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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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6 minutes ago, yonaomi123 said:


MiOk (SooHyun's mother) is like a walking, talking realization of "your eyes are bigger than your stomach".  She let her greed, rather than her common sense, lead her to making a deal that may end up ruining her husband's chances of actually being elected President.  Even at this late date, that money she took could be misconstrued as a bribe and could cast a shadow over all her husband's accomplishments since he started working in the government. 


What makes my blood boil is that MiOk is so stubborn!  If something's not working, why keep banging your head against it?  Make new alliances woman! :angry:  the fact that she refuses to stop trying to partner up with TaeKyung group makes me worry that the Chairwoman doesn't have dirt on SooHyun's dad, but instead has dirt on SooHyun's mom.

But if she is the one who ruins her husband's career, then it serves her right. She can not blame anyone else: she became useless for her husband. Imagine, her own dream gets shattered due to her own idiocy. Taking the money without thinking about the consequences is a no no. The other possibility is that he decides to divorce her. We already had two divorces, why not three?

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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7 hours ago, dukesa1122 said:

3) When CSH was on her way back to Seoul and she started worrying again but Mr. Nam caught that look in her face and her realize that everyone has their own choices and just to think about ones self. I especially love the part when CSH said she wont tell Ms. kim about what he said. Mr. Nam’s face is hilarious! 

Fairy Godfather Nam is such a good guy!  He'd make a great stepdad to SunJoo's daughter.  I just hope that the past history of SunJoo's oppa doesn't come between them and their almost romance.  This drama keeps turning all my expectations upside down, so I don't feel comfortable trusting that we'll see a happy ending for them, even as I'm rooting for them even more than I'm rooting for MiJin and DaeChan. 



18 hours ago, africandramalover said:

Someone mentioned earlier today, around 20 pages ago, that KJH needs to step up and be the one to protect CSH otherwise he risks being seen as dependent on CSH. His going to Cuba and convincing the owner is his way of stepping up. It's very much in line with his character to take a long trip to see the important person, use words and letters as his tools to convince the hotel owner, just like JWS would use his power and machinations to solve CSH's problems from the shadows.

4 hours ago, lclarakl said:

Only in a K-drama could JH go to Cuba to discuss a deal that in reality he would have no insight into.....that's the magic of Kdramas.

LOL.  I actually really didn't expect the drama to take that route of having JinHyuk save the day, but it was just so neatly done that I couldn't blame them.  I did (and still do) hope that he's the one who walks away from Donghwa entirely and makes a life more suited to his personality.  He's too big and bright for an office imo.  And he shouldn't have to face the  daily bombardment of commentary from coworkers, whether they're jealous or supportive. 



3 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

I would like to add what JWS needs right now is a friend as he has no one by his side. It would be interesting if by working for the hotel, he becomes close to JH so that the latter can give him good advises and help him to mature. JWS is still acting like a spoiled child. 

I have had this sort of thought percolating in my mind recently.  I was envisioning JinHyuk and WooSeok becoming partners of a sort, both doing their best to protect SooHyun (with her full knowledge and consent because that's how JinHyuk rolls).  But having WooSeok mature by learning from JinHyuk would be infinitely better.  As he's written, JinHyuk does seem kind-hearted enough to befriend anyone, but I wonder if WooSeok would be wise enough to recognize that he needs a friend.



29 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

But if she is the one who ruins her husband's career, then it serves her right. She can not blame anyone else: she became useless for her husband. Imagine, her own dream gets shattered due to her own idiocy. Taking the money without thinking about the consequences is a no no. The other possibility is that he decides to divorce her. We already had two divorces, why not three?

Oh definitely.  If he was going to divorce, he would have already though, is my thought.  I think SooHyun's dad is wary of the possibility of losing votes if he divorces his wife.  And who's to say MiOk would consent to the divorce.  She'd probably fight, tooth and nail, to keep him.  Without him, her dreams are dust. 


I do wish that he would bring her divorce papers though.  And then, if somehow he managed to get the separation finalized, I'd like to see him win election without her.  If that's not punishment, I don't know what is.  

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22 hours ago, dianss23 said:

@leedonghaek omg that gif you just posted, JH is eating her, hungry JH lol, the sounds of their kiss is so hot, ahh I’m going crazy too... another long week to wait

Yes,  it is. Another long week of waiting. I'll just watch this over and over again from Ep 1 to Ep 10 to not feel the boringness... Getting sad because it is only 6 episodes left. Another drama that I won't forget in my life. 

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2 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

And now this caught my attention again 

As you can observe, this little scene justifies why CSH is totally different from JWS.


I seem to not have any recollection about this scene. At which part is this and which episode? 

Thank you for all the insight, btw bebebisous. This thread is so lucky because we have historians and artists. :wub:



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8 hours ago, lclarakl said:

Only in a K-drama could JH go to Cuba to discuss a deal that in reality he would have no insight into.....that's the magic of Kdramas. I have to say that i loved the last 2 episodes. I'm glad that they are letting others see JH's "worth"/value; that he's an asset to her in this business.



Could I add some opinion about Garden Owner in Cuba?  Kim Jin Hyuk's success factors are

1. opportunity to explain by himself with privilege from praising this garden in ep.1; 

2. similar experience to have memory in a place with his beloved ones;

3. clearly explain that the garden owner is dealing with Donghwa and CEO who will protect this garden; and 

4. familiar magazine might make garden owner feel Kim Jin Hyuk's positive side 


Kim Jin Hyuk has not written about business insight at all because the Garden Owner's problem is not business or money but uncertain result of the selling garden.

Donghwa's strategy team tried to persue this negotiation by sending email to the coordinator in Cuba as business-like.


From Encounter ep.1: This garden owner discussed with Kim Jin Hyuk that this garden is his wife's and it is quite hard to preserve as it is. It probably required a lot of money and continous maintainence when he is alive and he might wanna keep this garden like this after he's gone.


From Encounter ep.10: Kim Jin Hyuk simply invaded to the garden as he used to and find opportunity to send his letter to explain what happened.


Kim Jin Hyuk wrote the letter from google translate is about his precious playground which is full of memories about his family, his friend, and his belove woman, this playground will be destroyed soon, that's why Kim Jin Hyuk understand this garden owner's feeling to memory of his wife. 


Kim Jin Hyuk, who has similar feeling to the previous memory with a place in life, came to apologize for the misunderstanding, Donghwa and CEO really want to preserve this garden as it is, which is the exact memory protection that the garden owner wishes.


This case is realistic because in real life, many properties and valuable items have been successfully transferred from non-business discussion to meet qualitative preference, not solely by business talk or price factor.











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1 hour ago, bebebisous33 said:

First, thanks a lot for the compliment. crazy monkeycute-rabbit-emoticon-21.gif?1301940532 It gives me great pleasure to read that my posts and analysis are appreciated. However back to your questions: I like Kdramas and since I am a teacher in literature/history (look at my nickname), analyzing is one of my hobbies.


But back to Encounter: what I love about this drama is the connection between poetry, literature and paintings. The dialogues look rather simple but they are far from being superficial. I am really impressed by the writer and the director. 

@bebebisous33 it is the same reason I like/love this drama and become a fan of this. Aside from being an avid fan of PBG and SHK,  the poetry and paintings give more color and classy touch. The dialogues are simple but it is wrapped with life lessons. I really like drama even books that can touch the audience hearts. 

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55 minutes ago, dukesa1122 said:


I seem to not have any recollection about this scene. At which part is this and which episode? 

Thank you for all the insight, btw bebebisous. This thread is so lucky because we have historians and artists. :wub:



raccoonThanks a lot for the compliment. cute rabbitAbout your question: That's when they are at the theater watching the movie about Vincent van Gogh: episode 9.

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Chingus,  Let us not forget the background music "Omara song" which made the ambiance more heart fluttering when they were doing the sweetest kissing scene in the fort, and also the instrumental of the song which put background to the balcony steamy kissing scene which made it more intense. Everything is just so perfect. :wub::wub::wub:

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@xu_lyfe smileysThanks a lot for the compliment. raccoon


By the way, if anyone is interested in my next long analysis, I can tag him/her. Just let me know.


@africandramalover I would like to add something about your observation with the frames in the episode 9. I had already interpreted that the frame in form of rectangles represents JWS's world, the chaebol world. And in the episode 10, the director keeps using this kind of shot. This is really visible in the scene where Chairman Kim meets CSH's mother. Encounter episode 10 chairman Kim.pngI counted all the different oblongs in the same shot, like for example  number 11: the vases; 4 the table, even the lights (10) have an oblong in them, 9 the window aso... even the way in which the couch and the armchairs are placed remind us of a rectangle. But the most obvious is the number 3, the frame of the door, as it is the biggest. To me it looks like this frame symbolizes her "kingdom", she as queen sits on the throne and her subject has to kneel in front of her.  She is even in the center of the frame and shooting which underlines her power and central position. 

@twtwb @dukesa1122(yes, the picture from the scene at the theater lasted two seconds) @thistle @stroppyse 

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32 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

So, the food truck was sent by people who are very close to her, not sure if she actually has siblings, but people who seem to have known her since her childhood.


She is an only child, her mom had SHK when she was a teenager and her parents got a divorce. SHK says in her interviews that her mother didn’t ever make her feel lonely while growing up despite it being only the two of them. :)


I could be wrong but I think these might be her really old fans, right from the beginning of her career. So their tone sounds familiar because they actually do keep in touch with her. There was some TV show where Hong Seok Cheon mentions how she and some of her fans ( I think including some of her very old and loyal Chinese fans) had a meal at one of his restaurants for her birthday. 


I was clarifying the bit about the brother in law because fans might have thought it was sent by SJK’s older brother.


Thank you for all your detailed translations, much appreciated :wub:

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I had mentioned before that CSH uses paintings to express herself and her feelings Encounter episode 9 kino 2.pngand that the number of paintings in her flat have increased, since she has met JH. Compare her bedroom to before: 5 paintings.


Encounter CSH paintings bedroom.png



And now, although one is not visible but is still there, she placed 13 paintings in her bedroom.Encounter episode 10 CSH bedroom 1.pngEncounter Episode 10 CSH bedroom 3.pngEncounter Episode 10 CSH bedroom 2.png

Whereas in the beginning, her paintings contained a lot of blue (considered as cold color), now her preference seems to have changed. Red or orange are becoming more dominant which corresponds to her actual emotions: love and passion.  

@twtwb @thistle

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15 hours ago, stroppyse said:


I don't think I've ever read you gush before. :) Knowing how picky you can be, that's cool that you like this drama as well. As for me, I'm a sucker for PBG anyway since I've yet to see him in a role that I thought he was bad in, even if there are dramas which I thought were bad despite having him in it. :D SHK has been more hit and miss for me in the past, but I do rather adore her as Cha Soo Hyeon. Because of her refined beauty and her image, I think she does the ice princess warming up into life and laughter role as she does here really well.


And, the kisses in ep 10 had me blushing even as I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. :wub: They are such professionals giving their all to their roles and their craft.



This. I always wondered why people from one of the most connected nations in the world who run around with phones grafted to their hands can't actually use those phones to stay in touch with each other. i would give them a benefit of a doubt, only for the drama to come up with a lame reason why they couldn't stay in touch, e.g. "I would miss you too much if I spoke with you.". Blech. So, yes, I enjoyed how much contact the OTP are shown to have, even when they aren't able to be together for some reason.



I love this point you made, and I so agree. JH does respect SH enough to respect her wishes and assumes that she knows her own mind. Even if he disagrees with it, he will accept it. WS still doesn't realize that SH has outgrown him and left him and his world behind her by now. She likes to work and doesn't just want to just be an accessory to a husband, but more importantly, she feels something real for JH and even says that JH is important to her. JH is not just a temporary passing fancy for SH. And, WS isn't listening to her.



Agreed. Till now, for various reasons, including that JH could see SH was having a hard time with things, so he kept a cheerful and supportive visage for her. And, perhaps SH needed some time to be a bit selfish and think of herself first. However, as a couple, SH is becoming more and more curious about JH as well, the parts unseen as well as seen, and JH needs to be able to open up totally with SH as well. That is the way their relationship will continue to progress and grow their intimacy and couplehood.


Given their intimate interlude in Havana, I'm looking forward to where the relationship goes from here. In the preview, when JH tells his father that he wants to be with SH, that held the hint that JH may be thinking something more permanent than just being her boyfriend. I'm not sure that either JH is ready for marriage (nor SH to be remarried), but it's clear that JH is willing to pledge his life and his future with SH. I find that to be so romantic.


@stroppyse @ck1Oz @bebebisous33

How could you guys observe and extract from the drama this well?


KJH has a habbit that audiences who saw what he is doing could concern because as HI mentioned that he determined to do anything, he will do to the point he needs no matter what.


In ep.10: KJH has done about Cuba by disappearing without notifying CSH and bruntly do what he intended to. When I rerun, I am wondering why he did not inform CSH no matter as his girlfriend or CEO.

KSH has habbit to decide by himself alone no matter with his parents or CSH, this feature might be KSH’s flaw as a boyfriend...Let think in real life how a girlfriend will concern if a boyfriend often does like this. 


Another incident involved with the decision CSH asked to have space for a while. From CSH’s point of view, KJH did not share what he faced the situations and what is his real feeling till CSH can not consider whether it is too much beyond KJH’s enduringness yet? 

KSH did not share the status in his mind; therefore, CSH assumed that it is beyond limit so let take a break. 


After I rerun, I found out that his true feeling has been kept without sharing behind such difficulty could make his girlfriend concern much more.

Likewise, over ep.1-10,  KJH’s parents have to guess whether he is okay or not.  


This kind of a person as KJH could make his beloved ones in life imagine exceedingly without sufficient info and react with extreme concerns. 

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