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What system is better to choose in case of business, ERP or CRM?

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What company do you have? I mean its size, type, certain sphere where you work? All these things are important for choosing one of these systems because both have their pros and cons and the best one will be that type which is better for solving your certain companie's problems and completing various tasks :) And without knowing such details it's hard for me to recommend you smth, I can share with you only general tips.

ERP systems have such advantages:

- better organization for the data and its better security protection
- reducing general costs for your business
- better proper communication between units and timely/accurate access to reliable information
- better general speed and quality for the decision making

And on the other hand CRM systems have next pros:
- is helpful for reducing your general costs too
- helps to gather everything you need into one place https://idapgroup.com/blog/crm-and-erp-whats-the-difference/
- provides constant, fast and mobile access
- it's easy for modifying and upgrading later which is necessary rather often for many types of business

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