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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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4 hours ago, nadiarose said:

But you guys must remember, pmy denial only comes after they edit her article for one whole day. Until now, we still dont know what is her exact statement. :P

My take of the whole thing (can't believe we dig this up again). 


1. PSJ side: this is fairly clear. Different media used different words when doing the editing, but the general meaning is the same: I am interested in her (as a character / as a person), and I leave the future open. 


2. PMY: a bit harder to know the truth because I think Namoo made pressure to media to edit the articles properly before release. Anyway, judging from the Naver article that was deleted, I didn't see any "No" or any negative vibes in it. The article simply reported that she said "I'll let you all know when I'm in relationship or getting married." This, to me, is more like "I might be dating him but it's none of your business. I don't have to give into those rubbish rumours with no foundation. Whenever I'm ready to announce my relationship to you all, I will do so. I am the one that holds control of my own life and it will be that way." The "No comment" and "Not now" that made the final cut to the official article carried similar vibes to me.


I like PMY's answer more. 

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2 hours ago, parkparkloveu said:



I noticed this too how even media says this. SHK and SJK has set the benchmark on the secret dating game. I pity the new couples after them. 


2 hours ago, ash623 said:

I think we shouldn't compare PPC and SSC answer when their rumor surface, as their situations is totally different, with SSC most people believe that they dating after or maybe while they were shooting the drama (CMIIW as I'm not following them) so for them to give vague answers and not denied anything won't do anything harm to them as people still love them but for PPC, the situations are more complicated than SSC as they are so many rumors that could harm both of them is they took the same way as SSC in term of handling media and public (not denied the dating rumors firmly) such as :

1. Rumor about PMY got the role because PSJ

2. Rumors 3 years dating.  if they're not denied it , both of them will get more hate. Public will say that they are not profesional, arrogant (as we already see so many comment like that on PSJ's article) also if they're not denied about 3  years dating rumor, PSJ will get hate as knetz thinking that he was the victim of BJH and YHM dating (knetz thought BJH was cheated). Same as PMY because of LJK scandal. When those rumors happen (BJH dating news, LJK dating news), both of them got so many sympathetic responses from knetz , even at the time both PMY and PSJ already cleared up to media that they got nothing to do with them, that they were only friends, but knetz still believe they were victim and blaming BJH and LJK. So, if they didn't give firm denial answer about 3 years dating, knetz will bash them.


The conclusion is, all of the answers from PPC are the best things they could do to protect their personal life and also their career. This is also what JTBC reporters discuss, that they also thought the public response gonna be totally diff with SSC if they admit they were dating. So, back to the main point that i want to talk about, why we must compare SSC and PPC answers when they are diff people and on diff situation?  But one thing that i'm very sure are the reason why many people compare PPC and SSC is because we wish PPC could be like SSC, it's because how inspirational SSC to us, that's why we want PPC will got married like SSC too in the future, i believe that no one in PPC shipper trying to copy or replace SSC. 





Am I the only one in this thread that was not affected at all (even feel positive) after those events after WWWSK? I prefer PPC to deny all recent dating rumours (doesn't matter whether they dated or not). My reasons:


1. PPC should deny dating rumours. They would lose more if they confirmed their relationship: the success of the drama, their upcoming work, etc. 


2. PPC should deny dating rumours. Same as other Kbiz couples, dating is someone's personal matter and should only be brought up by themselves, not by media. I feel that SongSong treated the matter perfectly. They wanted to be the ones who announce their relationship / happiness to fans. It shows that they respect their fans. Recall the last time when you announced your relationship to others. Do you prefer to share that happiness with those you care for and you know will care for you or do you prefer your relationship to be rumoured before hands by non-related people? For me, PMY's answer is kind of along this line. And she earned respect from me with that answer, to be honest. 


3. Everyone knows the media was trying to steal spotlight. Of course, for the sake of the drama, the cast and crew, it shouldn't be that way. The focus should be on the drama, not on themselves. What if they confirmed their relationship? It would look like they're trying to steal bigger spotlights. 


Considering the context of their denials (and it was not even a strong denial), I think it gives me more respect to them. Some time context is more important than everything else. 

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5 hours ago, jerusha1 said:

Hello everyone, I am joining this forum as I absolutely love uri ParkPark couple. Just wanna mention that two days back, as I was watching 'Showbiz Korea' in Arirang channel, the hosts (one of them is Jasper Cho, who had acted in DOTS) informed that both Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young have confirmed that they will be attending the reward trip in Phuket. I squealed inside in happiness as I heard it. So I hope that I did not hear it wrong.

Anyway, I wish that both of them can just relax and have peaceful times together.


PS- I was a diehard SSC shipper too


I hope it is true but too bad media talked about it for it means they will send paparazzis to Phuket. We may not see PPC side by side together in public :( 


4 hours ago, polydadmiac said:

It's a matter that only time can tell. If they are meant to be together, they will work it out. Let's not worry about superstitions for now. This time is fun time for shippers.


That superstition has been debunked as not true in the next pages after the comment. Many Korean celebrities have both on screen and off screen wedding. Latest I think is Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee. LDG got married after Queen for 7 Days.













As for ParkPark, we can only hope for the best. What's meant to be will be. In the meantime, sit back relax and enjoy the show :D some fans need to chill. :lol:

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How in the world does she still look so good after a 13 hour flight?!?!? Ms. Park arrived in SG.

(Okay....the security man beside her caught my attention....MUAHAHAHAHAHA) :smirk:











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From you know who!!!! :joy:




















cr: tracy99169


Must be true.....people glow with happiness when you're "in love" :yum:

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58 minutes ago, thranduils said:

dfndnjfdngf did she cut and dye her hair back to black??? or is that just the exposure on the raw photos????? she looks sOOOOOOOO good, wow im screaming


Hahhaa....unless she dyed it in the plane. Should still be this color...LOL



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Was there anyone from Viu Singapore who came to greet her at the airport?   No official press photos???,

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14 minutes ago, mushforbrains said:

They didn't publicise her time of arrival in Singapore unlike kim jong kook.. .


Yeah I wonder why? 

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Actually reading all the articles posted on this thread...

Feeling happy n stress free on this ship.

Personally at this point.. .I don't think they were in a relationship for 3 years..but they may have been aware of each other...same industry...may have been friends even...

Then working together with that natural chemistry....

With the work schedule...no time to officially date but that doesn't mean they are not attracted...

Honestly with their schedule...pmy can say they are not dating.. .but it doesn't mean they are not attracted to each other n they are obviously in communication.

So now we just need to give them space n let nature take its course:wub:


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