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[OFFICIAL] Park Seo Joon ❤️ Park Min Young【ParkPark ♥ BuBi Couple】

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5 minutes ago, endensia said:

Yeah about the kissing scene, like I want to see it but at the same time don’t want to see it. I even watch the bts and had to hold my breath until the video ended lol.



The Kiss BTS was too long :sweatingbullets: but his face looked soo professional afterwards I quickly forgot :rolleyes:

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I must say that I'm at awe with her Chinese. She spoke in Chinese throughout the interview. Her Chinese is really good. In one of the games, she was asked to guess PSJ's lips on a tablet that had 9 pi

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Ohh guyss cmonn... The kiss was nothing compared to wwwsk:joy: 

YJ: A hot night, passionate night, erotic night hahahahaha


Is there any saeroyiseo shippers here?  SJ was a good oppa to KDM n always treat her like little sister.. Unlike he treats  this one noona as if she's the younger one lol

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2 hours ago, Matilda_Anne said:

y’all it’s realllly weird to see PSJ kissing another person..like literally weird hahhaha... 


that’s a wrap for IC! goodbye hndsome chestnut and wildcat. you guys will be dearly missed.. now i shall focus on Hae won and eun sob.. 


ikr! I was like, Why was the kiss so unnecessarily long?!? Enough already!



Anyway, ok let’s now relax in the lovely calm atmosphere of IFY :love:


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He realised Saeroy nvr date before, Korean called it 모태솔로 (MoteSolo), yet dir asked to kiss both ways hahaha. Funny caption said Park Saeroy maybe a MoteSolo, ParkSeojun the kiss expert can definitely do it LOL


So soon jtbc shared their kisses bts(they should let fans enjoy the broadcast one for a while). Lol what's the rush haha


But oh my jtbc having fun with their kisses hahaha no silent sound eventho there's bgm hahahaha


It's been a long time PSJ.. You are definitely a kiss expert haha. Good! Fair square now we got to see both PPC kissing other costar ~:P

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I'm sad actually. I don't know what to watch other than Itaewon Class :bawling: (of cos Im watching IFY too). It's over huhu! But the ending was great. 


The last 2 eps felt like watching a movie..and even music video! Beautifully captured *clapclap 


And Saeroy when he furious and deep in love... So HANDSOME :wub:that gazeeee


I'm gonna miss you soooo much Saeroy! :heart:

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1 hour ago, quietobserver said:

Good! Fair square now we got to see both PPC kissing other costar

Ohhh.. PMY is yet to come with hers... again! Lol!

Remember. Theres a part in the book where Haewon will do the first move . :phew:

I am kind of excited and anxious for it.. coz SKJ can also kiss! :yum:

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But.. lets all be honest... that "weird" feeling IC kissing scene gave is... JEALOUSY. Lol!! :lol:

Jealous for PMY... jealous of KDM... im just jealous of evryone who got to kiss him already.. really! Lol!

But yeah...  PPC can really deliver what is asked and they really know what the audience would like to see. I may not have enjoyed every episode if IC, but this is one of the best kdramas! Id give evryone in this drama an award! So happy also for ABH that he got to show his acting skills. He did really good!

ABH and PSJs fight scene loooked so natural! Like they are really punching each other so hard! And the emotions they showed.   Very good acting for both in that scene! 

Bravo for IC!! So proud of PSJ! He looked very happy all thru out this drama. :blush:

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ABH is just WOW on IC! He really

impressed me.

ABH will be on my favourite variety show, next week “I live Alone” with his friend EXO Sehun, who is also on Busted with PMY.

No wonder Sehun sent them both a food cart together on the set of “Her Private Life” :wub:



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It has to be said that I’m reading up on reviews for the ending of IC ...it’s  getting some criticisms on websites! High Ratings are due to the fact that people invested watching it from the beginning. It really did dip after episode 12 for me! 

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Ops.. i didnt realise AJH was in the My Private Life until it was highlighted here... interesting...


In the middle of watching ep16, just wanna say Mercedes win in this drama!... why did he even confess in the middle of the road.. haiz.. 



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article about ent experts&insiders' most sought-after actor& actress is out.

psj is 2nd pmy is 11th.


but if it counts vote, pmy is 6th. and out of 18, there are only 6 actresses..but pmy is there....so proud of PPC :kiss_wink::heart:


the most sought-after actor& actress

‎1. kim soo hyun

2. park seo jun

3.hyun bin

3.jun ji hyun

3.gong hyo jin

6.nam goong min

6.park bo gum

8.gong yoo

8.gang ha neul

8.son ye jin

11.park min young


11.kim woo bin

14.kim nam gil

14.lee jae wook

14. lee kyu hyung

14.kim tae ri

14.nam joo hyuk


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i found the funny(?) things in ic kiss scene bts. :D


in kiss scene bts

psj: you(director) mean i should move my face too? though (saeroy)has never dated before?(it is called 모쏠 in Korean). he is 모쏠. is it possible?


(kdm keep laughing so director scold her, saying "why you keep laughing?" director seems to be angry that they don't want to deep kiss..lol..)


psj: so you(director) think saeroy learned kiss through books a lot(so he can kiss deeply?)

director: yesss!!!!!(sounds he is so angry:sweat_smile:)



but Seojun.. Lee Youngjun was 모쏠 too like Saeroy.. do you think YJ's first kiss and first night too hotttttt....?:joy::lol:

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