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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Can we not introduce SJK memes in this thread? Frankly, it’s not even funny


To echo what others have so eloquently said, the cast and crew have worked diligently to bring us a high quality drama against all odds


The last thing we need is to undermine this beautiful romance by introducing memes about SJK’s “reaction”


Ugh, I just hate how crucial moments in this drama are turned into meme fodder!

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

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52 minutes ago, jl08 said:

Someone said Korea is not ready for change and that has affected the ratings. Yes, it's a pity that a fine piece of work like "Boyfriend", is not given the best support from the K-netizens. The old might frown upon romance between a married woman (SHK) making out with a younger man (PBG) and find it hard to accept the drama. 


For me, SHK has broken traditional expectations when she accepted the role of CSH in "Boyfriend". I admire her for her courage to try to change the old school of thoughts, for the larger good of society. I admire her resilience to bashers. She has probably set the tone for a divorced woman to fall in love with a much younger guy with the right to experience the same respect from families and society for their own choices to live their own lives.  PBG has explored this boundaries, believes in himself that he could do a good job as KJH, gotten permission to go ahead without burden, and that's what he did - immersed himself totally.



Raising my hands. Lol i said that but you explained it a hundred times better! This is the reason why I stuck with SHK all these years and why I’m starting to be a fan of PBG. 


25 minutes ago, stardustvoid said:


Can we not introduce SJK memes in this thread? Frankly, it’s not even funny



Ditto. Whats funny is those who post memes about SJK or bring up SJK are actually new posters in this thread. It seems like they are intentionally posting them. 


Can the mods please delete those posts? After all, SJK has NOTHING to do with this drama so they are basically OUT OF TOPIC. 


I am getting so annoyed right now.

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1 hour ago, nmgzlz said:

It’s just not the time to be thinking about kids so please Jinsoo, be safe in Cuba juseyo


I think the general wish for Cuban babies is for our sweet couple after they have won over their battles, get married in the Cuban Garden of Love, have their gorgeous sunset honeymoon....and the rest will follow....lol


On a side note....I really, really love their video call!! It's so much like a couple in love bickering over differences in opinions (I hate video call/I love video call) and all the lovey dovey stuff...even their voices are so sweet to the ears just by teasing each other.  Their love vibes is just so awesome!  :D

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I have so much on my plate, but my back and my mind wander elsewhere, lol...

I agree with @stardustvoid no meme or mention of SJK, even if it means as a joke. It's not funny, and it irrelevant, unless mentioning that SJK has given his bless to make this drama as successful as possible. That is that. 


Last new year holidays, I marathoning "You" from Netflix. It also a slow build drama that first got me so annoyed with all the character's development. It was a hopeless case, I thought. You do everything in the name of love, straight to murders, being manipulative, cheating, and everything that is the opposite to the meaning of love. But, it so twisted that in the end, I could understood and kind of accepting their justification. Scary, right?


"Encounter", on the other hand, is really an opposite of "You". It slowly shows the process of gaining trust, falling in love, learning to know each other, try very hard not to hurt other to the extent of not hurting their families, their friends, their colleagues. There's almost no agenda, except to show that they be at each other side to support and be a better person. No manipulative moves to win the other person's heart. Well... we are not talking about the mother, ex mother in law and ex spouse, of course.


Both have a lot to sacrifice and be in uncomfortable situations, so many times. Both could only rely on their trust and believe, that love is really worth fighting for, worth to nurture, and worth to have. That's a risk not anybody willing to take. So, it's beautiful to see the ways love slowly move into their heart and be a winner... Let's hope so, since we still have 6 more to go... oh... 

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Only in a K-drama could JH go to Cuba to discuss a deal that in reality he would have no insight into.....that's the magic of Kdramas. I have to say that i loved the last 2 episodes. I'm glad that they are letting others see JH's "worth"/value; that he's an asset to her in this business.


Looking forward to the next episode. Unfortunately, it seems her husband is going to also insert himself into the scenario by working at the hotel....he needs a woman that can help him stand up to his mother and realize that CSH has moved on. JH has told her, "I love you" twice. I'm waiting for CSH to tell him how she feels. I know it will be hard for her, but I can't wait for that moment. 

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So we still have something opened.

JH still hasn't known that SH hurrily went to their breakfast "date" in Cuba on the next morning. She tried to have another "date" with him, too. Or did I miss something?

SH hasn't told JH, that she loves him. I can't wait to see this too.

Can someone please explain the scene, how JH looked at SH to slend through the gap of the gate in Eps. 10? His stare was amused, surprised oder smt like that? I don't really get it and why did he look at her that way?

Now I don't like SHs ex husband even more. His psyche doesn't seem stable for me. It can make him dangerous. He is so stucked!!

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