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I'm sorry I didn't respond soon enough. I had a drama I wanted to recommend. But I will definitely try to watch the dramas that you all suggested. And happy Birthday to all June Babies. And I don't celebrate Eid Mubarak. But Happy Eid Mubarak to those who celebrate it!

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Happy birthday to all the July babies of Soompi!


can you believe that half the year has already flown by? how has 2019 been so far for you? wishing you all good changes in the second half of the year. the theme for this month is "change"


drama: @Ameera Ali notes that many of the current dramas including Perfume and Angel's last mission all are centered on theme of change. are you watching them? do you like?



@sushilicious recommends: I like this song called Please Don't the MV has one of the biggest twist ending ever. Haha


ooh, it has seo in gook!


trivia: with political dramas like aide of staff and the upcoming designated survivor, lets look at the national assembly building hall. this is what it looks like:



You can tour the building as a tourist but you have to book it 3 days in advance.



Curious about anything that you watch in dramas and wonder why -- ask us and we will see if it can be answered in the next month's birthday wishes. If you watch lots of dramas or know a lot of kpop, raise your hand and you can help contribute to recommendations. If you have made a FMV for a drama you are watching and would love to share for the next birthday post, do tag me or @sushilicious and let us know!  


To see the list of birthdays by dates, check out: https://forums.soompi.com/en/calendar/The feature beneath "who's online" (main page bottom) lets you see the members who are celebrating their birthdays that day. If you see your chingu's name here, don't forget to wish them happy birthday!


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