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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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My every moment was you When I loved and also when I was in pain Even at our moment of farewell You were the whole world to me and every moment was you Without you, I don't think I can explain

I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

I'm sorry but this is driving me insane! Anyone who is on a different ship and is reading this....   July 27: Media Reports the two are in a 3 year relationship, Same day, Agencies respond w

OMG some PPC shipper made an exhibit for the evidences they are like an FBI :lol: 


or even a laywer that needs evidence in the court :lol:


the good thing is she's not tagging our OTP its for pure fun only... i think :)





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26 minutes ago, parkparkloveu said:



Yes in Korea couples are already considered married by registering it in marriage registry. Ceremony for them is only for formality. :lol: 

If they are already married, I supposed they will not bother to announce, we all have to wait :blink:probably if Mrs Park is pregnant no choice they have let the news out :rolleyes:

I think I'm crazy today while waiting for more news... I simply can't focus working moreover it's a Monday


Oh, nothing to ship latest BTS , all the sweetness and clues are removed, the team is putting a stop to the rumours:tears:

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57 minutes ago, chijietilgob said:

Thank you for the answer! :) But i thought from last year interview like @MeritaG said. Lol.




I didn't checked my notes when writing the previous answer. That's why I put question mark for the year. :joy: But thank you for @saved2K for finding the video. :thumbsup: Do you still need the PSJ's interview saying this? :smile:

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1 hour ago, Juliyana Samad said:

Swipe to d left 4 2nd  vid..she's walking along side jun yeol..tis vid already edit..d one 1 saw was frm ori psj fan cam . While psj taking selfie jun yeol walking 2wards pmy n at d same time kim tae ri left..as u can see at d 2nd vid pmy already walking side by side with jun yeol n partially seen psj bhind cathing up but he's 2 late tho :-)




I think Park Min Young (backless gown - she was not wearing her white jacket) walked with Kim Tae Ri, wearing light brown gown --- in front of KARD members (red T-shirt). So, she and Kim Tae Ri were already ahead of PSJ since PSJ took picture with one of the attendees of AAA. Jun Yeol was walking together with a female actress with white jacket - walking just in front of Park Seo Joon. 


Here is some of the list of actress who came to the AAA 2017 --- I think only KTR wearing the light brown gown that night.





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5 minutes ago, sugohaeso said:

ep 15 's making is here 



Why do i feel like this bts is going safer?

Felt the same but they still couldn't stop us from Noticing the looks of PSJ and PMY :wub:

If this is what they call safe, I wonder what is in the actual raw footage of the bts

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All those times VC Lee Young Joon went to get relationship advice from President Park Yoo Shik....but look who needs advice from whom now. Apparently, the student is more smooth in the loving making department and should be giving advice to the advisor... 2018new_xiaoerbuyu_org.png


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Aww... the bts is soo short - can't wait for the subbed version. For now, I'm contented that they are showing PMY and PSJ's bubbly and playful nature. I already expected they won't be showing any shippable stuff in the bts so it's better to have this over any (forced) awkwardness between the two.

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31 minutes ago, parkparkloveu said:

I think it is better to keep it very lowkey so they wont feel awkward to appear in public again like award shows and will agree to cameo together in PD's future project :lol:



I agree fans should not pressure them to admit unless they are ready or else we may not see them together again in public. 


I want to see them attend same awards shows and do cameos together they cannot do that if everyone will pressure them to admit relationship. 

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1 hour ago, seratward01 said:

Omooo omooo yeess I saw it too,, the girl was laying down to the table right? 

I had seen this pic before with the girl circled and I could not see her for the life of me. Now after looking back at it from his original instagram post I totally see her because I finally realized the tiny reflection of the head and shoulders right next to her is the reflection of his back lol. At first, I thought it was just another person/couple but it definitely looks like the reflection is of his back shown on the window. So she's the one that took the picture since she's directly across from him it seems. Saw a post about how park park couple likes to sit across from each other, maybe it is min young lol. 

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1 hour ago, parkparkloveu said:

He joked around with the engagement ring looking at the bts cameraman then he looked at PMY. And that smile ;) What are you thinking then PSJ? Put a ring on it for real. Pali pali :lol:



A very good day lovely ladies. wow as far as I remember I've always post 1 to 2x only to every thread that PMY is part of but here I can't control my self not to join with you guys.  


In this vid it seems he is joking the crew by saying...."will you marry Yoon Jun?" With an okey sign....before he look to PMY... does it mean PMYssi agree with his proposal as he made an ok sign??? Omo PDnim and the crew new that they are a couple for 3years...sorry ladies sometimes well most of the times I can't control my heart (my delulu is getting higher)....


bye for now but I'll be back.

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First time shipper here & feel the urge to post something after reading all the amazing delulu thots from u guys! Have been following PSJ since She Was Pretty. Loves his signature smile & the all-comb up hair style (luckily PDnim made my dream come true during ep16 wedding scene). Youn's kitchen made me feel even deeper for him! Such a hard-working & talented guy with a nice personality. As for PMY, noticed her as Kim NaNa at first. Same bright smile as PSJ. Such beauty with a smart brain, as all can be seen in Busted (though all can be scripted i know). So when both are casted for WWWSK, I was so happy & so looking forward to it! And they didnt let us down indeed!    

Half way thru the drama, me & my sis realised that they both have the same breed of dog! We were jokingly saying that, maybe they can use their dogs as an excuse to date each other after the drama ended. Lol. Delulu mood started since then...

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