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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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57 minutes ago, kangminjae said:

His long hair is growing on me more and more! Can't believe we have to wait like two more months for this drama.


PBG more mature, masculine, very handsome :wub:

two months??????? patient..patient..:crazy::D

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Whoa??? they are filming in Cuba rather than Spain. Cost effective, cause it is more cheaper in Cuba compare to EU countries.  Anyway , I like both of them, but: I am not sure how K citizens will perceive the pairing when they see them on screen.  


My guess is the skinship on this drama will be probably limited or nil.  Still, I will check it out and good luck to then entire team.  Just my mere opinion and to the followers PBG and SHK  "peace":blush:

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wow....even Cuba update....fans are awesome :) i thought maybe we wont know anything for 1 month over there.

As for Skinship....it will be as required as the story i guess but most SHK drama doesnt really have that sensual skinship and still the drama does well. 


They are professional and they have to do what the script requires i guess. Cant wait for the the first glimpse of the teaser :)


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10 hours ago, dulceres said:

My guess is the skinship on this drama will be probably limited or nil.

Nooooooo, I want to see their skinship & more skinship pleaseee, ha3.


I know some ppl probably might get a little uncomfortable to see it due to PBG relationship with SJK, but my POV was different.

For me they are professional actors & actresses who can differentiate a job with their personal life (tbh I hate the thoughts of any personal life of an actor/actress has limited their acting carrier)

And, who knows, some actors might probably feel more convenient to see their loved ones to act with someone they trusted rather than a complete strangers who possibly/might "steal" them from you, lol.


Also, I wish this drama will show us another side of PBG, because although I loveeeee him & his drama, but he always had this boyish image in his previous dramas.  

Idk if it's only me, but I wish this drama can be his breakthrough drama from his boyish image to a more manly one so it can widened his range/character for any upcoming project he'll get/take :rolleyes:

**or is it just my lame excuse to see more skinship of him? :phew: 

Mian~ :P

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The most awaited picture is seeing them together in one frame :w00t:


but then it was blurred -_- However I can feel the chemistry :wub:



On 9/23/2018 at 4:38 AM, kangminjae said:

All of these set photos seem so interesting! My only worry is the “tragic” aspect they keep pointing to, because I really don’t want sad ending for them. :tears: But I’m going to have faith!


Actually a story with a sad ending is more memorable :sweatingbullets:


Autumn In My Heart, Memories of Bali, Sorry I Love You, Stairway to Heaven, Fashion King, Miracle In Cell No. 7, titanic, etc

I hope they make a good ending that leave us remember it for a long time whether a happy or a sad ending. Sometimes the whole story is good, but a bad ending can destroy everything.



@dulceres Welcome :)

First, they planned to film overseas in Spain, but it was decided to go to Cuba. Maybe they want to make a story with a true Cuban background because the script already contains a story based on Cuba (location when Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk meet for the first time).



@gumtaek Don't know 'Encounter' title just for one of an episodes or indeed the main title has changed? I saw in Hancinema that the title has changed from Boyfriend to Encounter.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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