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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】


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14 hours ago, quietobserver said:

He is so good looking and pleasantly adorable 


And wowwww PSJ at Timesquare billboard


Ah this, no wonder yesterday I saw a fan account in IG looking for PSJ fans In NY. Bravo!!!


(Sorry for including the YT in quoting this. I can't remove it)

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Vlog about her crunchy pepper kimchi! it really looks tasty and spicy! the kind i like.. :sparklyeyes:

btw... know anyone else who looks soooo pretty int he morning? PSJ must really love mornings.. lol!




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That...her face woke up in morning? 

Wayyyy different than me:sweatingbullets:

I'm totally a mess when I woke up HAHA


(if anyone here read True Beauty webtoon, you'll understand haha. I still have eye brows..not that bad lol) 


I saw many boxes of chilli Kimchi she made. She gave to her close friends and colleagues. 

I mean ppc admit they are close colleagues too so.. neighbour also can get one, right? Why not.. :P


Anyway, her chillie Kimchi looks more tempting in this vid than in MYlog. Yummy...but I wonder how spicy it is. She really can handle the heat wow Respect! :omg:

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i translated roughly the reviews from pmy's friends who ate her chilli kimchi.:D





Yoo Jae Seok- i saved kimch pmy gave to me but it disappeares soon(it means because it's so delicious he can't stop eating)

i want to ask her to give me more but i can't because i feel sorry.

only the people who have eaten it know the taste which makes ppl crazy(because it's delicious)


ISG- minyoung, your chilli kimchi is the best transformation chilli can be. it is perfect food. i think if park min young was born in the Joseon Dynasty, she would be "Dae Jang Geum"


Sehun- i eat 10 bowls of rice with her chilli kimchi. she should share the recipe and make everyone try this. i keep asking her to give the kimchi because it is sooooo delicious.

give me more please~


Jesica- i've not eaten chilli kimchi many times but it became my favorite food.  it's special because unnie(pmy) made it. so when will you make me another one?






i want to know her neighbor's review too..:lol::wub:


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finally saw PMY’s latest Vlog, she’s sooo fresh in the morning. She hardworking and patient, made kimchi in bulk, how many hours do you think she spent? Her kimchi looks tasty :), what’s the review/feedback of the neighbor from 80m away? 

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Let's help vote for PMY, she is currently 7th. Poll ends end of July. You can vote every hour.




PMY YT channel reached more than 300k subscribers in less than a month. Good job PMY! I really really love your content. Anyone reading this who has not subscribed yet, please do so now. Link below:




Her "What's in my Bag" video reached a million views already. Nothing against Suzy, but I watched her same video with Vogue, I find PMY video more entertaining. Probably because she has a lot more items to show. She's really talkative in a cute way.

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Wow milestones! 


Her followers number increasing.. 

Her vlog view numbers increasing.. 

More people get interest in her.. 

For a vlog beginner, she reached such a great achievements. 

:happy2:kudos to PMY!


For more milestones achievement!

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