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[Drama 2018-2019] My only one, 하나뿐인 내편

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We knew there was going to be a kumbaya ending so there were no surprises. I
know I for one and many others in thread wanted revenge and retribution for EY
and DY but we didn't get it. Instead we got something else that I didn't realize
until after letting the final two episodes soak in a little. I have a couple of
things to unpack so here goes...


EY... She didn't get punished for how she treated DR but she learned the hard
lesson that TP's grandfather learned too late. She learned her son's love life
was not about her. It was about him and his happiness. I said ealier in this
thread that WDR was going to have to start turning his back on his family in
order to snap her out of it and it worked. True her only motivation in trying to
get WDR and DR back together was to save her son from his path of self
destruction. However, she gained something else in the process. She now has a
peaceful and happy house with a family. I couldn't help but chuckle when Mr.
Wang saw her in bed upset over WDR and her shot her a poisonous dart. I
paraphrasing here but he pretty much told her she got what she wanted. WDR and
DR were still separated so she had no reason to be upset. My heart couldn't help
but break for her when she pleaded with DR and Kang-sam for DR to come back. She
was desperate at that point. It is just too bad it had to go that far. I credit
her invoking sympathy from me by the wonderful acting job of Cha Hwa-Yeon. She
never disappoints. Wonderful actress.


Kang-sam...I get where he was coming for not wanting DR to go back to WDR and
start dating TP instead. Like he said, TP accepted them despite their
circumstances. Kang-sam was only trying to protect his daughter from more pain
from the Wangs. However, what he didn't realize that to DR the pain and
suffering was worth being with the man she loved. However, I think the sleepless
night he had got him to thinking that maybe he was breaking DR's heart by
keeping her away from WDR. Especially after HJ told him DR was crying in her
room after he turned EY away. I think he realized he was causing her to suffer
all over again and that was the last thing he wanted.


DY...While watching the episode I couldn't help but think the way the writer
reconciled her to DR was stupid. But then again, maybe not. When DR saw her
fighting with YR's concubine she could have easily scoffed and laughed at DY and
said, "How do you feel now to get a dose of your own medicine?" But she didn't.
Instead, she backed DY up and even confronted YR with her. Loved it! That is
what DY needed was for someone else to be in her corner. You could also tell
from some of the episodes this weekend her mind set regarding DR and Kang-sam
was starting to change. And her heart even broke for her brother-in-law seeing
how broken he had become. She realized she had done wrong and repented. You
really can't ask for more than that.


Finally, I really enjoyed this drama. It evoked every emotion from the viewer. I
felt it drug out too much with the extension but it was still good. I give much
of the credit to the cast. If I could give a medal it would be to the casting
director. They did an outstanding job of putting the right actors with the right


Whew done. Happy trails everyone! I enjoyed this thread with everyone in it and
hope to see you in another thread somewhere here in Soompi Forums.

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Hi Everyone 

I Wanted to watch finale w/subs to get a better understanding of what was going, and give my option.  So here it goes :


DY I felt didn't get as much karma as she should have gotten neither did EY , As mean and nasty as they were to DR. But in the end she apologized for all  the wrong she did to DR. EY I knew it was going to take almost losing WDR to wake her up, No Mom wants to see their child in that state , Its unfortunate that it had to come that far, It was more heartbreaking to see how the families kept them apart and made them suffer more. But on the other side I understood where Mr Kang waa coming from, This is my daughter she has suffered for so long, I cant and will not see her suffer again. 


The TP , DR , WDR angle could have end differently , But felt like there was not enough chemistry or romance between DR and TP. I kinda of knew she was never over WDR. I have to admit .He did make a huge mistake not standing up for her when crap hit the fan. That really stung, And that on top of how his family mistreated her. But hey this is Kdrama it is what it is I was a happy with endiing even though  DR  and WDR didnt have kids, But then again how would she gone to law school. Kudos to all the cast Members all the actors they were daebok in their roles.



I couldn't help but fall over with laughter at MR and DY giving birth lol. I'm going to miss grandma she brightened my day . Mr Kang and DR made me cry every single episode . Well it's been fun on to the  next drama hope to see you all in another forum. . 


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6 hours ago, rolisrntex said:

I couldn't help but chuckle when Mr.
Wang saw her in bed upset over WDR and her shot her a poisonous dart. I
paraphrasing here but he pretty much told her she got what she wanted. WDR and
  DR were still separated so she had no reason to be upset.


Yes! My thoughts exactly. Though not enough humble pie was given to EY/DY I’ll take a little bit of comfort in CEO Wang’s scathing remarks. 


WDR/DR just got too boring towards the end. We only got a hug in their penultimate reunion? Such a dud...


Grandma/MH #1 til the end. She and HJ were definitely my favorites in this drama.




Friends another drama in the books. It was nice watching with you! Catch ya in other threads! 






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Yeah it could have been much better in the wrap up but to be honest it is a better wrap up them most dramas of this type.


WDR got to be with the love of his life DR follow her dreams grandma is still alive which is awesome! her dad is with her now guilt free, and he open a orphanage.


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Heartfelt thanks for your recommendations.  I haven't watched them but I've started five enough and already got to episode 5.  I really love the set up and the chemistry between the leads is really lovely.  Thank you so much for recommending it!


Spoilers ahead!


Sunny Again tomorrow.  The plot is so so but man oh man when the evil people get their comeuppance it's a delight to behold. I've got episode 118 of that drama on my 'go to cheer me up' folder when real life has got me down.  Honestly the evil people even when caught red faced and red handed, scream and shout until blue in the face that they are not to be blamed BUT yeah, they get put in their place.  Even after that they try to get out by blaming others but the writer wrote their last chapters so well. Honestly it was so satisfying to watch. Even the build up to it - the evil female lead hates the FL so much out of jealousy and again the writer shows it so well to the irrational lengths the she goes to just to make the FL life miserable.  Not only does she beg forgiveness at the end but she loses face before the one person she only ever cared about. Again so satisfying to watch. 


I think I love it so much because all the words the evil people use, the tactics to get out of accountability are things I've seen in real life. Unfortunately the justice part is what is missing in real life.  These types of people are just so stubborn in their wilful lack of responsibility for their actions.  In the drama they're the same but the people don't tolerate it by the end.  Thank goodness.


Once again, thank you for your recommendation! I'm looking forward to the justice filled ending!!!


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15 hours ago, sebsob said:

but I've started five enough


One of my favorite dramas. Great cast and great story. Has some really funny moments in it as well. Enjoy!

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20 hours ago, sebsob said:

Heartfelt thanks for your recommendations.


You are welcome.

In the two dramas that I mentioned, the focus was on how the bad leads mended their ways, in a lot of episodes, so that they finally deserve forgiveness and acceptance.


If you wish to watch how well good people strike against bad people and how main bad persons got prison punishment, here are some suggestions (if you have not watched them):

1. The Promise / Heaven's Promise

(This might the best justice drama that I have encountered)

2. Ice Adonis / Yellow Boot

3. Hide and Seek

4. First Love Again.

In nos. 1-3, the main good lead is played by Lee Yu-Ri, in no. 4 it is played by Myung Se-Bin.

In these dramas, initially the main good leads are kind but naive. However, after half of the episodes, they learn their lessons and become formidable fighters. They regularly strike down at the bad leads, until finally the bad leads lose everything.

It is amazing that these good leads, although they are females, are more decisive than many male leads in other dramas.

[Note: Thanks for your suggestion on "Sunny Again Tomorrow". I have watched it].

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Wow thank you so much.


I've put Heaven's promise on my definite watch list now!  I'm really enjoying Five Enough (thanks @rolisrntex too)  I really love the family dynamics and I already see potential for that 'pain' that I must endure before the sweet relief of justice.  My sister thinks I'm mad.  The best way I can describe it is feeling really thirsty and those first few sips of water when you quench your thirst - there's nothing like that feeling. The problem is you have to feel the thirst first. 


Once again, thank you!

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Hey guys, I know the drama is over, so there will be fewer people talking and looking at the post, haha.  But i just want you'll to know that you can watch Jin Kyung (HJ) on Happy Together at 11 pm tomorrow with her cast from Sun-kissed Family!  If you miss her!!! 

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Here are all 34 of the OST songs with English hardsubs if anyone wants it:


My Only One OST (Part 1-34) [English Hardsubbed] (Youtube Playlist) 


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Uee and Choi Soo Jong appearing in Knowing Brothers next week:



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