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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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@bohmi that's my question too:) I wonder who the ex-husband of Cha Soo-Hyun will be? the child? The country location? For Kim Jin-Hyeok, I like it when you don't have anything, fails to find regular job but he still chooses to be happy even small things. He brings nothing but happiness and positivity in life.

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I hope you don't mind my posting it here since it's related to the drama. I get more news about Park Bogum for obvious reasons. But everytime I will get news about SHK-PBG and the drama I will post it here.



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Yes @caileysmiley dear, we will probably know it soon :)


Based on this, it looks like Boyfriend has started filming??

translating with google :

# Director Park Shin-woo

representative of beauty # Lim Ji-young's representative

# clowns daebak I support you!



Crank this week
It should have come in line
The schedule is not all right
I feel sad and full of heart
I will try hard today!



Lim Ji-young's representative
# Director Park Shin-woo # drama Boyfriend
Everybody daebak!



He will do his best today
Thank you all for your visit

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I asked my friend who knows Korean to translate coffeegreate's IG post. She said the following: "It's a coffee truck support for Director Park Sin Woo and Min Yi Jeong who are working together in a movie entitled "Clowns" which PD Sin Woo is directing. The coffee truck people just hash-tagged Boyfriend as well.

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On 7/11/2018 at 1:30 AM, jongski said:

Everyone seems to love this pairing. Doesn't seem like age matters to everyone here. Don't hate me.. but there's like an 11 year age gap between them.:vicx:  Is the character for Bogummy that good or it's because it's with Song Hye Ko?  Sorry if the question is inappropriate but I like him partnered with an actress  younger than him but not like. I don't have anything against them just.. why?



i am a happy reader ( lurker) as i am not good at writing.  but  i should not ignore your comment as i do understand your concern about age gap and personally agree with you too@jongski

Bogum's fan are totally impatient for waiting his drama comeback.

Bogum rejected 3 dramas(temperature of love, Hwayugi,  Incheon Airport and 2 movies  ( Anci City and Seobok) after MDBC(moonlight). so all knetz and media pay extra attention for this drama even put him under more pressure in addition to age gap and writer. Bogum rejected this writer's drama offer “entertainer” before MDBC. 


*  i am sure not because of SHK he takes the offer as both of them got offer for temperature of love and both rejected it.  


Since he accepts the offer means he is willing to take challenge instead of easy way out by rejecting.   ( recently married actress / 11 years age gap/ ordinary man !! ( story is plain among robot / time travels / cute rom com / fluffy dramassss/ judge/ action)

Most bogum's fan I know are so surprise that he take this offer as he is very choosy in selecting script.

Since we got many things to consider we do not talk about age gap anymore .  just have to wish him and SHK  good luck!  their visual  and their acting make all of us excited to watch this drama. @jongski


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Maybe I am the only one here who more worry about the writer (her last two dramas not good) than the age difference problem :sweatingbullets: But I understand of both sides (PBG fans & SHK fans who concern about the age gap).


When they are acting (my opinion) it's all about the chemistry and the story. I am sure PBG and SHK also knew about the huge age gap between them, and PBG being SJK's 'dongsaeng' but they still accept this drama, maybe the script is good (I hope so). The age difference isn't so bad if the actors have chemistry. I hope PBG and SHK have good chemistry too :wub:


These are drama/movie list with huge age difference (noona romance) :
- Secret Love Affair (kim hee ae - yoo ah in) 19 years
- Witch's Romance (uhm jung hwa - park seo joon) 19 years
- A Tiger in Winter (go hyun jung - lee jin wook) 10 years
- I do I do (kim sun ah - lee jang woo) 11 years
- Faith (kim hee sun - lee min ho) 10 years
- I Hear Your Voice (lee bo young - lee jong suk) 10 years
- I Need Romance 3 (kim so yeon - sung joon) 10 years
- Reunited Worlds (lee yeon hee - yeo jin goo) 9 years
- Upcoming Boyfriend (shk - pgb) 12 years


Both PBG and SHK work in showbiz field, anything can happen. Maybe now their drama just have 12 years age difference. Could be in the future PBG will be act romance with actress who has age over 12 years, same with SHK too. What we should do? Just support. Of course I can not force ^_^ those who don't like this pairing to like this pairing even later the drama has aired and if their chemistry is overload, they still not like this pairing :sweatingbullets:


Just hoping this drama will get many good respond in term of the story, directing, and acting :)

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i'm more concerned about writer as well, i have no worries about age gap or real life relationship or anything since both are them are professional actor/actress. SHK is a veteran in the industry. i watched her various work(mostly drama) and i can say her choice of works are good. My favourite is That winter the wind blow which was melo drama many years ago and i'm so happy her comeback is that genre but a lot more mature character (divorce and have kid).


Same goes to bogum, i remember for Moonlight he spent a lot of time studying Crown prince character, the way they speak (chosun royal) or their history. i think he took time before accept any works. i read his interview recently that the factor for him for casting is that he wish for the character that's fit his own age. so i guess this one is also right. There's no detail much about Kimjinhyuk apart he's poor part-timer lol but i believe and trust that it's not simple character but a heart-warming person who can touch viewers heart, the role that bogum wanted.


ok back to writer issue. even her past works are flop or seems forgettable. i seriously wish this work will change 360degree of people's perception and will be great that dont have to rely on stars power of the casting. i hope for the best for Both SHK and PBG comeback after 2 years.

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@bohmi, you are not alone. My main worry is the scriptwriter's track record. @ohlalaw shares the same sentiment. Watching Kdramas for many years now, I say with conviction that the secret to a well-received drama is primarily the script. If SHK and PBG can emotionally connect to me and convince me and the rest of the viewers with their portrayal of their roles and their chemistry, I can overlook the age gap.


The scriptwriter has written some hit movies but not dramas. Being a fan of Park Bogum, I know that he chooses his roles carefully. Still, I was hoping that he will team up with reliable scriptwriters. But I will trust Bogum in his decision to be in this project. In an interview, he says that he reads the script thoroughly before deciding on accepting or rejecting an offer. I also read that SHK is picky with her projects. There must be something really good then---I am deducing---with the script that we are not privy to, because with the uproar over the casting, thousands of downvotes over the pairing because of the age gap and the netizens' blurring of the real-reel situation of SHK and PBG (SHK being the wife of SJK and therefore the "sister in-law" of PBG who is a close dongsaeng of SJK :-)), the predictable move would be for them to turn it down...but they confirmed...so I will suspend my judgment and hope for the best.


This is the nearest we can get to seeing their chemistry...



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