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[Drama 2018-2019] Encounter / Boyfriend, 남자친구

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I wasn't sure I would be posting here again but my love for the last episode and our JinSoo couple brought me back to say a few words.   I pretty much lost it at Jin Hyuk's expression when h

I think that I found their room  , they will definitely have to explain the balcony kiss if my guess is correct.    CSH’s room in first episode      She is back in the same

Enjoy reading everyone's thoughts... I will elaborate on why the ending is good for me...   1.  It did not end with some drone zoomed out kiss in the Cuban Garden with sweeping romantic musi

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Can I just jump to the ending?  Our JinSoo couple said "enough of this cra^". Moved to Cuba to run the new hotel which is NOT part of her alimony and hence out of the witch's reach.  ¿Por qué no?


They spent a month filming in Cuba. Surely that's not just episode 1 footage. 

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54 minutes ago, vu_hoa1983 said:

Watching this episode, I feel so sorry for SH's ex-husband WS 


I barely understands Korean but I guess that he is still trying to help her behind the scene instead  of venting his jealousy on her.


SH is pretty harsh on him. He seems happy to meet her at the tie shop but she barely acknowledges him and walks out quickly. Of course, I know they ended up on a divorce due to his "cheating", his mom and her mom are pressuring them to get back together and it is not a good idea to talk with your ex-husband when you are buying a tie for a guy you like; plus SH doesn't know how he truly feels about her.  Still, poor guy. And he has to witness SH helping JH with his tie and how they smile at each other. I don't blame SH for treating WS like that; just that...if only she is a little bit less harsh on WS.  At least she knows WS tries to help her with the painting issue against his mother's wish; why still so harsh on him.


I know WS purposely goes to JH's workplace to size him up, but at least so far WS still has not done anything harmful to JH at all, despite he has a reputation of being scary. He can't just help but being jealous and is curious about SH's new interest. If he is truly obsessive with the idea of owning SH like an object - just like his mom,  both JH and SH should be in much more trouble than now.


Somehow, WS and JH's friend HI are quite alike, until now. They are sad seeing the person they love come to like someone else but have not turn their back on that person. Of course we can't hope that they are supportive of such relationship. Maybe their methods of display emotion is not suitable or their timing is off... whatever it is, things don't work because they are just not the right people for WS and JH.


WS has the means to make things difficult for JH and SH, if he wants to. I just sincerely hope he doesn't side with his mother and instead will end up going against her wish to gain freedom for himself. He deserves to be free like SH to live his own life - everyone does. And hopefully one day, at least he and SH can have a proper, honest talk with each other.

Honestly, if you discover that your husband wants to marry someone else as he fell in love in another woman or cheated on you (because that's what he told her), wouldn't you feel hurt and would you be able to act as if nothing had happened? I wouldn't... Moreover, in a lot of divorce cases, the ex-spouse is more harsh than that, they sometimes try to ruin the life of the ex-spouse. CSH is just cold, distant but firm and I agree with her behavior. He keeps trying getting close to her, to intrude in her life.

I don't feel sorry for JWS because his prison is self-made and not forced by his mother. The latter is using every tricks to force CSH to come back... she knew that her son loved CSH and tormented her for not loving her son back. JWS knows now that his mother knew all along about his feelings, yet he doesn't really stop his mother. He is just doing control damages. JWS has much more power over his mother than CSH over her own mother. He is facing less pressure than CSH. My question is: does he know about the clause in the divorce contract? If not, then this underlines how superficial his care and worrying is because he could have influenced his mother otherwise ... if not, then he is responsible for CSH's terrible situation.

Yes, JWS and HI are similar. They thought, time was on their side, which is quite stupid. There is nothing free in this world. In order to be loved, you need to work for it. JWS and HI never confessed their love to the other and that's their own mistake. JH was just nice to her, he even said that she was a friend. So if she wanted something else, she should have been more proactive. 

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Original Article: [star news] 'Boyfriend' Park Bogum And Song Hyekyo Some 1st Day "It's Spring For Us Already"

1. +1748, -89 Romantic and straight-forward Park Bogum is so heart-fluttering ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
2. +1223, -67 Park Bogum really suits this character
3. +1093, -90 Song Hyekyo is so beautiful..
4.+610, -30 Park Bogum is so handsome
5.+188, -5 It may seem like a some but it's already a relationship where they both love each other. Jinhyuk-ie Suhyun-ie you both are the only ones who don't know
6.+124, -9 Song Hyekyo is pretty seriously
7.+53, -3 Jinhyuk-ie and Suhyun-ie match well
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This drama excels both in its message and in consistently conveying that message through its powerful, well-executed narrative.


PD Park Shin Woo: "Our drama is a lovely story about the small and great shows of courage that are displayed from the beginning stages of having a crush until something significant occurs." 




@stroppyse: Thanks for camping in the thread. I will comment about the pacing of the drama and the plausible ways by which the OTP can have a realistic happy ending.



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I think whether the ex-husband cheated or not is irrelevant. If you defend him saying he did it to "make her jealous", thats one extreme way of doing it. he couldve make some remarks on women when they are together instead of going to the extreme. Plus he should've known her personality by then to risk it.


Plus i honestly believe he really did have affair or he made it very real like one. His mom wouldn't let them divorce and give her the hotel without any evidence. Maybe he planted evidence but whatever the reason he wanted out and now he regrets it. 

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Had to sign and join the fun here... been watching from day 0 and been lurking around here for updates for a while now. 


JinHyuk is sooooo adorable... every time he smiles just melts everything in me...! like i just want to keep this guy in my pocket seriously!!! can we clone him!!!??? 


Suhyun is sooo pretty and soooo perfect... that level of elegance in every inch.... but when she cries, oh you would just start crying with her and when she bickers, she so darn cute!!! how could that be possible...? she isn't human...promise!


i love how they change or gave an alternate title on this drama... because really... it's all about that spark when they first and every time they "Encounter" each other - it's the timing whenever one is the for the other. 


a big thank you to those who are recapping live... you dont know the kind happiness you are bring to the less privileged to watch the live broadcast like me!!! hihihi...!



kym - (why did i sign in, why did i wrote here oh yeah...i love this and i am enjoying this and i am feeling in love with this...so decided to hang in here around here for good!) 

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Just now, Dr_Fangirl said:


Ending scene recap for those who wants to read it.hehehe



And the award goes to....


Thanks much!

I thought I was going to bed without an English translation/recap. :heart: and die in my sleep in the process. with a smile still 


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