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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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Hellooo,  how is everyone in this wonderful day! 

Well I'm here to join the band wagon in this upcoming drama!! Ever since the day I was smitten by bogummy shinny teeth 2 years ago, he has been an unforgettable! I must confess that I prolly have nothing to contribute in this forum except my my racy pervert comments who indicate that I'm an adult byontae ahjuma who likes younger man. So please, ignore me and I simply don't exist! I will go under, noone will even notice I'm here, I promise!!!!



On 10/19/2018 at 9:44 AM, Bambiina said:

@pyoyong Yuhuuuuuuuu,


Are you here or are you here?


Are we watching this?



On 10/19/2018 at 9:31 AM, caileysmiley said:

PBG as Kim Jin-Hyuk still cuts with tvN logo:heart:



Tsk tsk tsk, that suave curly hair is so alluring...

So what do you he'll be this time bambii? ? Bogummy is known for his char acting, so that hair gotta be there for some reason. Hair of un artise? Un pianiste? Un écrivain (writer)? Or a romantic melancholic student? Doesn't look like the hair of a baker, law student or doctor. That's my guest at least. Either way this sort of older girl with younger man fit to my liking! Mwahahahaha

My, my, my he still slim as always huh.... perfect skin as always. So SHK will be this rich carrier woman it seem....older women!!! You know what bambii, this means we will have HOT skinship and kisses throughout the episode!!! Not like last time, one peck on the lip at the start and baby smoochie at the end of the episode...hohohohhohohohoohohoho  Pyoyong & Bambii Byontae reporters are back in action!! ^five



OH!! Yes, yes, going under, low, lower than the ground, I don't exist.


Least but not least, greetings to everyone here and nice to meet you all!



Dear soompi,

I hope I can meet my old friends here..

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18 hours ago, Bambiina said:

@pyoyong Yuhuuuuuuuu,


Are you here or are you here?


Are we watching this?


@Bambiina ,  i know u from TWTWB n DoTS thread (just silent reader since 2006). I always like n love ur post n thoughts about stroryline. Glad you can here. Welcome sunbae

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"A free young man who loves literature and photography"


cr. dc


From agency instagram Shin Jung Keun and Jeon So Ni



4 hours ago, caileysmiley said:

Not hiding from the sun anymore in Cuba:D...Looks  like PBG cut his hair

So they're trying to cover their face in previous pic because Bo Gum cut his hair? They are so funny and surprise us :lol:

Actually I'm starting to get used to Bo Gum's long hair. I like it.

Both Bo Gum and Hye Kyo whether it be long or short hair, they are still handsome and pretty for me :wub:



Welcome to @Bambiina and @pyoyong :)


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