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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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I'm more convinced it will have a happy ending.

1. If its not, the drama is sending a message that a big age gap is not acceptable in our society.

2. If its not, Two people of different society levels ,( financial, educational)entering into a romantic relationship is doomed.

3. If its not, relationship that is nurtured, grown at its own time is just the same as a whirlwind romance.

4. Im holding on to what the old cuban man said to JH, that their love started and completed here . If its, their love started and ended there, its a different story.

5, That poster, JH hugging SH, it shows how tight they will hold  on to each other. Their sad faces there just shows the hardship and sadness they will go through.

JH has his own way of taking things.

That talk with sec. Jang, he said, what kind of life u have ms. Cha

with HI,  his worries are not to himself

with Mil, he's angry to what has SH has endured with that family.

Whatever comes next,  he will handle it in his own unconventional way.


Now that he had SH at his back, he is more determined. He is stubborn, when he is into something, no one can stop him. 



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On 12/14/2018 at 3:15 AM, stroppyse said:

@nubianlegalmind, I love your write up on the commentary in this drama about the role of women, and I agree with it. I think you verbalized something that I only wrote desultorily about with regards to SH's oncoming rebellion against the role that she has been groomed to play all of her life.



Yes, I totally agree. The marriage wasn't healthy, especially for SH. My feelings of sympathy for WS are just that, feelings of sympathy over how he was raised and how he is living, in his self-acknowledged cage. Not that he deserves her or anything like that, however, feelings of love are feelings of love, and his are clearly doomed.



Also, finally watched episode 6, and a few things struck me other than the OTP exploring their relationship with each other which is sweet and lovely in its own right:

1) Driver Nam is a lovely man, with SH's interest in mind.

2) SH"s father is also having a fight. He seems to have gone along with his wife's ambition to take higher and higher office, and accepted Taekyong Group's support. But, now he wants to champion something that Taekyong Group does not want to pass, and the MIL has directly told him to get back in line, and that his daughter has to get back to her place as well. I think SH's father may have a strength that may not have been so evident as yet, but that he may actually decide to stick up for his principles, even if it costs him support and his seat, and to stick up for his daughter's right to live her own life. I was proud of him for telling the MIL that she should stop calling SH her daughter-in-law since it's been years since the divorce, and that she is doing just fine on her own and succeeding on her own terms. However, this power struggle is clearly not over, especially with his wife who is the more ambitious also being on Taekyong Group's side.

3) In the scene where SH ties JH's tie for him, he breaks out in an adorable grin, and SH actually tells him to stop smiling. Previously when I saw just the insta clip of this scene, I thought she was telling him to reduce his smile, but nope, she tells him to stop smiling. His response was to say that he was trying, but he couldn't help himself. It's a pretty fast emotional change from his feelings of delight here to his feelings of unease when he's confronted by SH's ex-hubby and the her ex-MIL. And, I liked his reactions about it. This is a translation of the exchange between JH and HI after he has reflected on things that SH had told him in the past, and when HI asks if he's okay.


(HI comes upon JH who is taking a breather outside after his exchange with SH's ex-MIL)

HI: Are you okay?
JH: Huh? About what?
HI: I saw everything.
HI: Do you want to go and rest somewhere? I’ll take care of the event things. The way you are now-
JH: This is how she’s been living. Words like those, this is the first time I’ve heard them, but…that person…those kinds of horrible words, those unspeakable insinuations… how much must she have had to endure.

(JH turns around to contemplate it a little more.)


I'm actually not a huge fan of the dialogue in this drama, but it gets the job done. Rather, PBG's ability to convey emotions helps convey what the writing sometimes lacks. What others have been trying to tell him about the pressures and microscope that SH lives under, not to mention the forces trying to control her, he's starting to realize for himself. However, unlike his friends' concerns which have to do with how will he handle it and whether he will be hurt by it, his concern is for SH and how she has been able to endure it for so long. Sweet.


edit: Btw, I thought of doing a few scene translations for this drama from YT clips since I noticed that some of the subbing is a bit wrong, but tvN has decided not to make the clips available in my region, so no go on that one. Sorry. I tried.



@stroppyse when i saw his's kfan and ifan gifs on ig, i remembered your comments vividly. i will not cut your post and just highlight for the comments and clips here with gifs (credit to his kfan / ifan gifs.  thanks. 

He could act all sweets but he can be sour in a minute. He is versatile actor.

his feeling of delights





Controlling his anger 



very subtle acting.  He could not argue back to MIL but he shows with his jaw movement when he gets mad






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It is getting interesting that more ppl started to try undertstand the ex. For me his biggest weaknest just same like CSH, they let their mother controlling their life. I think he love and like SH way before their marriage but just didn't know how to show it. SH is the ice princess. She didn't know how to express her feeling and same goes to WS. His life is not even better. His mother is more scarier than SH's mother and he seems like he has no friends whatsoever. Having power and money won't make you stronger if you being chain and living under big pressure. He failed to protect SH and make her happy. He didn't even know how to express himself. He google 'what to say if you dont want to pressure someone with the gift ' for the dress present and end up with ' I pick it up on my way here' which unacceptable for SH. He should just wish her happy birthday but he choose not to show his feeling and cares. He drove extra mile to Sokcho to calm and help SH. Even stay behind and persuade Atrist Jang to help SH with the drawing. I bet SH never know her ex helping her all this time. For me those two wont work together. Their life just miserable, they need someone who can lighten it up. I hope WS found his own KJH just like SH found hers. The thing is that trouble me why MIL want CSH to be her DIL so badly. Come on you monster is there no Chaebol daughter out there you can choose. Leave CSH alone. I bet SH willing to lose Donghwa hotel for her life and JH this time. So I got a feeling the MIL will use father reputation to threaten CSH as a last straw. They seems have done something bad before that make MIL want to keep the tied together. I hope the father will step up for SH this time. I just hope evil MIL wont cross the line by disturb JH's families and friends.

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3 hours ago, dukesa1122 said:

Omo did you guys see SHK’s new Suecomma pictures? :o


i dont know how to share instagram posts here huhu


Since it's Kyo's latest endorsement , not related to Encounter drama those photos should be only uploaded to Kyo's thread and SongSong couple's thread  which is done on Kyo's thread already! :)


If you want to share another instagram post, just copy and paste url link to where you wanna post and that's it! It's simple as abc!:D


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@caileysmiley hey they’re posting about pbg that are not related to Encounter. :lol: Don’t worry. I cant post links using my phone no matter how I want to. So I’ll leave the posting to you guys. :D



@gigivillaceran there you go... :wub: some HD photos! Woot! :heart: She’s too thin nowadays.  Look at that waistline! The black dress and shoes is my fave pic. This version:



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36 minutes ago, gigivillaceran said:

I prefer Song Hye Kyo's look&hair style in this new CF to in Encounter drama, she looked gorgeous, slim fit, and younger. 
However, I understand that this CF look might be too chic to be CEO postion as CSH. 



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27 minutes ago, utkim said:

Maybe we should post kyo ‘s CF pics at kyo’s thread  :) ? She looks lovely 


Boyfriend is this week number 2 and sky Castle nr 1,  but Bo-gum and Kyo still remain as number 1 and 2 in 3 consecutive weeks according to good  data 





Here's a tweet @utkim






Difference between the 1st ranked and Boyfriend is .45%


All of us can help by retweeting all @CJn tweets about the drama.


Checking all related articles of the drama, Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo in Naver and Daum.


Counting on your support for the drama! 


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59 minutes ago, ahdrianaa said:

I promise this is drama related. Suecomma deleted a picture which might be a spoiler. I mean sneakers called Full Moon sneakers :lol: KJH (sun) gifts CSH(moon) the sneakers in one of the future episodes? 


If ever this really happens, giving someone shoes as a gift has a bad meaning right? I think people said the receiver of the shoes will eventually leave you. It doesn't happen in dramas anymore but this is Boyfriend where a lot of foreshadowing happens so :lol:


I checked the Suecomma pics. How can SHK be so pretty? :lol:

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2 minutes ago, jaeyongs said:

If ever this really happens, giving someone shoes as a gift has a bad meaning right? I think people said the receiver of the shoes will eventually leave you. It doesn't happen in dramas anymore but this is Boyfriend where a lot of foreshadowing happens so :lol:


I checked the Suecomma pics. How can SHK be so pretty? :lol:


There is a Korean superstition about footwear and I did think about whether it’s some sort of foreshadowing. If he does give her the sneakers then it will be the second pair of footwear that he’s gifted her. The first were those leather slippers in episode 1.



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@ahdrianaa @jaeyongs I know about this Korean belief. But let us not forget that CSH compared herself to Cinderella that's why we shouldn't consider offering shoes as a bad omen. Although the situation is reversed (CSH is the princess and JH the "poor" man), the man offers the shoe to his future wife. In Cinderella, the shoe symbolizes the ring. Furthermore, the prince discovers her identity thanks to her lost shoe. By giving her comfortable shoes, CSH is able to find her own identity which she lost a long time ago due to her mother. CSH discovered that wearing comfortable shoes was less painful and she could enjoy her life (Cuba). However, since her return she has never used them again. She is still wearing high heels. By offering sneakers, JH is able to make her remember the good time she had in Cuba and that she can still enjoy her life in South Korea.  

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