. Oh please oh please 

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