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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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SHK looks amazing in the stills! I'm so glad that it seems audiences are warming up to this pairing, because I'm positive their talents will show off their chemistry in the best possible light.

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Upcoming Drama âEncounterâ Shares 1st Look At Park Bo Gum In Character

Upcoming Drama “Encounter” Shares 1st Look At Park Bo Gum In Character

Oct 18, 2018

by C. Hong

Upcoming drama “Encounter” has released the first stills of Park Bo Gum!


Earlier this week, the drama also revealed photos of Song Hye Kyo in character as the elegant but lonely daughter of a politician. Park Bo Gum, in contrast, plays an ordinary and innocent young man who finds happiness in the little things in life.


One of those small happinesses appear to be literature, as all the new photos show Park Bo Gum’s character reading a book. Dressed in a casual shirt and slacks, he listens to music and reads with a small smile on his face, somehow managing to give the impression of total ordinariness and extraordinary good looks at the exact same time.




The production staff of “Encounter” stated, “From the very first filming, Park Bo Gum slipped into the character of Kim Jin Hyuk like a second skin. His innocent smile and his natural manner captured the hearts of the staff as well. Please look forward to the onscreen result.”


“Encounter” will begin airing sometime in November.





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I love how they portrayed the difference between Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk in those stills..KJH is all sunshine and rainbows while CSH gives me the cold and lonely vibes. Her character kinda reminds me of Oh Young in TWTWB. 

And I'm also glad to see the drama receiving more and more positive comments. It's what they deserve. Can't wait for the first video teaser! 

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Jinsoo :wub:





Netizens Freak Out Over Park Bo Gum’s First Released Images From Upcoming Drama “Boyfriend”

“His visuals are insane.”

SPORTS CHOSUN AND NAVER | Published 13 minutes ago
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Netizens have been freaking out over the first images that have been released from Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo’s upcoming drama, Boyfriend.


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In the newly released photos, Park Bo Gum is shown in the library and bus, reading books with unbelievably striking visuals.



Park Bo Gum will be playing the character of Kim Jin Hyuk, an ordinary guy with a free spirit who meets a woman (Song Hye Kyo) who fails at living the life she chose to lead.




The Boyfriend staff have explained that Park Bo Gum is perfectly in sync with his character, having successfully pulled off the pure and free-spirited charisma of Kim Jin Hyuk.



“Park Bo Gum has completely transformed into ‘Kim Jin Hyuk’ from the very first filming session and has mesmorized the staff at once with his pure smile and free-spirited charisma. Please look forward to Park Bo Gum’s return to the small screen with his beautiful eyes and smile, and refreshing appeal.” ㅡ “Boyfriend” Staff




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Posted by elliefilet  3 days ago

Song Hye Kyo & Park Bo Gum's upcoming drama 'Boyfriend' confirm premiere for November

Song Hye Kyo, Park Bo Gum
The premiere for Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum's upcoming drama 'Boyfriend' has finally been confirmed for November!
On October 16, a tvN rep confirmed, "'Boyfriend' is scheduled as tvN's next Wednesday-Thursday drama, and it begins airing on November 28." 

As previously reported, 'Boyfriend' tells the story of a daughter-in-law trapped in an upper-class, political family. One day, she meets a youth with an ordinary, happy life, and their worlds clash in a romantic, star-crossed love story. The series also stars Cha Hwa YeonGo Chang SeokShin Jung GeunBaek Ji WonMoon Sung GeunBlock B's P.O, and more.



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I heard 'Boyfriend/Encounter' was on GMA 7 Saksi news the other day, it's a midnight news air on Philippine tv under GMA network from Mon-Fri. So my guess is .... they have plan to buy 'Boyfriend' or already bought it and to air it soon as part of GMA heart of asia.



Most of Kyo's dramas was aired on GMA 7 

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