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ACGHK 2018


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due to some big changes for ACGHK 2018, everything that is explained in this post is the entrance for the main event inside ACGHK 2018 main event and CREATIVE PARADISE 05 [CP05] event hall that would last for 3 days only.


there are some big changes for ACGHK 2018 this year due to the fact that the entrance fee has not changed which will still be $30 HKD, but there is one thing you can only enter once for this main event hall and slowly will be allowed to go into CP05 for free if you are done walking inside the main event, but please note if you want to return to the main event hall you have to either have a "COSPLAYER STAMP" which is only connected to the main event on the first floor.

as for CP05 event that would last for 3 days, you will have to understand that if you have no interest on staying on the first floor's main event and want to be hanging out on 3rd floor mainly, they will have a second ticket booth that would be selling CP05 main entrance tickets for $35 HKD, which along side you will be stamped with a proof for full entrance anytime you leave the third floor, but please note cosplayers might need to have their arms stamped for the second time if they wish to hang out mainly on the first and third floor.

CP05 - first time event opening time would start around 12PM to 8PM for special reason, but for the second and third day, the event would open normally around 10.30AM to 8PM


now this might be shocking to a lot of people who has been going to this event for a long due to my post or other people telling you about it and that is as long as you have a ticket of the day and you suddenly had to go out of the event hall, as long as you have the ticket with you, there is a second chance for entrance only, but the orginzes that changed this kind of rules might have made a stubborn choice due to the fact that Hong Kong "kids / parents and adults" love to complain about no second entrance return although it's understandable that they wish to keep the line moving so there is no wait up while people who brought the ticket can enter the event more quickly instead of standing outside for two hours.


guest that would be appearing in CP05 this year is listed below.

mikitoP 7月27日(星期五)17:15~17:45 
Sayuri 7月27日(星期五)18:00~18:30
高橋洋子 7月29日(星期日)15:30~16:00
nano 7月30日(星期一)15:45~16:15
松澤由美 7月30日(星期一)16:30~17:00
Machico 7月31日(星期二)16:15~16:45



Anmi、いずみべる、富樫美鈴、Rita(offical webisite has not released the date and time the guest would be arriving at the event!)



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so day 1 of ACGHK 2018, someone here wasn't feeling too well and into be very honest the help that I needed wasn't really supportive so in the end after feeling a lot better on day 2, which is today I when to get some things clear up and interviewed only two stores due to the fact i wasn't prepared this time due to my mind and health was not in place!

secondly i end up helping two cosplayers who lost their tickets and to be honest the event holders should be aware due to so many people there is a chance that you might lose tickets and as mention before the ticket can only be entered once.

currently i just arrived back home and writing all this up so everything might seem random and raw so bare with me, Manga Store / Animate this year had a full pop up store of Neon Genesis Evangelion and to those who wondered why did I do the interview on day 2 and not day 1 is because I was sick and asking someone to help doing the interview on day 1 some reason / some how my partner said there was no such appointment for the interview and their staff had no idea from what i hear but when i got there, the staff was nice enough to allow me to do the word to word interview and we managed to order a special limited edition event based octopus set x2 set a and set b, we'll come back with some pictures once we get it.


currently this is all i'm going to update as i'm going to get some rest, about the bandai premium online store for Asia is that there is a Hunter x Hunter special earring and necklace that has just been released,  a new set of Digivice 1999 has been released there is a freezing system within the game that will stop the digimon to stop growing and evolving along stop them from dying since we adults don't have as much time as we did as kids so its something we can enjoy as a treat or free time enjoyment.

also a kamen rider complete selection modification v buckle & dragvisor has been put on demo within the event this year and the design is beautifully made, there might be some slight changes before the main release, i will keep you updated once i get more information.

also a sailor moon card collection box that is for  / 


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