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[Drama 2018-2019] My only one, 하나뿐인 내편


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KBS Drama

My Only One



아름다운 내 편

Genre: Romance

Network: KBS

Episodes: 106

Airtime: Saturday & Sunday @ 19:55 KST

Airdate: September 15th, 2018 - March 17th, 2019

Directed by: Hong Seok Gu

Written by: Kim Sa Kyeong


"My Beautiful Side" is a drama about a woman who loses everything one day, when she discovers that her parents are not her biological ones, and that they are also murderers. It is the story of someone who will live boldly while putting back together the pieces of her life broken by love.



UEE as Kim Do Ran


Lee Jang Woo as Wang Dae Ryook


Choi Soo-Jong as Kang Soo-Il


Yoon Jin-Yi as Jang Da-Ya


Jung Eun-Woo as Wang Yi-Ryook






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UEE, Lee Jang-woo to reunite in weekend drama My Beautiful Side


Uee (My Husband Oh Jak-doo) and Lee Jang-woo (Rosy Lovers) are set to reunite in a new KBS2 weekend drama!

Insiders have confirmed the two stars’ appearance in My Beautiful Side, which will follow the story of a woman who learns that her parents are not really her biological parents and that they are murderers.

Uee is set to play the role of that woman whose name is Kim Do-ran. She is described as someone with volatile temper but has a strong sense of responsibility. She is also an English major graduate preparing for her teacher certificate examination while teaching part-time at a private institution.

Meanwhile, My Beautiful Side will be Lee Jang-woo’s first drama since being discharged from the military. His role is characterized as a dutiful son who lives up to his parents’ expectations except that he refuses to get married.

Uee and Lee Jang-woo first worked together as Music Bank emcees in 2012 and 2013. Their new project is set to premiere in September.

Source: ahjummamshies

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Jul 17 2018, source: asianwiki

Uee cast in KBS2 drama series “My Beautiful Ally”


Uee is now cast in upcoming KBS2 weekend drama series “My Beautiful Ally” (literal title). For the drama series, Uee will play lead female character Kim Do-Ran. She learns that her parents are not her biological parents and the people who raised her committed murder.

“My Beautiful Ally” first airs September, 2018 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Saturday and Sunday 8PM time slot after “Marry Me Now?“).

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Lee Jang-Woo cast in KBS2 drama series “My Only One”


Lee Jang-Woo is cast in upcoming KBS2 drama series “My Only One” co-starring Uee. Lee Jang-Woo will play lead male character Wang Dae-Ryook in the drama series. His character is the director of a food company and also the successor. He gets involved with Kim Do-Ran (Uee). For Lee Jang-Woo, this is his first acting role since he was discharged from the South Korean military on January 25, 2018. Early working title for the drama series was “Areumdawoon Nae Pyeon” (“My Beautiful Ally”).

“My Only One” first airs September 15, 2018 in South Korea. Credits: asianwiki

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] My only one, 아름다운 내 편 - UEE, Lee Jang Woo - Sat & Sun @ 19:55 KST - Premiers on September 15th

First script read for family drama My Only Ally

credit to: tineybeanie (drama beans)

UEE, Choi Su-jong

A new weekender called My Only Ally (original working title My Beautiful Ally) is coming to KBS this fall, starring UEE (My Husband Oh Jak-doo) and Lee Jang-woo (Rosy Lovers). It’s being touted as a warm family drama about a young woman whose life is upended when her biological father enters her life after 28 years of absence. The first script read was held on August 7, and we’ve been given our first glimpse of the complete cast from photos of the event.

Choi Su-jong (King’s Dream) plays UEE’s father, who went into hiding for 28 years for the happiness of his only daughter. Despite his sudden return, she faces this change with a bright and optimistic attitude, and helps him heal as she becomes his “one true ally in the world.”


UEE and Choi Su-jong are joined by Lee Jang-woo, who will be playing a gentle and thoughtful character who ends up having a dynamic love line with UEE. It’s his first comeback drama after his military service, but hopefully, it won’t take him too long to get reoriented especially because he’s worked with UEE before as co-MCs on Music Bank, and he’s already worked with the writer Kim Sa-kyung twice in Rosy Lovers and Oh Ja-ryong Is Coming.

Speaking of love lines, Na Hye-mi (Cheese in the Trap) and Park Sung-hoon (Rich Man, Black Knight) are set to portray a couple with a fresh young chemistry. Yoon Jin-yi (Discovery of Affection), who will play a tough rival for UEE’s character, will be involved with Jung Eun-woo’s (Return of Hwang Geum-bok) character, a hopeless romantic in love with Yoon. According to reports, Go Na-eun (Yeonnamdong 539, girl group RAINBOW idol) is also a part of the drama, but her character details have not been revealed.


Rounding out the cast are the veteran actors, who have long been mainstays on weekend family dramas and daily dramas. They include heavyweights like Park Sang-won (My Daughter Geum Sa-wol), Cha Hwa-yeon (Secret Mother, Hospital Ship), Im Ye-jin (Hwayugi), Jin Kyung (Untouchable), Jung Jae-soon (Yes, That’s How It is), and Lee Doo-il (My Love, Madame Butterfly).

Regarding the first script read, PD Hong Seok-gu (Golden Cross, Lingerie Girls’ Generation) said, “Generally first meetings and first script readings are light-hearted, but My Only Ally began with a sincerity and depth from the actors who immersed themselves into the emotions of the story, and it almost made me cry.” It definitely bodes well when the director is emotionally touched by the project!

The first episode of weekend drama My Only Ally will air on September 15.

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Lee Jang Woo spoke about starring in the upcoming KBS 2TV drama “My Only One” (working title).

“My Only One” is about a woman whose life gets twisted after her dad appears for the first time in 28 years. Her father, who had to live while hiding his identity, meets a life partner and finds hope to live.

On September 12, actors Choi Soo Jong, UEE, Lee Jang Woo, Yoon Jin Yi, Jung Eun Woo, Na Hye Mi, Park Sung Hoon, and director Hong Suk Goo attended a press conference for the upcoming drama.

Lee Jang Woo appears as Wang Dae Ryuk, a second-generation chaebol and department head of a food company. He’ll fall in love with a woman named Kim Do Ran (played by UEE). The actor explained his character, saying, “He’s a chaebol who doesn’t abuse his powers. He’s a young man who works hard to make his company more successful.”

About working with UEE again, Lee Jang Woo commented, “When I heard that my co-star would be UEE, I was so happy. We were MCs for ‘Music Bank’ together for about a year. We know each other’s personality well, so we didn’t need any time to get close. We’re filming well.”

Lee Jang Woo entered the military in April 2016 and was discharged this January. He commented, “From the outside, it seems like a short amount of time. But when I was inside, it felt so long to the point that I wondered if I could act again.”

He continued, “Many things have changed on set and these days. They now film wirelessly. I was surprised that the microphones and monitors all work wirelessly.”

Jung Eun Woo added, “There was about a two-month difference between when Lee Jang Woo and I were discharged from the military. They say that good viewership ratings are guaranteed for weekend dramas, but in some way, I felt burdened that my comeback drama would be receiving lots of attention. I felt pressured about acting with many senior actors. While working together with young actors, I’m building confidence and becoming comfortable.







new preview






behind the scene


uee & lee jang woo behind scene


uee behind the scene





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I will be watching, though comments are only now and then for me...have been very impressed with Uee's growth as an actress, Choi Soo Jong was one of the first Korean actors I saw and I really like him, though he can be somewhat of a ham - champion of the shivering lip technique  - really wish he would do a comedy....

Hoping the writing and directing will not be over the top, I enjoy KBS weekend dramas for their warm slightly quirky characters

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The ratings started off very well. Waoh!

I would have watched it cos of the male lead but I am totally done with birth secrets in k drama.

UEE has added weight too which is impressive considering her last one drama last yr. Hope they have fun and viewers continue to support them 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Current Drama 2018-2019] My only one, 아름다운 내 편 - Sat & Sun @ 19:55 KST

I'm watching.....but I'm a little concerned about the number of episodes.  It's so many!  Usually I like things that can wind up within 16 eps.  And the stereotypical Evil Stepmother trope is already really grinding my gears.  Not sure I'll be hanging in there with this show but I'll give it a few weeks to see if it grows on me.

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6 hours ago, thistle said:

And the stereotypical Evil Stepmother trope is already really grinding my gears.  Not sure I'll be hanging in there with this show but I'll give it a few weeks to see if it grows on me.

I'm so over the evil stepmother and that brat of a stepsister and we are only at the beginning :angry: I love Uee, so I'm going to give it a chance. Hopefully, the truck of doom will make its appearance when the stepmother is taking a walk. :D


@0ly40Thank you for starting this thread

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